Yellow walls: 60 inspirations for your decor

For those who want to decorate a yellow wall: this is a striking and energetic color and when inserted in the environment stand out alone without help of any other requirement in the decoration. Because it's vibrant, it's a great way to bring more space to life. One is deceived who thinks that for being a strong color, the tonality only combines in children's spaces, like a nursery or a toy library. Yellow can be used on any wall in the most diverse environments - just choose the intensity of the tones. In addition, it can be mixed with other colors with common sense. The result is interesting and incredible!

A good tip for who owns a neutral room, is bet on a painting in the tone that most favors the environment. This makes the yellow shine alone! An environment that has a lot of wood, for example, yellow becomes neutral and cozy, because it breaks the sobriety and the rustic aspect of the place.

60 rooms decorated with yellow walls

If you want more color and life in your home, be sure to check out our 60 suggestions below and get the inspiration you need here to take the first step in your new decor:

Picture 1 - Kitchen with yellow wall and white paint.


Photo: Reproduction

To add a touch of yellow in the kitchen, just use a small space. In this design, the wall between the countertop and the upper cabinets received the color, leaving the kitchen with a more irreverent appearance. This result can be achieved with painting or even with wallpapers.

Picture 2 - A yellow stripe to give color in the space.


Photo: Reproduction

Add a touch of yellow color to a small wall strip. This design uses a dark tone, better known as mustard to make the kitchen more alive.

Picture 3 - Fun and creative effect!


Photo: Reproduction

A fun and creative bathroom: how about adding the color on the floor and half wall? It is exactly what this project focuses on and the ideal in these cases is the use of epoxy paint, much more resistant and suitable for this type of environment.

Picture 4 - A room for girls.


Photo: Reproduction

Picture 5 - Closets and doors closing the space and providing an original decoration.


Photo: Reproduction

Picture 6 - Yellow wall to an entrance hall with the color yellow.


Photo: Reproduction

It is not only through painting that we can leave a wall with the touch of the yellow color. A wallpaper can fulfill this function with some color details and with an excellent result. Here, the door also received the yellow paint, so combine other elements of the environment using the same hue.

Image 7 - Yellow wall with B & W picture.


Photo: Reproduction

To apply this tone that is strong and vibrant in an environment, we can combine decorative objects with lighter shades to break the impactful visual effect of the wall. In this project, the whiteboard, towels and shelves break the color while maintaining a visual balance.

Image 8 - Vivid and vibrant color to contrast with the wooden floor and sideboard.

image 8

Photo: Reproduction

The yellow color is perfect to contrast with other elements and darker furniture, as in this case, where the wooden furniture, as well as the floor, has a strong presence in the environment. Aside from the wall being in evidence, it leaves the atmosphere more relaxed.

Picture 9 - Yellow tiles composing with the joinery.


Photo: Reproduction

In kitchens, the use of tiles may be more appropriate due to the wear and tear that a paint may suffer over time. In this project, the choice was made by yellow tiles with drawings.

Image 10 - Yellow wall for a home office.


Photo: Reproduction

In work environments such as the home office, yellow can play an important role in creativity and concentration. This project focuses on only one part of the painting wall, exactly where the work and study desk is located.

Image 11 - Yellow wall for kitchen.


Photo: Reproduction

The use of warm colors has the power to open the appetite and the yellow, besides having this function, can make any kitchen much more alive. This is the case with this furniture design in neutral colors and black and white tiles.

Picture 12 - The wall has won a beautiful and functional decorative accessory.


Photo: Reproduction

How about leaving a corridor wall much more vivid? You can add only a small detail of the color on an auxiliary wall to leave the house with a special detail.

Picture 13 - Yellow wall to bathroom: round mirrors to have a fun place.


Photo: Reproduction

When using color in a bathroom, it is important to have a composition balance. This design uses yellow paint on the half of the wall. Color can be used for both residential and commercial projects. Round mirrors are part of the balance in which the color does not get so heavy visually.

Picture 14 - Yellow wall to living room: a lively and vibrant solution!


Photo: Reproduction

The yellow color can change the face of any environment: in this living room, the yellow leaves the place much more vibrant and fun, the important thing is to position objects like frames and other elements to break the strong visual effect of the color. From break, combine with other decorative furniture such as armchairs, sofas and cushions.

Picture 15 - Wall coated with tactile floor in yellow color.


Photo: Reproduction

In addition to painting, tactile rubber flooring can be a great alternative, with easy application and good durability and strength. This design uses this type of environmental wall coating.

Image 16 - A creative effect for a white wall.


Photo: Reproduction

Leave any more irreverent surroundings with the "unfinished" style painting on part of the wall. This design applies this proposal with the yellow at the bottom of the wall.

Image 17 - Dining room with yellow wall and decorative objects.


Photo: Reproduction

Yellow can be combined with other colors like pink, green, purple, white and black. This living room design has yellow wall, tabletop, yellow chairs and easels in pink pink color.

Image 18 - Wall with gypsum board and led.


Photo: Reproduction

In this living room, the yellow is present on the wall with a white panel of plaster. The LED tapes were used to have a modern and intimate lighting.

Image 19 - Yellow wall at the entrance door.


Photo: Reproduction

Another option is to apply the yellow paint on a small wall region: in this design, the wooden door received the yellow paint as well as the top to the stop.

Image 20 - Ideal to highlight environments.


Photo: Reproduction

The color yellow can be a great option to leave environments more outstanding in the decoration, so, choose with criterion where the color can be applied in your project.

Picture 21 - Room of child with soft tones.


Photo: Reproduction

Yellow can be a perfect color to match pastel tones in the painting of children's bedrooms. The important thing is to leave the color composition balanced as in this design, where the yellow is combined with the light pink.

Picture 22 - For a rustic style look for the darker shade.


Photo: Reproduction

The rustic decoration style demands strong colors, so choose a yellow that is closer to the mustard when decorating these environments with a strong presence of wood and old objects.

Picture 23 - Tile with triangular shape for the bathroom.


Photo: Reproduction

In the bathroom, the tiles are recommended to withstand the humidity of wet areas. This design focuses on the yellow color with tiles in triangular format.

Picture 24 - Room with yellow wallpaper.


Photo: Reproduction

In this room with classic decor, the choice of wallpaper added the color yellow with small details in white color, matching with the bedding, cushions, boxes and carpet.

Picture 25 - Living room with a lot of personality.


Photo: Reproduction

Using a panel in a certain region is great for highlighting a color of your choice. This design focuses on the yellow in a region above the living room fireplace.

Picture 26 - In the kitchen the background wall comes with lots of color.


Photo: Reproduction

How about bringing much more life to your kitchen? The color of the wall can influence completely in the visual, besides bringing different sensations for who visits the room. Here, the yellow is highlighted in one of the walls, matching with pictures and with the pink chair.

Image 27 - The ceiling gave prominence to the apartment.


Photo: Reproduction

In addition to the walls, the ceiling can also be painted yellow. Here every detail makes the difference, including the apparent barrel that receives the color.

Image 28 - To give color to the environment.


Photo: Reproduction

In a neutral-looking living room, add the yellow tone to make the environment more lively and detached.

Picture 29 - Kitchen with yellow in the decoration.


Photo: Reproduction

In this kitchen, the floor receives the yellow paint, just like the wall that has tactile rubber with the same color. A cheerful decoration in the right measure, with neutral tones and other objects with different colors.

Picture 30 - The corner of this room has chosen yellow.


Photo: Reproduction

Do not want to be too aggressive with this color? Choose a particular corner to receive the yellow tone in the painting. This room has color in a small part of the environment.

Picture 31 - Sophisticated corner with furniture of very refinement.


Photo: Reproduction

Why not add the yellow on a wallpaper? This environment has the details of the color yellow with white, leaving the composition visually balanced.

Picture 32 - For a jovial decor!


Photo: Reproduction

Yellow can be the highlight in a dining room: choose a small wall to use color, matching with neutral tones such as black or white. Here, the chairs also follow the same tone.

Image 33 - Geometric tiles with yellow color.


Photo: Reproduction

In a neutral bathroom, yellow may be an integral part of a coating with geometric shapes, as is the case in this example. Applied smoothly without a great visual impact.

Image 34 - Brazilian style for a balcony.


Photo: Reproduction

Color can be a great choice for outdoor environments, with more relaxation. It is the case of this balcony with green, yellow walls and furniture with the rustic style.

Picture 35 - The yellow painting took the sobriety of the environment.


Photo: Reproduction

For those who prefer to highlight a bathroom, the yellow color is perfect to contrast with other materials and colors, such as wood and light shades. Use color with balance.

Image 36 - Clean kitchen!


Photo: Reproduction

In a kitchen with white cabinets, the wall was coated with large yellow tiles as well as the bottom of the cabinets.

Image 37 - Gray and yellow a perfect match.


Photo: Reproduction

A yellow wall can match perfectly with neutral tones such as gray, nude and other colors. This kitchen design holds a wall with color.

Picture 38 - Yellow cabinets to cover the wall.


Photo: Reproduction

Not only can the wall be coated with color: in this proposal, kitchen cabinets receive color as a coating, which takes up most of the wall.

Image 39 - Beautiful and fun composition.


Photo: Reproduction

Make a fun composition between the yellow shade of your choice and another complementary color.

Image 40 - 3D wall covering


Photo: Reproduction

In this kitchen design with yellow wall, the coating follows the 3d structure and in addition, the base of the central island also receives the same color.

Image 41 - Shades of yellow to compose the wall


Photo: Reproduction

In a yellow wall to the living room: This design combines strong wall color with neutral items like sofas and gray carpets.

Picture 42 - Room of child always asks for a color.


Photo: Reproduction

Yellow wall for children's room: add a fun color tone to a child's bedroom with neutral tones. This design received the vibrant yellow color on one of its walls.

Picture 43 - Yellow wall to corridor.


Photo: Reproduction

In a corridor that divides the rooms, this project opted for yellow tint as wall paint, as well as the doors and the auxiliary workbench with drawer.

Image 44 - Geometric drawing with perfect color composition


Photo: Reproduction

For those who want to use color in a gentle way: choose a composition with parts that use yellow and that can be combined with decorative objects such as tables, shelves, cushions and sofas.

Image 45 - Wall with object support and the painting further enhanced the environment


Photo: Reproduction

Service area with yellow wall: in this proposal, yellow is the paint chosen from the wall. In the upper half, a wooden panel with white color. It is a balanced composition of color.

Picture 46 - Room with modern bunk beds.


Photo: Reproduction

The yellow hue leaves a child's room with bunk beds a lot more fun for the kids. Bet on irreverent colors to decorate this type of environment.

Picture 47 - The effect of the finish on the wall gave a bare air in the room.


Photo: Reproduction

Another example of painting with the "unfinished" style that occupies the lower part of a double room. The yellow color is present on the wall, as well as bedding items such as bed sheets and cushions.

Image 48 - Kitchen with lots of yellow


Photo: Reproduction

In this kitchen, in addition to the wall with the color, the yellow was chosen to be part of the design of planned cabinets, in their doors, as well as in the counter that receives the same color. As decorative detail, the wall of ceramic pavilions also receives the color.

Image 49 - Built-in dining room the kitchen won color and a panel of reminders with blackboard paint


Photo: Reproduction

The kitchen can also receive the color, even in limited areas. This project has the wall painted with the yellow color exactly where the bench is positioned for meals with benches.

Image 50 - Yellow wall for ladder.


Photo: Reproduction

Fleeing from traditional environments, the yellow color can also be used in corridors and walls that generally do not get as much prominence. In this design, the color was used for wall painting with ladder.

Image 51 - Creative idea for a children's environment.


Photo: Reproduction

Let the imagination flow with colors that encourage creative thinking. It is the case of this environment with educational focus that receives the color on the wall.

Picture 52 - The yellow chairs to compose with the wall


Photo: Reproduction

An example of a yellow wall for the dining room: in this design, in addition to the color on the wall, the chairs follow the same tonality in contrast to the wood.

Image 53 - Tropical style with prints, color and textures!


Photo: Reproduction

Picture 54 - To highlight the corner: a touch of color on the wall.


Photo: Reproduction

Use the yellow color to highlight a little corner that receives little visual attention.

Image 55 - Vibrant yellow for a cheerful and colorful environment


Photo: Reproduction

Picture 56 - Yellow carpentry with round handle


Photo: Reproduction

Picture 57 - Baby room also asks for color


Photo: Reproduction

Image 58 - Bathroom with Pantone Tones


Photo: Reproduction

Image 59 - To highlight the environment choose to paint one of the walls


Photo: Reproduction

Image 60 - The yellow painting in the niche gave


Photo: Reproduction

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