World Cup decoration: learn how to do and see exciting tips

Forget that fateful 7 to 1 and encourage yourself to cheer for Brazil in another world cup. The event, which takes place here in icy Russia, has already begun to warm the hearts of Brazilians. Learn how to make World Cup decoration:

To get into the mood of the party there is no way, it has to have green and yellow. With them you can decorate your entire home to welcome friends to the games or even prepare a children's party with the 2018 World Cup theme. The utility stores are filled with decorative and functional items for the world cup, but it is also possible to do many things at home yourself.

Check out the tips to make a great decoration of World Cup 2018

1. Flags, flags and flags

The most striking and expressive symbol of a country is the flag. So do not let this element out of the decoration. Use a very large flag of Brazil to mount a panel on the wall of the room or hoist it on the porch, for example. In addition to the main flag, be sure to have several smaller flags at the time of the game so everyone can twist with one in their hand.

The tip also applies to the birthdays of the month of June that wish to have a children's party with the world cup theme. In this case, in addition to the flags, also use flags in the colors green and yellow with the name of the birthday girl. The larger banner can be used on the cake table panel.

2. Make noise

World Cup without noise and excitement, not funny. So, reserve a portion of the budget for bugles, horns, rattles, vuvuzelas and whistles. Leave a basket with all the noisy paraphernalia right at the entrance of the house or at the reception of the children's party, so each guest already picks up his own. Prepare the ears, because the animation will be guaranteed.

3. Change the face of your room

If the idea is to welcome friends and relatives at home to cheer for Brazil, make some slight changes in the decoration of your room. Nothing much, simple things, that can be easily modified later. For example, pillow cases, rugs, curtains, seat chairs, towels, potted plants and whatever else you can and want to modify.

4. Green and yellow on the table

And where there is a football game, there is food and drink. Therefore, capriche at the table where they will be served the appetizers and the drinks. Cutlery, plates, cups, trays and everything else should be in tupiniquim colors.

The tablecloth can be made simply and cheaply with TNT. Mini flags of Brazil are the tip for decoration of sweet and savory dishes.

Already for the children's party with the world cup theme, increase the decoration with balls, medals, trophies and mini soccer players. It's worth to bring to the party foosball tables and button football, kids will love the idea.

5. Balloons

For the children's party, do not even say that balloons are indispensable. But in the world cup decoration they are also very welcome. In either case, you can make depleted bows of green and yellow balloons, paint balls on them or fill them with helium gas and drop them by the ceiling. They are sure to make the party a lot more fun. And, at the end of the game (or party), call everyone to pop the balloons and make a lot of noise.

6. Honor the host

The 2018 World Cup takes place in Russia. And this is a good opportunity to get to know the culture of the host of the event. Therefore, pay homage to the host country by making a mixed decoration, inserted elements of Brazilian culture and Russian culture.

Matrioskas, famous Russian dolls that fit one inside the other, are an icon of the country's culture, but you can also choose other elements, such as Khokhloma, pieces painted with floral motifs, generally in gold and black, to be incorporated in the decoration.

But do not limit yourself to the decor, look for inspirations in the gastronomy as well. How about serving some typical dish and drink there? Surely, it will surprise your guests.

7. Flavors of the world

Just as you can serve dishes and drinks typical of the host country of the World Cup, you can also take a gastronomic tour of the other countries that will take part in the event.

Imagine how much good news can go on the menu? A great opportunity, especially for the children, to know (and taste) a little of each country.

The tip can be incorporated into the children's party as well. Both in the decoration and in the buffet.

60 Enthusiastic Ideas To Make The World Cup Decor

Have you got an idea of ​​what your décor will look like for the 2018 World Cup? So, check out the images below to get even more inspired:

Picture 1 - Decoration of World Cup: green and yellow on all sides.

green and yellow on all sides

Picture 2 - Pipoca can not miss, enjoy to serve it in packages decorated with the theme soccer and Brazil.

Popcorn for party world cup

Picture 3 - Children's party World Cup: green and yellow are the colors of the decoration, to complete balls, trophies and flags.

Children's Party World Cup

Picture 4 - Street decorated for world cup: the green and yellow stripes cause an incredible effect.

Street decorated for world cup

Picture 5 - Decoration of World Cup: do not let the party candy out of the joke; decorate them with mini brazilian flags.

Party cupcakes for the world cup

Picture 6 - Orange juice to leave the table in the colors of the selection canarinho.

Orange juice to leave the table in the colors of the Brazilian team

Picture 7 - Souvenirs World Cup for children's party.

World Cup Souvenirs for children's party

Picture 8 - World Cup Decoration: You can make the invitations of your child's party as if they were tickets to the games of the cup.

Party Invitations World Cup

Picture 9 - Decoration of World Cup: yellow berries and green leaves decorate the tray with chocolate cake.

Fruit and cake for decoration world cup

Image 10 - World Cup decoration: a very Brazilian house brings together in the decoration tropical plant species, such as the banana trees, the Adam's rib and the sunflowers, forming a green and yellow combination.

Very Brazilian decoration for world cup

Image 11 - Decoration of World Cup: flag of each country decorating the table.

Flags for the world cup decoration

Image 12 - Soccer Craques: themed birthday hat for the world cup.

World cup decoration chopsticks

Picture 13 - Fashion Brazil flags on the table using American game , sousplat and dish.

Flag of Brazil to decorate the party table World Cup

Picture 14 - Do you know which country sausages are typical?

Sausages as snacks

Picture 15 - Discreet decoration for the world cup, but the important thing is to bring some reference to the environment.

Discreet decoration for the world cup

Image 16 - The beautiful flag of South Africa marking presence in the decoration of World Cup.

Example of decoration for drunks

Picture 17 - Shirt 10! A pun between the age of the birthday girl and one of the best players in the world.

Decoration shirt 10

Image 18 - Sicilian lemon and lemon: a very Brazilian green and yellow combination for the World Cup decoration.

Sicilian lemon and common lemon

Picture 19 - Decoration of World Cup: bag with soccer theme is the souvenir of this childlike birthday.

Souvenir for party World Cup

Image 20 - If you prefer to leave the obvious green and yellow, opt for a decoration with drawing balls and flags from different countries.

Ball decoration for party World Cup

Image 21 - Appetizers with the face of Brazil: peanuts served in the coconut shell and a creamy drink of lemon.

Appetizers with the face of Brazil

Image 22 - To form the green part of the World Cup decoration, use plants.

Plants for World Cup Decoration

Picture 23 - Sweets packaged with the theme of the party "World Cup".

Sweets packaged with the theme of the party "World Cup"

Picture 24 - Bar and soccer: a Brazilian couple in the decoration of World Cup.

Bar and football: a very Brazilian duo in World Cup decoration

Image 25 - Another option of typical food; this time with inspiration in the Arab world.

Typical food for the world cup

Image 26 - Green and yellow are the traditional colors, but remember that on the Brazilian flag are also present the colors blue and white; enjoy to incorporate them into the decoration.

Green and yellow in world cup decoration

Image 27 - Medals and trophies are all about decoration for World Cup.

Medals for the world cup decoration

Image 28 - Decoration of World Cup: birthday souvenir made with tubes filled with green balls capped with mini soccer balls.

Birthday Cupcake for the World Cup

Picture 29 - Decoration of the football birthday party with balloons in shape of soccer ball; panel in the background brings the countries that participate in the World Cup.

Children's football party for world cup

Image 30 - Cheese rolls to serve at play time.

Cheese rolls to serve at play time

Image 31 - Do you have a foosball table there? Then use it in the World Cup decoration and if you are going to have a little party, get one to entertain the children.


Picture 32 - Table full of green and yellow snacks: popcorn, cheeses and peanuts.

Full table of green and yellow snacks

Picture 33 - If you are looking for a more exquisite decoration for the world cup, get inspired by this image.

Exquisite decoration for World Cup

Image 34 - World Cup decoration: change the face of the coffee corner using green and yellow mugs.

Coffee Corner for the World Cup

Image 35 - World Cup Decoration: Take the soccer field into the room.

Football field inside the room

Image 36 - Decoration of World Cup: the biggest rivalry of soccer, Brazil and Argentina, represented in the flags that decorate the brigadeiros de copinho.

Argentina and Brazil

Image 37 - Decoration of World Cup: do not leave the plants outside; decorate them with little flags.

World cup decoration plants

Image 38 - World Cup decoration: soccer fields were glued on the covers of these souvenirs.

Souvenir with soccer field boxes

Image 39 - World Cup decoration: the world cup is ours!

Decoration with bowls

Image 40 - Girl's party can also be with the theme "World Cup"; Look how beautiful the cake is. yellow flowers and blue crockery complete the rest of the decor.

Feast girl with world cup theme

Picture 41 - Cushion covers for the world cup decoration, you can do it yourself.

Cushion covers for the world cup decoration

Image 42 - World Cup Decoration: Selection shirts can also be used to decorate the party or the house.

Selection t-shirts to decorate the party World Cup

Image 43 - Decoration of World Cup: Brazil's flag turned sweet.

Cupcakes with Brazilian flag

Image 44 - Birthday invitation template for the World Cup theme.

Birthday Party Invitation for World Cup

Image 45 - World Cup decoration: green and yellow of this table come from the dishes themselves and fruits.

Green and yellow on the World Cup table

Image 46 - Gelatin in layers with the colors of Brazil. A good idea to delight your guests.

Gelatin in layers with the colors of Brazil

Picture 47 - Decoration of World Cup: create a mini soccer field.

Mini soccer field

Image 48 - Decoration of World Cup: cupcake decorated with Brazilian flag.

Cupcake decorated for World Cup

Picture 49 - Decoration of World Cup: flags of several countries were hung in the ceiling creating a very interesting decorative effect.

Decoration with banners for party World Cup

Image 50 - Sustainability in green and yellow: opt for paper utensils instead of plastic in World Cup decoration.

Sustainability in green and yellow

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