Wooden houses: 85 models, facades and projects

At Wood houses are known to be a simpler dwelling, but currently their raw material has gained strength when the subject is a quick and economical work at the time of construction. Cozy and with a rustic footprint, the wooden houses leave the traditional masonry and can even mix other materials to leave with a more modern style.

Price of wooden houses

The average assembly time is about 50 days, with a result of optimum quality and cheap maintenance, leaving the cost benefit much more attractive than the competing materials. The square meter leaves for about R $ 700.00, depending on the type of wood and how it is built. In masonry, the value practically doubles up to R $ 1200.00 to R $ 1500.00.

Despite these advantages, some care must be taken before deciding to opt for a wooden house:

Maintenance of wooden houses

The wooden houses require a small maintenance with the application of varnish externally, which leaves the perfect dwelling both inside and outside for many years. It is necessary to sanding to remove the varnish and to apply a new hand, due to the incidence of solar rays in the wood. The varnish used is the marine, which has sunscreen and withstands seasons of heavy rains in its structure.

Thermal insulation

Because it is a natural thermal insulation due to its warm characteristic, which leaves the atmosphere more cozy, the house remains at pleasant temperature. The ideal is to apply a thermal blanket that does not let the cold and the heat pass in and still protect from infiltrations. The house is nice, in the winter it is warm and in the summer it becomes cool!


Solid wood and treated by the law are the most used in the construction of these houses. It is recommended that the building soil be immunized to avoid future problems with these animals.
Wooden houses are a good investment! It is a house that interacts with nature and that combines with a more peaceful lifestyle.

85 ideas of wooden houses with facades, chalets, modern and simple style

Of the various construction models, we will punctuate some projects of wooden houses and their advantages:

Cottages wooden

Picture 1 - The demolition wood gave all the country air to the house.

House with demolition wood

Picture 2 - The environment helped to make the house more cozy!

The environment helped make the house more interesting

Picture 3 - The apparent structure is a strong characteristic for this type of house.

House with apparent structure

Picture 4 - The stones and the woods gain the same tonality, leaving the facade discreet and with the desired style.

Wooden house with stones in the same tone of material

Picture 5 - The stone in the facade of the house of wood managed to take all the rustic air to that house.

Rustic air to the wooden house

Picture 6 - Panels in glass leave the integration with the nature even greater.

Glass panels leave nature with greater integration

It is essential the look of the surroundings in a rustic wooden house! That's why glass panels make the perfect paper. Just as they take nature indoors, they can bring privacy with the help of curtains and blinds.

Image 7 - The tone of the darker wood left the perfect setting in the middle of nature.

The tonality of the darker wood

Picture 8 - Leave the house cozier with the application of yellow light, which can be seen through the glass windows.

Leave the house cozier with the yellow paint

Picture 9 - The roof appreciated even more the architecture of the house.

Leaked wooden house roof

The roofing of the roofs gave personality to the predominant construction of straight lines. The study of the coverage must be done with great care, so that the operation is adequate to the party of the house.

Picture 10 - Wooden houses that mix the rustic style with the modern one.

Wooden house with rustic and modern air

Image 11 - Sober colors reinforce the style of the construction of wooden houses.

Wooden house with sober colors

To gain more strength in your architecture, you should also try to match the colors of the materials. Earthy, greyish colors fall well into the composition and leave the rustic appearance visually apparent on the façade.

Image 12 - The nice thing about the wooden house is that it can be made an enlargement after the construction.

Magnification after the construction of the wooden house

In the above project, the upstairs balcony was inserted after the house finished. As the work is fast and easy to integrate due to the material, the magnification can be done in the same way.

Simple wooden houses

The models of simple wooden houses are the best known in Brazil. The simplest construction calls for a cheaper type of wood. That's why the construction uses a lot of pine wood, which makes the house cozy and beautiful at the same time. The interesting thing is to paint its external facade to give more personality and make it more charming!

Picture 13 - Wooden houses with two floors.

Wooden house with two floors

Picture 14 - House ground of wood.

House wooden terrea

Picture 15 - Houses of simple wood with detail in brick.

Simple wooden house with brick detail

Making a detail of another material is a way of styling the facade, but without spending too much. This process requires a study to observe the best place to apply this material!

Picture 16 - Simple and cozy wooden houses!

Simple and cozy wooden house

Picture 17 - For exterior areas use a pergola cover.

Use a percolating cover

Enjoy the stuff you already have to make the famous percolated who leave the house more beautiful and cozy in this corner.

Picture 18 - In this wooden house: windows and doors also won the same finish.

Windows and doors get the same finish

Image 19 - Aluminum roof is a cheap option for wooden houses.

Aluminum roof: an inexpensive option for wooden houses

Image 20 - Enjoy the space to extend a porch in wooden houses.

Enjoy to extend the space in wooden houses

Picture 21 - The chimney is a striking element in a simple wooden house.

Simple wooden house with chimney

Image 22 - The house has won a complete design in wood.

Complete design of wooden house

The coverage in wooden slats valued the construction, leaving with an unconventional format.

Picture 23 - Following the simple yet modern line: the wooden slats gave the perfect finish for this wooden house facade.

Finishing with wooden slats

The details are due to the red and white that were used in the structures of the house.

Picture 24 - Add a touch of color to your wooden house!

Wooden house with a touch of color

In addition to the previous options to maintain the original color of the material, there is also possibility to paint the wood and leave the house with a special touch. In the design above, the orange tone gave prominence to construction and left with the most careful appearance.

Prefabricated houses

Building a new home can be expensive and tiring, as it involves many issues such as buying a land, hiring a professional to produce the project, and finally the work. A good alternative are pre-shaped wooden houses. They fit well in any region and in any climate. Cozy, this type of property is built quickly and designed with the customer's taste!

Picture 25 - Single-family house prefabricated in wood.

Detached house made of wood

Image 26 - The glass detail of the balcony gave another aspect to the wooden house.

Glass detail of the porch of the house

Image 27 - Prefabricated wooden house in wood.

Prefabricated wooden house in wood

Image 28 - The extension of the house was made in traditional masonry.

House with traditional masonry

A part of the house can be made with another type of structure if need be. Prefabricated houses help customize the project according to the tastes of the residents, and there may be interventions in the future.

Picture 29 - Even with the traditional house format, they look beautiful and attractive.

Beautiful and attractive house even with a traditional format

Picture 30 - In addition to the traditional models, you can opt for a modern design with glass doors and windows.

House with modern design with glass doors and windows

Picture 31 - Notice how the touch of color changes the whole aspect of the house!

A touch of color in the house

Make a color combination that demonstrates your personality. Depending on the region you enter, vibrant colors are welcome. But if you want to be more discreet you can use soft tones, such as yellow, baby blue, rosé, moss green and others.

Picture 32 - Prefabricated large wooden house made of wood

Prefabricated wooden house

Picture 33 - Models of wooden houses with balconies can also be made.

Model wooden house with balcony

Image 34 - Even being prefabricated, wooden houses can gain sustainable elements.

Sustainable elements in wooden houses

This house makes use of solar panels to generate energy inside the house. A great idea to unite architecture and sustainability in a more economical housing.

Image 35 - Prefabricated wooden house.

Prefabricated wooden house

Image 36 - Merging construction types.

House with mixed in types of construction

The details of the wooden house are on account of the concrete pillars that received the application of brick in sight. The combination of colors follows the same pattern, leaving the tone on tone shine on the facade.

Houses made of planks

This type of wood has a remarkable characteristic, since it has the cylindrical form. Its structure leaves the rustic style, however, can be seen in all types of terrains. The diameter is an important item to the end result depending on it totally changes the style of the house.

Image 37 - Sofa made of plump wood

Wooden plank flooring

Picture 38 - Details that make the difference in a wooden house

Details that make the difference in a wooden house

The entire frame of the house's openings received a pink paint application. What gave a prominence to the facade that made it even more inviting.

Image 39 - Roliças in different sizes for structure and facade of the house of wood

Roliças in different sizes

In this project, a smaller diameter was used for the trunks of the facade, leaving the appearance more delicate. Already the beams and pillars that support the structure has a greater thickness, due to high weight load. But because they are of the same material, the result is harmonic!

Picture 40 - Typical wooden house on the farm!

Typical timber farm house

Picture 41 - Modern house made of plush wood

Modern house made of plush wood

Image 42 - Merging materials in construction

Merging materials in construction

The choice for the finest wood leaves the look lighter and more cozy, but the more rustic air is left by the mixture of details in stone, as can be seen in the chimney.

Picture 43 - Hulled of pliable wood.

Rolling wooden hut

Image 44 - Wooden house with ladder.

Wooden house with ladder

Picture 45 - Even details can be made with the plated structure

House details with plush wood

This type of raw material can also be used to make the bodyguard of the balcony that is upstairs; which maintains balance throughout the home.

Picture 46 - Take a more rustic touch to the house.

A more rustic touch to the house

Leaving the uneven ends exposed is a way of giving the project a rusticity, as the structures are evident on the facade.

Picture 47 - House with structure in plush wood

House with plank structure

Image 48 - The application of the material must be well done so there is no air gap.

Wooden house with well made application of material

Modern wooden houses

The modern style is the most requested by the people, since its appearance stands out from afar. The straight and orthogonal lines are worked out in its architecture, and most often it gains a more extensive needs program with the insertion of pool and balconies.

Image 49 - The brises leave the facade more modern.

The brises leave the more modern façade

Very suitable for the facades, the brises have the ability to bring functionality and still beautify the house. On the inside, they control the intensity of natural light through the manual system. On the outside, they form fillets of wood that stand out on the façade. This little detail can make all the difference in the look!

Picture 50 - The cover in platibanda leaves the architecture of the house modern and current.

Plaque cover leaves the house modern and current

Picture 51 - Wooden friezes strip the rusticity of the wood, taking more elegance to the house.

Wooden house with friezes

Picture 52 - Wooden houses with contemporary style

Wooden house with contemporary style

The contemporary style asks for less information so the architecture speaks for itself. Materials such as concrete and wood are present in this style and should not be missing. Just as the minimum of strokes carry lightness and subtlety at the moment of drawing the volumetry of the house.

Picture 53 - Wood is the main material, but the glass windows ennoble the visual and offer the integration with the landscape.

Glass windows ennoble material

Image 54 - Modular plates line the facade of this house.

Modular boards line the facade of the house

Image 55 - House design blends different materials and colors.

Different materials and colors in the wooden house

Image 56 - Modern wooden house with balcony

Modern wooden house with balcony

Image 57 - This façade shows how the material can result in a sophisticated design.

Sophisticated design for wooden house

Every detail of the structure presents the good use of the wood and still makes a mix with details in concrete and glass.

Image 58 - With a bold air, the house received several social spaces to make the most of the contact with the environment.

House with wood

In this project, the intention was to enjoy outdoor spaces to integrate with the nature of the terrain. Its openings have balconies and a terrace on the roof making the architecture of the house much more dynamic.

Image 59 - The modern wooden house has a colonial roof, but shows the integration with the outside area of ​​the pool.

Modern wooden house with colonial roof

Image 60 - Glass blinds make the facade less visually heavy.

House with shutters

Houses made of wood with glass

To complement the previous style, glass also has an important role to modify the look of the house. The mix of wood and glass leave the architecture balanced, since one offers the most rustic footprint and the other manages to take lightness. The transparencies that appear on the facade can leave the house on a more contemporary side, but without taking the necessary privacy for the inside. The projects below show how to mix these two types of material, without taking away the rusticity of the wood:

Picture 61 - Playing with the shape of the house with full and empty.

Wooden house format with full and empty

The volume of the house is very important for the architecture. In this case, the cast surfaces with glass panels leave the volumetry much more attractive with the different materials.

Picture 62 - In addition to the glass cover, the external walls receive the same type of application.

Wooden house with glass cover

Image 63 - The house wanted to contemplate a more modern façade with the differentiated use of the wood.

Differentiated use of wood on the facade

The slatted wood leaves the look of the most up-to-date home! Its application in the glass panels still regulate the entrance of light, leaving the facade different according to its opening.

Image 64 - Glass can create these visual openings to the environment.

Visual openings for the environment

Image 65 - Giving a touch of lightness to the construction of the wooden house.

Wooden house with a touch of lightness in architecture

Image 66 - Wooden houses with glass plans and wooden structure.

Wooden house with glass plans

The glass was used on the exterior surfaces of the house and the wood served as the structure of the walls and the deck that extend the house, thus creating a delightful porch with sofa and sun loungers.

Image 67 - Inspiration for a country house in wood and glass.

Inspiration for wood country house in glass

Image 68 - The glass was used to access the balconies of the house.

The glass was used to access the balconies in the house

Picture 69 - With a more modern footprint, this house receives strategic glass plans for appreciation of the view.

Wooden house with glass plans

Image 70 - Glass doors let deck use more free

The glass doors leave the deck more free

The opening of the glass doors leave the circulation more visible making the whole house a great space for those who like to gather friends and family.

Picture 71 - The wooden house with details in glass balances the look, leaving with more modern appearance.

The wood-trimmed home balances the look

Picture 72 - The glass door opens to let the external integrated the decoration of the house.

The glass door opens to the outside

Image 73 - Look for the largest facade with incidence of natural light to install the windows.

Wooden house with glass

This way it is possible to have natural light most of the time, making the house much more airy and pleasant. The interesting thing is to do a study of insolation before the construction to verify the best positioning of the house.

Wooden chalets

With traditional features such as its two-story penthouse, timber from every corner, small construction and facade that transpires a cozy villa, the chalet has become synonymous with mountain home. But as architecture takes changes, the huts currently blend contemporary elements and cease to call only the mountain dwellings. We selected below distinct chalet styles, all with much charm. Discover them!

Picture 74 - A porch in the cottage is indispensable!

House with balcony

This outside space should be maintained in almost all types of chalets. Being small the integration with nature is minimal, and a way to soften this built a small balcony.

Image 75 - Have you ever thought about a traveling chalet?

Itinerant cottage

Picture 76 - The delicate touch is due to the external decorative elements.

Delicate touch due to external elements

Picture 77 - Colorful chalets look good in places with beaches.

Colorful chalets look good on places like beaches

The wooden house on the beach can also follow this format in wood, and helps to escape the corrosion problems of the sea air. To make the facade more attractive, paint with vibrant colors and unusual combinations.

Image 78 - The classic dash with a versatile working.

The classic feature with versatile operation

With the side window in system opens and closes it is possible to extend the space of the chalet during the day, forming a balcony. With flexible furniture can be used according to the needs of the resident, leaving the layout more free to use this space.

Picture 79 - Following the modern line, this chalet has a stylish architecture and striking features.

Stylish architecture and striking features in the chalet

Picture 80 - Wooden chalet with sustainable system.

Wooden chalet with sustainable system

This chalet has an efficient self-running. With green cover, vegetable garden, use of rainwater and natural ventilation, its system is economical and still has incredible architecture!

Picture 81 - Charming and cozy wooden house!

Charming and cozy wooden house

Picture 82 - Chalet on the heights!

Chalet in the heights

This cottage has gained a reinforced structure in wood to remain in the highest part of the land. The advantage was gaining a breathtaking view that makes the villa much more attractive!

Picture 83 - Following the cottage style, but with a larger structure.

Following the cottage style

Image 84 - Roofs are a feature present in wooden chalets.

Roofs in wooden chalets

Picture 85 - The classic that never goes out of style!

Classic wooden house

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