Women's Bathroom: Incredible and Creative Decor Ideas

Let's stop being cliché and think that women's room has to be pink and full of hardware? In the day-to-day running, women need a practical and functional bathroom that can perfectly organize dryers, washcloths, creams, lotions and makeup. And, of course, a generous mirror to get ready before leaving home.

The point is that there is no general rule to compose a women's room, because everything will depend on the personality of the owner of the bathroom. You can wear pink (nothing against), but you can also dare try other colors, textures and materials.

Romanticism and delicacy, typical of feminine representatives, can be used throughout the bathroom in moderate doses or simply dismissed without ceremony. Feel free.

Always keep in mind that light colors are representative of romanticism and purity, while the stronger tones are known to mark the environment of sophistication, personality and vigor. Take a test and think for a few seconds in pink and then in black. Did you see the difference in feeling between them?

Nature is also an undeniable companion of the feminine. It brings the feminine essence and soul in its best aspect. So if the idea is to build a bathroom for women, consider integrating flowers and foliage into the environment.

They can come in pots or stamped on wallpapers, pictures and tiles.
Furniture and retro objects are another option to give a feminine touch to the bathroom. Metals can be installed in gold or copper, these colors are a trend of decoration and give sophistication and refinement to the environment.

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Do not forget to master the choice of mirror. It can cover the entire wall or just come over the sink, but do not neglect this item, it is key in a ladies bathroom. The frame will guarantee the personality. The finest, convey delicacy. The most elaborate bring the concept of glamor and luxuity.

Another important detail is the lighting. If you can, invest in a light on the mirror, it facilitates the makeup moment and helps when composing the look.
In feminine bathrooms for collective use, it is possible to drink a little of each idea and to compose a mix of style able to please all.

60 Amazing Decor Ideas for a Female Bathroom

You can create the feminine bathroom you want and in the style you prefer, from the most classic to the most modern. Just adapt the tips to your personality. The important thing is that the bathroom has its face. And to make you more inspired, we've selected some feminine bathroom images that you'll love. Check out:

Picture 1 - Luxurious feminine bathroom

Women's Bathroom: Incredible and Creative Decor Ideas

The lights in the mirror created all the sophistication of the environment. The gold of the sink, taps and mirror countertop make the bathroom even more glamorous. Highlight for the retro finish, conferring the romanticism characteristic of the proposal

Picture 2 - Relaxed female bathroom

Relaxed female bathroom

The graffiti and colorful brasses unhurry and brighten the bathroom in more sober tones. Indirect lights on the ceiling make the environment more sophisticated, contrasting with the color of the brass.

Picture 3 - Bathroom feminine with classic decoration

Classical decoration in the ladies' bathroom

This bathroom overflows romanticism on all sides. The rose on the wall, the retro tiles, the white crockery carry the concept of subtlety and softness, the tulips in the window leave the bathroom even more delicate.

Picture 4 - Bathroom with feminine details

Female Bathroom Details

The delicate eye patch brightened the bathroom and still brought the discreet feminine touch. The pink towel and the golden tone of the metals help to compose the feminine proposal of the environment. Note that the black color brings a smooth elegance.

Picture 5 - Bathroom with colored doors

Colored doors in the ladies room

Picture 6 - Feminine bathroom of delicate colors

Delicate colors in the ladies bathroom

White is usually the base color to create more romantic environments, when attached to the rose there is no doubt of the idea that is desired to pass.

Picture 7 - Bathroom with style

Style in the female bathroom

The rose is present, but he does not reign alone in that bathroom. The black came with force to bring personality and style to the decoration. Woman, yes, little girl, no.

Picture 8 - Blue can be female yes!

Blue can be female yes !!!

Closer, darker tones come to show that they may also be feminine. Especially by the delicate white coating detail

Picture 9 - Mirror, mirror of mine!

My Mirror Mirror

What would a female bathroom without a mirror do? This is great then, it brings motivation and courage to start the day.

Picture 10 - Bathroom feminine with strong personality.

Strong personality in the female bathroom

A simple bathroom was completely modified with the application of adhesives in the sink and the column. A practical, quick and economical idea to transform an environment. The details in gold further contribute to the strong and exquisite style of the owner

Picture 11 - Clean and sophisticated feminine bathroom.

Clean and sophisticated female bathroom

Neutral colors are a sure bet in the decor. Copper-colored metals help to get a little out of the monochrome, as well as being a trend in decoration

Picture 12 - Chic female bathroom.

Chic female bathroom

Chic and very glamorous. The huge mirror, the long bench, the lighting on the bench. All the details designed to meet the needs of women

Picture 13 - Bathroom feminine with exquisite details.

Exquisite details in the ladies' bathroom

Picture 14 - Bathroom feminine: the difference is in the ceiling.

The difference is in the ceiling

The shock pink ceiling made all the difference in this bathroom, impressing the female personality in the room. Indirect light added value to the project.

Picture 15 - Feminine bathroom of geometric shapes and golden metals.

Geometric shapes and gilded metals

Image 16 - Harmony of colors and shapes.

Harmony of colors and shapes in the female bathroom

The tone of pink on the wall brings softness as the black of box and metal friezes gives the touch of sophistication. A harmonious combination of styles.

Picture 17 - Bathroom feminine purple.

Purple female bathroom

Bold, this bathroom bet on purple to create a modern feminine environment

Picture 18 - White female bathroom.

White female bathroom

Classic in bathroom decor, white is the right choice for anyone who wants to decorate without fear of making mistakes. The gold of metals brings the feminine touch of this project.

Picture 19 - Supports for feminine bathroom.

Female bathroom stands

To keep all those feminine things, there's nothing better than a stand propped discreetly on the side of the sink counter.

Image 20 - Discreet in the details, shocking in the final result.

Discreet bathroom in details

This bathroom is clean and smooth without neglecting the planning of the decor. The details were thought for the female audience. The mirrors, the flowers on the counter and even the stool to help set a piece or a shoe. Highlight the curtain behind the mirrors that preserves the privacy of the environment

Picture 21 - Pink bath.

Pink bath in the ladies room

Image 22 - Female in the details.

Female bathroom in details

This bathroom could serve to any public, but the delicacy of the mirror frame shows the most feminine proposal

Picture 23 - Black and white female bathroom.

Black and white female bathroom

Picture 24 - For her.

Bathroom for her

The color that signals the female door is the same color that decorates the entire bathroom inside. Notice that the golden mirror further affirms the feminine soul of the environment

Picture 25 - Bathroom feminine red.

Red female bathroom

The mixture of red and black reveals the remarkable personality of the owner of the bathroom. Highlight for the table that intensifies the proposal

Picture 26 - Bathroom feminine: pink and futuristic.

Pink futuristic female bathroom

Picture 27 - Female bathroom of country style.

Country style in the female bathroom

The patchwork patterned tiles in conjunction with the furniture's wood created a rustic and rustic ambiance for the bathroom. The gerberas on the sink help to compose the feminine side of the bathroom.

Image 28 - Bathroom with green tiles.

Green tiles in the female bathroom

Image 29 - Burnt red with white.

Red burnt with white in the ladies bathroom

This feminine bathroom was sophisticated and elegant in the tone of burnt red. White contrasts and brightens the environment

Picture 30 - Feminine bathroom full of flowers.

Feminine bathroom full of flowers

The adhesive flowers on the stall give the feminine touch in this bathroom. Note the delicacy of the mirror frame matching the gold of the metal and the sink.

Image 31 - Wallpaper of sheets in the bathroom.

Wallpaper of leaves in the female bathroom

The delicate pink inserts create a strong contrast with the palm leaves stamped on the wallpaper. An alternative to not let pink dominate the environment. Highlight for the crockery and the golden metals, bringing refinement to the bathroom

Picture 32 - Flowers on the bench: subtle and delicate touch.

Subtle and delicate touch with flowers on the workbench

Picture 33 - Modern female bathroom.

Modern female bathroom

Want to bet on a modern ladies bathroom? Be inspired by this project. The dark tones and the modern design of the sink guarantee the boldest look. The wallpaper with scented flowers brings the feminine side without being clichéd

Image 34 - Movie star bathroom.

Female bathroom for a movie star

Picture 35 - Modern and delicate feminine bathroom.

Modern and delicate feminine bathroom

The sink is both modern and delicate in inspiration. The rest of the bathroom follows the proposal. Highlight the shelves to organize personal items.

Image 36 - Female bathroom with pink tablets.

Roses in the bathroom

Picture 37 - Bathroom feminine with retro touch.

Women's bathroom with retro touch

The retro elements are always loaded with femininity. In this bathroom, in addition to retro, the cabinet of the sink is pink, more romantic impossible. The side lighting enhances the ambience, as well as being very useful at the time of makeup

Picture 38 - Copper to create sophistication and elegance.

Copper for sophistication and elegance in the ladies' bathroom

We have already said that copper brings a lot of sophistication to the decor. For women's projects, it further enhances the proposal.

Image 39 - Wallpaper of flamingos.

Wallpaper of flamingos

Do you want a more delicate bathroom than this? The wallpaper of flamingos leaves the bathroom a grace only, combined with the other elements then, it is even more beautiful. Highlight for the ceramic bathtub and the wooden floor.

Picture 40 - Classic female bathroom.

Classic female bathroom

In this project, the idea was to bet on a more sophisticated and classic bathroom without many pink interventions

Picture 41 - Bathroom feminine with details in rose burnt.

Details in pink in the female bathroom

The rose can be explored in other tones, as in this case. The burnt, more closed tone blends harmoniously with the shades of gray from the rest of the bathroom. Highlight for the chandelier lighting the mirror

Picture 42 - Pink countertop with golden friezes.

Gilded friezes in the ladies' room

Picture 43 - Box shaped like a pyramid inside the pink wall.

Box pyramid pink

Picture 44 - Feminine bathroom: a touch of joy and relaxation.

A touch of joy in the ladies' room

The wallpaper printed with feminine products rejoices the bathroom. The white wood with the pink brings romanticism in the right measure, while the black gives the touch of modernity and personality to the environment

Picture 45 - Feminine bathroom without being romantic.

Romantic female bathroom

The blue details of this bathroom break the concept that the ladies' bathroom needs to be pink. The flowers, yellow, collaborate with the feminine style without falling in romanticism

Picture 46 - Pink and gold: a combination that always works.

Perfect combination for the ladies' bathroom: pink and gold

Picture 47 - Bathroom feminine young and cheerful.

Joy and youth in the female bathroom

Picture 48 - Black and golden feminine bathroom.

Black and gold female bathroom

Want to decorate a women's bathroom with black? It can go without fear, to enhance the feminine bet on crockery of more delicate design. Another tip is to combine color with gold.

Picture 49 - Bathroom feminine tricolor.

Bathroom tricolor

Orange, black and white make up this feminine bathroom, creating a striking and vibrant look.

Picture 50 - Female bathroom with arabesques.

Arabesque in the female bathroom

The arabesque floor brings a retro atmosphere to the bathroom, while glass resumes the modernity of space.

Picture 51 - Feminine bathroom with vibrant walls.

Feminine bathroom with vibrant walls

This bathroom was different and very beautiful with the wall textured in cheerful and vibrant colors. Indirect light highlights colors. The wood coating the wall guarantees the sophistication of the bathroom

Picture 52 - Feminine bathroom of remarkable shapes.

Feminine bathroom with remarkable shapes

Picture 53 - For them, flowers. For them, the leaves.

Flowers for her in the ladies bathroom

Image 54 - Lighting in the ladies room is key.

Female bathroom lighting

Picture 55 - A bathroom for women of personality.

Bathroom for traditional women

Quite different from the usual pastel shades of the ladies' bathrooms, this project bet on the shades of blue. To brighten up and give life to a simple vase of cactus. The yellow helps to awaken from the blue tranquility. There are no rules for a women's room, as long as it fits the needs and tastes of the person who will use it

Image 56 - Female bathroom in the middle of nature.

Female bathroom in nature

A thing very common to the feminine is to be connected to nature and natural elements. And that was the proposal of that bathroom. Rescue the wild nature of the female. Stones and ground plants complement the idea

Image 57 - Traditional pink and blue dividing the feminine from the masculine.

Traditional pink and blue dividing the areas in the bathroom

Image 58 - Plans for the ladies' bathroom are always welcome.

Plants for the ladies bathroom

The ladies room does not need to have just flowers. Foliage also enriches the female proposal, as in this model

Image 59 - Feminine bathroom with modern lines and vibrant color.

Women's bathroom with modern lines

Picture 60 - Bathroom feminine: full of details, but without loading the environment.

Women's Bathroom: Incredible and Creative Decor Ideas

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