Window Grids: Get to know project materials and ideas

Safety. And that's why window grills do exist. Without them, the house is exposed and vulnerable to the entrance of strangers, not to mention that it is also super important to ensure the integrity of children and animals.

Since they need to exist to ensure the tranquility of the home, why not unite the useful to the pleasant? Yes, grills can also add aesthetic value to the home. Want to know how to do this? Follow this post. Let us help you choose the perfect grid for your windows. To get started, find out which models and materials are available on the market:

Types of grilles for residential windows

There are several types of window gratings for sale on the market. Some grids, for example, can be movable rather than fixed. This allows you to enjoy the opening and the window. The accordion models have also been used a lot, they have fallen into disuse, but now they have returned to integrate projects, especially those of more modern style.

You can also choose the grade material from the style of your home. Iron grids, especially those that have curved and rounded designs, are great for printing a more romantic and retro style to the house. Grid models with straight pipes, both vertically and horizontally, are very versatile and can be used in a variety of home projects, especially in the modern, clean and minimalist style.

Another detail that interferes directly in the aesthetics of the house is if the grid is installed inside or outside the window. The grid installed on the outside is more prominent than the grid installed on the inside of the window. However, the type of installation varies according to the model of the window and its opening.

Materials used in window grilles

1. Iron

Iron is one of the most widely used materials for the manufacture of window crates. The material is very durable, sturdy and can be painted with varied colors. However, iron is more expensive when compared to other materials.

Iron bars are also characterized by the colonial style, retro and romantic. Drawings made of this type of material are usually more elaborate, with rounded and defined edges and contours.

2. Metalon

The metalon is made of cast iron and galvanized in tube shape, which can be square or rectangular. Like iron, the metalon is durable, tough and adheres to different colors on its surface. Metalon is lighter and cheaper than iron.

However, grades made of metalon do not have the same versatility of designs as those of iron.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum is the lightest of all materials. But for those looking for something tougher, this is not the best option. Aluminum tends to knead or deform easily.

The advantages of aluminum grille are in price and durability. The material is more accessible than the others and does not oxidize, like iron or metalon.

Another important detail to be thought about before opting for aluminum grille is the few color options available for the material. In addition, it requires a special paint that should be applied with a compressor.

4. Wood

Wooden grilles are not very common, but they are a good option to get out of that heavy and striking visual of metal grids. The material makes the environment more cozy, especially if the windows and doors are also made of wood.

But before opting for the material check the place where the grid will be installed, since the wood is more sensitive to the weather conditions. It is therefore important that the grid be waterproofed and treated properly to ensure durability. Maintenance should also be more frequent.

How to Care for Window Rails

The window grilles are part of the look of the house, so it is important to keep them always beautiful and well cared for. The first step is to ensure the painting. The grid can be the same color as the window or other color depending on the effect you want to give. For iron or metalon grids, the most recommended paint is synthetic enamel. For wood grids, it is possible to paint it with both synthetic and varnished enamel.

Check frequently if the grid has corrosion points, especially iron and metalon. The material oxidizes easily and can rust and, therefore, the main function of the grid that is to promote the safety of the house goes down.

On a daily basis, the care to keep the grille always beautiful and well-cared for is to wipe it with damp cloth to remove dust and other dirt that may accumulate on the surface.

Prices of grills for windows

The price of the grid for window is a very important and sometimes decisive factor in choosing one material or another. As previously stated, aluminum is the most widely used material. A grid of 1.20 by 1 meter costs, on average, $ 201. An iron grid in the same measure can reach R $ 600.

60 different models of grills for windows

Among so many possibilities, materials and prices it is always good to check some models before making the decision. With that in mind, we've prepared a selection of screenshots for windows that will help you choose. Check out:

Picture 1 - Grid for window of black iron in contrast with the white wall, thus the visual of the facade is guaranteed.

Window Grids: Get to know project materials and ideas

Picture 2 - Between grades: in the inner part, the railings for window of metalon guarantee the security of the inhabitants, in the outer part, the wooden grills support the vertical garden.

Metal window grilles

Picture 3 - Beyond security: mobile grills allow the entrance of light inside the apartments.

mobile grills allow the entrance of light

Picture 4 - Iron grill for window guarantees the colonial style of this house.

Iron window grilles

Picture 5 - Blue grids in varied formats for a modern house facade.

Blue grids in various formats

Picture 6 - All checkered, this guardrail brings protection and security with style.

All square checkered bodyguard

Image 7 - Mobile grille with holes for windows of apartments.

Mobile grille with window holes

Picture 8 - Wood throughout the facade: in this project until the grids are wooden leaving the look rustic and cozy.

Wood throughout the facade

Picture 9 - Grids for windows: colored metalon tubes make the safety of this balcony.

Grids for windows with colored metalon tubes

Picture 10 - Grids for hinged iron windows are a good option for those who wish to continue enjoying the view of the window without barriers.

Grids for hinged windows

Image 11 - Creative and creatively crafted window grilles, the façade grills prove to surprise.

Colored and creatively arranged window grilles

Image 12 - The glass walls have gained grills for iron windows to ensure the safety of the residents.

Iron window grilles

Picture 13 - Grids for windows of iron and stained glass: a perfect pair to give beauty and security to the house.

Grids for iron and stained-glass windows

Image 14 - Window grilles can be placed both on the outside and inside the window.

Window grilles on the outside

Picture 15 - Giant glass frosted vitreous allows greater ventilation in the bathroom. A good idea for environments that tend to suffer from moisture.

Large window with frosted glass in window

Image 16 - Window that is grid, grid that is window.

Window that is grid

Image 17 - Drawings and formats, like this one of the image, can be obtained by order; ready-made grids for windows are limited and usually standardized.

Custom Window Grills

Picture 18 - Discreet, the metal window grille did not erase the green window glow.

Metal window grille

Picture 19 - Black grills to match the stone of the kitchen countertop.

Window grilles in black color to match kitchen decor

Image 20 - Protection and safety: a woven and articulated canvas covers the whole façade of this construction.

Wire mesh

Picture 21 - In addition to the guardrail, this building still has a slatted wooden railing bringing even more security and privacy to the residents.

Slatted wood grill

Picture 22 - Grills for iron windows with delicate designs leaves the house with romantic and soft style.

Iron window grilles

Image 23 - The slatted wooden facade of this building leaves room even for mini flowerbeds in the open air.

Facade of slatted wood

Picture 24 - Go between the railing and the window has become the ideal place for potted plants.

They go between the grid and the window

Image 25 - Orange iron grill protects door and glass windows.

Orange Iron Grill

Image 26 - Long shutters hide the iron grille from the windows.

Long Blinds

Image 27 - Placed on the outside of the window, the iron grille gave retro air to the façade.

Iron grille with retro air for facade

Picture 28 - In sun format: custom or customized designs are only possible in iron grids.

Custom or custom designs

Picture 29 - Mobile, metallic and colored grids for modern and bold projects.

Mobile, metallized and colored grids

Picture 30 - From outside to outside: this black grid covers the entire upper part of the house facade.

Black grid covers the top of the window

Image 31 - Unusual, the round window received a grid in the same format.

Round window with grid in same format

Picture 32 - Leaked elements turn the bars while offering security, protection and privacy.

Elements cast in grids

Picture 33 - In medieval style, this iron grid guarantees the striking look of the façade.

Medieval style iron grill

Image 34 - For bolder designs, these colored grids are a great option.

Colored grids are a great option

Image 35 - If the idea is to create contrast, paint the grid with the complementary color of the wall.

Grid with complementary wall color

Image 36 - Small lozenges form the grid of this window, note that both are in the same color guaranteeing the visual unity of the environment.

Small lozenges form the grid for window

Image 37 - Wide span of this window was protected with the white grid in checkered designs.

Wide windowed window protected window

Image 38 - Enjoy the grid structure to support climbing plants.

Structure of grid for window harnessed to hang plants

Picture 39 - A grid for window to not go unnoticed.

Grid for window that draws attention

Image 40 - Metal screen protects the balcony from the apartments.

The metal screen protects the balcony of the apartments

Picture 41 - Romantic and retro: this grid of delicate designs became even more beautiful with the flowery bower below it.

Romantic and retro window grille

Picture 42 - Grid of the window accompanies the straight and black lines that predominate in the interior of the house.

Window grille with straight lines

Picture 43 - If you want much more than security for your house, bet on iron bars. They are functional and much more beautiful.

Iron window grilles

Picture 44 - Aluminum window grille is the most economical option on the market.

Aluminum window grille

Picture 45 - Highlights: blue indigo highlights the iron grid on the pink wall shock.

Featured window grille

Picture 46 - Rustic and heavy-looking, this window grate creates a beautiful and delicate contrast with the rose vase.

Rustic and heavy-duty window grille

Picture 47 - Aluminum bodyguard with modern look.

Aluminum bodyguard with modern look

Image 48 - Open and closed spaces in the grids for windows that cover the facade.

Open and closed spaces in window grills

Image 49 - Shutters for window shutters.

Shutters for window shutters

Image 50 - Squares form the grid of this white wooden window.

Squares form the grid of this white wooden window

Image 51 - In order not to close the whole house with a wall, the option was to use a cast wood.

Window Grids: Get to know project materials and ideas

Picture 52 - How not to fall in love with this braided iron grid? Pure charm!

Window Grids: Get to Know Project Materials and Ideas 1

Image 53 - Dark blue highlights and highlights the grid on the white wall; flowered gardener complements the proposal.

Dark blue highlights and highlights grid on white wall

Image 54 - Red iron grill matching the kitchen cabinet.

Red iron grill

Picture 55 - Who said that iron can not be delicate? This grid proves otherwise.

Who said that iron can not be delicate?

Image 56 - White aluminum window and grille, like this one in the picture, are easily found ready to sell in warehouses and construction shops.

White aluminum window and grille

Image 57 - Wooden grates for concrete façade; contrast of materials that worked.

Grids, wooden, for concrete facade

Image 58 - Decorative iron grill.

Decorative iron railings

Image 59 - Grids for windows of white iron folding window for the kitchen.

Swinging white iron window grilles

Image 60 - Among the black grills, the oranges stand out.

Among the black grills, oranges stand out

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