White room: 60 ideas and projects that can inspire you

There are those who say that the white room is too basic or even devoid of personality, but this color that is the biggest joker in the decor can indeed create incredible environments that involve a lot of style, personality and design!

The predominant white room, besides indicating neutrality, can be the ideal color to leave your environment in a clean or minimal style, with a more relaxing and quiet tone to ensure perfect nights of sleep and a pleasant environment during the day.

And to speak of this color that is even more valued today as the main in the decoration of single, double, children and youth, we have brought a complete post on how to use this color in your decoration! Let's talk a little bit about the meaning, how to use it, the combinations and styles it brings, and our gallery of images with several ideas for you to do at home!

The White on the Decore

White wall

In color psychology, white is always associated with light, peace, purity and innocence, always being associated with the positive. In addition, it also refers to hygiene, safety and neutrality.

For these aspects, white is an extremely important color for interior decoration: it helps the light to spread as evenly as possible in the environment, it is also the perfect balance for the darker or vibrant tones when combined with other colors, besides being the ideal color for the rooms that need greater asepsis, like the kitchen and the bathroom.

In the rooms, they guarantee a quiet and sober atmosphere, even when combined with darker and more colorful colors. They can create a peaceful, peaceful atmosphere and inspire calm and relaxation, the perfect sensations for this room!

White and its numerous combination possibilities

For those who want to apply a little color in the environment, the fact that white is considered the neutral in the color chart of the decoration only has points in your favor! You can use any color and tone to match this background, but there are some colors that work like real jokers depending on the style you will be inspired to set up the bedroom.

For example, pink can give a more romantic and youthful air, especially if working with the tones that are on the rise as the Rose Millennial. The green, already calling a fresh nature climate works in the lighter tones for a more elegant and sophisticated tone, while darker tones inspire a more urban and industrial decoration.

Navy blue is also a favorite when it comes to giving a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere to the space, as well as light blue to enter the nautical style! Yellow comes in to bring the sun and brighter lighting when combined with white and even gray, breaking the feeling of coldness in space.

In addition to these colors, another trend of the moment is the so-called "raw colors", in woody tones like ivory, yellow, pink and brown in very clear tones that do not distant so much from the white. It's great for creating a sense of calm and tranquility in space.
In short, white is an empty canvas that you can paint with the style and colors you want, adapting to suit all tastes!

Black and white: basic and full of style!

Perhaps the most obvious combination with white is with its opposite: black. But far from being an obvious and basic combination, especially in decor, the famous P & B is the perfect blend for anyone who wants environments ranging from the modern, upscale to the luxurious.

Working with contrasting colors can help give more emphasis to decorative elements: in the environment with white furniture, vases, shelves, benches, cushions, and even darker shades of gray and black help to give more life and personality to the room, depending on the tastes of the host.

Also, since black is also often considered a neutral color, you can choose to work with monochrome (the grayscale ranging from lightest - white - to darkest - black) or auxiliary color to give even more highlighted above.
Just be careful when making the proportions between white and black, so as not to darken the environment too much the ideal is to use the darker color in punctual items. After all, in the white room the light must prevail!

Enter the Minimal Wave

Minimalism like lifestyle and decoration is there to show that it does not take much to get fantastic results. The secret is in the right bet! In decor, this style works great, especially for those who want a lighter, more practical environment and with no excess of visual information on objects and furniture.

That's why white is the color that is most associated with this style that is winning more fans every day! The idea is always to assemble the entire main decoration (with bed, walls and closet) in white and go "coloring" the environment with colored items such as bedding, cushions and other decorative objects.

60 ideas and white room designs to inspire

Take a look at our gallery for more white room decorating tips and inspirations!

Picture 1 - White room double in the minimal style: only the necessary one.

Double white bedroom in minimal style

Picture 2 - Room white couple with some details of color discreet, but that give a rise in the astral of the environment.

White couple bedroom with some color details

Picture 3 - The minimalism of the white room up to the closet in B & B.

The minimalism from the white room to the closet

Picture 4 - The black contrasts very well with the white and maintains the neutrality of the room.

Black contrasts very well with white

Picture 5 - White room with touches of blue and pink by all the corners.

White room with touches of blue

Picture 6 - White room in a sophisticated contemporary style: a little bit of beige, navy blue and gold in the decorative elements.

White room in a sophisticated contemporary style

Picture 7 - White double room planned: choice of white finish for the wardrobe and wall.

White double room planned

Picture 8 - White room for children: furniture, toys and decorative objects in the palette of white and gray.

Childish white room

Picture 9 - A touch of life in green: a little plant on the side table of the bed breaks the feeling of coldness of the white room.

A touch of life in green

Image 10 - Gray, silver and beige as combinations for the white room keeping the palette clear and neutral.

Gray, silver and beige

Picture 11 - Colors of the off-white palette to bring a different color to the contemporary white bedroom.

Colors of the off-white palette

Picture 12 - To gain an interesting contrast in the room with white base, bet on functional decorative elements in darker shades.

White room with functional decorative elements

Picture 13 - Single white room in a young and minimalist style.

Single white room

Picture 14 - White and neutral base also to reconcile the tastes of a double infantile room.

White and neutral base

Picture 15 - Monochrome: white, gray and black room in full color scale!

White, gray and black bedroom

Picture 16 - Another monochrome idea: White room based on shades of gray.

White room with shades of gray

Picture 17 - White to open the room, especially in loft or conjugated environments.

White to open the environment

Picture 18 - Combine white with shades of rose like the Rose Quartz, trend of the last years, to create a fluffy and stylish environment.

Match the white with shades of pink

Image 19 - Another super right mix and currently popular is white with raw tones.

White with raw tones

Picture 20 - White, black and several shades of light pink: perfect for balancing light and color in the room.

White, black and various shades of light pink

Picture 21 - Totally white double room to explore neutrality and simplicity.

Totally white double room

Image 22 - In addition to gray and black, the more brownish colors and an aged gold tone deserve attention in the secondary objects of the decor.

Tones of brown in the white room

Picture 23 - For those who want to leave the pink or blue cliché for the baby's room, a white room solves the problems and still brings an additional tranquility to the environment.

Baby white room

Picture 24 - For a contemporary bedroom with white as a base, bring a touch more with design pieces in stronger colors.

Room with white as a base

Picture 25 - White room with blue and wood: nautical style perfect for your beach house or city.

White room with blue and wood

Picture 26 - White room for those who love the minimal lifestyle: low bed and table of books.

White room for those who love the minimal lifestyle

Image 27 - White helps expand environments and create more subtle divisions!

White helps expand environments

Image 28 - Another color that goes very well with white in its coldest aspect is yellow: practically a sunny touch in the colorless environment!

White room with yellow

Picture 29 - White room in two environments: suspended bed and a super cozy reading space.

White room in two environments

Picture 30 - White and Green Room: For those who love the Urban Jungle style, the vibrant shades of leaves can help you color your room.

White and green room

Picture 31 - White room symmetrical couple and textured in bed linen and vertical panel.

White symmetrical double room

Picture 32 - White and black room in a modern and relaxed style: use of basic furniture in metal in an industrial style that combines much with the minimal climate.

White and black bedroom

Picture 33 - To balance the colder climate of white and gray, the woody tones in frames and the side table create a perfect harmony.

To balance the colder weather of white and gray

Picture 34 - Children's room in white, blue and gray also in a minimal style with low bed.

Children's room in white, blue and gray

Picture 35 - White room also for those who like a more glamorous decoration: many dressing room lights and a wall "in ruins" with brick apparent.

White room also for those who like a more glamorous decoration

Image 36 - Simple white room with black decorative elements.

Single white room

Picture 37 - White from ceiling to floor: ambient in a single tone ideal for relaxing and having good dreams.

White from ceiling to floor

Picture 38 - All white room to match any bed linen you choose.

All white room to match any bed linen

Picture 39 - To break some of the total white, wager on decorative objects like blankets and cushions to bring colors to the environment.

To break some of the total white

Picture 40 - White room with some elements in black to give an interesting contrast in the decór.

White room with some elements in black

Picture 41 - White room super young and relaxed with little plants: elements with more colors in the room can raise the mood of the environment.

Super white room young

Picture 42 - Minimal white room with apparent macaw for who is also connected in the idea of ​​the capsule wardrobe.

Minimal white room

Picture 43 - Children's room in black and white with planned joinery to optimize the space.

Children's room in black and white

Picture 44 - White double bedroom with off-white colors to bring a delicate touch to the bed.

White double room

Picture 45 - Explore the prints that can be used in B & W to give more life and texture to your bed

Explore the prints that can be used in B & W

Image 46 - White neutralizes the presence of the apparent bricks on the wall without hiding its texture.

White neutralizes the presence of the apparent bricks

Picture 47 - Give more personality to your white walls with more colorful pictures and sculptures, full of style.

Give more personality to your white walls

Picture 48 - In the minimalist climate, replacing wardrobes and dressers with hanging cabinets and shelves can help you decorate the walls with their decorative and functional objects.

In the minimalist climate

Picture 49 - Another simple white room with a combination of gray and brown.

One more single white room

Picture 50 - White couple bedroom planned with many niches and shelves to bring color to the environment through the books and decorative objects you have.

White double room planned

Picture 51 - White room with wooden floor: an ink layer to standardize the color of the room without taking away the style of the cue.

White room with wooden floors

Picture 52 - Baby room with white, gray and off-white tones: delicacy, comfort and tranquility in the environment.

Baby room with white

Picture 53 - Vibrant shades to lift the room astral and give more personality!

Vibrant tones to lift the room astral

Picture 54 - White double room with planned furniture and enamelled finish.

White double room

Picture 55 - Breaking the white room with natural elements: small plants in hangers and a small table.

Breaking Room White with Natural Elements

Picture 56 - Bring the color along with the items that define your personality: use colorful book covers, small plants and handmade rugs to set your style in the white room.

Colorful details in the white room

Image 57 - Young, stylish and minimal trend: black and white bedroom.

Young, stylish and minimal trend: black and white bedroom

Image 58 - For conjugated environments or lofts, it is worth using the white as a base for the whole environment and apply some colors in punctual elements.

For conjugated environments or lofts

Picture 59 - In the photographs and pictures on the wall, betting on a large blank border helps to maintain the minimal style of the room.

In photographs and pictures on the wall

Image 60 - White room in the industrial style: brickwork apparent on the main wall with a white layer that enhances their texture.

Industrial style white room

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