Wedding favors: 60 wonderful ideas with photos

A perfect marriage requires planning, organization and creativity. The elements for the check list are numerous: invitation, dress, beauty, cake, soundtrack, menu, decoration of the ceremony and party. And, in order not to run the risk of choosing everything in the rush, try to research calmly and evaluate the best supplier for wedding souvenirs and that is within the budge t and can meet you on time.

At wedding souvenirs for guests follow the same logic. It is very usual to leave to choose in the final stage so that it matches the visual identity of the party. In addition, it is important that the mime expresses the personality of the bride and groom, that is, in more informal and modern celebrations, it is worth betting on something more fun and that plays with the meanings. For those who do not give up the tradition, the edible top the list of favorites!

Whichever one is elected, there is an immense range of souvenirs that can appeal to the most diverse styles and pockets. From the items handmade / homemade prepared with care in the comforts of home to the most elaborate ones usually offered to the godfathers of the newlyweds.

Here are some details to help you on this journey. Come on?

  • Healthy souvenirs: with the tendency of natural foods is normal that the souvenirs also embrace the cause! Among the requisites of the time are: herbs, tea, honey, jelly, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds, granola;
  • Handmade souvenirs: let everyone realize that you were involved in the whole process by gifting non-random items. Hand embroidered handkerchiefs, CD's with the couple's favorite hits, petit arrangements, terrariums, recipe books are charming suggestions that can melt the hearts of the guests !;
  • Edible souvenirs: although the well-married is the most requested, try to innovate with treats that surprise and please the most different publics. Caramelized popcorn, cotton candy, iced cake, themed cookies and confections, for example, make the children happy !;
  • Souvenirs for the godparents: one plus necessary, after all no treat is able to express the gratitude of the bride and groom for the strength and help needed throughout the preparation of the great day. In this case, it is worth investing a little more: kits with varied items, sparkling with different label, ecobags with initials, gold-plating pendant, etc .;

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60 ideas for wedding favors

Still in doubt what to present? Check out in our gallery below 60 sensational references of wedding souvenirs and get the inspiration you need here:

Simple and cheap wedding souvenirs

Picture 1 - Love songs : soundtrack of the couple.

On the couple's soundtrack

A creative and accessible idea for guests to listen to the bride and groom's favorite music selection! If you have time, record and pack in the comfort of your own home or hire a professional in the area to do this kind of service.

Picture 2 - Aromatic herbs to temper life!

Wedding favors: 60 wonderful ideas with photos

Flowers and bouquets as a pamper give a perfect tone of contact with nature and with the principles of energy and healing that plants provide! It was the unique aroma. How to resist?

Picture 3 - Sweet memory of such a special day!

Sweet memory of marriage

There is no denying that edible foods are the favorite of the bride and groom! Instead of the traditional well-married, opt for a candy that escapes the standards and please the kids as well!

Picture 4 - Love is in the air ...

Love is in the air

... and also decorates the guest house! Coasters are handy, easy to find souvenirs. These ones stamp the word l ove , but if you prefer, bet on the couple's initials, inspiring phrases, fun drawings. You decide!

Picture 5 - Incense to keep the flame of love always burning!

Incense as a wedding souvenir

In addition to perfuming and infecting the environment with positive vibrations, the pleasant accompanied by a tag relates to the union of the lovebirds!

Picture 6 - Cheap wedding souvenir.

Cheap Wedding Souvenir Template

Almonds - candied or not - are classic choices for wedding favors. Usually 5 are offered and each symbolizes a desire: health, happiness, fertility, longevity and wealth. In that case, the couple decided to quintuple all the beautiful votes they received!

Image 7 - Flowers on the head.

Flowers in the vase as a souvenir

Petit arrangements arranged in glass jars: flowers to cultivate and care for at home!

Image 8 - Fans to refresh in outdoor celebrations.

Fans as wedding souvenirs

Thinking about pampering that is also useful for the ceremony is a huge difference! The fan, for example, falls like a glove on a sunny afternoon!

Picture 9 - Edible wedding souvenirs.

Confetti as a wedding souvenir

Try to relate the confectionery to the color chart chosen for the party!

Image 10 - Declaration of love.

A declaration of love in the souvenir

In the United States, the most classic wedding ceremonies have some traditions to be performed as the well-known phrase " Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue "(" Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue "). And, we can not forget the votes! It is like statements and promises that the bride and groom read to each other before the alliances are exchanged. A copy encardenada for the guests can be very significant and even inspiring!

Image 11 - Eastern climate: to have and to hold.

Souvenir with the oriental theme

Weddings involving other cultures and traditions need souvenirs that are within the theme as these friendly hashis !

Image 12 - Caramelized popcorn? Oba!

Simple model with sweet pippoca

Another practical and easy-going suggestion for guests to indulge in after the wedding!

Image 13 - Flagship canister.

Little Door Souvenir

A visual identity with bride and groom initials coat of arms lets the celebration "more professional" and ensures unity in any décor! Extend it in invitations, welcome card, napkins, printed menu and souvenirs.

Picture 14 - Rustic style.

Template souvenir in the rustic style

The kraft paper bag is a great ally of the economy and easily replaces boxes, bags, ecobags . Complement with various types of ribbons, ribbons or strings and, if you have skill in painting, customize with guests' names and motivational words!

Picture 15 - Tea time.

Tea for souvenirs

Following the same line of aromatic bouquets, herbal tea pots help in the hangover the next day, relax and are great for your health!

Picture 16 - To dry the tears of happiness!

Wipes to dry the tears with happiness

No need to disguise: every wedding has that portion of guests who weep during the ceremony. Therefore, attach the handy to the nice and distribute hand-embroidered handkerchiefs at the entrance.

Picture 17 - Spice up your life!

Spice up your life: little peppers as a souvenir

The classic Tabasco pepper as a souvenir

The pepper glasses are ideal for those who do not have time to prepare the souvenirs calmly. You can find them in all supermarkets, just change the label or include a tag and voila Get ready!

Image 18 - Sage + Bread: purification and renewal for a life together.

Bread and sage as a souvenir

One of the most important food and present in all that is place. In some religions, the duo carries relevant symbologies and nothing better than offering it to the guests as well!

Picture 19 - Sementinhas are always welcome!

Sementinhas are always welcome

Love is the flower that you have to grow, so take good care of it, whoever it is!

Picture 20 - Of law!

Hawaiian Necklaces to take home

Some souvenirs help to decorate the room and create sensational effects as is the case of Hawaiian necklaces hanging on a clothesline!

Picture 21 - Another easy-to-make wedding keepsake.

Easy-to-make themed biscuit

Buttered themed biscuit packed in plastic and tied with a ribbon is a sure bet!

Picture 22 - Impossible to eat one!

Chocolate bars as a souvenir

Chocolate bars can be purchased in large quantity at party or confectionery stores and wrapped with special paper or custom adhesive.

Picture 23 - Keychain to carry forever that memorable day!

Create a special keychain to not forget about this day

The link represents a new phase of the couple: respect, complicity, zeal, understanding and love. Therein lies the key to success for a happy and lasting marriage!

Picture 24 - Made to shine.

Remembrance made to shine

Scented candles warm, light and grace any room in the house!

Picture 25 - Self-service.

Souvenir self service with sweets

How about setting up a little place with lots of treats for everyone to serve at ease? If you like the idea, calculate a larger amount so you do not miss anybody!

Image 26 - Precious details that make all the difference!

Precious details on souvenir decoration

Gathering several tips in one single reference: exclusive coat of arms, kraft paper and granola to sweeten breakfast! All this in a package made with care and care.

Different wedding souvenirs

Image 27 - Double Luck: in the game and in love!

Bring more fun with unusual party favors

Play with meanings and bring fun to the lives of the guests!

Picture 28 - For ever and ever.

Ecobags are functional and allow personalized messages

The functional mimics are up and ecobags stamped are a great request!

Picture 29 - Simple and chic wedding souvenirs.

Simple and chic: bet on terrariums as souvenirs

Succulent terrariums are ideal for people who do not know or forget to take care of the little plants. And the most interesting is to see them unfolding gradually: love is able to sprout in many different ways!

Picture 30 - Two hearts and a story.

Two hearts and a story

Bet on books, notebooks or diaries for the souvenir

Books, notebooks and diaries are adorable gifts! While one brings knowledge, the others record remarkable events and remember the pre-scheduled appointments.

Image 31 - Adocica, my love.

Adocica: individual honey pot as a souvenir

Here, the individual honey pot is offered on the meal table before the end of the celebration. The great advantage of accommodating them in this way is to ensure that no one leaves empty-handed!

Image 32 - Choose your next destination.

Embark on the trip of the bride and groom

The bride and groom will soon be on their honeymoon trip and forgot some suitcases full of surprises!

Picture 33 - Perfect pair.

Perfect pair: beautiful truffles as a souvenir

The truffles are thin sweet ones that can cause an explosion of mouth flavors! Although they are a bit more expensive, it is worth to choose them with such a decoration!

Image 34 - Keep everyone well hydrated!

Bet on drinks, guests can bring the glass home

After drinking the refreshment, the guests bring their glasses home!

Image 35 - Reasons to celebrate.

Reasons to celebrate: coffee powder as a souvenir

The coffee awakens, gives the spirit and motivation for all to move on, towards their goals. Is there anything better than gifting them with a special grain? With each sip, the guests will remember the big day!

Image 36 - Decorative object with one leg in tropical.

Decorative object with tropical style

Every day new souvenirs come up that can be used on several occasions as illustrated by this suggestion !. If the budget allow, have you ever thought of handing out boxes of glass and aged gold with a thank-you note inside?

Image 37 - Bottle opener customized for wedding.

Personalized bottle opener for your wedding

Picture 38 - Aguce the smell with the fragrance of the party!

Special fragrance for souvenirs

Picture 39 - The will to help others always speaks louder!

In your name: donation to NGOs and entities in the name of the guests

Innovate and use the keepsake reserve to reach out to those who need it most! A donation on behalf of guests to an institution or NGO is a noble attitude, and who knows, to awaken them to more gestures of solidarity?

Picture 40 - Simple wedding favors for table.

Simple Wedding Souvenir: Custom Mass Cutter

Get away from the ordinary and invest in a themed pasta cutter!

Image 41 - Surprise and distribute flavored oils!

Astonishing: aromatic oils for souvenirs

The guests will return in time whenever they season the salad, pizza, baked goods, etc.

Picture 42 - Kit for hangover.

Make a special post-party hangover kit

For young people who love to dance on the dance floor: it's always good to be prepared for any headache that comes up the next day!

Picture 43 - Different and modern wedding souvenirs.

In addition to terrariums, bet on succulents

The succulents appear again here, this time accommodated in cups of coffee. A double dose exercise to care for and see the plant grow!

Picture 44 - Amethyst stone for couples with a more spiritual and energetic footprint!

Amethyst stone for a spiritual souvenir

Image 45 - Risk.

Glass cups as souvenirs

To avoid any wear and tear, try to order the treats well in advance. In the case of non-edible custom it is recommended to make the order between 2 to 4 months before. Plan calmly and everything will work out!

Picture 46 - A little treat for the eyes.

Blankets as a souvenir for weddings during the winter

Are you going to celebrate in the cold? Blankets warm up the guests during and after the party!

Picture 47 - Share love, be love.

Create a special thank you gesture for the souvenir

Most of the time, the souvenirs - even the most elaborate ones - are not as important as the gesture of thanks for the presence of the guests on this special date!

Image 48 - All that goes, returns.

Creative word game

Double word game and wishes for all the presents in celebration!

Picture 49 - From our kitchen to yours.

From our kitchen to your

The family recipes start like this: by joining their favorite recipes they form a book of those ...

Image 50 - Chocolates-postcards.

Chocolates as souvenirs

The honeymoon trip is also an important point of the wedding and can even be a mystery to the guests. A revelation in the shape of a souvenir is super creative!

Image 51 - Get lost, find out.

How about a compass to guide life?

Compass to guide life, find your safe haven, find your soul mate if you are looking for it!

Picture 52 - Artistic wedding souvenirs.

Bet on handmade items for your souvenir

Homemade homemade jelly: a delight to savor for breakfast or afternoon tea!

Picture 53 - For travel.

Personalized wrappers for souvenirs

As it is very usual to have a few treats, take the time to wrap them in a charming style furoshiki !

Wedding souvenirs for groomsmen and bridesmaids

Image 54 - Spices and flavor with olive oil, coconut oil, jam and honey.

Wedding favors: 60 wonderful ideas with photos

Image 55 - Personalized wedding bags.

Personalized tote bags as souvenir

Wedding favors: 60 wonderful ideas with photos

On one upgrade by embroidering the initials of the bridesmaids' names and see their reaction when they come across this amazing surprise!

Picture 56 - Disposable cameras to help the couple record every moment!

Disposable cameras to record more moments

If the intention is to save money, ask the sponsors to be the photographers of the party! After all, you can create a sensational collective album with each flash .

Image 57 - Tea for two.

Tea for two

A treat for the groomsmen to enjoy a relaxing and sensational breakfast!

Image 58 - Gift for Maid of Honor.

Gift for Maid of Honor

She is always on your side, helps you plan all the details and even organizes the bridal shower! How can we not thank the super-godmother in style?

Image 59 - Sparkling wine with unique labels to give a new cycle! Alive!

Sparkling wines with personalized labels

Image 60 - Life is a box of surprises!

A box of surprises

And, for the most beloved godfathers of the universe, comes packed with incredible items! Worth everything: edible, decorative items, accessories, personal hygiene, mugs, among others.
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