Washbasin: 60 decoration pictures and lavatory designs

If you enjoy receiving your visitors well then you need to think (or rethink) the decor of your toilet. This little room in the house, at the guests' disposal, need not be pale and bland. On the contrary, this is a space that deserves attention and should be valued to give a good impression to those who arrive.

The advantage of decorating a toilet in relation to the common toilet is that this room does not suffer from the humidity of the shower. And with this, you gain numerous options for flooring and decoration that you would not have in a traditional bathroom. You can bet, for example, on wallpapers.

Want to know more? Then follow the post. Let's talk about decorating lavatories and, of breaking, make you sigh with beautiful ready-made models.

How to make toilet decor?

1. Available space

First, consider the space you have available. Usually are few square meters occupied by a toilet and a sink. Observe their disposition and what it is possible to do in the place to valorize it.

Consider a breaker to redefine the position of the dishes. This can make you gain more space.

2. Coatings and finishes

A toilet does not need to be totally white. This room in the house can (and should) be more daring in relation to colors, especially in regard to the darker tones, since they are able to confer sophistication and hospitality to the decoration. What, we agree, is ideal for an environment designed for visitors.
Black is the color of sophistication. It can come in detail or even compose an entire wall. Other colors are also welcome to bring the intimate and cozy mood to the toilet. But pay attention to the exaggerations, not to overload the environment.

A number of coatings are currently available in the market for this purpose. You can choose, as quoted above, by the wallpaper, fabric, adhesive or if you want something more durable, you can coat with porcelain, granite or apparent bricks. This will depend on the style you want to print on the spot.

For the floor, an interesting idea is to use the same room. After all, these two environments are usually close and the use of the same floor in both areas confers a sense of unity.

3. Crockery and metals

Dishes and metals are very important to make up the decoration of the sink. You can choose from those from more traditional design to even the most futuristic design, it depends on your design.
Bench taps are trend, but wall taps are again successful. Take care of the measures of the faucet in relation to the tub so that it fulfills its function correctly. A faucet that is too big or too tall can cause splashes all over the toilet, while the small faucet can make it difficult to wash your hands.

4. Basin countertop

The countertop of the toilet is the icing on the cake. As the space is small, the decor should be included in these elements. If the counter is made of wood, the toilet is more cozy and sophisticated, already a marble or granite countertop brings luxuriance to the environment. Choose the one that best suits your style.

5. Lighting

Lighting is another key point of the bathroom decor. Of course you need a direct light that can lighten the whole environment, but nothing prevents light spots from being installed on the bench or mirror, for example. The light creates a pleasant and welcoming environment. For these particular points, prefer a more yellowish light.

Other elements of the lavatory decoration

The toilet can still have mirrors, niches and stands to look even more beautiful. For the mirrors, choose one where the visitor can see at least half body. It can be framed or not, you choose.
The niches can be installed on the wall and accommodate small useful objects or decoration. Enjoy to convey the personality of the residents of these objects.

Supporters are also welcome. The toilet needs to be beautiful and functional, so invest in a legal support for your visitors to hang the purse, for example. Toilet paper may also be in a suitable holder for it.

Towels and rugs are equally useful and important, not to mention that they help to compose the decor. Leave soft hand towels and rugs that absorb possible spills from the sink at your disposal.

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Pampering for the visits

eThinking when receiving visits from your home, place a well-smelling liquid soap and moisturizer in your hand. You can also mount a basket with some items such as dental floss, cotton and adhesive bandages.

Flowers are welcome to cheer and greet the guests.

60 pictures of washbasins

Do you want to die of love now? So check out some pictures of lavatories decorated for you to be inspired to make yours:

Picture 1 - Lavabo coated in wood.

Wood-clad washbasin

Notice how this toilet stayed warm all over the wood. The vertical mini orchid garden has left the small space even more charming.

Picture 2 - Lavabo with personality.

Toilet with personality

The style of the inhabitant reigns in this small toilet. For the visitors, a basket with magazines on the floor.

Picture 3 - Toilet of romantic style.

Romantic style lavatory

The romantic style of this lavatory is undeniable: from flowery wallpaper to the retro style of the mirrors in harmony with the gold of the frames. Highlight the little monkey that goes down the cord tied in the ceiling.

Picture 4 - Lavabo full of sophistication.

Style and sophistication in the toilet

The matching gray with the gold of the metals left that lavatory pure charm. Notice the light behind the mirror. Visitors love it.

Picture 5 - Toilet with 3D wall.

Toilet with 3D wall

Picture 6 - Lavabo praiano.

Beach basin

The lamp wicker, the shells on the bench and the wood refer to a beach toilet. Highlight the basket with liquid soap and other treats.

Image 7 - Sophisticated lavatory.

Sophisticated washbasin

This toilet, a little larger than most, overflows with charm and elegance. The marble countertop with the wooden ceiling contributes to this impression. The predominant gray brings the necessary sobriety to the style combined with the golden tone of the metals.

Image 8 - Toilet with niche on the wall.

Toilet with niche on the wall

Small environments are always inviting to use niches. In this toilet, it houses some books

Picture 9 - Lavabo with aramado.

Toilet with wire

The metallic wire has two functions in this toilet: decorate and assist in the support of objects, such as potted plants.

Picture 10 - Toilet of simple decoration.

Simple decoration basin

Simple but striking. This toilet had one of the walls covered with brick, giving rustic air to the environment. On the floor, the floor of geometric shapes confers modernity. The support for the towels and diffused lighting deserve special mention.

Picture 11 - Toilet of dark tones to create sophistication.

Toilet with dark tones

Picture 12 - Whole wall of mirror.

Whole wall of mirror

The mirror is an interesting feature to be used in the lavatories, it enlarges and illuminates the environment.

Image 13 - Plants to complement the decoration.

Plants to complete the decoration

The plant vases leave the toilet more beautiful and cozy. The wooden panel in the background contrasts with the faucet and countertop design.

Picture 14 - Small toilet decorated with style.

Small toilet decorated with style

Picture 15 - Toilet of modern lines.

Modern washbasin

The highlight of this toilet is all over the counter. The distinctive shape of the vat was carved into the stone itself. The yellow faucet hits, while the hanging lamps complete the decor.

Picture 16 - Lavabo all in granite.

Washbasin with granite

Image 17 - Combination of styles.

Combination of styles in the toilet

The pieces of wood in combination with the black painted tiles leave the sophisticated washbasin. The white dishes make a harmonious contrast

Picture 18 - Black and white toilet.

Toilet black and white

The floor covering follows the wall. On the bench, the tones of black and white continue. The crockery and the black faucet are pure elegance. To break the duality of tones, the green of plants.

Picture 19 - Toilet of light and neutral colors.

Toilet with light and neutral colors

Image 20 - Backlight.

Backlight in the toilet

The light at the bottom of the mirror makes him appear levitating in front of the wall. Visual effects are interesting resources to impact the visits

Picture 21 - Washbasin white and gray; Blue light leaves the environment intimate.

Toilet white and gray

Picture 22 - Wash basin clean.

Clean washbasin

The soft print gray wallpaper decorates without loading the environment. The gold of the mirror, the support for the hand towels and the basket with hygiene items are details that do not go unnoticed. Highlight the stone bench in the same color as the floor

Picture 23 - Fun basin.

Fun basin

The leaf print that covers the wall brings grace and sympathy to this laid-back bathroom. The ladybug frame and the sink with hanging towels make the decoration uncomplicated and make the environment very comfortable for the visitor

Picture 24 - Golden friezes: details that make the difference in this lavabo.

Golden friezes in the bathroom

Image 25 - Wine stoppers functioning as supports; creative solution to accommodate visitors' belongings.

Wine Stoppers as a Stand

Image 26 - The charm of the coating of arrows.

Coat of arms

This toilet was charming with the mushroom floor. The small mirror reflects the lilac flower on the outside of the toilet. An idea to bring decoration from the outside into the environment

Image 27 - Relaxed toilet.

Relaxed washbasin

The niche vertically carries a pile of toilet paper. In the niche, above the vase, relaxed objects for the visitor to entertain.

Image 28 - Like a sun.

Like a sun

Another visual effect to take the breath away of the visitors: a round illuminated mirror shining like a sun.

Picture 29 - In tone of blue.

Blue tone

A beautiful color and, when well used, softens and harmonizes the environment. In this toilet, she combined very well with the other elements of the decoration and with the wall of white brick

Picture 30 - Luxury washbasin.

Luxury washbasin

The granite and the gold details left this toilet with the face of luxury. Highlight for the faucet and the tub, they seem made of gold.

Image 31 - Toilet with niches built into the wall.

Toilet with niches on the wall

Picture 32 - Toilet retro style.

Retro style washbasin

The bright pink coat and pastel green tone make us travel back in time. The small sink with floral decals further enhances the retro style of this lavabo

Picture 33 - Always has a space for a decoration full of personality.

Toilet decoration full of personality

Image 34 - Minimalist washbasin.

Minimalist washbasin

Of straight and striking lines, this black and gray toilet is a copy of the minimalist style.

Picture 35 - Wood and natural stones to compose the decoration of the lavabo.

Wood and natural stones in the bathroom

Image 36 - Slate partition between toilet bowl and sink.

Slate partition in the bathroom

Image 37 - Details that call attention.

Details that call attention

Image 38 - Toilet bowl of pink.

Pink toilet

The wall of this toilet was painted with a soft, delicate rose. The objects of wood and wicker receive with warmth the visitors. Highlight for the enveloped scrapbooking sink

Image 39 - White symmetrical washbasin with black accents.

White Symmetrical Washbasin

Picture 40 - Niche wood decorates the toilet with objects that convey the personality of the house owners.

Niche wood decorating the toilet

Image 41 - Toilet curved shapes very delicate.

Curved shapes in the delicate washbasin

Picture 42 - Rustic sink.

Rustic washbasin

This toilet made a rustic look thanks to the wooden demolition workbench. The strategically placed plant twig brings grace and charm to the balcony.

Picture 43 - Use and abuse shapes and designs on the wall of the toilet.

Shapes and designs on the wall of the lavabo

Picture 44 - Small toilet very well decorated.

Small well-appointed toilet

Size is no excuse for lack of decor. This toilet is proof of that. Even small it was capriciously decorated with the wood flooring, the little plants and the black and white shapes adhesive.

Image 45 - In doubt, choose a pretty wallpaper and your toilet will be ready.

Beautiful wallpaper for washbasin

Image 46 - Black details bring the sophistication needed to delight visitors.

Black details for the sophistication needed

Picture 47 - Invest in mirrors to compose your toilet.

Mirrors to compose the lavabo

In this project, the toilet had a fully tiled wall with mirror and even then, it still brings a mirror cutout in the center for visitors to get dressed

Image 48 - Rustic wooden bench for washbasin.

Rustic wooden countertop for washbasin

The rustic wooden countertop matches the woody floor. To contrast the rustic, sleek black faucet in tune with the wall tile and the shade.

Picture 49 - Washbasin of modern forms.

Contemporary washbasin

Picture 50 - Glasses of milk to soften the dark color of the toilet.

Milk glasses to soften the dark environment of the toilet

Image 51 - Color of cement burned to bring modernity to the toilet.

Cement burned to bring modernity to the toilet

Image 52 - Directed lighting: behind the mirror and even inside the toilet.

Directed lighting in the toilet

Image 53 - Coating imitating brick: blue detail to brighten the environment.

Subway tiles in the bathroom

Image 54 - A sink to impress visitors.

Sink to impress visits

Picture 55 - All in the same tone.

All in the same tone

Even the foliage that decorates this lavatory follows in the same grayish tone of the rest of the decoration

Image 56 - A touch of color.

A touch of color in the bathroom

Neutral tones such as white and beige make room for vibrant orange. Small dots of color are already able to change the face of the environment

Picture 57 - The blue wall of this lavatory harmonized perfectly with the wood of the bench.

Toilet with blue wall

Image 58 - Wooden counter serves as support for bags and other belongings.

Wooden counter in the bathroom

Image 59 - 3D wall with indirect lighting: an invitation for the visitors to pass through the toilet.

3D wall in the bathroom

Image 60 - Plants are welcome in the decoration of lavatories.

Plants are welcome in the decoration of lavatories

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