Walls of houses: 60 amazing ideas and projects to inspire you

The walls of houses are the first contact that residents and visitors have with the residence. They have the function of receiving, protecting and guaranteeing the privacy of the dwelling. And because they are so close to the eye, they deserve a special finish planned only for them. After all, the walls are part of the house and must be integrated aesthetically with it.

And finishing for them is what they do not miss. A first option are the brick. The material leaves the house looking jovial and relaxed, especially when combined with some strong and vibrant color. With plants, the brick brings a country house climate to the project.

Another option is the stones. The variety is huge and you can choose the one that best fits the style of your home and your pocket. The fillets of stone type canjiquinha bring a great value for money. One tip is to use only a strip of wall with stones if it is not possible to cover it completely.

Leaked walls are also trend and leave the house with a striking look. The pour can be obtained with openings in the concrete or slats of wood. Or both. Another idea is to invest in a green wall. Foliage of various types can be used to cover the entire length of the wall. However, periodic maintenance is required as plants need special care.

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Live fences are also among the green wall options. They replace the concrete and guarantee a very beautiful look at home. Now, if you want to go further, you can invest in a glass wall. Yes, glass. The material is a trend in the facades and you do not have to worry about the safety, since the glass for this purpose is super resistant.

The advantage of glass is that the house is protected and at the same time exposed, revealing all its beauty. The glass also lends the house a modern and clean look.

60 models of house walls to inspire

How about checking out some photos and models of house walls now? We select designs for modern house walls, simple houses, small houses. Anyway, for all styles. Sure some of them will fit in with what you already have in mind. Come on?

Picture 1 - Wall of leaked element.

Leaked element wall

The hollow element of the wall combines with the hollow structure of the house facade. The leaked elements are indicated to bring luminosity and ventilation to the environments.

Picture 2 - Burnt cement more wood.

Burnt cement plus wood

The junction between the burnt cement color of the coating plus the gate left the facade of this elegant and charming house. Highlight the black plates that give continuity to the wall.

Picture 3 - Walls of houses: modern wall.

Walls of houses: modern wall

The cutouts and straight lines of this wall gave the front of the house a modern and bold style. To reinforce the proposal, the option was to leave it in the color of cement.

Picture 4 - Walls of houses: low wall.

Walls of houses: low wall

The low wall, all of which is hollowed out, has in front of the feet of trees still growing, protected by a fence of the same height of the wall. Imagine the look of this facade when the trees reach their normal height?

Picture 5 - Walls of houses: gate in place of the wall.

Walls of houses: gate in place of the wall

The front of this house instead of a wall has a wide gate. All cast, it allows the visualization of the inner part of the house.

Picture 6 - Casa à mostra.

House on display

The wall of this house is a cast iron structure. The plants in the inner part embellish the entrance while at the same time guarantee some privacy to the residents.

Image 7 - Facade of brick with cast wall.

Brick facade with a leaked wall

The combination of the brickwork of the facade and the black metallic structure left the entrance of the house modern and slightly rustic. The defined drawing tree contributed to the beauty of the front.

Image 8 - Wall with cast-iron gate.

Wall with cast-iron gate

The burnt cement wall accommodates the leaked gate, allowing the house to be exposed revealing its details and beauty.

Picture 9 - Low wall with canjiquinha stone.

Low wall with canjiquinha stone

The stones of the small type value the entrance of the house and create a perfect harmony with the rest of the finish of the facade. Highlight for the hinged gate following the same tone of the stones.

Image 10 - Wall of rustic stones.

Rustic stone wall

The rusticity of this wall is contrasted with the opening in glass. An option to leave the house on display without losing security and privacy.

Image 11 - White concrete wall.

White concrete wall

The white wall refers to the façade of the house that follows in the same color. The front still has an opening leaked by the iron structure that guarantees visibility for the internal part of the residence.

Image 12 - Iron wall cast.

Cast iron wall

This whole iron wall with leaked lines left the house charming and very modern. The color matches the colors of the facade.

Image 13 - Illuminated stone wall.

Illuminated stone wall

The wall, which closes the whole house, is finished in natural stones. The indirect lighting from the small flowerbed created an air of sophistication for the entrance.

Image 14 - Checkered wall.

Checkered wall

The entrance of this house is made by a checkered iron structure protected by a metal screen. The same structure functions as a gate.

Image 15 - Concrete illuminated at night.

Illuminated concrete at night

The yellow light that illuminates this wall at night highlights the concrete and values ​​it. When planning the wall of your home take into consideration the appearance he will have at night.

Image 16 - Walls of houses: wall of natural stones.

Walls of houses: wall of natural stones

Image 17 - Wall style fence.

Wall style fence.

The wall of this house resembles the low fences used in the old days. Note that inside, the plants follow the path made by the wall.

Picture 18 - Gray wall.

Gray wall

The gray tone of this slate-like stone wall was softly enveloped by the green of Adam's ribs. The plants guarantee life and joy at the entrance of the house.

Image 19 - Wall in earth tones.

Wall in earth tones

To match the proposal of the house, a wall with earth tones. The part of the concrete wall is also in harmony with the rest of the project

Image 20 - Walls of houses: wall of small screen.

Walls of houses: small wall

The wall made with the small opening screen left the entrance of the house with a delicate appearance. Concrete columns bring rigidity and strength, qualities required for a wall

Picture 21 - High wall of canjiquinha stone.

High wall of canjiquinha stone.

The high wall brings a greater sense of security. However, it is possible to break this serious tone with the insertion of leaked elements, such as at the gate.

Image 22 - Neighborhood of equal walls.

Neighborhood of equal walls

In condominiums it is possible to talk with the other residents and propose a unique model for the façade of the houses.

Image 23 - Custom wall.

Custom Wall

This wall bears the name of the resident printed on a stylish sign. The leaked wall is charming and leaves the house slightly exposed

Image 24 - Concrete wall cast.

Concrete wall cast

Concrete is recognized for its rigidity. However, when it appears leaked, as in this image, the facade of the house gains a smoother and cleaner look.

Image 25 - Gray wall with wooden gate.

Gray wall with wooden gate

Again the right combination between wood and the gray color of the coating. The blend brings elegance and a touch of rusticity to the façade. Highlight for indirect lighting coming from the leaked part of the wall.

Image 26 - Wooden wall.

Wooden wall

Unusual, but also a possibility. The wooden wall gives a rustic and natural touch to the entrance of the house. However, care must be taken to ensure that timber does not suffer from the weather.

Image 27 - Wall of burned cement.

Wall of burnt cement

Do not notice if this wall seems unfinished. The intention is the same. The cement burned gives modernity the entrance of this house. A more economical alternative that does not lose anything in its aesthetics.

Image 28 - Wall of cast wood.

Empty wooden wall

The detail in leaked wood changed the face of this facade. The indirect lighting in composition with the plant beds ahead brought a warm and cozy atmosphere to the house.

Image 29 - Plants valuing the wall.

Plants valuing the wall

The bed in front of the wall values ​​it and integrates it with the rest of the house. A practical, easy and economical solution.

Image 30 - Wall that extends to the inner part.

Wall extending into inner part

The same coating used on the outside was used for the inside of the facade. The wood and the plants finalize the finishing

Picture 31 - Walls of houses: stones, wood and plants.

Walls of houses: stones, wood and plants

The trio stone, wood and plant always results in a harmonious and beautiful combination. On the facade of the house, the elements value the property.

Picture 32 - Wall of stones following the rest of the finish of the house.

Stone wall following the rest of the house finish

The stones of the wall are also present in the rest of the facade of the house, with that the wall integrates to the project.

Image 33 - Concrete wall with cast iron detail.

Concrete wall with cast iron detail

To differentiate the traditional concrete wall, choose a detail like this from the image. The wall was valued aesthetically and harmonized with the rest of the house.

Image 34 - Black wall with wooden details.

Black wall with wood details

The black color always guarantees sophistication in the decoration. On the wall, the effect would be no different. The wood details further enhance the concept of sophistication.

Image 35 - Stone wall surrounded by plants.

Stone wall surrounded by plants

The house came to life with the bed that runs the length of the wall. Green contrasts sharply with the gray that prevails in the walls and in the house.

Image 36 - Concrete wall with leaked stripes.

Concrete wall with cast stripes

The horizontal stripes contributed to the beauty of this façade. The plants do not go unnoticed.

Image 37 - Details of wood to end the monotony.

Details of wood to end monotony

What would this house be without the wooden details on the wall? She is responsible for breaking the gray monotony of this project.

Image 38 - Wall with climbing plant.

Wall with climbing plant

Climbing plants are very used in walls, like the image. They guarantee a beautiful, uniform and unpretentious look. They are an easy alternative to put into practice and very economical. So there's no excuse not to change the face of the house wall.

Image 39 - Wall cast with brick building.

Wall cast with brick bed

The leaked wall with thinner lines are great for anyone who wants to expose the house in moderation. They show and hide at the same time. On the sidewalk, the highlight is the brick that forms the plant bed next to the wall.

Image 40 - Straight and uniform wall.

Straight and uniform wall

This wall covers the whole entrance of the house with serious and sober manner. The only information that is in sight is the color, the same inside and outside.

Image 41 - Wall with cement blocks.

Wall with cement blocks

This wall left the blocks of concrete exposed. Just notice the detail that made all the difference: the fit mode of the pieces forms a distinctive design.

Image 42 - Support wall.

Lifting wall

The wall of this house seems to play a special role: that of sustaining the whole structure of the property. To reinforce this effect, the option was to use stones, a strong and strong material.

Image 43 - Wall and open gates.

Wall and open gates

The house is all exposed with this style of wall. The gate that accompanies it follows the same purpose.

Picture 44 - Protected house and good view.

House protected and nice view

The iron structure that surrounds this house has left her protected and in the sight of all who pass by the street.

Image 45 - White concrete wall.

White concrete wall

The high white concrete wall protects the house. On the wall wall, some little windows to bring light and ventilation to the interior of the house.

Image 46 - Blue to contrast with black.

Blue to contrast with black

The soft blue on the walls of the wall creates an interesting contrast with the uniform black of the gate. Highlight the wall of leaked elements erected just above the first floor.

Image 47 - Rustic concrete wall.

Rustic concrete wall

The cement texture created a rustic look to the wall, without, however, taking away the modern look.

Image 48 - Wall of cement slabs.

Wall of cement plates

Image 49 - Wall made with wooden slats.

Wall made of wooden slats

Image 50 - Glass wall.

Glass wall

If you want to value the facade of your house, bet on the glass walls. Notice how it contributes to the clean and delicate finish of the house.

Image 51 - Wall with a slight transparency.

Wall with a slight transparency

Image 52 - Wooden wall supporting the house.

Wooden wall holding up the house

This daring and different project leads us to believe that the wall supports the weight of the house. An interesting effect, amplified by the use of wood throughout the outside of the house.

Image 53 - Wall demolished.

Demolished wall

Do not panic. The proposal is the same. A rambling wall that seems to have come out of a recent demolition.

Image 54 - Bent brick wall.

Skewed brick wall

Image 55 - Simple house wall.

Simple house wall

Image 56 - Wooden wall in contrast to white.

Wooden wall in contrast to white

Image 57 - Green wall.

Green wall

Image 58 - Wall full of details.

Walls of houses: 60 amazing ideas and projects to inspire you

Image 59 - Wall with blind effect.

Wall with blind effect

Image 60 - Cement wall with grooved texture.

Cement wall with grooved texture

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