Wallpaper for Double Room: 60+ Beautiful Photos!

The wallpaper is a fast, practical and economical alternative for those who want to give a return to the visual of the environment. The double bedroom often deserves greater attention as some walls look monotonous with paint off white . But before putting the project into practice, you need to consider some particularities.

The advantage is that the market has a huge range of models and types of wallpaper. In addition to this, it is always renewing itself, either through: differentiated prints, colors, textures or finishes.

However, before making the purchase, check how you will handle the rest of the décor. If the room has many colors and textures, a neutral and sober wallpaper is recommended. Already a double bedroom that has furniture and set of bed with basic style, the ideal is to opt for flashy and modern models. Remember that it is possible to make a composition of different textures and colors, but be careful that the result comes out as desired and does not frustrate your expectations.

In addition, reconciliation is necessary. The chosen wallpaper should highlight the personality of the couple in order to please both.

How about upgrading your double room? Check below in our special gallery, 60 wallpaper templates with photos and tips. Inspire yourself here!

Arabesque / damask wallpaper

Picture 1 - If the intention is to take style opt for tones that are contrasted, leaving the wall more visible


Picture 2 - Make a composition and your headboard with: niches, mirror, wood panel and a banner with abaresco wallpaper


Picture 3 - For those looking for clean style the white model with pearlescent finish is a great option


Picture 4 - The side mirrors extend the room and the center with the decorated wall takes more charm without leaving it overwhelmed


Picture 5 - The composition of the upholstered bed headboard with abaresco wallpaper is a sure decoration


Picture 6 - How about dare with a red abaresco wallpaper?


Picture 7 - For those looking for a modern and elegant room can be inspired by this idea


Wallpaper beige

Picture 8 - To highlight even more the lining the option is to coat with a wallpaper that follows the style of the double room

image 8

Picture 9 - Make a niche and magazine it with wallpaper


Image 10 - Another place option to insert the wallpaper is on the sides of the room


Image 11 - The neutral look of the wallpaper is ideal to keep the room lit


Picture 12 - Choose a wallpaper that plays with the tone on the tone of the room decoration


Picture 13 - This beige wallpaper caters perfectly for anyone who wants a simple and modern double room


Image 14 - The print that follows vertically is ideal for the sensation of a larger right foot


Picture 15 - Double room with beige and brown wallpaper


Gray wallpaper

Image 16 - The gray wallpaper is a great bet not to overload the environment


Picture 17 - For a delicate room, bet on the print with light colors and a very light gray


Picture 18 - The gray wallpaper is ideal for those looking for a different finish on the wall


Picture 19 - Although it is a simple wallpaper, the textured finish takes another visual to the room


Image 20 - Following the gray color chart, the softness of the color keeps the room clean by changing only the style of the drawing and texture


Picture 21 - For elegant air, without leaving the gray on the side, prefer the models with prints


Image 22 - The not inconspicuous model is a great option for those looking for modern ideas for decoration


Picture 23 - The harmony of the tones happens in the walls and in the decorative details of that room


Floral wallpaper

Picture 24 - It is possible to maintain the clean style of the room with a wallpaper in soft nuances, it takes personality without taking away the decoration style of the room


Picture 25 - Double room with boho style floral wallpaper


Picture 26 - The floral wallpaper was used as a complement to the headboard, combining the soft colors that extend the room's look


Picture 27 - For a room with more life bet on the finish with a little more color


Picture 28 - For a neutral room option, the combination of similar shades is ideal to keep the monochrome with refinement


Picture 29 - For a romantic environment opt ​​for more delicate models that have a touch of Provence


Picture 30 - Bet on a cheerful version with vibrant print to bring more intensity to the decoration of the double room


Geometric wallpaper

Picture 31 - Gray geometric wallpaper for double room


Image 32 - Wallpaper with Chevron print goes very well for a proposal of a young and funky double bedroom


Picture 33 - The three-dimensional effect leaves the look of the room playful and original


Image 34 - How about this geometric wallpaper model with multiple prints?


Image 35 - Geometric shapes may appear more subtle when the proposal is a classic room


Picture 36 - For a clean and modern room it is also possible to insert a geometric wallpaper


Picture 37 - For a young couple room can follow the most daring line with a geometric wallpaper with colored pixels


Modern wallpaper

Picture 38 - For couples looking for modernity and simplicity can opt for a wallpaper that stands out in scene


Picture 39 - Perfect combination with a wallpaper in an abstract texture and dark colors, along with furniture following the same hue


Picture 40 - With inspiration in nature, the green color of the wallpaper brings the refreshing feeling and the exquisite touch to the room


Picture 41 - How about lining the wall of the room to form a TV panel?


Image 42 - The combination of the pattern and colors of the wallpaper combined with the rest of the decor of the double room


Picture 43 - Modernize your double room with the wallpaper model in apparent brick texture


Image 44 - There is also the wallpaper in concrete texture


Picture 45 - The proposal is to cover all the walls with a wallpaper with mini print, so as not to stand out much in the visual of the room


Textured wallpaper

Picture 46 - Straw texture wallpaper for double room


Picture 47 - Ennoble your bedroom with the models in high relief, use in a balanced way in the room so as not to overwhelm the decoration


Picture 48 - Linen texture wallpaper for double room


Picture 49 - The embossed print takes elegance and sophistication to the double room


Picture 50 - The textured model takes comfort and leaves the warmest mood for a room


Romantic Wallpaper

Image 51 - Vibrant red wallpaper highlights the couple's personality


Picture 52 - The floral model in neutral colors is a good option to leave the room with a romantic air


Picture 53 - The rest of the decoration manages to balance the rosé wallpaper of the double room


Striped wallpaper

Image 54 - To break the predominance of white, bet on a wall of stripes behind the bed


Image 55 - Get inspired in a double room with navy decoration


Picture 56 - To decorate the wall, the idea was to apply in only half of the surface keeping the rest with the panel upholstered


Image 57 - Extend the look of the headboard with a wallpaper with vertical stripes


Image 58 - The idea of ​​the niche on the bed is to highlight the wall of the headboard, increasing with wallpaper and light in the outline


Image 59 - Highlight all walls of the room with a striped wallpaper (note that even the curtain has won the same finish!)


Image 60 - To maintain the subtle decor, the ambience was decorated with white wallpaper with dark fine lines


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