Wallcovering: Know the main types of materials

The walls are an integral part of the decor. And often, only with their help can you decorate and change the whole environment. But if you want to get away from the traditional painting, there are several wall coverings to delight all tastes.

There are easy-to-install, do-it-yourself coatings as well as more elaborate coatings that require a professional to do the placement.

One of the great advantages of wall coverings is the possibility to change them frequently - depending on the material chosen - and thus give a new face to the environment whenever you wish.

In this post you will see the main wall coverings , for which room they are most indicated and the necessary installation technique. Come on?

Know the main types of wall covering with ideas and useful information

Wall tiles: tiles

Ideal for coating bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas, the tiles have become a trend of decoration. Very durable and resistant, this type of coating can be found in different colors, designs and formats. For those who like a more retro style, the choice for the tile is ideal.

However, for the installation, you should seek the assistance of a trained professional. When you get tired of the tile, you can replace it with another by placing it on top or using wall stickers.

Check out some designs with tile flooring:

Picture 1 - Kitchen with coating in geometric form.

Geometric Wallcovering

The retro style is guaranteed in this project, while the furniture and the decoration bring a bit of modernity to the environment. Note that the tile is the visual element of greater strength in the decoration.

Image 2 - Coating with optical illusion.

Coating with optical illusion

The shapes of this tile cause a slight illusion of optics. But it is they who bring the charm and sophistication of this kitchen.

Picture 3 - Wall with colored tiles.

Wall with colored tiles

Without the concern of following an order, this wall uses tiles of different colors and designs to make up a relaxed panel.

Picture 4 - Bathroom with tiles matching the furniture.

Bathroom with matching tiles with the furniture

The earthy tone of the tile fits very well with the wooden tone of the furniture. This type of coating is most often used in the wall that houses the sink.

Picture 5 - Tile in zig zag on the wall of the kitchen sink.

Zigzag tile on kitchen wall

Picture 6 - Contrast black and white.

Black and white contrast on wallcovering

Picture 7 - Tile discreet, but that makes the difference in this project.

Wallcovering: discreet tile

Picture 8 - Tile of shapes to compose the dining room.

Tile for dining room shapes

The neutral and soft tones of this tile left the dining room slightly relaxed. Notice that the other elements of the environment practically go unnoticed, like the floor, for example.

Image 9 - Blue coating on the outside area to contrast with white.

Blue coating on the outside area

Picture 10 - Bathroom with green tiles.

Bathroom with green tiles

Wallcovering: tablets

At tablets are delicate and versatile coating options. Available in a variety of colors and materials, lozenges are commonly used in bathrooms, but you can see them in kitchen designs and outdoor areas.

To use them, you can choose either an entire wall or a single vertical or horizontal banner. In bathrooms, they are often present inside the box or above the sink counter.

In the kitchen, they are most commonly seen on the sink counter. Attention to insertion of the inserts, in doubt, call a professional.

Check out some tablet designs and get inspired:

Image 11 - Shell-shaped tablet.

Shell shaped inserts

The tablets of this wall have a shape of shell, well differentiated in relation to the majority. The option was to install it inside the box.

Picture 12 - Bathroom coated with small blue inserts.

Bathroom with small blue inserts

Picture 13 - Tablets in the same color of the wall and furniture.

Tablets in the same color as furniture

Image 14 - Red tablets on bathroom countertop.

Red tablets on the countertop

The red inserts created the contrast with the white of the bathroom. Notice, from the reflection of the mirror, that they are also on the opposite wall.

Picture 15 - Tablets in zig-zag format.

Zigzag inserts

Picture 16 - Tablets in the kitchen placed irregularly.

Tablets in the kitchen irregularly

In white, gray and yellow, these pastilles created a modern and stripped-down visual effect for the kitchen. Note that they do not fill the entire wall and that they have also been installed unevenly, without a fixed pattern.

Image 17 - Hexagonal inserts.

Hexagonal inserts

The hexagonal design of these inserts valued the environment. Highlight the gray dots of some tablets that broke the monotony of white.

Image 18 - Incomplete coating of black pellets.

Incomplete coating of pellets

Image 19 - Brilliant kitchen finish.

Brilliant Kitchen Finish

The gleaming metal inserts left the kitchen luxurious, combined with the color of the furniture.

Image 20 - Square inserts.

Square inserts

Wall coverings: stones and marbles

Stones, marbles and granites give a rustic and natural air to the environment. Very used in kitchens, TV or dining rooms and as exterior wall covering, such as balconies, winter gardens, among others.

However, this type of coating is also not suitable for those who think about changing the face of the environment frequently. To place another coating it is necessary to completely remove the stones or marble, since this type of finish does not even allow the superimposed installation of another.

The help of a professional for the installation is also welcome.

Picture 21 - Bathroom with black marble flooring.

Bathroom with black marble finish

Image 22 - Coal effect.

Coal effect on the coating

The wall of this room was lined with a type of stone called a toothpick. The black color of the coating gave him a charcoal look. The result was interesting.

Image 23 - White marble bands on the kitchen counter.

White marble bands

Picture 24 - Room wall tiles with slate.

Wallcovering in living room with slate

Image 25 - Rustic stones to compose the kitchen.

Rustic stones for cooking

Picture 26 - Half wall of the bathroom covered with stones in form of tablets.

Half bathroom wall with tablet shape

Image 27 - Dark stones for kitchen wall.

Dark Stones on the Kitchen Wall

Image 28 - TV wall covered with bright colored stones.

TV wall covered with stones

Image 29 - Marble puzzle.

Marble Puzzle

The wall of this dining room was lined with pieces of marble embedded in each other, forming a kind of puzzle. Notice that some stand out from the wall creating a differentiated perspective on the wall.

Image 30 - Marble flooring in the TV room.

Blackout drapes / curtains In-room safe

Wall tiles: porcelain

So beautiful and versatile it is, the porcelanato ceased to be the exclusive floor of the house. With models that mimic materials - such as wood or marble - they are very successful in coating both internal and external walls.

They have great durability and resistance. Another feature in their favor is cleaning. The porcelain tile is a very easy to clean material.

See models of porcelain tiles:

Image 31 - Porcelain in different forms.

Porcelain wall coverings

This room has gained a clean and modern look with the porcelain tile finish. Note that pieces of different sizes were used to create a different look and, especially, that did not resemble the traditional floor.

Image 32 - Imitation stone porcelain tile finish.

Imitation stone porcelain tile flooring

Image 33 - Porcelain tile that looks like marble on the kitchen counter.

Porcelanato that looks like marble in the workbench

Image 34 - Wooden paneling on TV wall.

Wood Flooring on TV Wall

It looks like wood, but it is not. The quality of the texture and colors of porcelain tiles that imitate wood are so real that they test anyone. In this image the proposal was to use it as a TV panel.

Image 35 - Double coating.

Double Coating

The porcelain tile of this image is in two places: the bottom of the countertop and the wall of the TV. The contrasting color coating matched each other.

Image 36 - Porcelain tile in the wall of the staircase.

Porcelain tiles in the wall of the staircase

Image 37 - Porcelain tile for the TV panel.

Porcelain for the TV panel

The option of this project was to leave the porcelanato as a panel for the TV. The neutral color harmonized with the woody floor, also of porcelain tile.

Picture 38 - Ethnic porcelain.

Ethnic Porcelain

The figure that the porcelain tile forms on this wall resembles ethnic and tribal designs. Notice how a single wall with the right coating is able to modify the whole look of the environment.

Image 39 - Marbled kitchen wallcovering.

Marbled wall tiles

Image 40 - Gray wallcovering.

Gray wallcovering

The sober color of this coating embraces the rest of the room decor.

Wallcovering: wallpaper / sticker

The wallpaper is an old acquaintance of decorators and architects. They embellish room walls, bedroom, hallway, halls and wherever the imagination allows. They are only suitable for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas.

Wall stickers play a role very similar to wallpapers, yet give the possibility of being placed in environments where the wallpaper can not get close. Therefore, it is common to see stickers in the kitchen and bathrooms, for example.

What do you both have in common? Besides having turned a trend of decoration, adhesive and wallpaper has the advantage of being found in the most different sizes, colors, designs and formats imaginable.

They are one of the few types of flooring where you can do the installation on your own, without the help of a professional. One must pay attention to only a few details, such as the formation of bubbles, which can leave the paper or adhesive with imperfections and compromise the final result.

Otherwise, just enjoy the look that these coatings bring. And when it's nauseous, just take it and put it on. No dirt, no cracking.

Want to see some models?

Image 41 - Wallpaper imitating burnt cement.

Wallpaper that mimics burnt cement

The perfection of this imitation wallpaper burnt cement it's impressive. It brings up the textures and reliefs of this type of finish. A wall covering that can be used in bedrooms and living rooms depending on the look you want to create.

Picture 42 - Bringing nature into the room.

Nature into the room

This room wall coating does all the decorating work alone. The beauty of the drawing does not go unnoticed.

Picture 43 - Wallpaper with soft and discreet print.

Soft-touch wallpaper

Image 44 - Home office with wallpaper.

Home office with wallpaper

This home office looked clean and smooth with the white and gray wallpaper. A wall that was prized from a simple feature.

Image 45 - Paper imitating stone to line the wall of the stairs.

Imitation stone paper

Picture 46 - Wallpaper for children's room.

Wallpaper for children's room

This kid's room was lively and fun with the walls lined with wallpaper. The stylized leaves of Adam's rib-plant - another decorating trend - have been translated into the infantile universe.

Picture 47 - Wallcovering for double room.

Wallcovering for double room

The wallpaper of black lines that now point upwards, now points down, brought a bare air to the double room. The wallpaper also helped to break the predominant white of the environment.

Image 48 - Wallpaper of black and white print.

Wallpaper with black and white print

Very similar to the previous proposal. This wallpaper has a light and delicate print that contrasts with the black background. The result is a clean and stylish double room.

Image 49 - Tropical wallpaper for the balcony.

Tropical wallpaper for balcony

The lining of this external wall brought an interesting proposal to the project. With a tropical forest design, the wallpaper plays a landscaped role on this balcony.

Picture 50 - Wallcovering for children's room.

Wallcovering for children's room

The wallpaper full of drawings that refer to the children's universe made this room charming. Even with the other decorative elements, the wallpaper found its place and harmonized with all the decoration.

Wallcovering: textured mass

The textured mass is ideal to cover that half-fair wall of the house, since this type of coating does not require a prior preparation of the wall and can even be passed on the wall without plastering or painting.

With the textured mass you can make different types of drawings using only the roller or the trowel. Just like paper and wall stickers, the textured mass can be applied in the do-it-yourself style. But if you do not have many skills, a painter can do the work for you.

After the application it is possible to paint the wall of the color you wish, or keep it in the white, original color of the mass.

Check below some models of wall coated with textured mass:

Image 51 - Textured mass in waves: light and delicate visual.

Textured mass as wallcovering

Image 52 - Textured wall of leaves.

Textured wall of leaves

Picture 53 - Wall coated with textured mass: volume and rustic appearance.

Wall with textured mass

Image 54 - Bee-shaped coating.

Honeycomb Coating

Do you remember or remember a hive? This coating was made with textured mass and changed the face of the couple's bedroom.

Image 55 - Wall textured room.

Wall textured room

Other wallcoverings

If you still can not find the ideal backing for that wall of your home. Do not be discouraged. There are numerous options of wall coverings available in the market. The technology used for this purpose does not fail to be desired and is always launching novelties.

Here are some of these new features and trends:

Image 56 - 3D Dining Room Flooring and Mirror.

3D Dining Room Flooring and Mirror

Image 57 - Coating with Synthetic Grass.

Synthetic Grass Coating

A different coating and that causes a very interesting effect. It can be used successfully in rooms, especially children and young people, in the living room and in outdoor covered environments such as balconies and balconies.

Image 58 - Wall of the room covered with painted brick.

Wall of the room covered with painted brick

Image 59 - Concrete block facing with different pagination

Concrete Block Coating

Image 60 - Bathroom with mirrored brick.

Bathroom with mirrored brick

Image 61 - Textured plaster immitating stone.

Plaster textured immitating stone

Image 62 - Room facing with exposed brick.

Room facing brick with a view

Image 63 - Three-dimensional ceramic room flooring.

Three-dimensional ceramic room flooring

Image 64 - Wall clad with mirror.

Mirror-lined wall

Image 65 - Triangular coating with 3D effect.

Triangular coating with 3D effect

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