Vinyl floor: the main advantages and characteristics of the material

Decorating the house is thinking of all the details at once, from the colors that go in the decorative objects to the way in which the floor is paginated. With that in mind, choosing the right base is the best way to predict how the final composition will look, especially for those who do not have the help of an interior designer or interior designer.

And those looking for practicality and a right choice, can not fail to check the benefits of the vinyl floor.

Advantages of vinyl flooring

Know now the main advantages of this type of floor:

1. Easy and fast installation

Be it clicked or glued, the installation is done in 1 day, without dirt, noise and with little loss of material.

2. Agile Maintenance

It can be removed and reinstalled without any breaks or cuts. This is perfect for anyone who has an infiltration and does not need to break the floor or also who wants to change their residence, which can easily take your vinyl to the new home.

3. Thermal comfort

They are comfortable, making the house enjoyable both in winter and summer. Unlike tiled floors (porcelain tiles) they tend to leave the house cold at any time of year.

4. Does not make noise

Anyone who lives in an apartment knows how unpleasant is the noise of footwear or furniture crawling. Know that with vinyl this does not happen, leaving your day to day more free to circulate at home by the house!

5. Real imitations of materials such as wood, marble, burnt cement

Tarkett Floor Color Table

Reproduction: Tarkett

Doubts regarding vinyl flooring

What are the types of vinyl flooring?

There are two types of vinyl flooring: one for residential and one commercial area. Both have the installation system clicked or glued. Regarding the best cost benefit, glue is a great option. However the larger click investment offers the advantage of removing the ruler without damaging the product.

How much does the vinyl floor cost?

The price of the m² of the vinyl floor can vary according to the brand and the desired model. Two brands that you want to install are Eucafloor and Tarkket. However, all have a wide line with different textures and installation methods, which interferes with the value, starting from R $ 50.00 (without installation) and R $ 150.00 (with installation included).

Can it be installed in wet areas?

Unlike laminates, vinyl can be installed in wet areas. Its raw material is water resistant, making it easy to clean. But nothing to exaggerate and leave the floor submerged in water, a damp cloth is enough to leave it clean and shiny.

How to care for vinyl flooring?

External areas such as balconies and balconies can fade the material, especially if the floor is very light. The ideal is to have a curtain that blocks the natural light, a shutter with 3% solar screen is enough to protect your floor.

How long does vinyl floor installation take?

Its installation is fast and does not dirt. Starting from an apartment of 50m², its installation lasts an average of 4 hours.

All these qualities have made the vinyl floor the darling of new interior design projects. After all it allows several combinations and can be used in any style. Check below 60 projects that make vinyl the perfect base for the residence:

Picture 1 - Delimiting the environments with different floors.

Delimiting environments with different floors

Picture 2 - Change the direction of the floor for an amazing effect!

Change the direction of the floor to a different effect

Picture 3 - Vinyls are great for all types of apartments.

Vinyls are great for every type of apartment

Picture 4 - It is possible to find your demolition version.

Find your demolition version

Picture 5 - Place a rug that gives the tone effect on tone.

Carpet for tone tone effect

Picture 6 - The floor contrasts with the white decoration of the apartment.

The vinyl floor contrasts with the décor of the apartment

Image 7 - Ideal for those who want to take personality into space.

Ideal for those who want to bring personality to the environment

Picture 8 - Be different and leave the traditional clean.

Be different and run away from traditional tonalities

Image 9 - The classic color closely mimics the texture of the wood.

The classic color closely mimics the appearance of wood

Picture 10 - Do not go wrong in the decoration and choose this type of floor.

Invest in this type of floor so as not to go wrong in the decoration

Image 11 - Combine the floor with the joinery.

Match the floor with the joinery

Image 12 - The lighter ones create the perfect Scandinavian scenery.

Perfect Scandinavian scenery

Picture 13 - Room of child with vinyl.

Children's room with vinyl floor

Image 14 - Kitchen with vinyl floor.

Kitchen with vinyl floor

Picture 15 - There is also the model that stamps the shafts of the wood.

Model that stamps the shafts of wood

Picture 16 - The floor combines with the detail of the kitchen joinery.

The floor combines with the detail of the joinery

Picture 17 - Going to the neutral side allows endless possibilities of decoration.

Infinite possibilities

Image 18 - The use of colors further enhances this environment!

Vinyl flooring environment

Image 19 - The interesting thing about vinyls is the textured touch of the material.

Textured touch of vinyl floor

Picture 20 - On the porch: do not forget the sunscreen!

Sun protection is recommended for the balcony

Picture 21 - The floor is the great highlight of this environment.

Image 22 - Create the pagination of fishbone with the vinyls.

Fish Thorn Pagination

Image 23 - Office with vinyl floor.

Office with vinyl floor

Picture 24 - Certain brands have the version for children's environments.

Children's version

Picture 25 - Give a little more dynamics in your space!

More dynamics in your space

Picture 26 - For the lovers of the burnt cement .

Vinyl floor with color in burnt cement

Image 27 - This model appeals to all residents.

This model appeals to all the residents

Image 28 - Bathroom with vinyl floor.

Bathroom with vinyl floor

Picture 29 - For those who want a rustic decoration.

For a more rustic decor

Picture 30 - Dark vinyl offers a more youthful air to the environment.

More cheerful air

Picture 31 - Already the clearest, leave the space delicate and cozy!

For a delicate and cozy space

Picture 32 - With its infinite colors, the gray tone is right bet for a modern residence.

Modern residence

Picture 33 - Apartment with vinyl floor.

Apartment with vinyl floor

Image 34 - Vinyl plates that simulate burnt cement.

Vinyl plates simulating burnt cement

Picture 35 - How about giving a more rustic air to space?

A more rustic air into space

Image 36 - Mix two colors to create a bold effect.

Two colors for a differentiated effect

Image 37 - The hallway was lined with concrete vinyl and the rest of the vinyl space made of wood.

Wood vinyl

Picture 38 - For those who want a dark and elegant environment!

For a dark and elegant environment

Picture 39 - The clean is in all the details of this apartment.

Clean for all the details of the apartment

Image 40 - Gym with vinyl floor.

Gym with vinyl floor

Figure 41 - Cut the rulers to define the desired drawing.

Cut the rulers to define the desired drawing.

Picture 42 - In the bedroom, they leave the room cozier!

Cozy room in the room

Picture 43 - Beautiful combination of materials for a modern look.

Combination of materials with vinyl floor

Image 44 - Mix cold coatings in the middle of the vinyl.

Cold coatings and vinyl flooring

Image 45 - Soft colors predominate the look of the room.

Soft colors dominate the look of the room

Picture 46 - Level the balcony with the vinyl floor.

Leveling the porch with the vinyl floor

Image 47 - Complementary furniture can receive the same shade of the floor.

Complementary furniture

Picture 48 - Create different pages!

Different pages

Image 49 - Use vinyl flooring for a more youthful apartment.

Vinyl floor for a jovial apartment

Image 50 - Match the tonality of the floor with the wall covering.

Match the tonality with the wall floor

Picture 51 - It is possible to line the entire apartment with the vinyl floor.

Line the entire apartment with the vinyl floor

Image 52 - Decoration with white vinyl floor.

Decoration with white vinyl floor

Image 53 - Stretch the environment with the rulers positioned in the same direction.

Lengthen the environment

Image 54 - Vinyl floor with demolition texture.

Vinyl floor with demolition texture

Picture 55 - The combination of the darker shade with yellow leaves the atmosphere more youthful!

The combination of the darker shade with yellow leaves the environment more youthful

Image 56 - Integrate all the environments with the same type of floor.

Integrate all environments with the same type of floor

Image 57 - Vinyl floor in ivory color.

Vinyl floor in ivory

Image 58 - Headboard with vinyl floor.

Headboard with vinyl floor

Image 59 - If you want a more contemporary look, look for almond shades.

Look for almond tones for a contemporary look

Image 60 - The mixture of floors creates a highlight for the residence.

The mixture of floors creates a highlight for the residence

Guide to installing vinyl flooring (step-by-step, how to install and prep floor)

Installation of vinyl flooring

To install a vinyl floor, the subfloor must be level. So regularize with the PVA mass and after drying, provide the sanding to leave it straight. And finally wipe off all traces of dust so as not to interfere with the rest of the installation.

Ideally the installation should be done by a professional in the area, but if you want to venture into this task, see step by step:

  • Begin the distribution of the rulers by aligning the largest wall, this surface will be the base of the installation;
  • Apply glue directly to the subfloor and also to the ruler to be installed;
  • Spread the glue and wait for 15 minutes;
  • Place the first ruler close to the wall and repeat the procedure until the row ends;
  • In the next row, position another ruler using the same procedure as the first row;
  • In the corners and at the end of the procedure pass the stylet to remove the burr;
  • And so, the process is completed until it covers every floor.
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