TV Panel Models: 65+ Incredible Types and Photos!

A joker in the decoration, the panel for TV is more and more common in interior design because it optimizes the space, since the appliance is embedded in the wall without any effort. In addition, it is a versatile piece, because it can adapt to the personal taste of the resident, with its infinite options of colors, sizes, finishes and styles.

The TV panels can be produced with a good woodworking project using wood or MDF. The advantage is that in this proposal the wiring can pass behind the panel without having to break the wall. Another option is to use three-dimensional coatings, stones, wallpaper, bricks or plaster. The material chosen will depend on the concept of the environment.

In the decorative market there is the finished piece, however it is important to evaluate some care before buying. First check the exact measurement so that it fits snugly against the wall and observe the maximum weight the panel bears to avoid damaging the frame.

Besides highlighting the decoration of the environment, the panels for TV are functional, since they store objects and make up with shelves and niches.

Check out our special gallery below for 65 amazing and creative projects and see how this piece can bring more charm to the room and leave it with more personality:

Picture 1 - Bet on color fendi in the decoration


Picture 2 - Slight versatility for integrated environments


Picture 3 - Give the touch of decor with a mirrored frame


Picture 4 - Valorize the décor and alternative decoration with container plate to make the bottom panel


Picture 5 - Choose a color that makes your style and make a combination for the furniture of the room


Picture 6 - The stone can be applied like coating on the wall and later to be installed the television


Figure 7 - The ability of the sliding panel to transform the room into a functional space is evident


Picture 8 - The mirror is a great accessory to give impression of a more illuminated and ample space

image 8

Picture 9 - Make a panel in wood with a set of volumes


Image 10 - Painting is no longer the only option to decorate the walls, the idea is to use textures and different finishes


Figure 11 - Mount a frame on the wall to install the TV


Picture 12 - The wooden furniture can gain shelves carrying movement and traces the wall


Image 13 - Another idea is to use the colorful translucent panel that brings a touch of color and originality to the environment


Picture 14 - How about a sophisticated panel coated with polished stone?


Picture 15 - For small apartment the nice thing is to use the own panel to divide the environments


Figure 16 - Another option for small environments is to make a swivel panel


Picture 17 - A large wall covered in wood gives space to a TV mural and the door that is almost imperceptible in this plane


Picture 18 - Make a small sideboard composing with the tube for the integration to be more harmonic


Picture 19 - The orthogonal lines of the panel reinforce the modern air of this room


Picture 20 - To give personality to the wall, only a mural involving the TV already changes the visual aspect


Picture 21 - If the proposal is a rustic decoration the mural to stone is a great choice


Figure 22 - A small panel attached to the table is enough paper to support the TV (the wiring is passed through the metal tube that follows to the floor)


Image 23 - The glass can be fixed to create a kind of partition for those who do not want to add more color to the environment


Picture 24 - A neutral room can be highlighted with a wooden panel of demolition


Picture 25 - A creative and functional furniture for the living room


Figure 26 - Placing a large shelf with shelves, niches and sideboard is a great way to bring functionality to the wall


Image 27 - Minimalism remains strong in decoration


Image 28 - Use the room divider to use as a TV panel


Picture 29 - The furniture in MDF is one of the options very close to the wood


Picture 30 - Make a TV panel composition with


Image 31 - The solution for those who like open spaces, is to use sliding panels that separate and integrate the environments


Picture 32 - This furniture besides separating the kitchen area, is a decorative piece that works as a shelf and panel for TV


Picture 33 - The composition of the gray mural with the small sideboard took more elegance to the room


Image 34 - To give more grace to the decoration invest in the three-dimensional coatings that create an amazing effect on the wall


Picture 35 - Brick is a versatile material that looks great in any style


Image 36 - The wood can also be used with a different design


Image 37 - If the intention is to give lightness to the apartment bet on this proposal with the rotating tube


Picture 38 - The game of niches and decorative paintings create a creative effect on the wall with TV


Picture 39 - TV panel made with three-dimensional coating


Image 40 - Take modern traits with a good carpentry project


Picture 41 - For a rustic environment the option with a wooden panel is welcome


Image 42 - The irregular finish of the material stands out in the environment


Picture 43 - Wall stickers make an incredible background for the TV


Picture 44 - The panel made of plaster can win similar finishes of the masonry, but the cool thing is to embed a led lighting further enhancing the mural of the TV


Image 45 - Optimizing space in a practical and modern way


Image 46 - When the wall has a coating, it can be inserted directly onto the surface


Image 47 - A modern and economical option is to coat the surface with wallpaper making a background to embed the TV


Image 48 - The ripped panel that goes to the door is a trend in decoration


Image 49 - The set of textures, materials and volumes formed an environment of personality


Picture 50 - Inspire yourself on this mirror panel for TV


Image 51 - If you choose to put it directly on the wall, take the opportunity to make a composition with pictures


Picture 52 - The brick wall is a finishing option that combines with all the decoration styles


Picture 53 - A great idea for those who want to hide the TV in a decorative way


Picture 54 - A creative and modern dashboard made with traces that gives way to an intimate lighting for the place


Figure 55 - Highlight your environment with the TV panel following the lining for lighting


Picture 56 - For living room with fireplace the option is to cover in wood taking advantage of the whole wall


Image 57 - Finish gloss and color the wood with the lacquer, the earthy tones enhanced even more decor


Image 58 - Modern and elegant composition


Image 59 - Be inspired in a structural decoration with the metallic panel


Image 60 - The idea is to make a mirror background to stay behind the television


Image 61 - The pallet is an economical and jovial decoration option


Image 62 - Porcelain tiles is a wall-covering option that can make an incredible wall plan


Image 63 - Following the sophisticated style of the room, the mirror panel reinforced the decoration


Image 64 - The mirrored bottom of the shelf takes a modern look to the room


Image 65 - In addition to being a bench to store decorative items, the panel works as a room divider


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