Tumblr Room: how to decorate with the style of the social network

It's no wonder that social networks have invaded people's lives and daily lives. What is new even is the tendency to take what is there in the nets for the decoration of the house, more specifically in the bedroom. Did not understand the proposal very well? Calm down, let's explain everything tim-tim by tim-tim.

Style became popular as Tumblr Room . This name (which sounds kind of strange) refers to the social network Tumblr. Got the connection? The site acts as a blog where the user posts photos, videos, quotes and images on topics that are within their interests and, in return, also receives photos, videos, quotes and images on the same subjects only that posted by other users.

In short, the Tumblr room carries within itself, through the decoration, the essence, the personality and the true interests of the person who lives there. Objects are exposed in a similar way to publications on the network. For this reason, we see in this type of room many photos, phrases and images stuck to the wall, stamped on the cushions and wherever possible.

The idea is to reproduce inside the room everything that is tanned and shared in the social network. One of the interesting features of this room is that you can do much of the decoration yourself, since the goal is to customize the environment to the maximum.

And do not think that this proposal works only in rooms for children and teenagers. On the contrary, many adults have already embraced the idea.

To build a Tumblr room does not have much secrecy, nor rules to follow. But a true Tumblr has some details that define it and differentiate it from others. Want to know which ones? So follow this article with us:

Tips for decorating the Tumblr-style room

Tumblr social network

1. Photos

There is no social network without photos. Much less a Tumblr room without them. Have print your selfies and do not be afraid to use them in your room. You can hang them on a cord, riding a kind of clothesline, by the way, this idea is very common to be found on Tumblrs.

Another possibility is to attach them to a mural or wall. But, as we said just now, in this style of decoration there are no rules. The sky is the limit. The most important thing is that your room literally has its face.

2. Phrases and quotations

Phrases and quotes are very much posted on the Tumblr network. Then, nothing more fair, that they are also part of the decoration. To do this, use effect phrases or words that represent you and your lifestyle. The pearls can come in signs, framed in pictures, stamped on cushions and etc, etc., etc.

One tip: Make a selection of favorite phrases and words and go by inserting each one into the bedroom décor.

3. Colors

The colors are indispensable in a Tumblr room. Many people believe that decorating in this style is more black and white. The truth is that there is no rule but a trend. This is easily explained.

Neutral colors, such as black and white, are easier to fit into the décor just because they blend nicely with other colors, stronger and more vibrant. Therefore, the idea is to make vivid colors for details and smaller objects, while white, for example, can come on walls, furniture and other larger elements.

But since there are no rules, you can use other colors if you prefer. Attention only for common sense and not to overburden too much in the decoration of the room.

4. Pictures

In this item, there are, for example, the comic drawings, geometric forms, drawings of animals and stylized plants and readings of works of art.

Cacti and succulents are some of the images that are in fashion for this type of room. But here also come drawings of fruits, flowers and artists. Everything varies greatly in this type of decoration, just do not lose sight of the main thing that are your personal tastes.

Think like this, what would stop in your social network enters your decoration. Would you share an image of a cactus? If yes, if this makes sense to you, then put it in your room.

5. Panels

With so much information, you will need a place to organize all of this. One tip is to use panels. They can be cork, magnetic, wood, felt or other material you prefer, as long as you can fix what you want in it.
The panels can occupy the entire wall or just a piece.

6. Plants

The plants are also the face of this type of room. You can bet on the trends of the moment that are the cacti, the succulents and the Adam's ribs. But any other plant will do. Take care only with some species of plants that, due to their toxicity, are not indicated for cultivation in quarters.

7. Lights

These are the big stars of the Tumblr room and one of its main features as well. Widely used in this type of decoration, lights can come in the form of lamps, luminaires, flasher or leds.

With them it is possible to create points of light in the room and visual effects that make it more cozy. Therefore, when setting up your Tumblr do not forget the lights.

8. Simplicity

One very common thing found in Tumblr style rooms is simplicity. The elements used in the decoration are often created by the owner of the room or even made of pieces reused and reused for another purpose. For example, a cup can turn a plant cachep, an unused frame can serve to put that perfect sentence or even a simple bulb turns into a decorative piece valued only by a support or a differentiated wire.

The Tumblr room, as well as social networks, is democratic and accessible. It fits all ages and fits all styles, tastes and pockets. You can make an incredible decoration without spending anything (or almost nothing).

Gallery: 60 images of Tumblr rooms to be inspired

How about you take some inspiration now? Check out some images of Tumblrs rooms for you to fall in love with:

Picture 1 - Curtains are also widely used in the Tumblr room.

Tumblr in Room

Picture 2 - The clothes macaws transmit the personality of the owner of the room.

Tumblr Bedroom Clothes Macaw

Picture 3 - Strips of paper cut out.

Tumblr Cut Out Paper Strips

The floating bed seems to be held up by the strips of cut paper. The result is lightness and harmony. Simple decor and cost zero.

Picture 4 - Tumblr room of neutral and sober colors.

Tumblr Room with neutral and sober colors

Picture 5 - Room Tumblr black and white.

Tumblr Room Black and White

Picture 6 - Tumblr room of ethnic influences.

Ethnic influences in the Tumblr room

Picture 7 - Bed in the Mezzanine.

Non-mezzanine bed

Picture 8 - Tumblr in many details.

Tumblr in many details

This room can be considered Tumblr for many details. Among them the photos, the lamps that go down the wall and the small plants that bring the personal taste of the resident. Note that the photos are in black and white to give continuity to the style of the decoration.

Picture 9 - Tumblr room of geometric shapes on the wall

Tumblr Room with Geometric Shapes

Picture 10 - Bed on the floor and lanyard to customize this Tumblr room.

Bed on the floor and lanyard

Image 11 - Tumblr minimalist.

Tumblr minimalist

Despite the minimalist style, this room does not give up the Tumblr trend when using the cactus in decorating.

Image 12 - Touches of Tumblr elements.

Tumblr ringtones

In this room, the touch of the Tumblr decoration was on account of the sign on the bed and the framed quotes on the wall.

Picture 13 - Illuminated stars bring grace to this Tumblr room.

Illuminated stars bring grace to this Tumblr room

Image 14 - Lamps interlaced in images, photos and messages.

Lamps interlaced in images, photos and messages

Picture 15 - Black and white to leave the room in good and new style Tumblr.

Black and white to leave the room in good and new style Tumblr

Image 16 - Tumblr style to enhance moments.

Tumblr style to enhance momentum

The Tumblr room proposal leaves the atmosphere comfortable and cozy, to enhance every moment in the place.

Picture 17 - Rustic Tumblr Room with modern touch.

Rustic Tumblr Room with Modern Touch

Picture 18 - Book ladder to leave the reading always at hand.

Tumblr Book Stairs in Room

Image 19 - Planta Costela de Adam, another trend of decoration, marking presence also in the Tumblr room.

Adam's Rib in the Decoration

Image 20 - Relaxed tables to compose the decoration.

Relaxed frames

Picture 21 - Room Tumblr of simple decoration.

Tumblr Room with simple decoration

Image 22 - Lamp turning lamp.

Lamp turning lamp

Picture 23 - Tumblr Room with wardrobe exposed.

Tumblr room with exposed wardrobe

Picture 24 - Photos glued casually on the wall.

Photos glued to the wall

Image 25 - White Tumblr Room.

White Tumblr Room

Image 26 - The pacovás decorate this Tumblr room.

The pacovás decorate this room Tumblr

Image 27 - Flasher lights, plants and pictures: the Tumblr room is ready.

Flasher lights, plants and pictures

Picture 28 - Room Tumblr white and gray.

Tumblr White and Gray Room

Picture 29 - The headboard of the bed wraps all the Tumblr elements of this room.

The headboard of the bed wraps all the elements Tumblr

Image 30 - The light of this Tumblr was on account of the candles.

The light of this Tumblr was on account of the candles

Picture 31 - Flowers and shades of pink bring femininity to the room.

Flowers and shades of pink

Image 32 - Lamps around the mirror.

Lamps around the mirror

Picture 33 - Filter of dreams brings nature even more to this room.

Dream filter brings nature even closer to this room

Image 34 - Rectangle on the wall, in the best style Tumblr.

Rectangle on the wall, at the best Tumblr style

Picture 35 - For him and for her: Room Tumblr pink and gray.

For him and for her: Room Tumblr pink and gray

Picture 36 - Tumblr room of neutral tones, but of much personality.

Neutral Tone Tumblr Room

Picture 37 - Phrases of effect on the wall.

Wall effect phrases

The blue-green tone of the wall, present in other objects as well, toyed with the gray and black seriousness of the room. The rest of the decor has no secrets, right?

Image 38 - Clothing as decorative elements.

Clothing as decorative elements

Image 39 - Tumblr Room with delicate decoration.

Tumblr Room with delicate decoration

Image 40 - If you like traveling, stick the mundi map on the wall of your room.

If you like traveling, paste the world map on the wall of your room

Picture 41 - Frames of geometric shapes matching the colors of the bed.

Frames of geometric shapes matching the colors of the bed

Image 42 - Tumblr room with pastel shades.

Tumblr Room with pastel colors

Picture 43 - Simple but striking decoration.

Simple yet striking decoration

Picture 44 - Tumblr Room with wall of burnt cement .

Tumblr Room with Burnt Cement Wall

Picture 45 - Tumblr Desk.

Tumblr Desk

Image 46 - Batman singer: interventions that only a Tumblr room can create.

Batman singer

Picture 47 - Head to the ceiling and Rib of Adam.

Headboard to ceiling

Image 48 - Star illuminated.

Illuminated star

Picture 49 - Drawing on the whole wall. May also!

Tumblr Room: how to decorate with the style of the social network

Picture 50 - Room Tumblr green.

Green Tumblr Room

Picture 51 - Room Tumblr all black.

Room Tumblr all black

Image 52 - Wallpaper can also be used in the Tumblr style.

Wallpaper can also be used in the style Tumblr

Picture 53 - Framed pictures passing different messages.

Framed pictures passing different messages

Picture 54 - Tumblr Room for children.

Tumblr Room for Children

Image 55 - Blue wall to highlight the lamps.

Blue wall to highlight bulbs

Image 56 - Niches to arrange the Tumblr room.

Niches to arrange the Tumblr room

Image 57 - Tumblr Room with Bonsai.

Tumblr Room with Bonsai

Image 58 - Tumblr room with black and white symmetry.

Tumblr Room with black and white symmetry

Image 59 - Tumblr room for no one to fault.

Tumblr room for no one to fault

Image 60 - Room Tumblr female of sober colors.

Sober colored female Tumblr bedroom

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