Toy Story Party: 60 decorating ideas and theme photos

Toy Story is an animated trilogy in a Disney partnership with Pixar studio, started in 1995 and with the third film released in 2010. The protagonists are toys that inhabit Andy's bedroom and come to life when its owner is away. Sheriff Woody and Space Patrolman Buzz Lightyear are central to the storyline that follows the adventures of the dolls and other toys in Andy's bedroom. Today we will talk about the decoration of toy story party :

The franchise was the beginning of the Disney-Pixar partnership is among the most famous animations in the world, with several products among toys, games and cartoons. Thus, it is also among the most used themes in the decoration of children's parties, even for the youngest children.

In this post, we have separated some tips for putting together a toy story party perfect theme-based and imagery to inspire you to apply these tips!

Come on:

  • The primary colors : Yellow, Blue and Red are the primary colors and colors of the basic theme of the movies. Also, think about the predominant colors in character characterizations and scenarios. A super fun and colorful party, you can not go wrong!
  • Include all toys and characters : how the story of the movies revolves around the toys of a boy, how about including the favorite items of their little ones and even ask their guests to bring their to complete the joke?
  • Think of subtopics : working with subtopics as your favorite characters or a main character makes the party more specific and consistent in the details.

60 Decorating Ideas for Children's Toy Story Party

Now we go to the selected images with 60 decorating ideas for Toy Story party:

Cake and candy table for Toy Story party

Picture 1 - Decoration of the Toy Story party with elements of nature for fresher air.

Toy Story Party Decoration

Adding natural elements or imitating plants and open environments gives a cooler climate to the environment, even if it's a salon.

Picture 2 - Basing the party in a single character.

Party based on the character Andy

As the movie trilogy has many characters, try to choose some to base yourself or even one who is your protagonist.

Picture 3 - Feast Toy Story baby / for the little ones.

Toy Story Party Baby Decoration

Toy Story is a movie that delights all ages and is ideal for use as a theme for children's first birthdays.

Picture 4 - Decoration of the background with the famous little clouds.

Background decoration with clouds

The clouds in the party decor makes the environment look like Andy's room!

Picture 5 - Decoration Toy Story simple party: large and colorful table for a party with many guests.

Large table full of color

Picture 6 - Toy Story special party for your little space patrolman.

Space Patrol Special Party

In addition to Woody, Buzz Lightyear, the most beloved space patrolman in pop culture, is also a star who forms an incredible party.

Picture 7 - Main table based on a more rustic climate with wood and the apparent table.

Table based on a more rustic climate

Trying to get away from the more traditional decorations, try using different elements, materials, and patterns.

Picture 8 - Working with the main colors for the Toy Story party.

Working with main colors

Yellow, blue and red are the most used colors in the animation and make the party decoration features.

Picture 9 - Use the costume patterns and scenery to create your story.

Toy Story Party: 60 decorating ideas and theme photos

Picture 10 - Mix the decoration of the film with the furniture and accessories that you have available.

Mix the movie decoration

Even with a decoration closer to the Provencal, the style of the party and the environment remains unchanged.

Custom Toy, Baby, and Sweets for Toy Story Party

Picture 11 - Toy Story Decor personalized with cupcakes.

Custom Cupcakes

Cute Cupcakes for Toy Story Party

More cupcakes for the theme

Thinking about the characters in Toy Story, there are several inspirations to apply in decorating with cupcakes and minicupcakes. From whipped cream to make the aliens waiting for The Claw to a chocolate-shaped cowboy hat from Woody!

Picture 12 - Individual sweets with references to the characters.

Individual candies with references to the characters

Picture 13 - In the old-west style: horse racing!

Toy Story Party: 60 decorating ideas and theme photos

One way to entertain the guests is to propose activities and games! Besides making the party cheerful, it involves everyone and makes the moment even more dynamic.

Image 14 - Personalized milk bottles.

Custom Milk Bottles

To make food and beverages more visible and interesting for the little ones, think of packaging that explores the theme and gets their attention!

Picture 15 - Gum balls of the characters to party Toy Story.

Character Gum Balls

Ballets with the characters

Image 16 - Pizza Planet Minipizza!

Pizza Planet Minipizza

Pizza Planet and its delivery car made their first appearance in Toy Story and have since been featured as an Easter Egg in other Disney-Pixar films. Do not forget to order some pizzas from him at the time of the party!

Image 17 - Packing for ready-made sweets.

Packing for ready-made sweets

If you're going to use ready-made or industrialized candy, use different ways to keep the unit from decorating and hiding the packaging, like those colored papers with Jessie's theme.

Picture 18 - Sweets for infinity ... and beyond!

Sweets to the infinite ... and beyond

Still thinking of packaging, as the character's poster board is extensive and quite diverse, separate the packaging of candy specific to each character.

Picture 19 - Plaquinhas personalized for brigadeiros.

Custom Plaques for Brigadiers

Toy Story Party: 60 decorating ideas and theme photos

An easy, quick and economical decoration. Can be purchased in large quantity or made with printed cardboard paper and wooden toothpick.

Image 20 - Chocolate lollipops from Mr. Potato Head.

Chocolate lollipops from Mr. Potato Head

The lollipops, cakepops, and tartlets on the toothpick make the greatest success and with a little creativity and American paste, are even more flashy.

Picture 21 - Buttery biscuits super decorated.

Super-decorated buttery biscuits

These biscuits are so beautiful they do not even want to eat! But with a special icing, every bite is a wonderful taste.

Image 22 - Box of juice with special packaging.

Juice box with special packaging

Hiding the industrial packaging again!

Toy Story Party Decoration

Image 23 - Slap to start filming your party.

Slate to start filming your party

A good way to replace the panel or frame at the entrance of the party and already enter the atmosphere of this animation.

Picture 24 - All based on the woody cowboy ranch.

Party all based on woody cowboy ranch

As we have already said, doing subtopics or focusing on a character is only a good way to maintain consistency and create a completely different decor.

Picture 25 - Enjoy to decorate with your little toys and even with old toys.

Enjoy to decorate with the toys of your little

Decoration with toys

Old toys bring curiosity in children and nostalgia in adults. A super fun way to make the décor an extra attraction for your guests.

Image 26 - Welders in Action.

Soldiers in action

They are super cheap and easy to find and are always on a secret mission out there ...

Image 27 - Many colorful balloons.

Many colorful balloons

A children's party without balloons is hardly a party! The colors that appear in the title of the film - yellow, blue and red - form a great combination of primary colors and dialogue very well with the rest of the party.

Image 28 - Accessories to enter the game and become a character.

Accessories to enter the game

Toy Story Party Accessories

The fantasy party can also be a very interesting sub-theme, but it is not mandatory, how about inviting your guests to characterize themselves as the characters with few elements?

Image 29 - Choose the colors of your favorite characters.

Choose the colors of your favorite characters

Buzz is also very popular when the party is centered on a character.

Image 30 - The Claw as a ceiling decoration.

The Claw as a ceiling decoration

The coolest thing about the decoration is to introduce, as in the movies, some easter eggs.

Image 31 - The Buzz Rocket.

The Buzz Rocket

For an outdoor party, the rocket parked the Buzz Lightyear becomes an attraction for children, even if it can not go to infinity and beyond.

Image 32 - Spread the characters through space.

Spread the characters through space

If your little one already has many dolls from the characters in the movie, the most interesting thing is to spread them around the environment as a form of decoration.

Characters in the decoration

Image 33 - Rings for space and old-west napkin.

Rings for napkins

With a slightly heavier weight paper, print rectangular labels and glue the ends of them, forming a circle to accommodate the napkins.

Image 34 - Accessories for all the guests to be sheriffs of their cities.

Accessories for all guests

Picture 35 - Horse racing made with half stockings!

Horse Racing

The wooden horse race has been mentioned here, but did you know that you can make the horses at home and in the colors and patterns you want? Take a look at this tutorial:

Image 36 - Various types of table decoration.

Various types of table decoration

Decoration with flowers

Fun pot

The table decorations can be of any type, both in a more natural style, with flowers, even more handmade and with designs made by the birthday girl and her friends.

Toy Story Cakes

Image 37 - Cake as a pedestal for the main stage.

Cake as a stage pedestal

The cake, even with all the decor on the cover, can serve very well as a base for a toy setting with all your favorite characters.

Picture 38 - Woody and Jessie Cake-shaped.

Cake with Hat by Woody and Jessie

After all, this jeans, star buckle belt, white shirt with black spots and hats are recognizable in any way.

Image 39 - Several layers with different top of characters.

Multiple layers with different top

The various layers of the cake can be used to honor each character.

Image 40 - Woody cake in a single layer.

Woody Bun Single Layer

Image 41 - One layer per character.

One layer per character

Image 42 - Cloud cake with two layers.

Cloud cake with two layers

For a party for the early years of children, think of lighter colors and even the famous little nuances of Andy's bedroom wallpaper.

Picture 43 - Cake universe.

Toy Story universe cake

In honor of aliens and space patrollers.

Image 44 - Fake cake in EVA with many details.

Fake cake in EVA full of details

Another way to assemble a super decorated and colorful cake is to work with EVA and with stationery materials.

Image 45 - Decoration with American Galaxies Patrol Binder.

Decoration with American paste

Picture 46 - Decoration in Biscuit on top of the cake of the young Woody.

Biscuit decoration

To further personalize the party, how about turning your little birthday boy into a character in the movie?

Picture 47 - Cake of three floors with decoration of American paste.

Toy Story Three-Story Cake

Toy Story Party Souvenirs

Picture 48 - Sacolinhas with personalized print of your theme.

Custom printed sachets

Kraft paper bags are simple and cheap and can even be customized with ribbons and stickers.

Image 49 - Thematic candy sachets to continue eating at home.

Sachet Candy Bags

The candy bags are classic at children's parties and can still carry a different packaging.

Picture 50 - Simple gift box with custom sticker.

Box of simple souvenirs

The simple packaging is graceful with stickers and other elements of decoration.

Picture 51 - A toy to call your own and take to your home.

A toy to call your own

To get even more into the mood, a Toy Story-themed party is all about a keepsake toy for your guests

Picture 52 - Invest in packages full of personality and varied for your guests to exchange.

Invest in packages full of personality

Picture 53 - The classic bag of souvenirs and sweets.

The classic bag of souvenirs and sweets

Another classic of children's parties with candy and souvenir toys.

Picture 54 - Kit cowboy.

Cowboy kit

If your party is focused on old-west inspired toys, nothing more inside the theme than a complete cowboy kit for your guests.

Picture 55 - EVA sacolinha to make at home.

EVA sachet to make at home

For a more artisanal climate, choose a simple and versatile material to work with.

Image 56 - Tube with sticker of your party.

Tube with your party's sticker

The acrylic tubing has been up in recent times and, because they are transparent, they can get all kinds of decoration.

Image 57 - Toys for your guests.

Toys for your guests

Image 58 - A surprise bundle.

Surprise bundle

Another type of packaging well elaborated and simple is to use fabric and to form a bundle. The cotton fabrics are very cheap and have many types of prints, choose the perfect one for your decoration.

Image 59 - Another special little bag.

Another special little bag

Image 60 - Gum balls in boxes with the characters.

Gum balls in boxes

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