Townhouses: 60 models, designs and photos

The small townhouse is a simple and popular building, which has gained expansion in the area of ​​housing. Today it has a modern look, even if small, through high quality materials and sophisticated rooms.

Its two-story building with backyard or pool for recreation area is perfect for housing a traditional family. Its needs program caters to all types of public, receiving a treatment of facade differentiated for each type of resident. Generally, the plot is a small lot that is located close to the street, walled by gate or with a beautiful garden or garage in the front.

Advantages of building small house

  • Optimization of terrain : For small terrains it is possible to work the verticalization to make the most of the available space. Instead of building a traditional house with a smaller yard, the construction of the sobrado encompasses many solutions if it addresses the needs of each type of resident.
  • Economic work : Because it is small, consequently the expense is lower! But this does not interfere with the beauty and modernity that you intend to give the house. With the new technologies and materials it is possible to erect the sobrado with practical methods that add beauty.
  • Variety : The options for building a small and modern townhouse are many! The most sought after model is the houses without walls: these have a front garden, because they value the construction without the need of gates that interfere in the visual of the facade.

60 models of small houses inside and out

The townhouse is a type of building much sought after by having this large house joint with space saving. Check out 60 ideas on how to build, decorate and design small houses :


The decoration of a small townhouse can vary greatly in the style of the residents. Some artifacts can be used to help in the better distribution and visualization of spaces, such as the removal of internal walls, the construction of mezzanines, the use of leaked elements and the valuation of glass windows.

Defining a style is essential to start this task! The accessories and the combination of colors and materials are what identify the personality and the routine of who resides in the house. See beautiful decoration ideas of small houses inside and out:

Picture 1 - Clarity in all the corners!

Clarity in all internal parts of the house.

Picture 2 - The industrial air creates the perfect scenario for this type of construction.

Industrial style for a small townhouse

Picture 3 - The lateral corridor gains a landscaping and functional treatment.

Dedicated side corridor for a small townhouse

Picture 4 - Be inspired in the layout of loft to leave your sobrado modern and jovial.

Layout of loft for small townhouse

Picture 5 - Create visual amplitude by removing the inner walls.

Build amplitude by removing the walls in a small house

Picture 6 - Integrate all the spaces!

In a small house, integrate all the spaces

Image 7 - The glass facade allows the entrance of light throughout the house.

Glass facade allows the entrance of light

Picture 8 - The original structure left the interior with azorean air!

Two-storey house keeping the original structure

Picture 9 - The open stairway does not delimit the space.

Two Storey Houses: 60 models, designs and photos

Image 10 - Functionality is all in small houses.

Functionality makes a difference in small environments

Picture 11 - Create full and empty interiors with mezzanines.

Mezzanines to create full and empty

Picture 12 - Decoration of jovial and modern sobrado.

Detached house style decoration

Picture 13 - The bright colors give the modern air to the house.

Bright colors give the modern air to the house

Picture 14 - Use the airspace to optimize to the maximum!

Use airspace to further optimize space

Image 15 - Leaked partitions allow the integration and passage of light and air throughout the space.

Bet on leaked partitions in small townhouses

Small house facades and models

Now that you've come up with cool ideas for decorating small houses on the outside, see more ideas for facades and the outside area:

Picture 16 - Straight lines are synonymous with modernity!

Straight lines: modernity for your townhouse project

Working with the flat roof makes the facade much more modern. This detail has become a trend both in houses and in more traditional residences.

Image 17 - The contrast of materials forms a beautiful design on the facade.

Contrast of materials on the facade

This façade brings together different elements that complement each other, such as glass and wood on the upper floor, and the hollow element that lines the ground floor, leaving the feel of a modern home.

Image 18 - Simple solution for window and facade.

Simple solution for window and facade

Ideal for uniformizing the facade, without the need for glazing or brises.

Image 19 - The external staircase is an option to enjoy the entire internal area of ​​the house.

Bet on the external staircase to enjoy the internal area of ​​the house

Image 20 - The brick in sight leaves any facade welcoming!

Small, cozy house with exposed brick facade

This material is the darling for this type of construction. The nifty is to compose a colorful painting to give that modern and cozy air.

Image 21 - Glass plans value construction.

Glass plans that value construction

Image 22 - The front lawn can become a beautiful leisure area.

Gramado as leisure area

Picture 23 - Create external passages for better circulation.

External passageways to improve circulation in a small townhouse

Picture 24 - The graffiti value even more the wall of the sobrado!

Graffiti can enhance the facade of a small house.

Picture 25 - Small house with balcony.

Make room with the use of balconies in small townhouses

The balconies on the pavements take advantage of the space to create leisure areas and an extension of the environments. This solution is ideal for small plots, where each area must be harnessed for the use of the residents.

Image 26 - To give more prominence to the project, use more intense colors in some detail of the facade.

Use more striking colors in a detail of the facade of the house

Image 27 - The duo of gray and white colors make the look more contemporary.

White and gray: a classic combination for the facade

Image 28 - Sliding doors promote a greater integration of spaces.

Integrate spaces with sliding doors

Image 29 - Even with the garage door, try to work the facade well.

Work well on the facade to have an incredible result in a house project.

Picture 30 - Small house with rustic air.

Townhouse with rustic decoration

Picture 31 - Sobrado small and cozy: the yellow volume highlighted the façade of the house.

Small, cozy house

The ground floor gains a modern structure that allows this youthful look to the residence. The yellow paint takes all the warmth that a townhouse needs!

Picture 32 - Small and simple townhouse.

Townhouse small and simple

Picture 33 - Small townhouse with backyard.

Small house with yard

Image 34 - Facade of black sobrado.

Small house with black color

Picture 35 - The rounded balcony breaks the use of the orthogonal lines in the construction.

Round balcony in small house

Image 36 - The stone cladding complements the white facade.

Stone facade cladding

Image 37 - Colored details highlight the look of the house.

Colorful details on the facades

Picture 38 - O burnt cement House very well with the brick.

Cement burned with brick on the facade

Picture 39 - Sobrado colored geminada.


Picture 40 - Sliding doors give beauty and flexibility in construction.

Sliding doors give flexibility to construction

The small lot is looking for modern building solutions. In the above design, sliding doors open the look to the yard that ensures privacy and comfort at the same time.

Image 41 - Gate and façade of the mixed house.

Gate merged into the facade

Work the balance and harmony when inserting an entrance gate. Using the same construction language for the wall is an outlet for those who do not want to go wrong in the composition. You can do this using similar colors or materials with the same finish.

Picture 42 - Small house with wooden details.

Small house with wood

Picture 43 - The facade of the yard is also very important.

Facade of backyard of small house

Give functionality to the yard not forgetting the back facade. In the above design, doors and windows create the privacy and seamless integration for the proposal.

Picture 44 - The classic P & B allows a more modern residence.

Facade with the classic combination of black and white.

Picture 45 - Work the garden with a beautiful landscaping project!

Bet on a landscaping project

Image 46 - The balcony is the most requested space in this type of construction.

Small house facade

Image 47 - Painting is a simple and economical technique to enhance the facade.

Bet on the paint to save on the facade

Image 48 - Straight lines give contemporary air to the facade.

Contemporary facade with straight lines

Picture 49 - The garage with percolated is a classic in this type of dwelling.

Garage with pergola in small house

Picture 50 - Facade of small and modern townhouse.

Exterior area of ​​small and modern townhouse

Image 51 - Highlight the main entrance of the house.

Main entry highlighted in the project

Giving a different treatment to the entrance door makes a big difference in the construction. Apply a coating throughout the interior to create a sense of elegance and stand out from the rest of the facade.

Image 52 - The front gate also receives a treatment for the total set of the facade.

Small house facade

Image 53 - Value the constructive details with differentiated finishes.

Differentiated finishes in construction details

Those who want a modern home, ideally create volumes on the facade, provided they are highlighted through painting or contrasts of materials.

Image 54 - The glass plane allows the view to the sidewalk.

The glass plane allows the view to the sidewalk

Image 55 - The large glass panels gave sophistication to the facade.

Glass panels gave sophistication to the facade

The features give lightness to the facade and still help in natural lighting for the interior of the house. Glass is a modern and functional material for any type of facade.

Small house plan

For easy viewing, we separate practical examples of small houseplant plants for you to get inspired before you do your project. Check out all the models below:

Picture 56 - Floor plan with 2 bedrooms.

Floor plan

The emptiness in the upper floor allows to create a mezzanine and a glass plan in the construction.

Image 57 - The balcony in the suites allows to air and to enjoy the external landscape.

Small floor plan: the balcony in the suites allows to air and enjoy the external landscape

Picture 58 - Floor plan with 3 bedrooms.

Small house with 3 bedrooms

This townhouse has integrated environments on the ground floor and privileged dormitories on the upper floor. This project can be considered high investment because of its more extensive needs program.

Image 59 - Ideal for a family, where each space has a great use.

Floor plan with great space for the whole family

Image 60 - For narrow terrain, create an extended sobrado.

Small house plan for narrow lot

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