Toilets with pellets

At tablets are known to be a practical coating for wet areas due to their resistance to water and dirt. In the bathroom, they can be applied to the surfaces or in some detail of the workbench, small bathroom , neutral and lifeless. For those who consider having a bathroom with pellets , keep reading our guide:

In the market, we can find them in several sizes and in three types of materials: glass, porcelain and ceramics. The dimensions can vary of the taste and the proposal of each resident, reason why they are considered a versatile piece in the decoration.

Accessible and popular, this material is sold in individual pieces or in plates, in the most varied finishes and formats. Remember that on the boards, the workmanship is much faster and more efficient, but the finish can differ if they are not well positioned. They can be round, rectangular, square, and hexagonal. The most common and easiest handling are the square ones. However, the hexagonal are the darlings of the moment, as they create a different effect despite the need for greater care in the application.

Depending on the design, they can be used in various ways for bathroom decor. Some choose to coat the entire box or just one of the walls, forming a small detail in the setting. The cool thing about tablets is that they allow you to create drawings and graphics depending on how the visual composition is applied.

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Tips for Choosing the Bathroom Gown

With this material, one can create infinite effects, the moment of choice calls for special attention for each type of proposal. In small bathrooms, the ideal is to opt for clear, alternating with dark tablets, so that it creates a harmonious composition with contrast and space. Forming banners on just one wall or across the bathroom is also another way of highlighting the boundary of that environment.

For those who want to get out of the basic tile, you can choose a neutral color coating walls and floors. This already provides a new and differentiated visual appearance. Another way of coating is to create the partition of the wall, with only one part of tablets and the rest of another material of your taste.

One caution you should take care of is in choosing the grout because the color can change every look you intend for your bathroom. For example, if you have a bathroom with white bathroom furniture and a clear marble countertop, it is best to choose the basic white. Now, if your bathroom is colored and has a more youthful proposal, highlight the pads by applying a grout that contrasts with the pieces.

90 ideas of bathrooms with pellets

To find out more, check out 90 baths with various techniques and more tips ranging from finishing to applying them to the wall. Learn how to combine the inserts in your bathroom with these designs now:

Picture 1 - The tablets invade the box and a part of the floor delimiting the spaces of the environment.

image (1)

The clear inserts can form an incredible contrast with the rest of the décor. In the case of the above design, the wood details enhanced even more with the white surfaces of the walls and floor. Another interesting way of applying is to delimit the bathroom space, notice that the pads have defined the bath area of ​​the box extending to the bench area.

Picture 2 - The tablet in green color highlighted the bathroom wood.

image (2)

To look for a bolder decoration, the colored inserts can be applied by any bathroom box. Taking care that the chosen color conforms to the rest of the room.

Picture 3 - Black always brings sophistication to the environment.

image (3)

Black environments always convey elegance due to their dark tonality. The beauty of this bathroom was the predominance of the use of the tablets, as well as creating points of prominence in the visual, which was the case of the blue bench and the white vat.

Picture 4 - Be creative and make a floor design with the pads.

image (4)

Use inserts in two different and complementary shades, forming a fun pattern for the floor. The final look of the game of drawings has more effect in larger bathrooms, since its extension is longer and consequently, the traits become more reinforced.

Picture 5 - The bands in different colors take a fun air for the look of the bathroom.

Toilets with pellets

There is also the option of drawing banners inside the box with extension out, bringing color points to the environment. It is a valid option to bring personality, without using the material in large proportions. When the inserts are applied in this way, you can create and delimit areas in the environment such as a box, countertop or even a floor mat.

Picture 6 - Black and white bathroom with tablets: this design uses the hexagonal tablets in the colors on the floor.

image (6)

Lovers of classic decor can opt for white inserts and draw a frame with some black pieces. The opposite also guarantees the same effect! But as white carries the feeling of amplitude, in small bathrooms they are almost indispensable.

Picture 7 - Make a combination of colors between the inserts.

image (7)

You can compose two different colored inserts so that one of them is more neutral. In that case, the beige tablet did not unravel the combination, leaving the green highlight on the bathroom's main wall.

Picture 8 - Give the fun touch in the bathroom!

image 8)

Picture 9 - For lovers of red: bet on a whole box pastilled.

image (9)

Picture 10 - Or in a whole wall that highlights when entering the bathroom.

Toilets with pellets

Picture 11 - The mix of tablets is a way to leave the bathroom clean but with a little color.

image (11)

The mix can be made from three shades of tablets and can create various effects on the environment. In the bathroom above, the pieces were positioned evenly across the surface.

Figure 12 - Insert the inserts into some construction details.

image (12)

For those who seek a more discreet decoration, apply the tablets in small elements of the environment, as in the niche inside the box, in the drain area or scattered on the wall. With these little places you create focal points and give charm to a normally cold and bland environment. It is an option for anyone looking for something different but is afraid to use it on entire walls.

Picture 13 - Bathroom with retro style.

image (13)

Picture 14 - Create a fun effect for a bathroom stall.

image (14)

This is another example of how the tablet mix can be applied. The game pieces almost form a gradient on the wall, without leaving the neutral proposal, but carrying an extra charm in the bathroom.

Picture 15 - Box with an incredible effect that resembles the bottom of the sea.

image (15)

Figure 16 - Hexagonal inserts are a way out of the conventional.

image (16)

Picture 17 - The bottom of the box is the ideal wall to highlight the bathroom.

image (17)

Play with the shades of a color and incorporate a fun and cheerful composition for your bathroom. For those who are afraid to risk, a wall is enough to create the differentiated effect on the environment.

Picture 18 - The lighting behind the mirror further enhances the wall finish.

image (18)

The led strip can create an axis of light on the inserts and bring more emphasis to them. The look is light and cozy at the same time!

Picture 19 - Neutral colors are synonymous with modernity!

image (19)

Picture 20 - Blue Tiffany Tablets for lovers of this trend color.

image (20)

Picture 21 - The floor contrasted amidst the neutral decor.

image (21)

Picture 22 - For those who like glamor this idea is perfect to choose.

image (22)

Image 23 - The bottom of the niches has gained a special detail.

image (23)

A great option to apply pellets is to use colors in the bathroom niches. The contrast of the materials is surprising and values ​​this element. In addition, the application becomes even easier, since some types of tablets are sold in plates, making its use easier. They look beautiful when applied in niches, because they create a fun and different point.

Picture 24 - Black inserts composing with a different joinery.

image (24)

Use stripes to create a frame, or apply the inserts over the entire wall to make the material stand out from the mirror. Remember to work the ratio of the wall and the mirror so that the strip is at a nice width.

Picture 25 - A bathroom with lots of personality!

Toilets with pellets

The colored inserts look perfect in bathrooms with children's air! Mainly when compounded with items that are in an analog coating color.

Picture 26 - The bathroom with pink inserts with scintillating finish demonstrate well the personality of the resident.

image (26)

Picture 27 - Bathroom with glass inserts: a bathroom with classic style can also gain flooring.

image (27)

Glass inserts are suitable for anyone who is afraid to apply some color to the coating. They leave the environment light but also decorate in a balanced way without disfiguring the look.

Picture 28 - Gray bathroom with tablets: perfect combination of the burnt cement with the red tablets.

image (28)

O burnt cement is one of the darlings in decoration. Combining the shade of gray with the strong colors of pellets is the perfect composition for a modern and bold environment.

Picture 29 - Clean bathroom with application of tablets.

image (29)

Picture 30 - The pearly effect of the tablets left the bathroom with a delicate appearance.

image (30)

It is interesting to create a strip of lozenges on the wall behind the pot. In this way, this space is delimited and life is given to the normally white bathroom.

Picture 31 - For those who do not give up a neutral and modern bathroom.

image (31)

Picture 32 - The pillbox took more charm to this bathroom.

image (32)

Picture 33 - For those who do not want to escape from a traditional bathroom, you can opt for white tablets.

image (33)

Picture 34 - You can choose to make only one strip with the inserts.

image (34)

Picture 35 - Whole bathroom coated with tablets.

Toilets with pellets

Image 36 - Apply your favorite color in the decoration.

image (36)

Image 37 - How about coating your bathroom like this? Leave only the ceiling over paint.

image (37)

Coating the entire bathroom creates an interesting texture effect, which also provides continuity and impression of spaciousness to the environment.

Picture 38 - A neutral base can always receive a colorful touch.

Toilets with pellets

Any neutral base can receive color! If you have a white or beige bathroom, you can upgrade the decor with the pads. Choose a location of your own and make a modern page with this beautiful coat!

Picture 39 - On one side tablets in the same tonality and the other an incredible mix.

image (39)

Picture 40 - The inserts can delimit the space of each shower when the box is shared.

Toilets with pellets

For a neutral color environment, apply the pads in the shower area, in more contrasting colors and in vertical stripes. In this way they define the areas, even more when the box is shared. Choose the texture with brightness that guarantees the differential in the composition.

Picture 41 - Metallic inserts leave any sophisticated bathroom.

image (41)

Picture 42 - Gray matches any bathroom decor.

image (42)

Picture 43 - Earthy colors make up the design of this bathroom.

image (43)

As the proposal is a cozier bathroom, the tablets with blends of beige and white were the correct choice to reinforce this feature. Nothing is more than working the tone on tone, which always works in the decoration.

Picture 44 - For a romantic line, bet on this décor!

image (44)

Picture 45 - Even on curved walls the inserts fit perfectly.

image (45)

Picture 46 - With the bathtub transparent, white tablets have brought refinement and beauty.

image (46)

The choice of white inserts highlight the most important element of this bathroom which is the glass / acrylic bath. The clean style prevails throughout the environment, without leaving it very classic and not very daring.

Picture 47 - A functional and authentic bathroom!

image (47)

Image 48 - The greenish tones broke the predominance of white in the decoration.

image (48)

Picture 49 - Bathroom with pink tablets.

image (49)

For lovers of pink, try to work the color with caution. Currently the materials offer a softer color tone, leaving the combination more harmonic and neutral. The cool of the pink inserts is to work with the texture of the part, the brightness can offer all the charm needed for the final result.

Picture 50 - The tablets appear discreetly, but they take all the charm to the bathroom.

image (50)

The tablets can match the item in the bathroom. In the above design, the gray countertop was the key point for the choice of flooring, which did not alter the clean proposal of the environment. The tone on tone was worked once again successfully!

Picture 51 - The inserts can match with some bathroom items.

Toilets with pellets

And the beige tones invade this bathroom, bringing more comfort and coziness!

Image 52 - The inserts may surprise the final result.

Bathrooms with tablets 1

Picture 53 - The pagination of the tablets on the floor created a playful effect for this bathroom.

Bathrooms with tablets 2

The play on the floor in shades of blue gave more movement to the environment, transforming a classic bathroom with more personality.

Picture 54 - The mix of tablets can be worked in gradient form.

Bathrooms with tablets 3

Picture 55 - The thinner strips are more delicate and guarantee a distinctive touch on the walls.

Bathrooms with tablets 4

Picture 56 - Be creative and create a graphic on the bathroom wall!

Bathrooms with tablets 5

Image 57 - Bathroom with pastilled bands.

Bathrooms with tablets 6

Screenshot 58 - The blue inserts create a highlight in the background.

Bathrooms with tablets 7

Applied in a strategic position, the colored tablet (can be metallic, with brightness or with strong tones) can make contrast with the predominance of the neutral giving refinement to the environment. Pay attention to the color or the chosen finish that should be in harmony with the rest of the room prioritizing the desired final result.

Image 59 - The gray tablets is an option to keep the bathroom clean.

Bathrooms with tablets 8

Image 60 - Highlight the shape of the insert with the color of the grout.

Bathrooms with tablets 9

The white grout reinforced the shape of the hexagonal piece. Because they have a distinctive design, try to highlight them in this way by working with the contrast in the finish.

Picture 61 - The black insert ensures more elegance for the bathroom.

Bathrooms with tablets 10

Picture 62 - Bathroom with grayscale tablets.

Bathrooms with tablets 11

Figure 63 - Apply end to end of the bathroom countertop.

Bathrooms with tablets 12

Picture 64 - Gray bathroom with black inserts

Bathrooms with tablets 13

Picture 65 - Metallic inserts bring a visual impact, bringing more sophistication to the bathroom.

Bathrooms with tablets 14

Image 66 - The tablet can match the bathroom accessories.

Bathrooms with tablets 15

As the wall receives shades of purple, accessories like towels, rugs, brackets can complement the look of the bathroom. It is ideal to work the balance in the composition, remembering that less is always more!

Image 67 - Tablets in bathroom composing with mirror.

Bathrooms with tablets 16

Image 68 - Contrast of the black tablet with beige grout.

Bathrooms with tablets 17

This contrast gave the bathroom a more jovial air! Black offers elegance and the composition on the wall with the shelves gave personality and the touch off.

Picture 69 - In this bathroom the proposal was to keep the decoration neutral without giving up the modernity.

Bathrooms with tablets 18

Picture 70 - The shape of the tablets say a lot in the decoration.

Bathrooms with tablets 19

The shape of the inserts can define the style of the bathroom. In this case, they have offered more elegance to the bathroom that already have sophisticated accessories.

Picture 71 - Bathroom with black tablets.

Bathrooms with tablets 20

Picture 72 - Play with the contrast of the planes.

Bathrooms with tablets 21

Picture 73 - The clear inserts bring a charm in the decoration.

Bathrooms with tablets 22

Picture 74 - The colored tablet takes personality to the bathroom.

Bathrooms with tablets 23

The perpendicular strip that extends through the bathroom turns the bathroom into a more modern air! This technique can be done in any bathroom, as long as it has a neutral base without any other colored coating in the environment.

Picture 75 - Bathroom with white tablets.

Bathrooms with tablets 24

Picture 76 - Bathroom with blue inserts.

Bathrooms with tablets 25

Image 77 - Bathroom with bronze inserts.

Bathrooms with pellets 26

Picture 78 - Bathroom with mix of green pastilles.

Bathrooms with tablets 27

Image 79 - Different finishes for each location.

Bathrooms with tablets 28

To create some highlights in the environment, you can create different pages with the inserts. In the above design, the box receives simple inserts and inside the niche a mix of inserts give all the charm for that final composition.

Picture 80 - Simple and modern!

Bathrooms with tablets 29

Picture 81 - The tablet highlights the location of the bathroom countertop.

Bathrooms with pellets 30

Image 82 - The color of the tablet and grout did not affect in the style of the bathroom.

Bathrooms with tablets 31

Picture 83 - Create drawings on the tablet floor.

Bathrooms with tablets 32

Picture 84 - The bench with tablets is ideal to get out of the ordinary.

Bathrooms with tablets 33

For the application in bench the ideal is that it is done with colored tablets on the granite rodabanca of the tub, which will give a more exquisite air to the environment.

Picture 85 - Details that make the difference!

Bathrooms with tablets 34

Image 86 - The effect of this tablet is even greater when it covers a large plane.

Bathrooms with pellets 35

The larger surface further enhances the sparkling finish of the red insert. In this way they take refinement and elegance without having to invest so much in the rest of the decoration.

Picture 87 - Bathroom with lilac inserts.

Bathrooms with tablets 36

Picture 88 - Make a different workbench in your bathroom!

Bathrooms with pellets 37

Image 89 - The tablets have drawn a niche on the wall.

Bathrooms with tablets 38

The contour of the inserts on the walls can define a niche that covers the mirror and the width of the table. The effect is modern which can also be done through a painting.

Image 90 - Ideal for a bathroom near the pool.

Bathrooms with tablets 39

As the pool area requires a sturdy and safe water floor, the bathroom also could not miss. This type of material is great, because it guarantees these characteristics, but also decorate the space.
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