Tiffany blue in the decoration: ideas and examples to apply the color

Famous for the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co , O blue Tiffany gained more power when it comes to decoration. Its presence is so remarkable, that any detail applied in the environment emphasizes the visual. In the decoration it has the function to highlight the strategic points to have a charming and modern environment!

How to decorate the house with blue Tiffany?

Knowing how to use this color is one of the biggest challenges for those who do not have the help of a decoration professional. So we've separated some tips to apply the color in the environment:

Tiffany blue color

1. Value the little details.

Use the tone on the sofas fabrics, the upholstery of the armchairs, bedding, curtains, pillow cases and the details of the joinery. This touch of color will create an interesting highlight in the composition, without becoming very evident.

2. Apply to wall

Use the painting technique on only one wall so that the color is not exaggerated and give the necessary highlighting. If you are afraid of feeling colorless, look for a more discreet surface such as hallways or small walls.

Another type of application on the wall are the ceramic tiles that have the turquoise version, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Combine the tone with other colors

Just as other colors have the function of transmitting sensations, the combination can enhance the desired style. In addition to the neutral colors, such as white, gray and black, they convey softness and leave the contemporary environment. Try to bet on more vibrant tones, balancing with the use of decorative objects.

4. Leave the neutral base with more personality

The easiest way to decorate the environment with Tiffany is by choosing a neutral environment. So any element inserted serves as a complement in the decoration. Take a chance by buying pictures and vases that have the Tiffany blue as the predominant color and see how successful it is!

Advantages of Tiffany Blue

Color makes it possible to transform neutral environments into joyful and sophisticated spaces with these little devices mentioned above. Even more for those who seek to reduce mental stress and tiredness, improving the quality of life, whether in the home office, the small apartment, in the social areas or even in the bathroom (which is often left to decorate later)

Play without fear in color, especially for those who want to innovate without doing a great makeover inside the residence. And do not be scared to see the Tiffany blue in men's environments, as the trend is to seek new combinations without taking away the personality and style of the resident.

60 designs using blue color Tiffany in decoration

With moderate use and in right places, Tiffany can be combined into any decorating style. Maintaining visual balance is the best way to make the result look beautiful and striking at the same time! To see how this works in practice, get inspired with 60 projects that abuse color without fear:

Picture 1 - Apply the color in the linen of bed in the room.

Color in bedroom linen

There is nothing better than changing the look of the room weekly quickly and practically. Investing in bedding is one such solution that can leave the room with another face without having to make big investments.

Picture 2 - Paint the wall with this wraparound color!

Paint the wall in this color

The lobby is one of the places also overlooked for most of the locals. And if you do not know how to decorate, try applying a vibrant color to the wall and see the difference in the look that this technique offers.

Picture 3 - Highlight some points in the decoration.

Highlight some dots in the decoration

You do not have to leave the classic to apply other colors in the environment. Choose some points you want to highlight and enter without fear!

Picture 4 - In the middle of neutral tones, a striking detail.

A neutral detail amid neutral tones

Note that the blue Tiffany takes away all the seriousness of this corridor, leaving with much more personality.

Picture 5 - Insert the color in the decorative objects.

Insert color into decorative objects

The choice of carpets is one of the most difficult tasks for anyone who is decorating the home. Look for colored prints if your environment is neutral, as in this loft above.

Picture 6 - The armchair should be flashy in any style!

The armchair should be flashy in any style

They are welcome in the social areas as a complement to the sofa, then improvise an armchair with prints and vibrant colors to make it even more inviting.

Image 7 - Reinforce the division of environments with a different painting.

Reinforce the room with a different paint

Pillars and beams gain more prominence when they receive a different decorative treatment. Instead of leaving it with its original white color, try to reinvent with the paint!

Picture 8 - Blue Tiffany tiles are another trend in decoration.

Tiffany blue tiles: trend in decoration

The solution to make the kitchen a bit colorful is to invest in the prints and colors that the tiles offer. The trend is for geometric models that play with a trio of colors, creating a creative effect on the set.

Picture 9 - Highlight the corner of the reading with this color refreshing and at the same time soothing.

Highlight the reading corner with this striking color

Picture 10 - For a neutral sofa, bet on colorful cushions!

Bet on colored cushions for a neutral sofa

There is no better solution than decorating the sofa with cushions. They are versatile and come with any decorating style.

Image 11 - Renew the look of your living room with a simple painting.

Renew the look of your living room with a simple painting

Image 12 - Apply the color to one of the walls of the room.

Apply color to one of the walls

Image 13 - The door is the element that can not be forgotten in the decoration.

The door is the element that can not be forgotten.

Image 14 - Choose to insert the color in some details of the house.

Enter the color in some details of your home

Image 15 - Vintage style fits Tiffany perfectly.

Vintage style

For lovers of this style, you can invest in the chandelier that exemplifies well the feminine and retro air that this color transmits.

Image 16 - Calling attention from the entrance of the residence.

Drawing attention from the entrance of the house

Picture 17 - Make a detail of the woodwork with the tone Tiffany.

Make a detail of the joinery with the blue color Tiffany

Picture 18 - Use color as the basis for decoration!

Use color as the basis for decoration

Image 19 - The passion for white does not have to manifest throughout the environment.

White and Blue Kitchen Tiffany

Image 20 - Ondotológico consultation with Tiffany Blue decoration.

Dental office with blue Tiffany decoration

Picture 21 - The mixture of colors demonstrates the joviality of the resident.

Joviality in color mixing

Image 22 - Color is also welcome in other styles!

Color is also welcome in other styles

Picture 23 - Choose different details in the kitchen cupboard.

Choose different details in the kitchen

Image 24 - The great portico removes the seriousness of this social space.

The great porch removes the seriousness of this social space.

Picture 25 - Home office with Tiffany Blue decoration.

Tiffany blue in the decoration: ideas and examples to apply the color

Image 26 - Living room with Tiffany Blue sofa.

Living Room with Tiffany Blue Sofa

Get off the traditional neutral sofa and opt for the colored item. This is a way to highlight the room without the need for the accessories in the decoration.

Image 27 - Work the visual balance in space.

Work the visual balance in space

Image 28 - Make a combination with turquoise shades.

Make a combination with turquoise tones

Picture 29 - Carpet, ottoman, cushions are classic items in the decoration.

Rugs and puff with blue color Tiffany

Image 30 - Combination of Tiffany Blue with Yellow.

Tiffany blue with yellow

This combination conveys joy to the environment because it is full of life. Tiffany, which is more vibrant than yellow, can be used to give more impact, while yellow makes the look lighter.

Picture 31 - Have a modern kitchen with the color application.

Modern combination with color application

Picture 32 - In the kitchen, use the Tiffany Blue glass to line doors or walls.

Tiffany blue glass in the kitchen

Image 33 - Small details that make all the difference!

Small details that make all the difference

Picture 34 - Give personality to your walls.

Personality on your walls

Image 35 - Highlight some corner of the house through painting.

Highlight some corner through painting

To delimit the spaces, try to highlight the place through a different painting. In the above case, the home office located in the corner of the room was bordered with a niche designed with the Tiffany blue paint.

Image 36 - Contrast of cold and warm colors.

Contrast of cold and warm colors

Image 37 - When the floor and ceiling are in the same combination.

When the floor and ceiling meet

Picture 38 - Give the fun touch in the room!

Fun touch in room

Picture 39 - Kitchen with Tiffany Blue decoration.

Kitchen with blue Tiffany decoration

Image 40 - Female apartment with Tiffany Blue decoration.

Female apartment with blue Tiffany decoration

Image 41 - Bet on colorful home appliances.

Bet on colorful home appliances

Image 42 - Punctual objects are the best way to start a new decoration.

Decoration with occasional objects

For those who want to innovate a little in the decoration of some home environment, you can buy decorative objects to complement with the rest of what you already own. In the above project, we can see that the cushions and the armchair were inserted in the same way, without changing in the Scandinavian style.

Picture 43 - Banks are another item that can receive the color.

Banks can also receive color

Picture 44 - Match wall with fun washers.

Fun wall washers

Picture 45 - Accessories in the right measure!

Accessories in the right size

Image 46 - Work minimalism through colors.

Work minimalism through colors

Make a block assembly, where colors complement each other without the need for many decorative objects.

Image 47 - Combination of Tiffany Blue and Gray.

Tiffany Blue and Gray Combination

The perfect balance can be assembled with this color combination. While one takes the touch of refinement, the other can be applied to textures (fabrics and linings) by filling the voids formed by the gray.

Image 48 - The presence of color leaves the environment much more inviting.

More inviting environment with the presence of color

Picture 49 - The power of Tiffany Blue in integrated environments.

The power of Tiffany blue in integrated environments

Picture 50 - Enchant yourself with this library that abused the Blue Tiffany without fear!

Library Abusing Blue Tiffany

Picture 51 - Bet on Blue Tiffany's bed.

Bet on the blue Tiffany bed

Picture 52 - Fits neatly in Scandinavian-style décor.

Decoration with Scandinavian and Blue Tiffany Style

Picture 53 - Choose a colored bedside table in the bedroom.

Created in the room

Picture 54 - Fixtures take a lot of charm in benches.

Fixtures bring more charm to the environment

Image 55 - Another bet is the decorative pictures that use the color in the illustration.

Another bet is the decorative pictures

Picture 56 - The tone brings cheerfulness to the place.

The tone brings cheerfulness to the place.

Image 57 - For those who love a colorful house.

For those who love a colorful house

In this proposal, all colors are important in the environment. They help give the youthful touch, and can be applied in detail to complement each other.

Image 58 - And even the famous subway tile wins the Tiffany Blue version.

Subway tile with blue Tiffany

Image 59 - It is possible to have a clean residence with a touch of color.

Clean residence with a touch of color

Image 60 - Get out of the ordinary and make an office with Blue Tiffany decoration.

Office with blue Tiffany decoration

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