Terrarium: models and ideas to create a mini garden

More and more sought after, terrariums are practical options that everyone can do at home to set up their own mini garden.

After all, what is a terrarium?

The terrarium is a small garden mounted delicately and carefully within a given container, be it open or closed, usually glass or ceramic. Ideal for small apartments that do not hold pots with plants and for those who can not devote to the necessary care that a plant or a bonsai require.

The base of a terrarium always begins with stones, pebbles or gravel, followed by one or more layers of earth or sand.

Plant species can vary according to purpose and whether the terrarium will receive direct or diffuse natural light.

Types of Terrarium

Open terrarium

The open terrarium is one where the container has no lid, evaporation of water is normal as in any other type of vessel.

Terrarium closed

The enclosed terrarium may have its own ecosystem, where evaporation of water returns in the form of moisture and micro droplets that water the plants, a small-scale analogy to the cycle on the planet.

60 inspirations from different terrariums

For easy viewing, we separate beautiful references from different models of terrariums to get inspired and start making yours. After seeing all the photos, at the end of the post you can also watch the videos with step by step tutorials.

Picture 1 - What about transforming your aquarium into a garden full of life?

Terrarium full of life

They are a combination of plants with other decorative objects in relatively small containers, fully open and whose purpose is to simulate a miniature garden inside your house.

Picture 2 - Reuse some accessories that you own in your house to mount a terrarium.

Mount a terrarium with reused accessories

Picture 3 - This piece made of wood with details in glass has the shape of house that can decorate your balcony or living room.

Terrarium in piece with house format and glass cover

If you opt for a mini garden with a vase a little bigger or in a piece like that, you can position it on the balcony, in the corner of the room or even use it as a decorative vase in open areas.

Picture 4 - It is possible to insert some miniature dolls to leave the terrarium more realistic.

Realistic terrarium with miniature dolls

Picture 5 - Use your cake port to mount a terrarium.

Use your cake door to assemble and cover a terrarium in the home décor

Picture 6 - For those who love glass pots and their variations.

Terrarium for lovers of glass pots

To mount your mini terrarium, choose a glass container - ideally it is very beautiful and decorative.

Picture 7 - Embellish your terrarium with the threads of light.

Terrariums decorated with light strands

Image 8 - Beautiful composition made with design objects.

Terrarium composition made with design objects

Image 9 - Another idea is to use the closed glass pots to mount this composition on your bench.

Closed glass pots with terrariums

Image 10 - The stand with straight lines also has its charm is perfect for Scandinavian style decor.

Glass stand with straight lines to mount terrariums

Of the great combinations of plants, the cacti are the most used, accompanied by the nice succulents.

Image 11 - Succulents are strong plants, however, they require a certain care due to their sensitivity to moisture.

Terrarium with succulents

If your pretense is to keep the terrarium indoors, it should be mounted in a glass container. Succulents do not like excess water, so you should wet the pot only when the substrate is dry or use a spray to soak only the leaves.

Picture 12 - You can mount it with some colored elements, such as sand or stone with a color of your own.

Terrarium with colorful sand

This terrarium was made with yellow gravel, stones of small and medium size and succulent.

Picture 13 - The bottom of the sea can be the inspiration to mount a terrarium.

Terrarium with inspiration on the bottom of the sea

For those who want to be inspired by this theme, do not forget to insert natural sand and small shells to complement this scenario. Try to leave it somewhere in sight, such as office desks or home office desk.

Image 14 - Terrarium model with geometric format.

Terrarium with geometric format

Picture 15 - Leave a treat in your office or home office.

Terrarium as a treat for your office or home office

Leaving over magazines or stacked books is a decorating technique that has no error! In addition to leaving the terrarium in evidence, it brings the touch of the green into space without much care.

Image 16 - Terrarium in shape of heart in geometric model.

Geometric terrarium with heart shape

Picture 17 - To highlight the terrarium in the environment, lean it on a taller wooden stand.

Terrariums with wood support

Image 18 - Pendant with several geometric terrariums.

Pendant with geometric terrariums

Image 19 - Geometric pieces are a trend in decoration, a great option to start decorating.

Geometric terrarium as decoration trend

In very delicate terrariums or with the opening of the container very small, try to use tweezers so that each plant and object is in its proper place. This mini garden should reflect peace and harmony in the environment, so every detail is fundamental!

Image 20 - Small terrarium suspended.

Small terrarium suspended!

Picture 21 - Make a composition on your coffee table with terrariums in pieces of glass.

Composition of coffee table with terrariums

Picture 22 - Another very popular idea is the use of bulbs to mount mini terrariums.

Terrariums created in mini lamps

The composition of several mini terrariums is charming and elegant for a small venue.

Image 23 - Terrarium with starfish.

Terrarium with Starfish

Image 24 - Macrame is a technique wired manually and can be an option to hang the terrarium.

Terrarium suspended with macrame

Picture 25 - The terrarium in the decoration is a way to express your personal style.

Demonstrate your personal style with the terrarium in the decoration

For those who have little time, live in apartments and likes plants, terrariums are a way to take some of the green into the house without worrying much about maintenance.

Image 26 - Gift someone with a terrarium in the pot.

Present someone with terrarium in the pot

These small pots can be found at any packaging store or you can re-use a container of food that you have at home. Just buy the materials and assemble the terrarium according to the personality of the person. They are also a simple and inexpensive alternative to gifting someone.

Image 27 - Model of terrarium with stones.

Model terrarium with stones

Image 28 - Models of large terrariums.

Large Terrariums in Decoration

Picture 29 - Decoration of the terrarium with Christmas theme.

Christmas theme to decorate a terrarium

Image 30 - Terrarium with cacti.

Decoration of terrarium with cacti

Picture 31 - The decorative lantern can turn into a terrarium.

Decorative lantern transformed into terrarium

Image 32 - Terrarium with flamingos.

Terrarium model with flamingos

Image 33 - Terrarium with blue stone.

Terrarium with blue stone

Image 34 - Stone lovers can choose their favorite type to enter in the terrarium.

Choose the favorite stone type to include in the terrarium

If you want to leave your environment energized, leave your stones on this mini garden. There is no better place to store them!

Image 35 - Decorate a white wall with suspended terrariums.

Terrarium to decorate a suspended wall

Image 36 - Pendant lamps with terrarium.

Lamp pendant with terrarium

Image 37 - At the time of setting up a terrarium, a crucial step is the drawing of the design of the layers.

Drawing of layers of stone / earth while riding a terrarium

Picture 38 - With several possible sizes, it can be suitable to any location.

Terrariums of various sizes

Image 39 - Terrarium in porcelain canister.

Porcelain Canister Terrarium

Image 40 - A set of pendants gives movement and is a way of inserting nature into space.

Terrariums in pending games

The terrariums add beauty to the setting and enhance the natural appearance of ornamental plants. Depending on how you organize your terrarium, it can become a piece of art in the environment.

Image 41 - The set of plants, layers of earth, stone and gravel make the terrarium a decorative element attractive and interesting.

Earth and gravel to make the terrarium more interesting

You can also choose other types of plants a little higher and thus elaborate a different composition.

Picture 42 - It can be mounted in lower container as well.

A terrarium can be mounted in a lower container

Picture 43 - Or in unusual pieces, with different formats and bold design.

Terrarium with different design

Image 44 - Mini terrariums with succulents.

Mini terrariums with succulents

For those of small size, place them on top of shelves, sideboards, coffee tables or bedside tables.

Image 45 - It is also possible to make a terrarium completely enclosed, creating a small ecosystem.

Terrarium closed with its own ecosystem

Picture 46 - Colored terrarium.

Colorful terrarium model

Image 47 - Terrarium mounted on a cube.

Bucket terrarium

Image 48 - Trend in decoration: terrarium and copper.

Terrarium and copper in decoration

Image 49 - Terrarium with white sand / gravel.

Terrarium with white sand and gravel

Image 50 - Close the terrarium with the cork lid.

Cork lid to close your glass terrarium

If it's a humid tropical terrarium - those that are closed and with tropical plants imitating a mini tropical forest - it's important to check if it's in balance with respect to moisture.

Image 51 - Prismatic terrarium.

Incredible prismatic terrarium

This model of terrarium is ideal to decorate a more youthful corner, after all, its geometric format is totally timeless and combines with a concrete environment or burnt cement.

Image 52 - Models of container for terrarium.

Beautiful models of terrarium containers

Following the same proposal as the previous model, now in another format.

Image 53 - Terrarium in drop format.

Drop-shaped terrarium

Picture 54 - It is possible to mount a simple terrarium in a modern and bold glass container.

Modern glass container for mounting a terrarium

Image 55 - Miniature of terrarium.

Miniature of terrariums for decoration

Image 56 - Use the glass gauges to mount the terrariums.

Glass meters for mounting terrariums

Image 57 - Plants and flowers for terrarium.

Terrarium with plants and flowers

Image 58 - Leave your terrarium with children's air.

Model of terrarium with children's climate

Recreate squares, woods and paths with the presence of people, animals, cars and houses. Let your imagination flow and put the kids together to ride this mini garden!

Image 59 - Terrarium with buddha.

Model of terrarium with buddha

Image 60 - Terrarium in a long container.

Terrarium in receptacle container

Main types and species of plants used in terrariums

1. Avenca


2. Bromelia


3. Cacti


4. Moss-carpet

Moss mat

5. Orchids


6. Jade Plant


7. Tillandsia


8. African Violet

African violet flower

How to make a terrarium step by step

Now that you've checked out dozens of references to creative terrariums, let's learn step-by-step with the techniques you need to set up one at home. They are simple and cheap tips that can make all the difference when decorating. Watch below:

1. Step by step to make a succulent terrarium

In this video of the magazine Artesanato Magazine, the professional landscaper teaches to mount a terrarium with succulents - the necessary materials are: tools, granitina (pebbles), pebble of river, land mixed with sand, the succulents, an aquarium of approximately 20cm in diameter and finishing parts. The first step is to distribute the granitin in the aquarium, then remove the succulents from the vessels and insert them into the aquarium. Next, make the necessary adjustments and place the decorative items. Watch the video:

2. How to make a closed terrarium

3. DIY Geometric Terrarium

4. Make yourself a mini terrarium

5. Learn how terrariums with bulbs are made

6. Step by step to make a suspended terrarium

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