String lamp: 65 ideas and how to do step-by-step

THE string lamp is one of the most popular items in the search for a differentiated decoration for the house that can be made very simply. With few steps and super cheap materials like string, white glue, scissors and bladders, plus the electrical part with socket, socket and a switch (if you choose to mount a luminaire).

It is because of its ease of manufacture and versatility that we brought this post dedicated to the string lights! Let's talk a little bit about how to use them in decorating, different models and different patterns and how to make them at home!

The possibilities of the string lamp in the decoration

It can be inserted into various environments of the house and in various shapes, sizes and models! From pendant chandeliers in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, you can think of creating table or floor lamps with beads or string domes.

Also, depending on the type of string you choose, you can give a completely different style to your luminaire, such as the most rustic made with sisal, perfect for outdoor areas and for wood-based decorations; the most contemporary, made with black or white strings in a finer thickness, which can even refer to the leaked domes made of metal; the most fun, made with various types of combinations of tones and colors found in the strings.

The shapes and patterns your luminaire can follow

Although the most popular string lights are those that follow rounded patterns, made from the form of balloons and bladders, you can choose other molds to follow and transform the work of your luminaire into a fun activity and full of creativity.

Using a box and film paper, you can get a square, rectangular or cylindrical lamp, perfect for table or floor models. You can also choose organic shapes from different molds (the bladders are still great in this regard).

For those who already have a lamp with dome, cylinder or other shape and want to give a renewed in this decoration, macramé, a technique of weaving yarn manually, presents several types of patterns and designs that can be made easily and even more (in this case, only the yarn or string to be used is required).

The macramé technique still hangers for candles and electronic candles, which also look beautiful in the decoration.

An important detail to ensure the durability of your luminaire

Do not forget to pass some type of varnish around the mounted luminaire so that it does not deform with the variations of the time. For those who want to use white glue as a base, damp climates can make your strand structure softer to the point where it loses its structure, so use non-water-soluble clear varnish!

65 models of traditional string lamp (DIY)

Now see 65 ideas of string luminaries and the walkthrough at the end of this article with video tutorials:

Picture 1 - Fixtures of round string: set of lamps in white string to give more delicacy to the aerial decoration of a hall of party or room.

Round string lamp

Picture 2 - Crochet lamp: for the lovers of the manual arts, these luminous spheres gain even more charm covered with different patterns in string.


Picture 3 - String lamp to decorate the house for Christmas and any other commemorative date: illuminated balls type flasher covered with colored strings.

String lamp to decorate the house at Christmas

Picture 4 - Large domes in black string for pendant luminaires to add a touch of style to your living room.

Pendant pendant lamp

Picture 5 - Mix patterns of string covers in their domes and colors to give a different style and attract attention.

Patterns of string coverage

Picture 6 - Dome for the central chandelier of the dining table that makes a perfect double with the Carbon Chair, chair hatched with carbon fiber.

Dome for table center chandelier

Picture 7 - To give an extra touch to your pendant lamp pendant from the head of the bed: round cover of colored string that wraps around the lamp.

Bedside Pendant String Lamp

Picture 8 - Think of the various shapes that can be used to make your string lamp and have fun blending them!

Fixture lamp with various formats

Picture 9 - White round string lamp that combines with the clear ambiance of the room and still attracts attention.

White string lamp

Picture 10 - When coating your luminous balls, mix several shades to form a rainbow!

Luminous balls

Picture 11 - Embellishment for Easter: Dome in string imitating a carrot with plastic candles to decorate your table!

Dome of string imitating carrot

Picture 12 - DIY ceiling decoration: garland with super interesting pendants with several string balls.

LED Ceiling Light DIY

Picture 13 - Ball in half moon made with yellow string for more focused illuminations like tables or counters.

Half moon sphere with yellow string

Picture 14 - Spheres fully lined with colorful strings with paper accessories to form the petals of a flower: super festive and cheerful decoration to hang on the wall and illuminate the space.

Colorful Barbantes

Picture 15 - Low pendant chandelier with a large ball of string for those who have a more relaxed style in the decoration.

Low pendant chandelier

Picture 16 - Lighting in two pendants: chandeliers with black string beads as a decoration for the perfect simple kitchen.

String luster

Picture 17 - Low hanging lighting for corner tables with metal frame and coating on vertical strands of string: a perfect and super subtle design.

Low light pending

Picture 18 - Spheres in sisal string painted for anyone who wants a more rustic and handcrafted finish for their string lamps.

Painted sisal balls for string lamp

Picture 19 - String Lamp: For those who love the tendency to make a chandelier with several lamp sockets, here is a cover that combines with the style and gives a delicate and light touch to the ensemble.

Chandelier with various lamp sockets

Picture 20 - Rim Ball: In addition to twine yarns, you can also buy ready-made twine weaves, such as lace to line balls from your string lamp.

Roped Sphere

Picture 21 - Coated brown of natural fiber for your chandelier: an extra point of color in a minimal P & B environment.

Coated browning of natural fiber

Picture 22 - Barbantes, metallic wires, wool, sisal ... The options are numerous to form super interesting balls for your decoration!

Barbed wire and wires

Picture 23 - String domes for chandeliers in a regular pattern: a sophisticated ambience that gains a touch of elegance with these pendants.

Chandelier domes for chandeliers

Picture 24 - Contemporary B & W atmosphere with a mix of materials and textures: central string lamp from the living room adding another detail to this decoration.

Central String Lamp

Picture 25 - Colored string balls to make the decoration of the main table of the children's birthday party.

Colored string beads

Picture 26 - Table centers with string balls, candles and flowers: perfect for special dates, parties and other celebrations.

String Ball Light

Picture 27 - Mixing of pendants in the room: for those who want to give more personality to the functional decoration of the room, it is worth varying the patterns of the chandeliers, from the simplest and smooth to the spherical with string.

Mix of pendants for room

Picture 28 - Another example of string pens in various colors you can do to give more charm to your blinkers.

Rope strings

Picture 29 - For environments with high ceilings: string as pendant lamp covers can be placed at different heights and work very well in large and high environments.

High Ceiling Floor Light Fixture

Picture 30 - String balls with a touch more: you can add other details to your balls, like a tassel also made with string!

String Balls with an extra touch

Picture 31 - When creating your sphere, have fun choosing the thickness of the string, with and the size of the cover!

Have fun choosing the string thickness

Picture 32 - Another ambience decorated with chandeliers with string beads and chair Carbon Chair.

Atmosphere decorated with chandeliers

Picture 33 - Pendant with ball of string as a touch different and super delicate in a dining room in an industrial minimal style.

Pendant string

Picture 34 - Pendant Chandelier in Lace-Lined Ball: Fall in love with the different lace styles and shade patterns they can produce when the lights come on.

Pendant chandelier in ball coated with lace

Picture 35 - Balls of brown string imitating strips of wood in a more rustic style of decoration.

Browned twine spheres

Picture 36 - When preparing your own sphere, pay attention to the possibilities of drawing that can be drawn and the amount of line.

Light fixture

Picture 37 - Mega sphere of string in a central chandelier for your room: mininal decoration and super delicate.

Mega string of string

Image 38 - Almost Full Coverage: Pay attention to the openings your light bulb will get out of and the kind of effect you want when it comes to covering your beads.

Almost total coverage

Picture 39 - Another decoration for the holidays: twine balls to hang with fake candles and industrial decorative balls.

Decoration for party of end of year

Picture 40 - Central triad for long dining tables: domes for chandeliers in a regular pattern in black line.

Central triad for long dining tables

Figure 41 - Do not forget to fit the lamp socket into the dome or ball!

Do not forget to fit the lamp socket into the dome or ball

Picture 42 - Pendant chandelier with string pattern inside the sphere to give more prominence to a special corner of your house.

Pendant chandelier with string pattern inside ball

Picture 43 - Choose the strings in your preferred colors to create the spheres of your lamps or chandeliers.

Choose the strings in your favorite colors

Picture 44 - And it can mix several colors yes! Create different patterns by alternating two or more colors in the same sphere.

Create different patterns by alternating two or more colors

Image 45 - Sphere pendant in black as contrast for a house in pastel shades.

Sphere pendant in black

Picture 46 - Sphere in light tones: effect of a cover that almost disappears in its environment.

Sphere in light tones

Other models of lamps made with string

Picture 47 - Floor lamp type "bonfire": dome in string of the lamp accompanies the curved shape of the fire.

Floor lamp "bonfire"

Picture 48 - Pendants for candles: create a more romantic atmosphere with pendants made with string with the macramé technique.

Earrings for candles

Picture 49 - To distribute the light well and soften the focus: sisal wire at the height of the lamp of this rustic lamp in a modern table design.

To distribute light well and soften focus

To learn how to make this lamp, take a look at our Tutorial session at the end of the post!

Picture 50 - Pendant table centerpiece with giant leaves, flowers and tassels !: perfect idea for wedding decoration or great celebrations.

Pendant table centerpiece with leaves

Picture 51 - Dome cover for knit chandelier: pattern with a different style in super thin string.

Dome cover for knit chandelier

Image 52 - Another macramé coating: for chandeliers with tubular shapes, a super delicate and sophisticated pattern.

Other coating with macramé

Picture 53 - A reinvention of the most elegant classics: chandelier-fringed chandelier in a circular pattern on several levels.

luster with stripes of string

Picture 54 - For those who produce in crochet: decorate with your own works with different patterns and designs.

For those who produce in crochet: decorate with your own work with different patterns and designs.

Picture 55 - Pendant structure in colored string for gigantic spaces!

Structure pendant in colored string

Image 56 - In addition to beads, try other shapes that may be interesting to be made into string for your blinkers.

Interesting lamp with heart shape

Image 57 - Another chandelier all worked on strips that can be cut at any time you prefer.

Chandelier all worked in fringes

Image 58 - Mix the work in twine with wire structures too!

Rope work with wire structure

Image 59 - pendant chandelier in gradient of red and a super fringe and that forms several tassels in the tip.

Pendant chandelier in red gradient

Image 60 - Another idea that mixes string and metal structure: base hidden by the parallel work of colored strings to form a striped pattern.

Another idea that mix string and metal structure

Tutorials: How to Make String Lamps at Home

In addition to all the ideas we have already shown you in our gallery of images, here are some super easy tutorials for you to be preparing to make at home and decorate several spaces with domes and balls for string lights!

Pendant chandelier pendant with simple twine with bladder

With super easy and inexpensive materials to be purchased, this tutorial explains quickly and hassle-free how to make a sphere to put on your pendant chandelier.

Square String Lamp

Even though it looks a bit more complex than the spherical model, this square luminaire is very interesting and follows the same manufacturing principle as the previous one, but with a mold of a cardboard box. And it's a great tutorial for you to get inspired in whatever shape you want to use in your fixtures!

Wooden table lamp and string

This lamp, present in our gallery, requires a bit more technique to cut wood, but the result is fantastic to decorate different types of table.

Chandeliers and candle holders by macramé

Learn how to make a simple macramé mooring pattern to coat glass jars and turn them into chandeliers or candle holders and give a more artisanal and romantic touch to your environments!

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