Sofa models: 100 ideas and how to choose the ideal model

A room without a sofa and a bedroom without a bed. Without it, you get lost and the environment is empty. There is no denying the aesthetic and functional importance of furniture. But before you go out and buy the first model of sofa that appears, read this post carefully.

We separate tips that will help you define the ideal sofa model to meet all your expectations, and, of course, images to inspire you in the decoration of the room. Check out:


Set the color of your sofa according to the style you want to print in the room. Beware of very strong and vibrant colors, you can get tired of the decoration in a short time, after all the sofa is a big mobile and you will look at it every day.

Neutral colors like gray, white and beige are wild in decor and tend to match any style. So much space is left to abuse colors in other objects, such as in cushions or chalets.


No use having a sofa if it is not comfortable. So before buying your reflect on what form it will be used and what the habits of the family. If in your home the sofa is practically a bed, then choose models with loose cushions and soft fabrics.

Also note the measures of the sofa in relation to the height of the dwellers of the house. Very low couches for tall people are uncomfortable. The opposite is also true.


The measurements of your couch in relation to the size of the room is the main point that needs to be evaluated before buying the mobile. Currently there are several models of sofas for sale and, of course, one that will fit perfectly into your living room.

We have put together the main sofa models and their main features to help you decide which to buy. Follow:

Sofa Models with Chaise

The sofa with chaise is one that has one of the most elongated corners. Very similar to the sofa in "L" or corner, this model differs by not having a backrest on the chaise.

A sofa with a chaise requires a slightly larger room, as the chaise takes up more space and is not retractable. However, it is a good option for those who want to invest in a smaller sofa, but that offers a little more comfort than a traditional sofa.

See below models of sofas with chaise:

Picture 1 - Sofa model with chaise in tone Off White with loose cushions.

Sofa Model with Off-White Tone Chaise

Picture 2 - Sofa model of chaise style futon, ideal for relax and rest.

Chaise Sofa Model Futon Style

Picture 3 - Sofa with modern chaise.

Sofa with modern chaise

Picture 4 - Chaise well elongated celestial blue.

Chaise long elongated sky blue

Picture 5 - Small room in earthy tones and sofa with chaise.

Small room in earthy tones

Picture 6 - Tall carpet completes the comfort provided by the sofa with chaise.

Tall carpet completes the comfort provided by the sofa with chaise

Picture 7 - Chaise modernizes the retro style sofa.

Chaise Modernizes Retro Style Sofa

Picture 8 - Model of two-seater sofa with chaise for small room.

Two-seat sofa model

Picture 9 - Size of the chaise can vary depending on the measurements of the room.

Sofa for chaise lounge

Picture 10 - Chalet or microfiber blanket are decorating options for the sofa chaise.

Microfiber cottage or blanket

Sofa models in "L" or corner

Corner sofas or "L" shaped sofas are great for those who have little space or want to split one environment from the other. This sofa model can comfortably accommodate up to six people.

The great advantage of this model is that it can be purchased in modules, that is, you determine the number of seats depending on the size of your room.

See below for models of "L" or corner sofas:

Picture 11 - Corner sofa model without cushions; the chaise leaves the sofa even more elongated.

Corner sofa without cushions

Picture 12 - White corner sofa with metal feet.

White corner sofa with metal feet

Picture 13 - Pink sofa brings color and mood to the environment.

Pink sofa in living room

Picture 14 - Sofa model in "L" to enjoy a movie comfortably.

Sofa model in "L"

Picture 15 - Corner sofa in two colors.

Corner sofa in two colors

Picture 16 - "L" sofa divides the space between the living room and the kitchen.

Sofa models: 100 ideas and how to choose the ideal model

Picture 17 - Sofa model of long corner and in the same color of the carpet.

Long Corner Sofa

Picture 18 - Corner sofa serves as support table.

The corner of the sofa serves as a support table

Picture 19 - The cushions compensate for the low backrest.

Cushions that compensate for the back of the sofa

Picture 20 - Two shades of gray on the corner sofa.

Corner sofa with two shades of gray

Large sofa models

Having a big sofa is a dream. The model can be traditional, corner, retractable or whatever you prefer, as long as you have enough space in your room for it.

See below for large sofa models:

Picture 21 - Rectangular and elongated room received a proportional sofa to accompany it.

Rectangular Living Room Sofa

Picture 22 - Black sofa model unfolds across the length of this huge room.

Black sofa model

Picture 23 - How many places do you need?

Sofa with several seats

Picture 24 - With a sofa of this size you can relax, watch, read and even sleep.

Sofa to relax and watch TV

Image 25 - Large sofa model with chaise.

Large sofa with chaise

Picture 26 - Sofa is the star of this room decoration.

Sofa featured in the room

Image 27 - Sofa around the room.

Sofa skirting the whole environment

Picture 28 - Model of branched sofa.

Sofa branched

Image 29 - Mustard color in the middle of the sofa highlights and enhances the piece.

Sofa with mustard color

Picture 30 - Large sofa of neutral colors.

Large sofa with neutral colors

Small sofa models

It's not because the sofa is small that it needs to be uncomfortable and bland. Instead, take the opportunity to invest in a nice and nice model for you. If your room is small, the best option may be a two-seater sofa, but a chaise or retractable model may still be possible.

Inspire yourself in the images below with models of small sofas:

Picture 31 - In the corner of the porch, the round sofa decorates with style and elegance.

Round sofa on balcony

Picture 32 - Sofa with chaise two places: comfortable and beautiful option for the small room.

Sofa with two-seat chaise

Picture 33 - Even small, the sofa stole the scene with its differentiated design.

Sofa with differentiated design

Picture 34 - Modulated sofa fits in the small room.

Modulated sofa in small room

Picture 35 - Small but very elegant.

Small stylish sofa

Picture 36 - Futon sofa is ideal for small and lively environments.

Sofa futon

Picture 37 - Two-seater sofa with elongated chaise is perfect for this room.

Two-seater sofa with elongated chaise

Picture 38 - Single two-seat sofa.

Two seater single sofa

Picture 39 - Small leather sofa completes the classic and sober decor of this room.

Leather Small Sofa

Picture 40 - Small yes, uncomfortable ever!

Small sofa for living room

Retractable Sofa Models

The retractable sofa models are great for those who do not have a lot of space, but do not give up comfort when relaxing. The seats of this type of sofa extend, and with this, it practically doubles in size.

So you can stay in a more comfortable position to watch a movie or just relax. Many models still have the option of being reclining, supporting the back better.

When not in use, simply push the seat back and the room gains space again.

See below models of retractable sofas:

Image 41 - Retractable into the closet.

Retractable Sofa Inside Cabinet

Picture 42 - When the seats are not extended, the sofa looks the same as a traditional model.

Sofa for small living room

Picture 43 - Leaving only one side of the extended sofa and you get a chaise.

Sofa with chaise in living room

Picture 44 - Retractable and reclining models are even more comfortable.

Retractable and reclining models are even more comfortable

Picture 45 - Retractable corner sofa.

Retractable Corner Sofa Model

Picture 46 - Sofa and sideboard help to delimit each room.

Sofa and sideboard help to delimit each environment

Picture 47 - Retractable sofa of three places.

Three seater retractable sofa

Picture 48 - Pure luxury and comfort this retractable blue sofa.

Blue Retractable Sofa

Picture 49 - Sofa of the TV room has special support for the feet.

Sofa for home cinema

Picture 50 - Retractable sofas are great for movie theaters .

Sofa for cinema room

Low Sofa

The low sofas are ideal for clean, light and modern decor styles. They can come in various shapes and fabrics. However, consider whether this is really the type of sofa most suitable for you, since the short height of the sofa can be somewhat uncomfortable. Aesthetics is important, but comfort is more.

Here is a selection of photos of low sofas:

Picture 51 - Pillows help support the back and make the couch more comfortable.

Comfortable sofa with cushions

Image 52 - Room decorated pastels with low sofa.

Low sofa

Picture 53 - Pallet sofa is naturally low, ideal for outdoor areas.

Pallet sofa is naturally low

Picture 54 - Low sofa supported on wooden deck.

Downstairs sofa supported on wooden deck

Image 55 - Wooden structure lined with large cushions.

Wooden structure lined with large cushions

Picture 56 - Low sofa, soft and cozy.

Low, soft and cozy sofa

Image 57 - Sofa with pallet in living room.

Pallet Sofa in Living Room

Image 58 - Sofa and wall in tune in the decoration.

Sofa and wall in tune

Image 59 - To throw yourself on the ground!

Sofa on the floor

Picture 60 - Under the light of the window, this sofa invites to the reading of a good book.

Reading sofa

Sofa bed models

This sofa model is perfect for small one-bedroom residences. During the day it can be used as a sofa and at night it turns into bed. This model is also suitable for visitors and does not have a room to accommodate them.

The most commonly used are the futon type, but there are other models as well. The most important thing is knowing how to choose the most suitable model for the space that you have available, taking into account the size of it when opened.

Here are some models of sofa beds:

Image 61 - Soft fabrics are best suited for sofa beds.

Soft fabrics are best suited for sofa beds

Picture 62 - A large comfortable bed between the living room and the kitchen.

A large and comfortable bed between the living room and the kitchen

Picture 63 - It can be a sofa, but it can also be a mattress folded in half.

It can be a sofa, but it can also be a mattress folded in half

Picture 64 - Sofa bed for young and modern environment.

Sofa bed for young and modern environment

Image 65 - Copper-tone sofa bed.

Copper-tone sofa bed

Picture 66 - Sofa bed with metal feet.

Sofa model with metal feet

Picture 67 - Pillows make the sofa bed more comfortable.

Sofa model with cushions

Picture 68 - Take measurements from your living room to make sure the sofa will fit in space.

Take measurements from your living room to make sure the sofa will fit in space

Picture 69 - Sofa bed with bold design.

Designer sofa bed bold

Picture 70 - Sofa bed simple, functional and integrated to the decoration.

Simple, functional and integrated sofa bed

Modular sofa models

The great advantage of modular sofas is that you can assemble the sofa in your own way and change it whenever you want. The modules are individual pieces that can be placed on one side or the other without compromising the aesthetics of the sofa. In addition to changing the modules and fitting them together, it is still possible to dismember it and take it to another side of the room or even to another environment. It is a very versatile furniture and, with a little creativity, you can have a new sofa every day.

Here are some images of modular sofas:

Image 71 - Modular floor sofa.

Modular floor sofa

Image 72 - Modules can be embedded like pieces of a puzzle.

Modules can be embedded as pieces of a puzzle

Picture 73 - Black, elegant and functional.

Black, stylish and functional

Image 74 - Do you want to stretch your legs? Bring the module forward.

Want to stretch your legs? Bring the module forward

Picture 75 - Sofa modulável in the decoration sober and neutral.

Sofa models: 100 ideas and how to choose the ideal model

Picture 76 - A little table between the modules, if nausea is just change.

Sofa models: 100 ideas and how to choose the ideal model 1

Image 77 - Module in different color.

Module in different color

Picture 78 - Modular corner sofa.

Modular corner sofa

Image 79 - Module in the same color as the side chairs.

Sofa module in the same color as the side chairs

Picture 80 - Modulated sofa allows to adjust the sofa depending on the use.

Modulated sofa model

Traditional sofa models

Traditional sofas are the ones most found out there. They have between 2 and 3 seats and, in the past, it was very common to use the set to compose the decoration of the room. They are very versatile and usually have a presence in living rooms, TV, offices, among other environments.

See below for traditional sofas models:

Picture 81 - Traditional sofas can be found in different sizes, make no mistake thinking that they are all the same.

Traditional sofa model

Picture 82 - Models with marked arms usually refer to a more retro style.

Models with marked arms usually refer to a more retro style

Picture 83 - Traditional sofas are also very comfortable.

Sofa models: 100 ideas and how to choose the ideal model

Image 84 - Two-seater sofa made of noble fabric.

Noble Fabric Two Seater Sofa

Picture 85 - Three-seat sofa divides the room with the dining table.

3 seater sofa model

Picture 86 - Straight lines are very common in traditional sofa models.

Traditional sofa with straight lines

Image 87 - Set of 2 and 3 seater sofa decorate the room with gray shades.

2-seat and 3-seat sofas

Picture 88 - Two-seat leather sofa.

Leather Sofa Model

Picture 89 - Traditional sofa reveals a small chaise.

Traditional sofa model

Picture 90 - Sofa of two places guaranteeing the decoration of the room.

Two-seat sofa model

Most used fabrics on sofa models


Leather is one of the most used fabrics for classic, neutral and sober environments. The material is striking and leaves any environment more refined and elegant. If you want a leather sofa know that you will need to shell out a little more, since it's the stuff that tends to be more expensive. Leather also requires constant maintenance so it will not be damaged. It is not advisable to use leather sofas in hot weather places.

Picture 91 - Brown leather sofa.

Leather Sofa Model

Picture 92 - Two-seat leather sofa.

Two-seat leather sofa


Linen is a heavy-looking fabric that at the same time brings feelings of comfort and luxury It is the right fabric for a charming and elegant room.

Picture 93 - Sofa of linen for a modern and relaxed atmosphere.

Linen sofa for a modern and relaxed atmosphere

Picture 94 - Light and neutral linen color sofa.

Light and neutral linen light sofa


The twill is a fabric very similar to jeans and is widely used for sofa covers. The thicker and thicker fabric has a longer durability when compared to other fabrics.

Image 95 - Twill Sofa Bed.

Twill Sofa Bed

Image 96 - Twill futon style sofa.

Twill futon style sofa


Suede is one of the most used fabrics today. It has a relatively low cost and is easy to clean. What's more, it still has the advantage of being waterproofed, increasing its useful life. The suede is available in different color and texture options, ensuring sofas for all tastes and styles.

Image 97 - Suede has a wet look.

Suede has a wet look

Image 98 - White suede sofa.

White suede sofa


Elastane is a mesh that sticks to the surface with ease. Very resistant, elastane is also widely used in the manufacture of covers for sofas.

Image 99 - Black elastane sofa.

Black elastane sofa


Velvet is a noble fabric capable of bringing elegance, glamor and sophistication to the environment. If that's the impression you want to make, velvet is the right choice.

Picture 100 - Navy blue velvet sofa model.

Blue Velvet Sofa Sofa Model

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