Small TV Rooms

Decorating a small TV room can have its challenges - the space for movement is one of them. In small apartment rooms, in addition to the restricted space, there is often access to the balcony - in these cases, the panel, TV and sofa can not obstruct or make the passage uncomfortable.

Following some basic tips, it is possible to have a harmonic decoration, balanced and comfortable, after all, it is in this environment that we receive visitors, friends and family. The TV room should be the residence card of the residence. Evaluating the footage is essential, as is estimating the spaces occupied by each item.

Practical tips for decorating small TV rooms

1. Use only the essentials

Insert only essentials in the environment: sofa, armchairs, poufs, countertop, panel, rug, curtain, lighting and decorative objects.

2. Sofa

The sofa is the main choice of this space, so invest in a minimalist style, but without forgetting the comfort. The lower, armless, shallower, and neutral colors enhance the look of the environment. The choice of the larger models guarantees the necessary comfort to watch TV accompanied or even lying down.


Are you going to get your family together to watch a series or a movie? Choose soft rugs and mats to put in the living room, so everyone can sit up, even lying down or leaning against the cushions or sofa.

4. Puffs

The poufs are a great choice to decorate, fulfilling different functions in the decoration. In addition to being used as a seat, it can be used as a support table or to support the legs when watching TV.

The good thing is that it has several color models and prints to compose with the style of your room.

5. Clear colors

For small environments, light colors are recommended - they leave the light environment, with clarity and a good sense of amplitude. The minimalist decor style preaches by the use of few elements and it can be a good choice to maintain the place without much information or with the heavy visual.

6. TV Panel

The built-in or wall-mounted TV is the best way to enjoy space in a small room, avoiding the use of conventional countertops or racks that have a larger volume.

7. Use niches and shelves

Niches and shelves on the wall are recommended for decorating and supporting decorative objects. Do not hinder the circulation and its use is a great way to gain more space.

8. Mirrors

Mirroring remains a requirement in any small environment. Many projects choose a mirror panel to embed the TV - you can also compose a wooden panel with mirrors on the sides, with similar result.

9. Curtains

Curtains are essential for the control of natural light, directly influencing the reflections on the television. To maintain a clean composition, use fabrics with light colors, light or with some transparency, such as vole fabric.

10. And finally, throw pillows!

Finally, decorate your living room with plenty of cushions on the couch, plus bring comfort, they add a touch of personality, following the taste of the locals.

65 photos of small TV rooms to be inspired

To help we separate some tips and solutions when designing your room:

Following these tips and getting inspired in our image gallery your TV room will have a good result in relation to size and with a beautiful decoration. See and choose your preferred:

Picture 1 - Design of TV room with minimalist style.

Picture 2 - The sofa with chaise is a good alternative to have more comfort.

Picture 3 - The niches occupy little circulation space and are great for holding decorative objects.

Small TV rooms 2

Picture 4 - This room has a small coffee table.

Small TV rooms 3

Picture 5 - TV set in glass panel.

Small TV rooms 4

Picture 6 - In this proposal, the room has a wooden panel with lit side niches.

Image 7 - TV room with gray paint.

Small TV rooms 6

Image 8 - Narrow room with high ceilings.

Small TV rooms 7

Picture 9 - Living room with TV built-in.

Small TV rooms 8

Picture 10 - Room with clean decoration.

Figure 11 - Example of project with the use of space to fix the TV.

Image 12 - For those who prefer a more intimate space.

Small TV rooms 11

Picture 13 -

Image 14 - Design room with TV built into the panel.

Small TV rooms 13

Picture 15 - Room with minimalist decoration, with few elements and striking objects.

Image 16 - Work the lighting to have a different environment.

Small TV rooms 15

Image 17 - TV room with exposed brick wall.

image (1)

Picture 18 - TV room with wooden panel and mirrors on the sides.

Image 19 - TV room with bench.

Image 20 - TV room with colorful decoration.

image (4)

Picture 21 - Room with TV embedded in mirrored panel.

Image 22 - TV room with yellow decoration.

Picture 23 - TV room with modern style.

Picture 24 - TV room and home office in the same space.

Image 25 - TV room with bench and wooden crates.

Image 26 - TV room with armchairs.

image (10)

Image 27 - TV room with lighting rail.

Image 28 - TV room with air conditioning.

Picture 29 - TV room with jovial style.

Picture 30 - TV room with sliding door.

Picture 31 - TV room with low sofa.

Picture 32 - Living room with TV embedded in the wooden panel.

Picture 33 - TV room with large windows.

image (17)

Image 34 - TV room with gray decor.

image (18)

Image 35 - TV room with home theater.

image (19)

Image 36 - TV room with simple style.

image (20)

Image 37 - TV room with wooden panel and colorful niches on the wall.

image (21)

Picture 38 - TV room with integrated kitchen.

image (22)

Image 39 - TV room with porcelain floor.

image (23)

Image 40 - TV room with window.

image (24)

Image 41 - TV room with yellow panel.

image (25)

Image 26 - TV room with central pouf.

image (26)

Image 42 - TV room with coffee table.

image (27)

Picture 43 - TV room integrated to the dining room.

image (28)

Picture 44 - TV room with bench for the office.

image (29)

Image 45 - TV room with American style kitchen.

Small TV Rooms

Picture 46 - TV room for lofts.

image (31)

Picture 47 - TV room with clean style.

image (32)

Picture 48 - TV room with panel made of niches.

image (33)

Picture 49 - TV room with bench and lacquered panel.

image (34)

Picture 50 - TV room with yellow shelves.

image (35)

Image 51- TV room with sofa in L. format

image (36)

Picture 52 - TV room with comfortable sofa.

image (37)

Picture 53 - TV room with white bench and wooden panel.

image (38)

Picture 54 - TV room with panel making room partition.

image (39)

Image 55 - TV room with balcony.

image (40)

Image 56 - TV room with decorative Garden seat.

image (41)

Image 57 - TV room with fireplace.

image (42)

Image 58 - TV room with fabric curtain and blind.

image (43)

Image 59 - TV room with bench for meal.

image (44)

Image 60 - Room with TV embedded in the wall.

image (45)

Image 61 - TV room with small bench.

image (46)

Picture 62 - TV room with rest space in the window.

image (47)

Picture 63 - TV room with nude sofa and colorful cushions.

image (48)

Image 64 - TV room with white voal curtain.

image (49)

Image 65 - TV room with purple sofa.

image (50)

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