Small service area: learn how to decorate this little corner

You do not receive visits in the small service area, nor do you use them when you want to relax. But that is not why this little corner of the house should be forgotten and anyway.

Quite the contrary, the small service area needs to be minimally organized so you can perform the required tasks more quickly and conveniently. That is, even small, it must be very functional.

In fact, it is sometimes difficult to think of a small, beautiful and organized service area with ever smaller projects, especially those of an apartment that, in addition, in some cases, still shares space with the kitchen.

60 decorating ideas for a small service area

But do not despair. Let's show you that it is possible to find a way in this place and make your day to day easier. Check out the tips and pictures below to inspire you to decorate and organize your small service area, you will surely see a light at the end of the tunnel (or the laundry room):

Picture 1 - Small service area giving continuity to the kitchen.

Small service area giving continuity to the kitchen

The glass sheet divides this service area from the kitchen. To decorate and facilitate the day to day, the wooden shelf. Beneath the tank, a niche holds glass pots filled with powdered soap, an idea that brings practicality and, from the break, reinforces the look of the place

Picture 2 - Cabinets suspended to enjoy the space.

Cabinets suspended to enjoy the space

In the service area we keep cloths, cleaning products and other utensils for the house. To accommodate all this in an organized way, nothing better than air lockers. If you have room for that, invest. They take advantage of the space on the walls and release the floor to other things.

Picture 3 - Service area small detachable.

Small detached service area

The stainless steel washer with modern design left the service area beautiful and cool. The tile-reminiscent floor and the brick wall reinforce the stripped-down look. The shelves organize the utensils.

Picture 4 - Front opening machine optimizes space.

Front opening machine optimizes space

In small service areas, it is best to choose washers with front opening. They save space and you can still use the top to make a counter, like the one in the photo.

Picture 5 - Service area with black cabinets.

Service area with black cabinets

Who said that the service area can not have a touch of glamor? Look how this laundry room was with black cabinets. Beautiful, functional and very practical

Picture 6 - Service area decorated.

Decorated service area

The decoration should be part of every room of the house, including the service area. In this example, the laundry was decorated with a frame above the tank and potted plants. The wooden utensils, besides fulfilling their function, value the environment

Picture 7 - Simple and functional service area.

Simple and functional service area

Small, this service area accommodates the basics. The front opening machines were the great trick to increase the space. The above counter assists in the chores and the closet accommodates the household utilities

Picture 8 - Shelves to decorate and organize the service area.

Shelves to decorate and organize the service area

In addition to helping to organize the space, the shelves have an aesthetic value in this project, which serves not only the service area but also the kitchen.

Picture 9 - Service area with romantic decoration.

Service area with romantic decor

This service area is of unparalleled finesse. The white walls create a harmonious combination with the pink door. The retro-styled floor decorates along with the flowers and the pictures on the wall. Highlight the green garland at the door, bringing life to the environment

Image 10 - Hidden service area.

Hidden service area

Hiding the service area is a trend in the current decorating projects. In this image, the hinged wooden door leaves the service area exposed only when it is being used. The niches help to organize the place.

Image 11 - Service area overlooking the garden.

Service area overlooking the garden

Planned in a simple and functional way, this service area was contemplated overlooking the external garden

Image 12 - Small vertical service area.

Small vertical service area

Another smart way to use the service area is to position the washing machines vertically. Thus, a space is left for the tank

Image 13 - Baskets to organize the service area.

Baskets to organize the service area

Often a planned closet project is out of budget. But nevertheless, the utensils of the service area must be spread. You can fix the mess with niches, shelves and baskets. An economical option that still beautifies the place

Image 14 - Gavetões to organize the mess.

Drawers to organize the mess

If you have spaces and conditions to make a furniture tailored, a tip is to bet on the drawers. Just like the picture ones, the drawer-style cabinets fit in handy and leave everything you need at hand

Picture 15 - Wooden cabinets value the service area.

Wooden cabinets value the service area

The wooden cabinets valued the place and created a beautiful contrast with the white wall and floor. See how you can decorate and organize at the same time?

Image 16 - Hidden backyard service area.

Hidden Backyard Service Area

The hinged wooden doors hide the service area from the outside area of ​​the house. An option to separate environments

Picture 17 - Closet for ironing board.

Wardrobe for ironing board

The ironing board is one of those boring things that does not seem to fit anywhere. This closet has solved the problem without losing space in the laundry area.

Image 18 - Service area separated by a metal screen.

Service area separated by a metal screen

The space of this service area was delimited by the sliding gate. In addition to limiting the space, the screen helps to hide the place

Picture 19 - Behind the curtain.

Behind the curtain

This curtain conceals the service area in a simple and uncomplicated way. Note that the use of shelves is a constant option in projects that wish to combine functionality with decoration

Image 20 - Hidden service area.

Hidden service area

Hiding the service area is a trend in the current decorating projects. In this image, the hinged wooden door leaves the service area exposed only when it is being used. The niches help to organize the place.

Picture 21 - Tall doors hide the service area.

Tall doors hide the service area

In this project, the service area, not so small, was hidden behind a high door that covers the entire length of the site.

Image 22 - White service area.

White service area

The clean style of this laundry is due to the white color present in all places. The vase of flowers adds a charming touch to the environment.

Picture 23 - Service area of ​​rustic style.

Rustic style service area

Although small, this laundry reveals a simple touch of rusticity. Cabinets and shelves contribute to that impression which is enhanced with the wicker basket at the counter. Example of how you can always do something beautiful and relaxed, even in the smallest places

Picture 24 - Charming little service area.

Charming little service area

The little curtain that covers the tank is pure charm. The golden-colored tap makes the space even more beautiful

Image 25 - Small service area with decorative touches.

Small service area with decorative touches

This area of ​​service would already be great with only the cabinets and the layout of the elements, but to value the space the idea was to bet on the gold. The tone marked knobs, hangers and even the tap

Picture 26 - For larger areas, cabinets on all sides.

For larger areas, cabinets on all sides

For those who have a slightly larger service area, invest in cabinets. They can accommodate and organize as many local utensils as other objects that are left unused throughout the house, saving space in other rooms

Image 27 - Stand behind the door.

Support behind the door

When the space is small, there is no way. And you need to appeal to all the available nooks, including the space behind the door. In this image, a wire carrier organizes cleaning products. On the opposite wall, broom, shovel and a ladder were hung, freeing the ground from objects.

Picture 28 - Service area: pets corner.

Service area: pets corner

In many homes and apartments, the service area still houses the pets of the house, just like in that house. Here, pots of water and food share space with washing clothes and other objects.

Picture 29 - Removable clothesline.

Collapsible Trolley

Clothesline is another item that takes up space and, when not in use, is usually a nuisance in the laundry room. In this image, the option was for a detachable clothesline. When left out of use, it can be simply folded and stored in some corner that does not disturb

Image 30 - Squeezed service area.

Squeeze service area

Very small, this service area can accommodate everything you need with organization. Behind the door, a wire fills the cleaners. The small clothesline was installed above the washing machine and, next to it, the ironing board did not disturb the useful space

Image 31 - Service area in pastel shades.

Service area in pastel shades

Service area does not have to be bland. In this image, pastels of blue and beige decorate the environment with grace and lightness

Picture 32 - Dark cabinets to enhance the environment.

Dark cabinets to enhance the environment

The dark tone of the cabinets added a touch of sophistication to this service area. The wood highlights the proposal

Picture 33 - Service area simple, but a little bit.

Simple but simple service area

Simple, all white and with shelves to help in the organization, this service area leaves everything at hand. Highlight for the sign that gives a touch of relaxation to the place

Picture 34 - Service area in conjunction with the kitchen.

Area of ​​service coupled with kitchen

Here in this house and, as in many others, the service area is in the same kitchen space. In order not to become chaos, closed cabinets are welcome, leaving everything in its proper place

Image 35 - Modern service area.

Modern service area

This service area has a "q" of modernity with the indirect lights installed behind the niche. The metal clothes rack organizes and dries the clothes at the same time as it beautifies the place

Image 36 - Wood to create a luxurious service area.

Madeira to create a luxurious service area

The dark wood tone of the counter leaves this service area looking luxurious and refined. Not to mention, the printed rug that further enhances the environment

Image 37 - Service area to the Provencal style.

Provençal style service area

The pastel blue of the cabinets in combination with the older crockery left this service area the face of the Provencal style. The wooden slats painted white highlight the furniture and ensure the style of the decoration

Picture 38 - Service area in conjunction with the bathroom.

Service area in conjunction with the bathroom

The bathroom divides space with the service area. To separate the environments, a sliding door

Image 39 - Service area next to the balcony.

Service area next to the balcony

This time is the balcony that divides space with the service area. Among them is a hinged hinged door. The black color, present in all environments, creates uniformity and accentuates the modern style

Image 40 - Blue tiles to brighten the service area.

Blue tiles to brighten the service area

A simple detail can leave the service area completely different. In that case, the use of blue tiles brightened the room and highlighted it. Those who enter perceive that the space was planned and not only built

Image 41 - Less is more.

Less is more

In a small environment, the maxim of "less is more" falls like a glove. In this service area, only what was needed was left in space.

Picture 42 - Service area with sober and neutral tones.

Service area with sober and neutral tones

The shades of gray of this service area are softened by the sunlight coming from the window. In fact, sunshine is an indispensable element in the service area. If you can, plan your service area with

Image 43 - Yellow service area.

Yellow service area

The yellow cabinets left this area of ​​service cheerful and relaxed. It is worth betting on different tones for this space, after all they bring a motivation to the day to day routine

Image 44 - Modern elements in the service area.

Modern elements in the service area

Image 45 - Delicate service area.

Delicate service area

The marriage of white with wood tones always results in a soft and delicate decoration. For a service area, the combination is perfect. The space is clean and well lit.

Image 46 - Service area brown.

Brown service area

It was to realize that the service area is a very democratic environment with respect to the colors of the decoration. In this image, the color chosen was brown.

Picture 47 - Small service area in the room.

Small service area in the room

The reality is this: smaller houses, more and more shared spaces. In this house, the service area is in the same room environment. The solution to split the rooms was a sliding glass door

Image 48 - Small white service area.

White small service area

Small spaces are favored by the use of white color, like that of the image. The color present on both walls and furniture magnifies the feeling of space

Image 49 - Discreet service area.

Discreet service area

This laundry goes almost unnoticed, except through the glass-leaked door. Highlight for the striped wallpaper contrasting with the objects pink, the combination brightened up the small environment

Image 50 - Leaked wooden wall.

Leaked wooden wall

The leaked wooden wall helps to hide the service area of ​​the other rooms of the house, but does not remove the luminosity and ventilation of the environment

Image 51 - Service area in mezzanine.

Mezzanine service area

Another option to hide the service area from the rest of the house: set it up on a mezzanine

Picture 52 - Modern service area combining with the kitchen.

Modern service area combining with the kitchen

In joint projects, such as the one in which the kitchen and service area share the same space, it is important to think of a decoration that contemplates the two environments

Picture 53 - Service area young and relaxed.

Young and relaxed service area

To create a service area with a more youthful look bet in a dark tone - like black - and highlight it with a vivid color. In this image, the proposal was to use blue.

Picture 54 - Small service area with granite.

Small service area with granite

The use of granite can extend to the laundromats. In this image, the bench that receives the tank was coated with black granite

Image 55 - Blue and white service area.

Blue and white service area

The navy blue of the furniture created a striking contrast to the white of the walls. Highlight for wicker baskets that value the environment

Image 56 - Reserved service area.

Reserved service area

Very pretty, but hidden behind the leaked wooden door. When open, the service area shares space with the living room and kitchen

Image 57 - Small service area full of supports.

Small, crowded service area

In any home appliance store you can find assorted holders that will perfectly accommodate all your utensils. Practical, inexpensive and functional option to keep your laundry organized

Image 58 - Attention with exposed objects in the service area.

Attention with exposed objects in the service area

The shelves are great for putting the objects in the service area. But if you do not keep them organized, the mess will be all exposed. So watch this detail

Image 59 - Service area and kitchen, small and happy together.

Service area and kitchen, small and happy joints

Small but cheerful. This service area integrated into the kitchen is pure charm. The decorative elements rejoice and relax

Image 60 - Grow herbs in the service area.

Grow herbs in the service area

If you have room for that, enjoy the sun that your service area receives and grow herbs and spices.
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