Small room: innovative ideas and tips for decoration

a small room can be a great challenge when decorating and organizing. Whether for a baby, children, young or adults, for one or two people, enjoy the space in a functional way, in a different style and still give a personal touch can give some work, but with the right tips, some problems can be avoided !

That's why we brought you a special post today to help you! Let's talk a little bit about the best ways to have a small room, thinking about the size of it and the amount of furniture, plus creative ideas to optimize spaces without losing the style and tips to create the feeling that the space is more spacious and airy .

Ready for all these tips? So let's go!

How to arrange furniture in a small room

The first thing we need to think about when decorating a small room is in relation to the measurements! Measuring is critical, so take a special time to do it before you start buying the furniture (or, if you already have the furniture, to know what will come in and what will not).

Measuring the whole environment of the small room will begin to give you ideas of where to put certain furniture and how to start composing the environment. So do not skip that part!

Another important point for small rooms is: give preference only to the fundamental! That means that any furniture that is not bed and closet can be sideways for now. What is needed to start composing the bedroom is always the bed and the closet (whether it be wardrobe standard, built-in, dresser, macaw or other type of place where you will store your clothes).

Regarding the cabinet, the best thing to do is leave it in a corner, if it is a purchased furniture, if it is a planned environment, it is common to choose a whole wall to occupy.

The bed can be placed in several ways: for single beds and cribs, it is best to lean against a corner wall too, such as the cabinets, so you create a free central space that will give a more organic and free circulation to your room; even for double beds, they usually occupy the center of a wall, but there are cases of small rooms where they are also leaning in a corner to optimize space.

Having decided on the positions of the two main furniture, you can start thinking about what else can be embedded in the free spaces of the room, such as nightstands, niches and shelves, chairs and chairs, mirrors and so on.

The end of the bedside table?

The bedside table is a super traditional room item but is currently losing more and more of its strength. Be it because it is usually a furniture with a heavy aspect for the lightness of the current decoration, or the lack of space of the houses.

Whatever the reason, the idea of ​​a bed-side surface to support fixtures, books and alarm clocks is not over, it's only being replaced by some lighter, contemporary items (though there are still places where dumb servants fit in very well !).

In this case, the headboards of beds with a smooth surface are highly sought after, creating a narrow but elongated space for you to distribute your decorations, but for those who have also abolished headboards, here are some tips:

  • Stools and chairs : in a double function, the chairs and stools can serve as a seat and also as a support surface, proving quite versatile to have in a room.
  • Shelves : the new darlings of the moment are occupying spaces both of servants in the rooms and of cabinets in the kitchens! There are several models, sizes and styles for you to choose how and where to place. The shorter ones are perfect to be placed next to the bed with French handles, but you can also choose the longer ones and place the top of the bed height, creating a bedside type support. In addition, you can still choose to place one or several shelves on different levels.
  • Niches : In the same style as the shelves, the niches have come to create open surfaces and can be used in several rooms of the house. In the case of the rooms, they look super interesting when inserted inside the wall or inside cabinets, creating an optimized space.

Planned, tailored furniture and ideas to optimize your space in a small room

Another way to decorate a small room is to ask for help from a specialist and design the furniture in a planned carpentry or shop. While conventional furniture stores are always packed with new collections designed especially for those who live in small rooms, the planned furniture may come with innovative ideas in this regard.

One such idea is bed elevation, which can occur at several levels, to create a useful space on the bottom and optimize space. The large drawers in the bed frame are examples of this, as are the single beds raised to the upper level to create a useful area for placing desks and other items. This elevation can also occur through an installed wooden platform where the bed is supported, in which case the elevation and the bed are independent (you can even mount other spaces such as living room or office space).

In addition to this new way of creating drawer spaces or environments, planned furniture can be the great saviors of small rooms, and can take advantage of all kinds of places, such as upper wall areas, which can receive cabinets in the area near the ceiling, in addition to of niches and shelves.

In these cabinets and in the others, the sliding doors are the most indicated because they do not disturb the circulation of the space when they are open.

50 small room decor ideas to be inspired today

So, did you like our tips? For some more of them and lots of inspirations for decorating small rooms, take a look at our image gallery below!

Picture 1 - To optimize the space of a small room, think of a bed with a chest or drawers on the bottom.

Bed chest or drawers to optimize space in a small room

Picture 2 - To help give the feeling that space is larger, it is worth giving preferences for light colors for the painting or wall covering in the small room.

Small room with wallpaper

Picture 3 - If you have a little height foot in the small room, use this height in your favor and create an environment above with the bed and another with a desk below.

Small room with high ceilings

Picture 4 - Sliding doors can save a lot of space in a small room!

Sliding door in small room

Picture 5 - Use the top part of your wall as a place to put built-in cabinets and shelves in the small room, so you have more room to store your items.

Built-in closet and shelf in small bedroom

Picture 6 - For small rooms with irregular wall design, enjoy all the corners and always keep the furniture close to the wall to make better use of the space.

Small room with irregular wall

Image 7 - Need space for other environments? Separate each room with curtains of rails!

Rail curtain in small room

Picture 8 - But if you prefer a more sophisticated partition in the small room, use a glass wall! And you can give more privacy to the area with a curtain!

Glass wall in small room

Picture 9 - For double infantile rooms, it is worth resorting to the bunk beds! If you want to get out of the traditional models, look for a planned furniture store.

Small children's double room

Picture 10 - Another example of cabinets and shelves at the top of the wall of the small room: give preference to occupy the entire width of the wall in a single mobile to give unity to the environment.

Cabinets and shelves in small room

Picture 11 - Shelves above the bed make very well the bedside paper or created for those who have little space in the small room.

Shelves above bed make bedside paper very well

Picture 12 - In small single rooms, it is a good idea to lean the bed on one of the walls, especially if the width of the room is exactly that of the bed.

Small single room

Picture 13 - Placing cabinets next to the bed helps to focus the furniture on one side of the room only to improve circulation.

Cabinets next to the bed in the small room

Image 14 - If you choose wallpapers in bold colors, consider installing them on a main wall or two and balance with a light color paint to open up the room.

Paper balance of walls in small rooms

Picture 15 - The wall of the bed in the small room, for example, is a great choice to paint with a strong color and to highlight a special decoration that you have.

Bed wall in small room

Picture 16 - If you choose to make a bed integrated into the wardrobe, think about increasing the height of the mattress to fit drawers or cabinets on the bottom.

Bed integrated in small bedroom

Picture 17 - A trend of the moment that works very well for those who have a small room is to abolish the wardrobe and mount a macaw to hang their clothes.

Small room with macaw

Picture 18 - Another idea of ​​two environments in the same space: bed at the top with ladder fixed to the wall and closet at the bottom in the small room.

Bed at the top with staircase attached to the wall and closet at the bottom in the small bedroom

Picture 19 - Versatility is everything for those who have little space: super stylish chair that can be used as support for your books.

Super stylish chair in small room

Picture 20 - Another idea of ​​using spaces for beds built into planned cabinets: create a large niche that can serve as your bedside.

Bunk bed in planned small room closet

Picture 21 - Super creative idea for a space 2 in 1 in the small room: bedside with wooden bench that can also be a desk.

Super creative idea for a 2 in 1 space in the small bedroom

Picture 22 - Shelves as dumbwaits: take the opportunity to leave the space below the free benches for other items.

Set up shelf in small room

Another super creative (and retractable) idea for planned beds in small rooms: in addition to drawers below, you can have a shelf that can be opened when you need to put something down!

Planned bed in small room

Picture 24 - Bet on hanging washers or bulbs to save space on servants or shelves.

Chandelier for small room and washer

Picture 25 - A small rack like niche for books and decoration in the feet of the bed.

Rack with niche at foot of bed for small bedroom

Picture 26 - Niches on the bed wall can also be alternatives to dumb servants or headboards.

Niches on the bed wall of the small room

Picture 27 - If you prefer to exclude the bedside tables from your décor, use other surfaces to fulfill your role as wall shelves or nearby drawers.

Bed-set in small bedroom

Image 28 - When choosing the ideal wall to make a different and dark painting, give preference to a wall that does not receive so much light from the window, so the ones that are received are well lit.

Dark wall in small room

Picture 29 - There are several models of unique bunk beds for you to create a free space on the bottom!

Bunk bed in small room

Picture 30 - A chair in the bedroom can be a super versatile and useful item to create a reading space and be used as a surface to put small plants and other items.

Chair in small room

Picture 31 - In the baby's room, it is also worth concentrating the furniture on one side or wall to improve the circulation of the environment.

Furniture for small room

Picture 32 - Pictures are great ways to decorate walls of small rooms!

Pictures to decorate small room

Picture 33 - Small planned single room with raised bed to house closets.

Small single planned room

Image 34 - Small double room decoration with two dark walls and lamp on the wall.

Small double room decoration with two walls

Picture 35 - In a Scandinavian style, a small child's room with a low bed to enhance the right foot of the environment.

Small children's room

Image 36 - Small room planned for couple: built-in wall cabinets with central bed.

Small room planned for couple

Picture 37 - You can use other types of surfaces to place your items and small plants, like the parapito of the windows.

Plants in small room

Picture 38 - For those who have many items of decoration and books, it is worth concentrating everything on a set of aligned shelves or a shelf on the wall.

Shelves for books in small room

Picture 39 - To raise the bed to create a space in the bottom to store your items, you can also create a wooden platform.

Platform for raising the bed in a small room

Picture 40 - In environments with a high right foot, plants with vertical design and high foliage create a perfect decoration.

Plants in small room

Picture 41 - A small niche may be all you need in the small room: another surface for you to use as a servant.

Small niche in small room

Picture 42 - A corner full of shelves lined up to the ceiling can help you organize your items and your decorations.

Shelves in the corner of small room

Picture 43 - Just what is needed as a good idea to guide you when decorating a small baby room

Only the necessary in the decoration of the small baby room

Picture 44 - In addition to the paintings in dark colors, you can also choose to use a wallpaper on a wall just to not give a heavy and full air to the small room.

Wallpaper in small room

Picture 45 - Large MDF drawers for you to store the bulky items such as pillows and bedspreads at the bottom of your bed.

Large MDF drawers for small bedroom

Picture 46 - Tall shelf with metal baskets to store some items and have a room always organized.

High shelf with metal baskets for small room

Picture 47 - Another idea of ​​small rooms decorated for young people with a suspended bed in a bunk type and study area on the bottom.

Small room decorated for young

Image 48 - Small room space dividing idea with curtains for a loft apartment.

Division of small room with curtain

Curtain in small room

Picture 49 - Another idea of ​​small single room planned with drawers at the bottom of the bed.

small single room planned with drawers

Picture 50 - The shelves can be places for you to store and expose the most varied items, such as books, plants and even your collection of shoes.

Collection of shoes in the small room

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