Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire

For many people decorating a small living room is a very difficult task, but currently the apartments have fewer and fewer spaces and comes with the intention of integrating with the dining room. But with some tips it is possible to have a pleasant environment with practical and essential furniture pro day to day.

To get started it is crucial to have the space measurements in hand to start planning your room. After that, you have to keep in mind that due to its size it is essential that you have few furniture in place. So if you want to decorate use shelves or niches on the walls with dye in light tones for feeling of amplitude. With the integrated rooms, be careful with the dining tables, ideally it is of a size that allows circulation around it.

The clear sofa with narrow arms harmonizes in the visual, and if there is no space for coffee table use low benches to support decorative objects (magazines, glasses, vases etc.). Also remember that the floor-to-ceiling shelf leaves the room heavy, so a low floor is indicated with space to support poufs if you get more visitors matching with loose shelves on the wall. For the television the recommended one to save space are the panels in the wall, supports them in low benches or embedded directly in the wall.

For the back of the room that have a window or door to the balcony, can be highly valued with a beautiful curtain or wall-colored in strong tones for the decoration to have more personality.

Inspirations from small living rooms decorated in style

Inspire yourself in some small rooms that Easy Decor has separated for you:

Picture 1 - Bet in light colors to leave the environment cleaner.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire

The Scandinavian decor style, just like the minimalist, focuses on the light colors to have a greater sense of spaciousness. In this project we see exactly this approach, with the light colors, the room that is small may seem larger than it really is. This is one of the techniques used to decorate small spaces: using visual tricks to change people's perception of the environment.

Picture 2 - To enjoy the space even more, choose a rack and panel with cabinets to store objects.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 1

In small environments, take advantage of air spaces to use niches or small cabinets. In this way we gain space to store different types of objects, besides giving another face to the decoration. In this design, the rack-mounted panel uses this approach in a balanced way, without leaving the environment charged.

Picture 3 - Room with a low sofa that occupies little space in the vertical direction.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 2

Another way to increase the sense of amplitude in the environment is to leave the walls clean, without pictures or objects that occupy a lot of vertical space. In this proposal, the living room sofa is low and helps to keep the wall clean. In it, only the wallpaper with a soft illustration, a way to break the monotony. With all the neutral colors, it is interesting to choose decorative objects with more vivid colors, such as vases, cushions, chandeliers, magazine holders and others.

Picture 4 - Use a coherent color chart when choosing furniture and objects.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 3

Choosing several different colors for decorative objects requires balance and creativity. In this sense, also use the pastel shades that are high in the decoration at the time of planning. In this living room: light pink curtain, green frame, yellow and red cushions, navy blue center puff, black and white striped rug and gray blue sofa. All this without losing the clean characteristic of the white walls.

Picture 5 - Decoration of the small room with classic style and furniture of dark wood.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 4

Picture 6 - Choose the minimalist style to decorate a small living room.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 5

The decoration with minimalist style can be an excellent choice when decorating small environments, this having as a characteristic the use of practicality and functionality using few decorative and furniture objects. Light walls with wood floors or laminate with light tones leave the environment with a more natural, breaking the neutrality of white. In this proposal, there are few frames and elements on the shelves, and yet they have soft tones so they do not stand out much from the color of the wall.

Picture 7 - Create a contrast to highlight a particular attribute of the decoration.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 6

The combination of contrasting colors can be used to highlight a particular object or feature of the decoration. In this example, the sofa, frames and other objects stand out when they are positioned in front of a wall with the dark graffiti color.

Picture 8 - Combine the room with a small corner for studies.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 7

Was there a small space left? This proposal adds a shelf with glass and a sideboard used as a desk for the computer.

Image 9 - Design picking a vibrant color to stand out in an environment with light tones.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 8

In this design, the purple color was chosen to contrast with the soft tones of the floor, wall and ceiling. In lighting, the skylight allows a wide entrance of natural light right in the center of the room.

Image 10 - A small room design with highlight for the lighting.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 9

Lighting is a factor that directly influences the sense of amplitude of any environment. Whether natural or not, it is recommended that it be broad, especially for small environments that need to take advantage of each space. In rooms with little external lighting, it is interesting to consider the use of a dedicated project in this sense.

Picture 11 - Enjoy every inch with the use of narrow furniture.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 10

In restricted environments, choose narrow furniture to maintain minimal circulation, as in this room with sofa and small rack. In this way the access to the balcony is free.

Picture 12 - Move to low furniture like sofas and coffee tables.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 11

In a narrow room, look for furniture that is compatible with the space available. In this example there is no use of racks and the TV is embedded in the wall. Another option is to choose low furniture to leave the vertical space more open and clean.

Picture 13 - Small room that delimits the space with a sofa in L.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 12

In this project, the proposal is to advance with room out of reach of the wall. To that end, an L-shaped sofa was chosen that delimits the available space. In the absence of walls and a gap available, this approach can be used.

Picture 14 - Simple small room with sofa on the floor and shelves.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 13

Picture 15 - Living room with sober colors.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 14

With shades of dark gray, both on the wall and on the sofa, this room has highlighted the colors in the decorative objects. The pictures are different from each other. In addition the cushions, the vase and the leather armchair also leave the environment more alive.

Picture 16 - Modern living room.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 15

Picture 17 - Another inspiring living room with the minimalist style.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 16

Light wood furniture with thin thicknesses are found in minimalist décor designs.

Image 18 - Abuse of white to keep the environment even cleaner.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 17

A great inspiration for fans of the clean style: white is strongly present in this room, both on the walls, the ceiling and the rack. Choose appropriate lighting to highlight these attributes.

Image 19 - An environment that takes advantage of all natural lighting.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 18

In a modern country house, the choice of the decoration of the room is made with wooden furniture, which together with the leather sofa, refer to the rustic aspect of the location.

Image 20 - Choose a small coffee table to gain circulation space.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 19

In a small room with elegant decor, a narrow metal coffee table was chosen to keep circulation around as possible. The beige color is present in this environment, on both the chosen wallpaper and the curtain.

Picture 21 - Dare and choose unusual colors to make the environment even more striking.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 20

In a living room design with neutral colors and metallic details, the green sofa is in evidence and can be a different color to be used in the decoration. There is still a beautiful painting and a distinctive central chandelier, filled with feathers.

Picture 22 - Room with classic furniture for those who like the style.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 21

A small room with more classic furniture. In this project there is a great emphasis on the patterns present in the curtain, on the cushions and even on the carpet.

Picture 23 - Add a touch of personality with decorative objects.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 22

The decorative objects say a lot about the owners of the house. Add your personal touch using photographs, paintings, pictures, lamps, cushions and rugs with drawings and prints that please you. Always remember to maintain harmony and do not leave the environment heavy.

Picture 24 - Bet on neutral colors with small details of color on decorative objects.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 23

The neutral colors never go out of style and allow the protagonism of the colors to be destined to the decorative objects. The advantage is that environments like this are more flexible and can change faces according to the will of the residents.

Picture 25 - Small frames can leave a neutral environment with a touch of color.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 24

In this design of a simple living room with few colors, the different frame formats were chosen to give more joy and movement to the decor.

Picture 26 - The use of light tones in the walls, floor and in the rack increases the sense of amplitude of this small room.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 25

To set up a clean environment, choose few objects and furniture. Keep the colors neutral to increase the sense of amplitude in the environment. In this project, we see exactly this approach in decoration.

Picture 27 - The wallpaper adds a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 26

In this environment with ample natural light and light colors, the wallpaper was chosen to add a touch of color with prints and soft colors on the wall. THE column light is another cool option to use in the corner of the room and there are a multitude of models with different formats and colors available for sale.

Image 28 - Living room in an apartment of the type loft .

Small living rooms: 77 beautiful designs to inspire 27

Picture 29 - Small living room with mirror.

image (1)

The decoration of small environments requires tricks and tricks that disguise the lack of space. One of the interesting approaches that should be considered is the use of mirrors on the walls. They reflect part of the environment, giving the impression of continuation at first sight.

Picture 30 - A small living room design that is integrated into the dining room

image (2)

Picture 31 - Decoration of small living room with two chairs and sofa without arm.

image (3)

In a living room with high ceilings and brick walls, a specific coating was chosen for one of the walls with the blue and black tones. What left the most striking environment was the color red, used in the vase, the chairs and the sofa cushions.

Picture 32 - A beautiful design of small living room integrated to the balcony.

image (4)

Picture 33 - Decoration of a small living room without coffee table.

image (5)

The coffee table certainly can be an ally to position decorative objects and as a cup holder and food. However, there are those who prefer to leave this space free for people's movement, especially in rooms that have a door directed to the balcony (configuration very common in apartments).

Image 34 - Design of living room with highlighted yellow armchair and transparent coffee table.

image (6)

Picture 35 - Proposal of small living room with side bench and retractable sofa

image (7)

Image 36 - Decoration of the living room with low and mirrored coffee table.

image 8)

Room with brick wall, gray sofa and mirrored table: to bring more color and life to this project, more psychedelic color combinations were chosen, both in the puff, in the frame and in the cushions.

Image 37 - Living room with small bench and bookshelf.

image (9)

Picture 38 - Small living room with feminine style.

image (10)

For women: Add objects with characteristics and colors of the female universe to have a much more delicate room.

Picture 39 - Small living room with colorful puffs.

image (11)

Image 40 - Small sitting room with balcony closed.

image (12)

A good solution for those who have little space is from the union of the balcony with the room. Some condos allow this change and can be a way to earn extra space. In addition to the flooring that can be continuous on the floor, this example has chosen a different wood floor from the room.

Image 41 - Small living room integrated to the American kitchen.

image (13)

In many apartment projects there is no dedicated space, separated by walls between the living room and the kitchen. For this reason, it is important to create a smaller separation with a workbench.

Picture 42 - Small room with TV embedded in lacquered panel.

image (14)

A design decorated with shades of beige and gray. In this room there is a beautiful rack with leather puffs.

Picture 43 - Small living room with sofa in L

image (15)

Picture 44 - Living room with rustic style

image (16)

Picture 45 - Another example of living room with home office

image (17)

Picture 46 - Project of small living room without television.

image (18)

Picture 47 - Small living room with partition panel.

image (19)

In the absence of space for walls, especially in small studio apartments, the furniture can be used as a soft division between the bedroom and living room.

Image 48 - Small living room with light blue sofa.

image (20)

A living room design that focuses on pastel shades. The striking pale blue of the sofa combined with pink, yellow and white cushions.

Picture 49 - Small living room with shelves on the wall.

image (21)

A living room integrated to the dining room. Here the rack has handle the entire length of the wall and along with the shelves, serves as a support for various decorative objects.

Picture 50 - Small living room with room divider.

image (22)

A beautiful project in which the environment is divided by the bench, the panel is suspended and covers much of the view between the living room and the kitchen.

Picture 51 - Small living room with sofa for two places.

image (23)

Picture 52 - Small living room with wooden panel.

image (24)

Picture 53 - Small living room with narrow bench behind sofa.

image (25)

Picture 54 - Small living room with white decoration.

image (26)

Image 55 - Small living room with black decoration.

image (27)

Image 56 - Small living room with decorative niches.

image (28)

Image 57 - Small living room with gray decor.

image (29)

Image 58 - Small living room with white and yellow bench.

image (30)

Image 59 - Small living room with picture decoration.

image (31)

Image 60 - Small living room with side table and central minimalist style.

image (32)

Picture 61 - Small living room with low sofa and without arms.

image (33)

Picture 62 - Small living room with printed sofa and colored wall.

image (34)

Picture 63 - Small living room with low furniture.

image (35)

Image 64 - Small living room with leather sofa.

image (36)

Image 65 - Small living room with circulation around the furniture.

image (37)

Picture 66 - Small living room with sofa leaning on kitchen counter.

image (38)

Picture 67 - Small living room with puffs making central table paper.

image (39)

Image 68 - Small living room with modern style.

image (40)

Picture 69 - Small living room with poufs underneath the TV stand.

image (41)

Picture 70 - Small living room in apartment of the type loft .

image (42)

Picture 71 - Small living room with jovial style.

image (43)

Image 72 - Small living room with decoration in neutral tones.

image (44)

Image 73 - Small living room with custom wall.

image (45)

Picture 74 - Small living room with mirrored panel for TV.

image (46)

Picture 75 - Small living room with office space.

image (47

Picture 76 - Small living room with bench for meal.

image (48)

Image 77 - Small living room with white panel and shelves embedded in glass.

image (49)

Picture 78 - Small living room with niche coming out of the column covering up the kitchen counter.

image (50)

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