Small kitchen: 70 functional ideas of decoration and projects

For those who have a small kitchen, it may even seem a challenge to create a décor that includes all the necessary furniture and appliances without the environment seeming crowded or claustrophobic. While not impossible, there are a few rules at the time of decorating your small kitchen that you can follow to help fill this space well in a harmonious and enjoyable way.

In today's post we'll talk a little about how to decorate a small kitchen, with tips and a gallery of images with projects that will surely inspire you when it's time to build yours. Come on!

Planning for a small organized kitchen

Starting to plan: the design of your kitchen

The first thing to think about when planning your kitchen is to think about the design of it: whether it is a rectangular, square, L-shaped kitchen; if the measurements are narrower (in rectangular apartment kitchens, it is common for the side walls to be much shorter, forming a kitchen much like a hallway); if it integrates in some way with the other social environments of the house and etc.

This type of information, especially if you are looking for a planned furniture project, is super important to guide you and help you better arrange your furniture in space.

The Triangle Refrigerator-Sink-Stove

This is one of the general rules of good kitchen layout. Thinking about the main areas of this space forming a triangle, according to studies, helps in the best circulation of the environment, creating a comfortable space for you to cook. Most furniture provisions can create this triangle, but another way to create a good circulation is to keep the refrigerator, sink, and stove in a straight line, in a layout where they are not glued or distant.

Small kitchen: 70 functional ideas of decoration and projects

Space for all your utensils

For small rooms, the furniture designs are almost always the best, because they can offer solutions to optimize and take advantage of spaces in their totality. In the kitchen, the planned cabinets also manage to occupy a very important living area: the walls. Between cabinets, niches and shelves, the new trend is to take advantage of the space from the wall to the ceiling!

Space Optimization Always: See Practical Tips for Your Small Kitchen

1. Lighting

The lighting for small environments is fundamental to keep the room well ventilated and pleasant to be. The priority for the decoration of any environment is always the window: for it will not only enter the sunlight during the day, but also the wind that will air the environment. So the first tip regarding windows is to always leave them free! Nothing to put lockers to intercept light and air!

In second place are the artificial lights: in kitchens, the most indicated are the white ones and they do not have to be limited to a central light. Small spots and led strips are suitable for creating spotlights in work areas such as countertops and sinks.

2. Colors

Although the colors of the kitchens may almost always seem to be limited to white, virtually any color can be inserted into that environment! Thinking in light colors, nowadays with the return of the pastel colors (candy colors or, as you prefer to call), to the decoration trends, white has become a color that can easily be replaced while still maintaining good ambient illumination.

In the case of darker colors in small environments, it's worth the hint: mix in lighter shades! This mix helps balance the environment to keep calling the lighting, so the dark tone does not give that claustrophobic feel to the room. To not reduce the amplitude of the environment, position the most vibrant or dark colors on the opposite wall from where natural light comes!

3. Enjoy the space up to the walls

The new interior design darlings in the kitchen are the niches and the shelves: in addition to serving to store your utensils without taking up useful space, especially when they are above the countertops, these surfaces allow a decoration integrated with their useful objects (in most cases cases, they also saw decoration objects). Another very cool point is that they do not occupy space on the floor, being the darlings of designers who seek to optimize small spaces

4. Handles

Pullers for drawers and cabinets can cost a small fortune and even disrupt the full operation of your small environment. Therefore, there are several new solutions in the handle issue. The armholes made in the joinery (round or square holes made in cabinet doors) are becoming more popular because they are super easy and save a bundle! Another trend is the handles built into the joinery and even alternative handles, such as leather bands fixed on the wood by a clamp. In addition to being super stylish, they help save space from traditional handles.

Now that you know a few things about decorating your small kitchen, take a look at our gallery for more tips and ideas!

70 small kitchen designs to inspire you

Picture 1 - Small kitchen full of color! Combine some more colorful tones balanced with lighter tones like white or beige.

Small kitchen full of color

Picture 2 - Small and white kitchen with a collection of the favorite utensils displayed on the shelf and the countertop of preparations.

Small white kitchen

Picture 3 - Small kitchen in light tones with cabinets suspended up to the ceiling and a special lighting for the dishwasher.

Small kitchen in light tones

Picture 4 - Optimization of all vertical spaces: in this small kitchen in the corridor style, the two long walls have optimized spaces with cabinets or shelves up to the ceiling.

Small kitchen with stylish hallway

Picture 5 - Drawing of small U-shaped kitchen with a narrow table for fast meals and even for readings and works.

Small Kitchen in U

Picture 6 - Small kitchen planned with all the appliances housed in the joinery project.

Small kitchen planned with appliances

Image 7 - Use of the free wall: In this small kitchen wall, in addition to a wallpaper highlight, four narrow shelves were fixed to accommodate the most used small seasonings and crockery.

Using the wall in the small kitchen

Picture 8 - A lot of color and fun in a small kitchen for the most fun young people: when it comes to inserting shelves, the most colorful and fun items give an even more special face to this kitchen.

Color and fun in small kitchen

Picture 9 - For hallway type kitchens, keeping the refrigerator, stove and sink on the table line is the best option to keep the circulation running smoothly.

Small hallway style kitchen

Image 10 - Small kitchen in cold tones in a Scandinavian style and with lots of natural light.

Small kitchen in cold tones

Picture 11 - Small kitchen with triangular shelves for corners: a way to insert decorations and utensils in places few used.

Small kitchen with triangular shelves

Picture 12 - Cabinets in the small kitchen that mimic a panel: super discreet handles help give that feeling in the environment.

Cabinets in small kitchen that mimic a panel

Picture 13 - Balance in the small kitchen: even for small spaces, it is quite interesting to leave a wall free of shelves or cabinets to improve the sense of spaciousness of the space.

Small balanced kitchen

Picture 14 - Cabinets adapted for all occasions: in this project, the hanging cabinets are positioned strategically so as not to cover the tall kitchen windows.

Cabinets suspended in small kitchen

Picture 15 - Shelves, hooks and supports as tendencies for small kitchens.

Small kitchen with shelves and supports

Picture 16 - The small kitchens decorated in U-shape can also help in the optimization of space and circulation.

Small kitchen with U-shape

Picture 17 - Wooden table in the center of the decoration of this small kitchen: in a more rustic style, this tall and narrow wooden table of demolition works very well and does not take up all the space of the environment.

Wooden table in the decoration center of this small kitchen

Picture 18 - Rustic x modern: wood and black work very well as coatings of cabinets and walls, of this small kitchen, they make a super stylish contrast.

Rustic and modern in this small kitchen

Picture 19 - Table suspended from the wall by French hands: a good way to insert a dining bench into the small kitchen without taking up too much space and freeing the circulation from the bottom to fit the stools.

Wooden side table in small kitchen

Image 20 - Small black and gray kitchen: another type of cabinet that takes the whole wall and imitates a panel.

Small black and gray kitchen

Image 21 - Undecided between the white finish and the woody? Choose both!

White and wood in small kitchen

Picture 22 - Small kitchen planned with a corner of rest and lighting with several focuses in suspended chandeliers.

Planned small kitchen

Picture 23 - Enjoy the space also to insert small plants! On the window sill they are super happy and still help to keep out the afternoon light when it comes to doing the dishes.

Little plants in small kitchen

Picture 24 - Pegboard for your utensils: coming in trend that comes from other environments, pegboards have gone out of the workshops to be creative solutions to other rooms too!

Pegboard for utensils

Picture 25 - Integrate cabinets and your utensils to optimize space, like this dishwasher built right under the sink.

Dishwasher built-in under sink in small kitchen

Picture 26 - Round table for two places: in small kitchens, the smaller round tables, if well positioned, can fit very well in the environment.

Round table for two seats

Image 27 - Functional and minimalist apartments: small kitchen integrated to other environments.

Small kitchen integrated in two environments

Picture 28 - Small B & B kitchen in a minimalist and super quiet climate.

Small black and white kitchen

Image 29 - Integration with other environments: one way to bring uniformity to the various spaces of the house is to maintain a neutral color for all rooms, such as white in this case.

Small white kitchen

Picture 30 - Release the window area: especially for small kitchens that have large windows that allow light to enter, leaving the windows free of any impediments helps give a feeling of spaciousness.

Small kitchen with window

Picture 31 - Insert patterns and colors on the floor! You can insert a different element in more neutral kitchens of different shapes and a floor so sure will catch the attention of everyone!

Neutral small kitchen

Picture 32 - Get out of basic white and choose other pastel colors to be the protagonists of your small kitchen!

Small kitchen with pastel tones

Picture 33 - Small kitchen with counter for meals in L: partially taking two walls, you can double the number of seats available in this format.

Small kitchen with dining counter

Picture 34 - Everything white and minimalist: currently, in addition to the refrigerators, there are several other exclusively white appliances that can combine with its clear and quiet style.

Small white kitchen

Picture 35 - Color gradient on the wall: there are coatings of various shapes, including hexagons that can be explored to create designs and patterns on your wall.

Hexagonal coating in small kitchen

Picture 36 - Rounded L-shaped countertops for a uniform and organic design for your small kitchen.

Rounded L-shaped benches

Image 37 - Small kitchen for apartment with glass partition to enjoy in all environments the entrance of natural light.

Small kitchen for apartment with partition

Picture 38 - Small kitchen with dining table: arrange the table leaning against a side wall to create a good circulation for the kitchen in the background.

Small kitchen with dining table

Image 39 - Small American kitchen with integrated counter to the living room for small apartments.

Small American kitchen with balcony

Picture 40 - Another small kitchen with black wall: with rectangular enameled coating on the wall opposite the window, this kitchen does not lose its illumination.

Another small kitchen with black wall

Picture 41 - Small super glam kitchen with two highlights: cabinets with gold plated coating imitating leaves of another and entire wall cupboard with mirrored coating to open the environment.

Super glam small kitchen

Picture 42 - Another idea of ​​hooks to leave your utensils at hand and optimize spaces.

Hooks for kitchen utensils

Picture 43 - Hangers for dish cloths (in the same style as the bathroom for towels) are super useful and help to keep your cloths in the same place.

Small kitchen dish rack hangers

Picture 44 - Decoration of super small contemporary and urban kitchen with cabinets in iron, plywood and demolition wood.

Super contemporary small kitchen decoration

Picture 45 - Create several levels of surfaces to store your utensils and decorations: niches, narrow shelves and counter in the same vertical line.

Small kitchen with shelves

Picture 46 - Cabinets for a small kitchen style corridor: on the two walls, cabinets of different shapes for various uses.

Cabinets for a small hallway style kitchen

Picture 47 - Small black kitchen with cabinets up to the ceiling: even taller people may have a little trouble reaching all the corners!

Black small kitchen with cabinets up to the ceiling

Image 48 - Small American kitchen in industrial style loft environment.

American small kitchen

Picture 49 - Small kitchen decoration with pictures and a pretty beautiful wall covering.

Small kitchen decoration

Picture 50 - Use long shelves to store your utensils, crockery and even fit a decoration.

Small kitchen with long shelves

Image 51 - Small hallway-style kitchen in a light blue tone décor to bring tranquility to the preparation of your meals.

Small hallway style kitchen

Image 52 - Small American kitchen integrated to other environments in dark shades.

American small kitchen integrated to other environments

Picture 53 - On walls that do not receive natural light from the window, such as this half wall, are also great surfaces to apply a darker paint.

Small kitchen model

Picture 54 - Another small kitchen in light and neutral colors with a worked floor.

Small kitchen in light colors

Picture 55 - The walls between the hanging cabinets and the countertop are great for inserting a color or pattern through tiles, pads or even paint.

Tiles in small kitchen

Picture 56 - Small kitchen cabinets designed for your needs: drawers in various sizes for your utensils.

Small kitchen cabinets planned

Image 57 - Small kitchen in L integrated into the living room by arched door.

Small Kitchen in L

Image 58 - Planned wooden counter with more drawers still for your small kitchen design.

Planned wooden counter in small kitchen

Image 59 - Small hallway style kitchen with green, red and blue in a super contemporary and urban decor.

Small hallway style kitchen

Image 60 - Details in blue and yellow in the decoration of this small kitchen.

Blue and yellow in small kitchen decoration

Image 61 - One-stop shop in U for various uses: preparation, cooking and meals.

One-stop shop in U for various uses

Image 62 - Integration window between the kitchen and other spaces with a dining counter.

Integration window in small kitchen

Image 63 - Lighting focused on the sink area of ​​this small kitchen in a rustic mood.

Lighting focused on the sink area of ​​this small kitchen

Image 64 - Small American kitchen in a balance between light and dark colors.

American small kitchen

Image 65 - Another small kitchen corridor style: in this project, the wide window is used to illuminate the environment and the little plants.

Another small hallway style kitchen

Picture 66 - Small kitchen in candy colors: For a softer and super young climate, these light colors work very well both in the decoration and in the utensils.

Small kitchen in candy colors

Picture 67 - Small kitchen with U-shape with niches and shelves integrated to the cabinets.

Small kitchen with U-shape

Image 68 - Small hallway type kitchen with mirror and special lighting to broaden the ambience.

Small hallway type kitchen

Image 69 - Another way to optimize the expenses and spaces of your kitchen is to use cava-style handles in the cabinet itself.

Small kitchen cabinet type handles

Picture 70 - Small American kitchen with vibrant blue wall as background between hanging cabinets and counter.

American small kitchen with blue wall

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