Small houses: see 60 models on the outside, inside and projects

There are houses that are nothing more than mere constructions, but there are houses that are real homes. And to be a home, there are no rules of size, it can be large or small, the difference lies in the relationship of harmony and fellowship among those who inhabit the place. So today's post is for anyone who, like you, is looking for something that transcends a simple construction. A small but cozy house, nice and very cozy. Learn more about small homes:

Small houses have architectural and decorative possibilities very similar to larger buildings. It is possible to build small, modern, rustic, classic and traditional houses. For this, you will only need a good project that fits your field and your budget. Check out the tips below to get the most out of the small space you have available:

Enjoy the light

A well-lit house is always more pleasant and cozy, but the importance of the light does not end here. Natural lighting is also a must to increase the sense of space in homes. The brighter a room, the bigger it will look. So, when planning your small house plan, carefully analyze the location and proportion of each window relative to the space. And do not be afraid to exaggerate in size, light is never too much.

Define family priorities and needs

How many people will live in the house? Adults, children, old people? What is the need of each? Answering these questions is also critical to ensuring that the small house is functional and meets everyone's expectations.

For example, a home with older people needs to facilitate locomotion, avoid the use of stairs and opt for non-slip finishes. Already a house with children should value the space to play. If the house has more than one child, the tip is to reduce the size of the rooms a little and choose a common play area, such as a toy library, for example. Also assess the need to create a home office, this space is important for those who work at home or for those who study and need moments of privacy.

The important thing is always to determine the needs of each one and to establish a project capable of contemplating all. This is possible, even in a small house, provided it is made in advance and planned.

Integrate the environments

Integrated environments have come up with modern designs, but they have proven to be very functional regardless of the building style. A small home can benefit greatly from the integration of environments, significantly enhancing the sense of space. The most common environments currently integrated are kitchen, living room and dining room.

Value the finish

Choose materials that value both the facade and the interior of the home. Wood, glass, stone and metal are the most used to enhance the predominant architectural style. However, beware of the hype. A small construction may seem even smaller if the proportion of the materials is not used in a balanced manner.

Hit the colors

One thing is more than certain: light colors magnify objects visually, while dark colors tend to reduce them. Therefore, always prefer the light colors for painting the walls, especially the interior ones. Let the colors stronger and more vibrant for the details of the decor. The facade's look can also be enhanced by the choice and right color combination, creating volume and proportion effects.

Make a mezzanine

Small houses can be better utilized by building mezzanines. However, for this, it is necessary that the house has a high right foot. The mezzanine can be made of masonry, wood or metal. It just needs to be firm and sturdy enough to house a smaller room in the house, usually a room with only the bed. The mezzanines also reinforce the modern feature of the building.

What's your style?

If you like modern and bold constructions, opt for a straight-line design with plankton - an option that hides the roof - and the use of materials such as glass and metal in finishes. White is the preferred color of modern designs. In the interior of the house, value the decoration with minimalist furniture and few visual elements. Now if you prefer that traditional house model, the roof fulfills an important aesthetic function. Also remember a garden at the entrance of the house and inland, invest in wooden furniture.

60 models of small houses inside, outside, plans and projects

Tips are always welcome, but nothing better than seeing in practice how it all works. That's why we selected 60 images of small, beautiful, and inexpensive houses to inspire you. You will be able to check facades of small houses, small house plans with 2 and 3 bedrooms and the decoration of small houses. Come on?

Casas Pequenas - Facade and Architecture

Picture 1 - Small house of traditional style with apparent roof and wide windows.

Traditional small house with apparent roof and large windows

Picture 2 - Direct from the infantile imaginary to the real life: this small and simple house is a true refuge.

Small and simple house

Picture 3 - Modern small house: note the presence of straight lines and the absence of the roof.

Modern small house

Picture 4 - Small house with two floors; the lower part is fully integrated and well lit, upstairs are the private rooms.

Small house with two floors

Image 5 - Translucent roof favors natural lighting inside the house.

Translucent roof favors natural lighting inside the house

Picture 6 - Small house and cozy: the alive tone of blue ignited the house in the middle of the nature that surrounds it; ferns ornament the entrance marked by the white door.

Small cozy house

Picture 7 - Small, modern house with two floors and garage.

Small modern house with two floors and garage

Picture 8 - Use nature to your advantage: in this small house, climbing plants integrate into the façade.

Use nature to your advantage: in this small house, climbing plants integrate into the facade

Picture 9 - Small house painted white to the best classic style.

Small house painted white

Picture 10 - A cozy porch for those lazy days; these are the details that turn a home into a home.

Small house with cozy balcony

Picture 11 - No city: this small house of modern style was built in the midst of nature.

Modern style small house

Image 12 - This project valued the external area, exploring the possibilities of outdoor living.

External area valued in small cassa

Picture 13 - Modern house bet on the shades of brown to stay cozier.

Modern houses with shades of brown

Picture 14 - A small and simple house that resides in the imaginary of many people out there.

Small and simple house model

Picture 15 - The platibanda of this sobrado guaranteed the modern touch to the construction, but still it is possible to notice the influence of the traditional houses in this project.

Small house with wood floor

Image 16 - Wide windows to light the whole interior of the house.

Large windows in the small house

Picture 17 - One container house for those who want something more economical and stylish.

Small container house

Picture 18 - Pergolas made of wood are a great and economical option to value the facade of small houses.

Wooden perch in small house

Picture 19 - Similar to the previous photo, but with different colors; notice how the painting changes the look of the house.

Small house with painting

Image 20 - Small, modern and minimalist house: here, less is more.

Small, modern and minimalist house

Image 21 - Want a bolder front? Try painting in yellow.

Facade of small yellow house

Small house plants

Picture 22 - Houseplant small with an en-suite, dining and sitting area and spacious outside area.

Small house plan with an integrated suite, dining and living area

Picture 23 - Small house plan with almost all the integrated environments.

Small house plan with almost all integrated environments

Picture 24 - Small house plan with two bedrooms, yard and garage.

Small house plan with two bedrooms, yard and garage

Picture 25 - House plan with three bedrooms and American kitchen.

House plan with 3 bedrooms and American kitchen

Image 26 - Small house plan with only one bedroom; the closet was valued in this project.

Small house plan with only one bedroom

Picture 27 - House plan with two bedrooms.

House plan with two bedrooms

Image 28-1 - Small house plan: upper floor with private garden, multipurpose room and dormitory.

Small house plant

Image 28 - Lower floor with integrated social area and a guest room.

Lower floor with integrated social area and a guest bedroom

Image 29 - Upper floor with two bedrooms and a shared bathroom.

Upper floor with two bedrooms and a shared bathroom

Image 30 - Lower floor only with the social area.

Lower floor only with social area

Image 30-1 - Top floor with private suite.

Top floor with private suite

Picture 30 - Lower floor with gourmet balcony .

Bottom floor with gourmet balcony

Picture 31 - Small 3D house plan with shared bathroom by the rooms and guest toilet.

3D small house plan

Image 32 - House container plant in 3D.

Container house plan in 3D

Picture 33 - Small house plan with balcony.

House plan with balcony

Image 34 - Small house plan with just one bathroom.

Small house plan with just one bathroom

Picture 35 - House plan with two small rooms.

House plan with two small bedrooms

Picture 36 - Small house with sofa bed scheme to meet the needs of the resident both day and night.

Small house with sofa bed layout

Image 37 - House plan with one double bedroom and one single bedroom.

House plan with one double bedroom and one single bedroom

Image 38 - Simple house plan.

Simple house plan

Image 39 - Rectangular small house plan.

Rectangular small house plan

Decoration of small houses inside

Picture 40 - The small room was decorated with sofa, rug and plant pot; all in the exact proportion of the environment.

small room was decorated with sofa

Image 41 - Small houses: lots of light and white walls to visually enlarge the internal area.

Small houses with lots of light

Image 42 - Small houses: red on the sink's bench brings color to the environment without regret.

Small house funds

Picture 43 - Hide the service area .

hidden service area

Picture 44 - Mezzanine mounted on the kitchen works as TV room.

Mezzanine mounted on the kitchen works as TV room

Picture 45 - Small houses: on the mezzanine, the bedroom; under the mezzanine, the closet.

Room with mezzanine in small houses

Picture 46 - Integrated environments value small houses.

Integrated environments value small homes

Picture 47 - Small houses: small black room, to compensate the dark color excellent natural light.

Small houses with small bedroom

Image 48 - Small houses: integrated environments when you wish.

Small houses: integrated environments when you wish

Picture 49 - And a room like that? Topa?

Small houses: And a room like that? Topa?

Picture 50 - In small houses: furniture can help to divide the environments.

In small houses: furniture can help to divide the environments

Picture 51 - Small house of rustic modern style.

Rustic modern small house

Image 52 - Glass makes the turn of the wall in this small house.

Glass makes the wall turn in this small house

Picture 53 - Small houses: decoration clean and without exaggeration.

Small houses: clean decoration and no exaggeration

Picture 54 - No doors: the room is divided from the rest of the small house by only one wall.

Small houses inside without doors

Picture 55 - But he can also be in the middle of the room.

Small houses: see 60 models on the outside, inside and projects

Image 56 - Small houses: black wall makes a harmonious contrast with the furniture and white walls.

Inside small house with black wall

Image 57 - And when all is one thing, the result is like that of the image.

Integrated small house

Image 58 - Small house with mezzanine and decoration in shades of white and woody.

Small house with mezzanine and decoration in shades of white and woody

Image 59 - Environments cleans divided by wall of drywall.

Small house with clean environment

Picture 60 - In this small house with totally integrated environments, the choice of furniture is essential to maintain a clean and functional decoration.

Inside small house and integrated environments

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