Small garden: 60 models and inspiring design ideas

No matter the size, having a home garden with little plants, incredible flowers and a place to sit and relax alone or socialize with family and friends at brunch, lunch or even dinner, it makes all the difference in a house! The garden is a space to relax, admire the view of the plants, feel the grass and breathe better and, even if it is small, there are several tips and possibilities to set up a quiet and comfortable place to renew the air of your home.

In today's post, we will give tips for you to make your little garden happen!

Small garden? Open space in the center!

A simple hint for any small space is: hold large objects close to the walls and leave the center of the environment free for people to circulate, air and light. This also works in the garden! The side and corner beds near the walls and walls are amazing, as they make the landscape more lively, the benches and tables can also be thought of to be in the corners, with a special lighting so they do not occupy darker places.

Small maple in any location

Small garden: 60 models and inspiring design ideas

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to grow some species of spices and foliage at home for their own consumption in vases, without the need for a piece of land on the ground. Many species can even be grown indoors with only a few hours of direct sunshine, but the ideal setting for plants is an open environment for them to get sunshine at will and grow more and more.

Our tip is: invest in a few changes of herbs and pot seasonings to start growing in a corner of your garden, even if you do not have much experience with gardening. It will surely transform your environment and your meals!

Enjoy the walls!

The idea of ​​going for a vertical decoration does not only apply to small gardens, but in most of the internal rooms of the house too! The wall decor creates incredible decor and still saves usable floor space. In the case of gardens, you have several options such as installing a vertical garden and bringing a bright green to your wall with lots of foliage and textures, or even growing a climbing vine plant or a flowerbed on the floor, leaving it climb up and cover your wall.

Different plants for specific locations

For a garden with complete green area, a landscaping job is critical. Not only in the ordering and composition of plant species, but also to understand how the environment can provide comfort for each type of seedlings. It is important to observe in every corner chosen to turn a flowerbed or potty's corner as and when the sun comes down and as the wind passes. For example, an open corner where there is a lot of wind, plants with harder leaves live well, but those with more delicate leaves can be felled easily, so in these corners bet on the gardenias and azaleas. In an area that beats a lot of sun, think of the aromatic herbs (another hint for your vegetable!) Such as rosemary, basil, bay leaf, chives, oregano, parsley and others.

Think of different floor coverings to stimulate feel and new sensations

As the garden is thought to be an environment to release the bad energies of everyday life and relax, it is interesting to invest in different textures and sensations to experience in that place. The grass is certainly the right one, even if you have minimal space to install it. But there are other alternatives, such as artificial grass, made with synthetic fiber, or even hefty stones, common in gardening and landscaping. For those who like a better structured climate, the wooden deck never goes out of style and can adapt to any dimension you have available.

Benches, armchairs and even an outdoor dining table

Small Garden: 60 Inspiring Design Templates and Ideas 1

Despite the idea that it is impossible to create a collective environment in a small garden, it is sometimes only a matter of perspective. You may think of a small circular table with two chairs or even a planned bench that runs along the wall, simple ideas that can rather make the environment the ideal place to gather friends and family on the weekend.

For those who want a more relaxing environment, it is worth investing in one or two loungers or reclining chairs for the outdoor areas.

Check out our selection of pictures with small and beautiful garden designs to start thinking about how to transform this space into a pleasant environment and contact with nature!

Picture 1 - Small garden with space well distributed for special occasions.

Small garden with well distributed space

Picture 2 - Small garden in an intimate atmosphere to receive the friends and to make a meeting: many plants, some loungers and low light stream.

Small garden in intimate climate

Picture 3 - Small garden with plants and a table for meals to gather family and friends for a nice afternoon.

Small garden with plants

Picture 4 - Small garden of corner of wall: space reserved in bed for vegetable garden and an armchair nest suspended for moments of relaxation.

Small corner garden of wall

Picture 5 - Another idea for small corner gardens: circle the surroundings of plants or trees and create a large L-shaped bench with central table to receive guests.

Small corner gardens

Picture 6 - Organic design in this small garden project: sectorization of plants and activities with difference of coatings.

Small garden design with organic design

Picture 7 - Perfect for the children to explore and to live several adventures: small garden with pergola of wood and toys for the little ones.

Small garden with wooden pergola

Picture 8 - Small garden in stadium style: stone elevations with grass to enjoy the sun and a space to eat outdoors with the family.

Small garden in stadium style

Picture 9 - Small garden in simple building with lawn and trees.

Small garden in simple building with lawn and trees

Picture 10 - Small garden with deck and many species of plants: pleasant and relaxing environment to spend the summer afternoons.

Small garden with deck and many species of plants

Picture 11 - Garden to gather friends and have a nice meal: large and low table with comfortable cushions in a Boho chic style.

Garden to gather friends and have a nice meal

Picture 12 - Small garden divided between covered and open area to use on several occasions.

Small garden in covered area

Picture 13 - Small garden with jacuzzi, loungers and landscaping with plants well distributed by the center and the edges of the space.

Small garden with jacuzzi

Picture 14 - Another garden in boho mood: this one, a bathtub with shower, cover of hefty stones and some pots of plants.

Garden in the boho mood

Picture 15 - Simple small garden with area for group meals.

Small simple garden

Image 16 - Idea for small and cheap gardens with plants and space for relaxation and meals.

small and cheap gardens with plants

Picture 17 - Small garden with cultivation of plants in a vertical system in the wall walls.

Small garden with plant cultivation

Image 18 - Garden corridor with stone walkway and a green wall to brighten the landscape.

Garden corridor with pedestrian walkway

Picture 19 - In the biggest comfortable and natural style: small garden between houses with table, sofa and many, many little plants!

Small garden between houses with table

Picture 20 - Bet on furniture and a wooden demolition deck for your garden to get a more rustic touch.

Small garden with wooden demolition deck

Picture 21 - If you have a big tree in the garden, let it be the great protagonist of the project!

Small garden for large tree

Picture 22 - Small and modern garden type living area: bet on some armchairs or chairs and a dining table!

Small and modern garden type living area

Picture 23 - A bed of plants (and many flowers!) On the sides of the garden walls is always a good choice!

Small garden with flower beds

Picture 24 - For those who have a large tree in space, a good option is to isolate it and use the area below the canopy to place armchairs and chairs to take advantage of the shade.

Small garden with big tree

Picture 25 - Idea for small and cheap gardens with a lot of refreshment for the hot summers: an area with shower and many tropical plants to refresh.

Small and inexpensive garden

Picture 26 - To create different environments in your garden, try creating different levels as in this example!

Small garden with different levels

Image 27 - Another idea to divide environments (in this case a living area and another dining area) is to use plant beds.

Plant bed in small garden

Image 28 - An environment of relaxation and reading is always needed in the garden: this here, among the plant beds, is perfect for anyone who wants to connect with nature!

Small garden with reading corner

Picture 29 - Japanese garden inside home.

Small garden in Japanese style

Picture 30 - Small garden with waterfall and artificial lake: in this case we used species of aquatic plants to give a marshy climate for the project.

Small garden with waterfall and artificial lake

Picture 31 - Central deck with lounger for a relaxing moment amidst the plants.

Central deck with lounger in small garden

Image 32 - Bet on concrete vats to house leafy plants in an Urban Jungle mood for your little garden.

Small garden Urban Jungle

Image 33 - Green is the protagonist: aerial view of this garden project on the porch with potted plants all around the space.

View from small garden project area over

Picture 34 - Small half-way garden: space with green grass and plants to feel nature and another with wooden floors, puffs and cushions to relax to enjoy the view.

Small garden half-way

Picture 35 - Landscaping in boxes: each species in a specific area of ​​this garden project.

Small garden design with landscaping

Image 36 - A space Provencal : open ambience with the dominating green and a central table for super nice breakfast, lunch or dinner outdoors.

Provençal small garden

Image 37 - Small garden with stones in the design of landscaping.

Small garden with stones in landscaping design

Picture 38 - Romantic space in the small garden: rose bushes in the wooden structure up to the ceiling transform the environment with its flowers.

Romantic space for small garden

Picture 39 - Small garden with many plants and fresh air.

Small garden with many plants

Image 40 - Another landscaping project with division of space for plant species.

Landscaping project with space division

Image 41 - Minimum space: wooden bench and some little plants make up a small and cheap garden, perfect for relaxing.

Wooden bench and some small plants

Picture 42 - Small garden among several shades of green of nature.

Small garden among several shades of green nature

Picture 43 - Concrete garden: for those who do not have much space on the ground to plant, bet in large pots of concrete or plaster to grow larger species.

Small concrete garden

Picture 44 - Zigzag design in the design of this garden: the lines delimit the space of the plants and the space of concrete of the floor, forming diverse beds for different species.

Zig-zag design in the design of this garden

Image 45 - Central green space in this garden project: the two living spaces are surrounded by the green of the lawn, the palm trees and the hedge , providing a spectacular view.

Small garden with hedge

Picture 46 - Small garden corner small refuge: in this project, although the space is short, the long mirror positioned on the deck wall leaves the illusion that the environment extends, giving amplitude.

Small corner garden of wall

Picture 47 - Small garden with design in straight lines and predominance of walls concrete.

Small garden with design in straight lines

Picture 48 - Three rooms in a small garden: pool area , meals and free area with trees have been carefully thought out in this project and work very well without seeming narrow or tight.

Small garden: 60 models and inspiring design ideas

Picture 49 - A good tip for small gardens in square format is: always position areas or furniture at the ends of the environment, to leave the central area free for circulation.

Small garden with square shape

Picture 50 - The wooden deck is also a great way to create a lift (even if minimal) for your garden and transform a relaxing environment.

Small garden with wooden deck

Picture 51 - Open garden project attached to the TV room and service area: a green space in the central as a corner of relaxation.

Small open garden

Picture 52 - Tall plants, vines, vertical gardens and shelves with vases are great ways to cover the space of your green garden without losing useful space.

vertical garden

Image 53 - Division of space for plant beds and tables for one romantic dinner with two .

Small garden: 60 models and inspiring design ideas

Picture 54 - For gardens with a rectangular shape, the L-shaped wooden benches are great options to create a living area.

Collective wooden bench in small garden

Picture 55 - Another idea of ​​small garden with area for bath.

Small garden for shower area

Picture 56 - Small garden with flowers: for those who love to always have the house florida, bet on a path or a whole flowerbed with their favorite species.

Small garden with flowers

Image 57 - Green path to the house: small garden with the protagonism of the plants.

Small garden with the protagonism of plants

Image 58 - Relaxing atmosphere to spend the afternoon with everyone: a table and sofa of pallets that can be moved bring an extra versatility to this environment.

Small garden with relaxing environment

Image 59 - Small minimalist garden with stones and trees: here, white concrete contrasts with the green of nature.

Small minimalist garden with rocks and trees

Image 60 - Another idea of ​​small garden with grassy central area and elevation in deck on the sides.

Small garden with lawn

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