Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

Assemble one dining room in a small space is an increasingly common task, especially with new developments and apartments that have a plant with a more restricted area. At the beginning of this process, it is necessary to define the dimensions of each furniture that will make up the environment, always taking into account the ideal circulation space for comfort to be present.


In general, the integration of the living room with the dining room is recommended, avoiding separations with walls of masonry, panels or other devices: it is a way to make better use of the space without divisions, privileging the amplitude. Some projects can even accommodate a small home office near the two rooms. With this integration, it is essential to think about the decoration of this space as a whole, with harmony and a pleasant look.


Lighting is another item that deserves attention and can enhance the decoration. For the dining table, choosing a chandelier or pendant lamp is ideal to keep your center in focus, in addition to making the room more elegant. Give preference to white lighting, which enhances the feeling of space.


The mirror is a versatile item that can be used in numerous proposals and can be the differential in a small dining room: its reflection can mirror the dining table and bring more visual comfort to the decor. It can be applied on bounded areas of the walls or in all their extension.

German canto

O german song is a solution that further saves the space of the dining rooms: it is the use of a bench supported in the wall in substitution of the common chairs, that require an appropriate space for the circulation and to be away with comfort.

70 small dining rooms to inspire you

For anyone looking for practical decorating tips with visual references, check out our selection of ideas and inspirations to help you choose the project:

Picture 1 - The bench leaning against the wall optimizes all the space of this dining room.

image (1)

The seat supported on the wall in the German corner style brings more comfort by being upholstered and saves space compared to the chairs. The light colors in the design helped keep the room bright and modern!

Picture 2 - The white color in the decoration brings more luminosity to the environment.

image (2)

The white color is intended to leave the environment clean and airy, being a great alternative for small spaces. This tonality reflects light leaving the environment visually larger.

Picture 3 - Rooms integrated by an incredible panel!

image (3)

Small environments ask for versatile ideas in decorating. This was the proposal for these integrated rooms: the panel has a trimmer function, support for TV and still divides the space in a harmonic way.

Picture 4 - The position of the table always interferes with the circulation: see the best position in your room.

image (4)

In this case the rectangular tables need a more elaborate study of the space. It should follow the layout and layout of the room. In the above design, the table was positioned to create a free circulation for the living room, without disturbing the visual as well as the distribution of the furniture.

Picture 5 - The built-in niche gave charm and functionality to the small dining room.

image (5)

This "niche" gave way to a bench supported on the wall, it also has directional lighting, different coatings and provides air space for objects.

Picture 6 - The glass table is great in this proposal.

image (6)

Some materials are advantageous when the proposal is to bring more amplitude to the space. And glass is one of them: a versatile, modern and elegant material.

Image 7 - The option of installing the bench instead of using chairs is ideal to have more space.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

You can blend the dining table with bench and chairs, thus playing with colors and textures of materials. With the bank you save space of circulation and for not having defined divisions, it is a more practical solution in the time to accommodate other people.

Image 8 - Dare in colors and design to give personality in space.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 1

Picture 9 - Acrylic chairs, besides being transparent, leave the environment clean and delicate.

image (9)

One of the functions of this material is to replace the glass, because it is safer to sit and still leaves the room with a light look. These chairs look great with a white lacquered table, and if you wanted to enhance the decor, add some cushions on the seat to color these transparent pieces.

Image 10 - Merging the mirror with shelves is a great idea for a neutral wall.

image (10)

Picture 11 - This small dining room was bordered by a carpet almost the color of the floor.

image (11)

When we delimit the space, it tends to decrease, even more referring to already small environments. In this case, try to make a demarcation with a carpet that has a tonality similar to the color of the floor, so that the item does not weigh in the environment and still keeps the look neutral.

Image 12 - Look for functional furniture in the decoration.

image (12)

In this case the seat serves as a seat for the dining room or as a sideboard, as it extends across the length of the wall.

Image 13 - The use of neutral colors and light shades is the best option for small environments.

image (13)

Picture 14 - The American style kitchen is the ideal proposal for a small dining room.

image (14)

For small apartments, try to leave the environments more open, without many walls, so the lighting can enter through all these spaces leaving the appearance of a large and airy environment.

Picture 15 - Who said that the round table can not have its space in a small room?

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

Figure 16 - Positioning the table attached to the bench is a great way to optimize space.

image (16)

Picture 17 - Colored pillows bring color and joy to this small dining room.

image (17)

Image 18 - Organize a living space integrated with the kitchen.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

Image 19 - For those who like a rustic style, this is a good option.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 2

Picture 20 - The mix of chairs and benches make any table leave the monotony.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 3

A small room need not be without personality! Look for your favorite colors and assemble a composition with the same model, but with different colors.

Picture 21 - A room with a perfect distribution for its functions.

image (21)

Image 22 - Gourmet balcony with small dining area.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

The balcony has become an extension of the apartment, so it can be a great social space with dining room, barbeque, home bar and kitchen.

Picture 23 - A small, but very well settled dining room.

image (23)

This project took advantage of the kitchen bench to install a bench leaning against its structure.

Picture 24 - The use of pendants on the table and cushions is always a good request.

image (24)

Picture 25 - Not always the chairs need to follow the same language of the table.

image (25)

Picture 26 - Incredible solution with narrow dining table into the living room.

image (26)

The mirror has created an incredible effect in the dining room: it gives the impression that the table is much larger than it really is due to its reflection.

Picture 27 - To emphasize the small dining room: abuse of furniture with a more daring design.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

Image 28 - This composition of glass, mirror and white color make the perfect trio for a small room.

image (28)

Picture 29 - The cool thing about leaving the table in the middle is that you can insert chairs on the sides.

image (29)

The rectangular table with 4 chairs is ideal for those who have little space. So when it is necessary, there is the possibility of inserting more chairs at its ends.

Picture 30 - The dining room can be a meal setting inside the kitchen too.

image (30)

Image 31 - The mirror-clad wall makes the difference in this layout.

image (31)

Picture 32 - The wallpaper in the room gave the highlight that was missing.

image (32)

Picture 33 - The panel gave room even for a built-in TV.

image (33)

Image 34 - The furniture is clean, but the decorative objects take different colors and shapes.

image (34)

Picture 35 - If you choose a round table, choose the one of 4 places.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

Even at a small table, always try to put 4 chairs: it is more practical for day to day and to receive visits from friends and family.

Image 36 - Wall corner with round table.

image (36)

Image 37 - A good option to set up a dining room on the balcony.

image (37)

Picture 38 - Even in small balcony it is possible to integrate a modern dining room.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

Picture 39 - This apartment balcony model has a defined layout, but it is still modern.

image (39)

Picture 40 - The dining chairs accompany the style of the living room.

image (40)

For integrated environments, try to harmonize materials and colors. In the case of the above project we can see the combination of light and earthy tones that are part of this room.

Image 41 - Colors harmonize all this integrated space.

image (41)

Green harmonized integrated environments. This is a technique for those who have little space and want to highlight the functions of each environment.

Picture 42 - The solution for the transparent chairs in the circulation is a great way to give light to the space.

image (42)

The transparent chairs positioned near the circulation leave the visual lighter so that the ripped panel shines in this room.

Picture 43 - An example of kitchen integrated the dining room.

image (43)

Picture 44 - A countertop in the kitchen and a small table can sometimes be enough for your home.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

Picture 45 - The rustic and the modern together in an environment.

image (45)

Picture 46 - A jovial dining room with the correct color chart.

image (46)

Picture 47 - Mix of chairs reinforce the bold air of this dining room.

image (47)

Picture 48 - The low bench to the kitchen was a good solution to set up a dining room.

With the apartments becoming smaller, the solution is to break the walls and give way to furniture that integrate and bring functionality to the environment.

image (48)

Picture 49 - The back wall always gives the necessary highlight to the dining room.

image (49)

Although light colors help enhance the sense of amplitude, the environment can also gain color with a colored wall. For this proposal, try to work the space with light tones, such as white, gray and beige and leave a prominent wall in the room.

Picture 50 - One tip is to lean the table on the wall to gain more circulation space.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate

Image 51 - With the trend of gourmet cuisine, it was easy to set up a space to gather friends and family

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 4

The gourmet kitchen is generally modern and offers endless decorations. It is also a way of having a dining room next to the cooking area, so it is possible to cook and still interact with the guests.

Picture 52 - For studio apartments, abuse the mirrors in the decoration.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 5

In this case the cabinet doors were mirror-lined, which helped to give the feeling of spaciousness in that apartment.

Image 53 - Small apartments ask for few partitions and more integration.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 6

Open kitchens are ideal for small apartments, this way you can integrate the two environments with a higher countertop.

Picture 54 - The seats are flexible and functional in the decoration.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 7

Extending the bench the entire length of the balcony is a way to lengthen the space and can even function like a chest.

Image 55 - Mount the dining room in the kitchen.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 8

Image 56 - Diversify in the format of the dining table.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 9

Study other table formats for your space. Sometimes this may be the perfect solution for your small dining room.

Image 57 - Turn your countertop into a dinner table.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 10

In addition to dividing the space, this bench serves as a dining table and a little corner for work. Its size is versatile and still gives the possibility of inserting more chairs at the other end.

Image 58 - If the dining room is integrated in the kitchen, abuse of a modern decoration throughout the environment.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 11

Picture 59 - The composition of the German corner with mirrored walls is the right choice.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 12

The mirror does not need to extend to the ceiling, it can have limited height: so there is room to place niches, shelves, support decorative items and install the air conditioning.

Image 60 - The mirror-clad wall makes a great background in this dining room.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 13

To be functional in the environment, positioning the mirror is essential. It should reflect as if it were an extension of the site, so the walls should be studied for it to have the desired effect.

Image 61 - Small environments ask for light colors and translucent materials.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 14

Picture 62 - Upholstered German singing can be a hallmark feature in the environment.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 15

Picture 63 - Integrated environments must have harmony in color and materials.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 16

Image 64 - Small dining room with round table.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 17

Image 65 - Enjoy the balcony area to set up a dining room.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 18

With the ever-increasing balconies in apartments, the solution is to divide this space into several functions. In the above design, the curtain helps give privacy to the dining room when needed.

Picture 66 - In the case of the German corner, the size of the table is that it defines the dining room area.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 19

The size of the desk is a very important factor in small rooms. In this case look for a table proportional to the space offered so that it does not affect the circulation and the rest of the decoration.

Picture 67 - If there are dressers or sideboard in the dining room, opt for the mirrored finishes.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 20

Image 68 - Small rooms can also have a charming and cozy decoration.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 21

Picture 69 - The pouf is a great item in the decoration.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 22

The ottoman is a versatile piece in the decor, it serves as a seat, a centerpiece or a footrest in the living room. The idea of ​​leaving it at the end of the table does not affect the look because it is a low piece of furniture and can still be taken to any corner of the house without much effort.

Picture 70 - With the small space, the project reinforced the techniques of amplitude in the environment.

Small dining rooms: 70 ideas to decorate 23

For those who want a more reserved space, choose the mirror on the wall to split the environments.
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