Small designed kitchen: 100 models perfect to inspire you

We live in a time where houses are getting smaller and smaller. This reality forces us to rethink concepts, including that of finding that planned kitchens are unnecessary.

The need to use and appreciate the spaces made the planned furniture indispensable items when setting up and furnishing the house. Because, in the end, everyone wants it to be a valued and functional environment.

And so that the small planned kitchen fulfill this role to perfection, many aspects are taken into account before the project is completed. Among them are the permanence of the locals in the place, the environment where they will be made the meals, quantity of items to be organized and stored in the kitchen and, last but not least, the beauty and the design of the furniture according to the taste of the residents.

But the advantages of having a small planned kitchen do not end up here. Want to know more? Keep following this post and draw inspiration from beautiful designs of small planned kitchens:

Advantages of a small planned kitchen

1. Organization

THE fitted kitchen small has cabinets, drawers and compartments thinking of the need and amount of utensils of the residents. That is, each thing has a specific place of storage. This way, there is no excuse for objects out of place.

2. Sophistication and good taste

A great advantage of the planned furniture, in particular in this case the kitchens, is the possibility to choose between different types of materials, colors and finishes that even talk harmoniously with the rest of the decoration of the house.

Another important characteristic of this type of kitchen is the perfect finish of the furniture. The planned kitchens have a high value of design and aesthetics.

3. Longer life

Planned furniture is often much more durable when compared to pre-fabricated or modulated furniture. Plans are usually made entirely of MDF, a more resistant material, while others use MDF just in front of doors and drawers.

Durability is one of the characteristics of planned kitchens that justifies its cost. Planned projects tend to be more expensive, but when you analyze the total cost-benefit is that you realize the advantage of this type of kitchen.

4. Optimization of space

A small planned kitchen can use every space in the most efficient and functional way possible, including those nooks that, with other types of furniture, would be rendered useless.

In this type of project, every small space is used and valued.

5. Project preview

Another advantage of the planned kitchen is the possibility of knowing how the environment will be ready. Through 3D computer programs, the client can visualize exactly how their kitchen will look and, if necessary, make the adaptations and changes that they deem important, leaving the project as it was imagined.

100 small planned kitchen models for you to get inspired

Now that you've checked out the benefits of opting for a planned kitchen, how about some models? We have selected below different types of small planned kitchens so you can start dreaming about yours:

Picture 1 - Small planned kitchen with balcony.

Small planned kitchen with balcony

The small space of this kitchen has been completely filled with cabinets that go from floor to ceiling. The counter serves as a table and even divides the atmosphere. Note the absence of drawers in cabinets, a trend for more modern style kitchens.

Picture 2 - Planned kitchen with wooden lines.

Wooden lines in small planned kitchen

Picture 3 - Small planned kitchen with cooktop and built-in stove.

Small planned kitchen with cooktop and built-in cooker

Picture 4 - Glass separating the environments.

Glass that separates the kitchen from other environments

To divide the living room of the kitchen were used glass plates. An alternative to modernize the environment that has a more rustic and vintage style.

Picture 5 - Planned kitchen built-in.

Built-in fitted kitchen

In a very small space, this kitchen was embedded in the wall, taking full advantage of the spaces with the help of the air locker. Highlight for indirect lighting that brings more depth to the environment.

Picture 6 - Kitchen designed small style corridor.

Planned kitchen with hallway style

This kitchen needed to be planned to take up as much space on the wall to free up space for passage. The counter leaning against the wall next to the stools serves as a dining table. The white chosen in the decoration helps to increase the sense of space of the environment.

Image 7 - Small planned kitchen.

Small planned kitchen with tower

Image 8 - Small planned kitchen in L.

Small planned kitchen in L

Picture 9 - Corridor kitchen full of colors.

Full color kitchen

The predominant white in this kitchen gave wings to the use of color dots to make the design more interesting. Notice the details of the doors of the air lockers.

Image 10 - Small planned kitchen with island.

Small kitchen with island

Image 11 - Cabinet that turns bench.

Countertop Cupboard

Practical, functional and very useful. This retractable workbench is great for quick meals and snacks or to support objects while preparing the meal.

Image 12 - Small planned kitchen: black up in details.

Black even in the details of the planned kitchen

Picture 13 - Corner that turned kitchen.

Corner that turned kitchen

Image 14 - Kitchen planned hide and seek.

Concealed planned kitchen

In this project it is possible to hide the kitchen and use the space for other functions. Modern and very functional.

Image 15 - Small planned kitchen in rustic style.

Rustic style in small planned kitchen

This kitchen is pure charm with the brick wall and the tile flooring. The wooden floor brings comfort to the environment. In a planned kitchen, the residents must also take into consideration the size of the appliances. Note that in this case, a small refrigerator meets the needs of the home.

Image 16 - Small blue navy planned kitchen with balcony.

Small blue navy planned kitchen

Image 17 - Small planned kitchen all white.

Small white planned kitchen

Image 18 - Coatings to create contrasts.

Cover to create contrast

Although it is a small environment, this kitchen accommodates and organizes very well objects in their cabinets. Highlight the floor and wall covering which create an interesting contrast with the white of the furniture.

Image 19 - Small planned kitchen with purifier fixed in cabinet.

Planned kitchen with fixed scrubber

Image 20 - Planned kitchen with window.

Planned kitchen with window

Image 21 - Small but very stylish planned kitchen.

Small designed kitchen with lots of style

Image 22 - Small planned kitchen to industrial style.

Small planned kitchen in industrial style

Image 23 - Small planned kitchen integrated with the living room.

Planned kitchen integrated with the living room

One of the advantages of the planned furniture is the integration of environments. In this project, kitchen and living room follow the same color pattern in the cabinets and the TV panel. To differentiate and mark the kitchen the choice was the gray hexagonal floor.

Image 24 - Planned kitchen with furniture of striking color.

Planned kitchen with remarkable color furniture

Image 25 - Small planned kitchen with wooden countertop.

Wooden countertop in small planned kitchen

Picture 26 - German canto to separate kitchen from the room.

German singing to separate kitchen from living room

Image 27 - Small and modern planned kitchen.

Small and modern designed kitchen

Image 28 - Small planned kitchen with shelves.

Small Planned Kitchen with Shelves

An option to enjoy the spaces is to use shelves and niches. You organize and decorate at once.

Image 29 - Small planned kitchen of metallic tones.

Small designed kitchen with metallic tones

Image 30 - Small corner planned kitchen.

Small corner planned kitchen

Image 31 - Small planned kitchen in cheerful and jovial L.

Small planned kitchen in jovial L

Image 32 - Minimalist small planned kitchen.

Minimalist small planned kitchen

Occupying only one wall, this kitchen refers to minimalist designs for the reduced amount of visual elements

Image 33 - Small, white and simple planned kitchen.

Small, white and simple planned kitchen

Image 34 - Small planned kitchen with a touch of simplicity.

Kitchen with a touch of simplicity

Simple in decoration and with objects that refer to a more interior style, this cuisine is pure charm and, even with the little space, it is very inviting.

Image 35 - Kitchen in pastel green tone.

Small designed kitchen with pastel green

Image 36 - Black and white small planned kitchen.

Small black and white planned kitchen

Image 37 - Small planned kitchen with fridge.

Small planned kitchen with mini fridge

Image 38 - Small planned kitchen enjoying the entire wall.

Small planned kitchen that leverages the entire wall

Picture 39 - Small planned kitchen with service area.

Small planned kitchen with service area

Image 40 - Simple planned kitchen.

Simple Planned Kitchen

When it comes to furniture design, this kitchen is simple and functional. The only contrast is in the zig-zag wall finish.

Image 41 - Kitchen planned in white L.

Planned kitchen in white

Picture 42 - Custom size sink and stove.

Sink and cooker with custom size

Picture 43 - A kitchen to be part of the house.

Kitchen to be part of the house

This kitchen integrates with other environments with charm and good taste. Planned to appear, this kitchen contemplates design and functionality perfectly.

Image 44 - Small planned kitchen with lots of space in the aerial cabinets.

Small planned kitchen with lots of space

Image 45 - Planned gray kitchen with special compartment.

Planned kitchen gray

This is a L-shaped kitchen, small, sober in color but striking. The highlight goes to the diagonal compartment over the sink, plus a way of valuing spaces that could be left out.

Picture 46 - Kitchen full of refinement.

Small planned kitchen full of refinement

The airy cabinets in brilliant finish bring sophistication to this kitchen. The stone-like texture in the lower cabinets makes an interesting contrast in the ensemble.

Image 47 - Kitchen designed corridor style with touch of industrial decoration.

Kitchen designed corridor style

Image 48 - Small planned kitchen with space for plants.

Planned kitchen with space for plants

Image 49 - Planned kitchen with suspended balcony.

Planned kitchen with overhead counter

Image 50 - Planned kitchen with wooden counter and dark gray cabinets.

Planned kitchen with wooden counter

Image 51 - Small kitchen with baskets to help in the organization.

Small kitchen with baskets

Image 52 - Small but multipurpose cabinet.

Small multipurpose cabinet

Image 53 - Cabinets with shelves in sight.

Closet with shelves in sight

Image 54 - Small planned kitchen in L.

Small planned kitchen in L

Clean in appearance, this kitchen leaves everything very well organized thanks to the long aerial cabinets. Highlight for the drinks guard on the wall.

Image 55 - Planned kitchen with modern look and bright colors.

Planned kitchen with modern look

Image 56 - Planned kitchen with large cabinets.

Planned kitchen with large cabinets

Image 57 - Planned kitchen hidden in the wall.

Hidden planned kitchen

The black color hid this kitchen on the wall. Virtually no one sees the cabinets, except for the part in wood.

Image 58 - L planned kitchen with corner cabinets.

Kitchen with corner cabinet

Corner cabinets are great for enjoying space. They allow you to organize and store many objects and utensils.

Image 59 - Bright blue small planned kitchen.

Small bright blue planned kitchen

Image 60 - Planned kitchen with metallic cabinets.

Small kitchen with metallic cabinets

Image 61 - White planned kitchen.

White planned kitchen

Image 62 - Small corner kitchen with window.

Small designed kitchen: 100 models perfect to inspire you

Image 63 - Small planned kitchen of Provencal style corner.

Small planned kitchen with Provencal style

Image 64 - Small planned kitchen of contrasting colors.

Planned kitchen with contrasting colors

Image 65 - Planned kitchen dividing environments.

Planned kitchen dividing environments

The cabinet in this planned kitchen acts as a room divider. On one side, the kitchen, on the other, the living room. The counter follows a continuous line and serves both environments.

Image 66 - Planned kitchen with perfect triangle.

Planned kitchen with perfect triangle

Note that this kitchen has what architects and designers call a triangle. That is, sink, refrigerator and stove form a triangle between them, facilitating the displacement in the kitchen.

Image 67 - Small planned kitchen for apartment.

Planned small kitchen for apartment

Image 68 - Planned and integrated kitchen and living room.

Living room and integrated kitchen

Picture 69 - Small kitchen planned with bench.

Kitchen with bench

Of visual clean and sober, the furniture of this planned kitchen decorates the environment with style and personality.

Image 70 - White planned kitchen with aerial cabinets.

Small designed kitchen: 100 models perfect to inspire you

Image 71 - Small planned kitchen with remarkable elements.

Kitchen with outstanding elements

The small kitchen shares space with the washing machine. The colorful and striking elements give joy and beauty to the space.

Image 72 - Kitchen designed in pastel pink line.

Kitchen designed pastel pink

Image 73 - Small pink and black kitchen.

Small pink and black kitchen

Romanticism does not escape the color pink. However, in contrast to the black the kitchen became more bare and relaxed.

Image 74 - Simple kitchen with balcony.

Simple kitchen with counter

Image 75 - Black planned kitchen in industrial style.

Black kitchen with industrial style

Image 76 - Kitchen planned in corridor under the stairs.

Kitchen hallway under the stairs

The empty space under the stairs was tapped into the kitchen cabinets. In the same environment are still the dining table and a small conservatory.

Image 77 - Planned kitchen with few cabinets.

Kitchen with few cabinets

Image 78 - Small planned kitchen with dining table and TV.

Small kitchen with dining table and TV

Image 79 - Small planned kitchen trimmed by ladder.

Small designed kitchen: 100 models perfect to inspire you

In some types of space only a kitchen designed to give way. This image is an example. Tailored cabinets made it possible to make the best use of this area, which is generally unusable.

Image 80 - Planned kitchen at the entrance of the house.

Kitchen at the entrance of the house

Image 81 - Small planned kitchen in shades of blue.

Small kitchen in shades of blue

Image 82 - In doubt, bet on the white kitchen.

White kitchen

White color is a joker in any material or environment. Whether it's wall or furniture, this color is the ideal to use when in doubt, after all it goes well with any decorating style. In this case, the charm of the kitchen was in the blue coating that harmonized perfectly with the furniture.

Image 83 - White and classic planned kitchen.

Planned white and classical kitchen

Image 84 - Small planned kitchen with many drawers.

Small designed kitchen: 100 models perfect to inspire you

Image 85 - Planned kitchen with microwave alcove at the bottom of the cabinet.

Planned kitchen with microwave alcove

Image 86 - Small corner planned kitchen with window.

Kitchen corner with window

Image 87 - Small, simple and functional planned kitchen.

Small, simple and functional kitchen

Picture 88 - Small planned kitchen with rustic furniture.

Small kitchen with rustic furniture

Image 89 - Modern designed kitchen with retro touch.

Modern kitchen with retro touch

With cabinets covering the entire length of the wall, this kitchen mixes elements of modern style - like the striking presence of lines - with the retro touch of the handles.

Image 90 - Small rustic and modern designed kitchen.

Rustic and modern small kitchen

Image 91 - Small planned kitchen with niches and wall brackets.

Kitchen with niches and wall bracket

Picture 92 - Cabinets suspended to enjoy the space and to divide the environments.

Cabinets suspended for the environment

Image 93 - Small planned kitchen with retractable countertop.

Small planned kitchen with retractable workbench

Picture 94 - Built-in lights for a touch of sophistication.

Built-in lights for a touch of sophistication

Image 95 - Kitchen designed in single tone for cabinets and ceiling.

Kitchen planned in single tone

In this kitchen, the clear and unique tone of the wood of the furniture extends to the ceiling creating a continuity and identity in the environment. The contrast, in measure, of the vibrant tones conferred joy and lightness to this project.

Image 96 - Small but full of details.

Small kitchen but full of details

Image 97 - Kitchen planned in line with cabinets of two colors.

Planned kitchen in line with cabinets

Image 98 - Small kitchen delicate and soft tones.

Delicate small kitchen

Image 99 - Cabinets only on the countertop of the sink.

Cabinets only on the sink counter

Image 100 - Planned kitchen with yellow strip.

Planned kitchen with yellow strip

The yellow stripe covering part of the cabinet, the wall and the window creates a strong contrast with the white that prevails in the rest of the room. Note the depth of the cabinet facing the sink. Narrow, it allows objects to be organized without taking space from the central part of the kitchen.
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