Small apartment decor: discover 60 amazing ideas

The decoration of a small apartment can take away the sleep of those who are about to move. The measurements do not fit the size of the furniture found in the stores and the feeling is that nothing will fit anywhere.

But everything in this life has a solution, do not despair. With some tips it is possible to do real miracles and leave your small apartment with the face and comfort of the palace.

Want to see how? In this post you will find out. Let us give you tips on how to make a cozy, comfortable and functional decoration for your little home and then inspire you with a selection of photos of small decorated apartments:

Tips for decorating the small apartment

1. Clear colors

It is not today that light colors are used to visually enlarge spaces, but with the appearance of smaller and smaller homes this trick has become a necessity. So, choose to keep colors clear and neutral in the decor.

The tip is worth both the color of the walls and the furniture. However, this does not prevent you from using a darker or more vibrant color in the decor, but for that you prefer only one wall or apply those shades in detail such as on pictures, cushions or other decorative objects.

2. Mirrors

The mirrors are unbeatable when the subject is visual amplitude. They are the best friends of small environments and, in addition, are highly decorative. You can use them on a whole wall, for example, or at specific points like the wall behind the dining table or the door of the wardrobe. To make the environment look cleaner, prefer frameless mirrors.

3. Multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture is a hand on the wheel. Convertible sofas, beds with under-the-mattresses, retractable tables and sofas, and other furnishings can help make the home more functional, organized and beautiful. Invest in them to optimize the space of your apartment.

4. Leave the ground clearance

Put everything on top and free, as much as possible, the floor of unnecessary objects and furniture. An example is to opt for a TV panel instead of using a rack. You can also replace shelves, sideboards and buffets by niches and shelves. The coffee tables and side tables can also be discarded from the decoration without major damage. With the floor free the working area of ​​circulation increases and the apartment becomes more comfortable and functional.

5. Sliding Doors

Replace traditional doors with sliding doors as much as possible. They do not take up space and leave the walls free for other purposes. For cabinets, the concept is the same.
Integrate the environments

Integrated environments favor small spaces. Check the possibility of making structural changes in your apartment to achieve this effect. The most commonly integrated environments are balcony with living room and / or living room, kitchen and dining room. There is still the possibility of integrating all of them. If you have any unused rooms consider the possibility of removing the walls and gain even more space for the integrated area. Just be sure to level the floor between the environments.

6. Tailor-made

Planned furniture is the best option for small apartments. Yes, they tend to be more expensive, yet it is a worthwhile investment. With them, you take full advantage of the space and also have the possibility to choose the partitions and divisions of the cabinets in the way that is most appropriate to organize and accommodate your things.

7. Organizers

Bet on organizers to make your apartment more tidy. Organized environments are nicer and appear to be larger. Baskets, stands, hooks are all very welcome and may or may not be on display. There are models that are embedded inside the cabinet doors to unlock the environment of objects.

8. Lighting

This item is very important to help visually enlarge environments. If you have windows, great, use and abuse the natural clarity they provide. If you have few or no windowless environments, invest in an artificial lighting project that will take care of the message. Remember that the white lights brighten better than the yellow ones, so leave these for environments that need to pass through a sense of comfort and warmth, such as balconies and TV rooms.

Less is more

And, finally, choose carefully and carefully the objects that will make up your decoration. The ideal for small apartments is to reduce the number of decorative pieces exposed, leaving the environments more clean and tidy. Another important detail is to standardize the decoration of the rooms in the same style.

60 small apartment decor ideas

With tips at hand, check out how to put them into practice:

Picture 1 - Retractable sofas are great for small apartments.

Small apartment decoration with retractable sofa

Picture 2 - Narrow kitchen was best availed with the use of planned cabinets that go up to the ceiling.

Apartment decoration with narrow kitchen and planned cabinets

Picture 3 - Enjoy the high ceilings to make a mezzanine, the place can house the room.

Small apartment decoration with mezzanine

Picture 4 - The solution for the small laundries is to dispose the washing machines in vertical position.

Small apartment decoration with laundry

Picture 5 - Room separated from the room by a curtain; without walls the room space can be integrated into the room the rest of the day.

Curtain separating bedroom from living room

Picture 6 - Sliding door unlocks the wall and allows to increase the size of the wardrobe.

Sliding door in small apartment decoration

Picture 7 - Balcony integrated to the kitchen and the living room; environment gains in space and luminosity.

Environments integrated in the decoration of small apartment

Image 8 - Mirror at table height leaves the room wider and brighter.

Small apartment decor with table-top mirror

Picture 9 - Functionality is everything: here the balcony divides the environments and, also, serves as table at the time of the meals.

Balcony that divides the environments in the decoration of small apartment

Image 10 - Duplicate effect: L mirror enhances the sense of amplitude.

L-shaped mirror in small apartment decoration

Image 11 - Counter and partition at the same time.

Counter and partition

Picture 12 - Creative and original: this wooden staircase has compartments on each step to store objects.

Creative and original wooden stair

Picture 13 - Everything in the same place and well organized.

All in one place

Image 14 - Glass wall to leave the environment lighter and stripped.

Glass wall in small apartment decoration

Image 15 - Plan cabinets meet all the needs of the residents.

Cabinets designed in small apartment decoration

Picture 16 - Beliche is a great option to save space and the kids love it.

Bunk in small apartment decoration

Picture 17 - Staircase that gives access to the room also serves as a shelf for the home office.

Staircase that serves as a shelf

Picture 18 - Integrated environments, but visually separated by the floor.

Small apartment decor: discover 60 amazing ideas

Picture 19 - Small apartment decoration: mirror coating the entire wall besides enlarging the space leaves the ambience super charming.

Mirror lining the entire wall

Picture 20 - Shelves are in high decoration and can be used with different proposals.

Shelves are on the rise in decoration

Picture 21 - TV for the room or the room, you choose by turning the unit in the holder.

TV for bedroom or living room

Image 22 - Small apartment decoration: a house without walls, all the rooms share the same space.

Small apartment decoration without walls

Picture 23 - White at the base of the decoration appreciates the small apartment; sky blue gives the touch of color and life needed.

White on the base of the decoration

Picture 24 - Small apartment decoration: enjoy all possible spaces, in this image the cabinets occupy the area under the stairs.

Enjoy every possible space

Picture 25 - In order not to weigh in the decoration's look, this shelf has empty niches.

Shelf with holes in decoration

Picture 26 - Rectangular table is best suited for small environments, the cushioned bench decorates and optimizes the space better than the chairs.

Rectangular table for small apartment decoration

Image 27 - Instead of walls, an iron gate between the environments.

Instead of walls, an iron gate between the rooms

Image 28 - Small apartment decoration: hooks and hangers make the house more organized.

Small apartment decoration with hooks and hangers

Picture 29 - Small apartment decoration: narrower furniture values ​​the space.

Small apartment decoration with narrower furniture

Picture 30 - Apartment decoration small but very comfortable and cozy.

Small apartment decor

Picture 31 - Absence of elements in the decoration is ideal for small spaces, however, be careful not to leave the environment 'too cold'.

Small apartment decoration with absence of decorative elements

Picture 32 - The balcony of this apartment has been transformed into kitchen to increase the useful area.

Balcony kitchen in small apartment

Picture 33 - A touch of black in the decoration does not weigh and, yet, leaves the sophisticated atmosphere.

A touch of black on small apartment decor

Picture 34 - White sofa counter the strong tone of the wall.

White sofa in small apartment

Image 35 - Small apartment decoration in industrial style.

Small apartment decoration in industrial style

Picture 36 - Small apartment decoration: sliding doors delimit and hide environments when necessary.

Sliding door in small apartment decoration

Image 37 - Clean, soft and delicate decoration for the small apartment.

Clean, soft and delicate decoration

Picture 38 - Small apartment decoration: counter with banquettes allows to watch TV at the time of the meal.

Stools in the kitchen

Picture 39 - Small apartment decoration: small table with wheels is practical and functional, and can be taken to any environment.

Coffee table with casters in small apartment decoration

Image 40 - Small apartment decoration: the strong yellow highlights the bedroom area.

Yellow highlighted

Image 41 - Small apartment decoration: children's room on the mezzanine.

Children's room on the mezzanine level

Image 42 - Natural lighting is very important for small apartments.

Lighting in small apartment decoration

Picture 43 - Small apartment decoration: with few elements, this apartment united beauty and comfort in a few square meters.

Small apartment decoration with few elements

Image 44 - Small apartment decor: niches that separate the environments can be used to accommodate objects from both sides.

Niches that separate environments

Image 45 - Sliding glass doors are the solution of small environments; the smoked glass brings a bit more privacy to the room.

Small apartment with sliding glass doors

Picture 46 - Small apartment decoration: bedroom and home office in the same space.

Bedroom and home office

Picture 47 - Small apartment decoration: burnt cement ceiling leaves the most modern environment without interfering in the sensation of space.

Apartment decoration with burnt cement ceiling

Picture 48 - Small apartment decoration: instead of bulky sofas, a futon to accommodate the visitors in a relaxed way.

Futon to accommodate in-room visits

Image 49 - Small apartment decoration: door? Just to ensure privacy in the bathroom.

Apartment decoration without door

Picture 50 - Small apartment decoration: wood lining leaves the apartment more cozy.

Lining of wood in small apartment

Image 51 - Gray, white and black make up the decoration of this small apartment.

Gray, black and white in small apartment decoration

Picture 52 - Small apartment decoration: blue is the ideal color to create contrast dots in the environment.

Blue in small apartment decoration

Picture 53 - Rustic and informal decoration for the small apartment.

Rustic decoration for small apartment

Image 54 - Large windows guarantee the natural light of this small apartment.

Large windows guarantee natural lighting

Image 55 - Partition of leaked elements and brick leave the decoration of the apartment more rustic.

Partition of leaked elements and bricks

Image 56 - Small apartment decoration: and a garage door as a partition? Have you thought about that possibility?

Garage door as partition for small apartment

Picture 57 - Black wall brings more style to the decoration, however note that in other elements light colors prevail.

Black wall in small apartment

Image 58 - Sober shades of blue and green in small apartment decor.

Shades of blue and green

Image 59 - Small apartment decoration: for a more informal environment you can use wood without treatment.

For a more informal environment

Image 60 - Small apartment decoration: a mezzanine built on top of the kitchen.

A mezzanine built over the kitchen

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