Sliding door: advantages of using and projects with photos

Sliding doors play a key role in integrating environments, combining beauty and functionality to expand space, improve circulation, and keep residents closer.

Their flexibility allows them to open or close spaces, adapting to a certain occasion, for example: when we receive visitors, the ideal is to hide the mess and leave the intimate environments closed, in addition to reducing the noise. Look all existing port models Besides the glass door , shrimp , pivoting .

They are also a great option in small apartments, where there is no space useful for the installation of a traditional door, nor the construction of a masonry wall. Relying on sliding rails, they take up little space and can divide the environments in an elegant and modern way.

Beyond the classic room division , they are also used in a variety of cabinets, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom - when it comes to making a planned move, consider using this type of door to save even more space.

Main materials for sliding doors

Know now the main materials used in sliding doors:

Wooden sliding door or MDF

Wooden sliding door in bedroom

Wood and MDF are the favorite materials on the sliding doors and fit in virtually every environment, whether for the bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen. It is not recommended for outdoor use only, since moisture can ruin the material.

In addition to the different finishes and textures that suit different needs, your touch is comfortable in the hands.

Aluminum sliding door

Aluminum sliding door

Aluminum doors, usually installed with glass, are the best choice for outdoor environments where the material is resistant to natural wear such as wind, heat and humidity.

Glass sliding door

Glass sliding door

Glass is another versatile material that can suit offices, bathrooms and other rooms. Whether maintaining transparency or an opaque solution for privacy.

Most Popular Sites for Installing Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have gained more and more space in interior design projects, from the separation of environments to cabinets in the bedrooms and in the kitchen. See where they are most used:

Sliding door in bedroom

Sliding door in bedroom

The rooms always need privacy, however, they can be opened in apartments so that the feeling of amplitude is greater. Therefore, the sliding door is a great choice for these rooms. The most commonly used material is wood, which completely blocks visibility.

Sliding door in bathroom

Sliding door in bathroom

Nowadays, many apartment bathrooms have narrow shutters and one of the ways to change the face of this environment is by switching the traditional door through the sliding door. In this way, the passage span may be larger and one can take advantage of the internal space previously occupied by the open door. Leaving the rails apparent is optional, according to your taste and design.

Sliding door in the kitchen

Sliding door in the kitchen

Kitchens can also be separated with large sliding doors - in this case, usually the option of glass, which allows a certain visibility, as well as the passage of lighting, whether natural or not.

Sliding door in living room

Sliding door in living room

Even in a large room, the choice of sliding doors can leave the appearance more fluid and allows some privacy between one room and another.

Sliding door in outdoor areas

Sliding door in outdoor areas

In residential, balconies and edicts, sliding doors allow the room to be fully opened to the outside area.

Sliding door in cupboards

Sliding door in cupboards

Sliding doors are also the darlings of the planned closets in bedrooms. The mirrored model is successful and helps to leave the environment with a greater sense of amplitude.

Advantages of using sliding doors

  • Space saving : a traditional door requires a defined space to be opened, with the sliding door it is possible to gain this lost space and use it for another purpose. As this model is fixed on a rail, only the space for the sliding door is required, ideal for rooms that have an extensive wall. Sliding doors can also replace masonry walls that separate environments in small apartments.
  • Flexibility, integration and privacy : When opened, sliding doors can allow the integration of environments, in addition to leaving the room with a greater sense of amplitude. For the most intimate moments, just close the door to hide certain rooms.


  • Soundproofing : The sliding door does not have the same type of fence as a traditional door, so it is common for noise from another environment to be more noticeable.

60 inspirations from environments with sliding doors

Now that you already know the key features of these ports, check out now the selection of environments with different models - inspire yourself:

Picture 1 - Give another look in the kitchen cupboard!

Take another look at the kitchen cupboard with the sliding door

The advantage of this model is practicality, since the utensils are arranged in a partially open cabinet. For those who want to upgrade in the kitchen cupboard, it is ideal not to use the traditional doors and choose the sliding doors. Note that in this case the structure is caught in the ceiling and the doors slide on this horizontal axis.

Picture 2 - Maintain privacy with the help of sliding doors.

Maintain privacy with the help of sliding doors

The small apartments demand optimum optimization of each m². In this project, the balcony is coupled with the living room and the bedroom, which contains a sofa bed. Sliding doors serve to isolate this room at night and to integrate the environments during the day.

Picture 3 - Closet with sliding door.

Closet with sliding door

The closet is usually small and not to disturb the circulation with the opening of a traditional door, the option was to insert the sliding door.

Picture 4 - Sliding door: genial idea for a small room.

Sliding door in small room

To give more privacy to your little corner, how about that sliding door? Plus she can hide that mess when necessary.

Picture 5 - And who said that you can not have privacy in the home office?

Sliding door in home office

Functionality is the main feature in a design, especially when using the sliding door between two environments.

Picture 6 - The panel with slats is a modern and elegant trend.

Panel with slats on the sliding door

This sliding panel can cover the kitchen counter, as well as the main circulation for the bedrooms. The wood tones are present on the door and on the floor.

Picture 7 - Kitchen with sliding door.

Sliding door in the kitchen

To escape from the classic American kitchen or masonry, bet on the sliding door. This design opted for glass to maintain transparency.

Image 8 - This design uses the sliding metal door with glass.

Metal sliding door with glass model

The glass is lightweight and maintains vision between environments.

Picture 9 - Sliding door: work with different finishes on the glass.

Different finishes on the sliding glass door

Picture 10 - Sliding door to the bathroom.

Sliding door for bathroom

With the lack of space, try to optimize with the sliding door. While the sliding door occupies 1m², the sliding door slides up against the wall and hardly takes up space.

Image 11 - When the sliding door goes beyond functionality.

Functionality with the sliding door

This design is cool for having the sliding door as a device in decoration and functionality. She can hide the little library and also the dormitory.

Picture 12 - Let the sliding door be the highlight in the decoration.

Highlight on the decoration with the sliding door

If the proposal is to stand out, bet on a colorful door model with pulleys and apparent rails.

Picture 13 - Sliding door on the kitchen counter.

Sliding door on kitchen counter

This is a practical way of hiding the kitchen - because it is an open environment, it is possible to close the kitchen on a special occasion. To do such a project, use the same finish of the cabinets on the doors.

Picture 14 - Dining room with sliding door lacquered.

Dining room with sliding door lacquered

Only one door slides on the shaft, the other is a fixed panel that received the same finish to give a uniform plane impression.

Picture 15 - The folding style is also a great option for your home

Folding sliding door

This model is also great for integrating environments. When opened, they allow communication between spaces, leaving everything wider and more airy

Image 16 - Corridor with sliding door.

Corridor with sliding door

Corridors are often monotonous, so choose a different finish that contrasts with the color of the walls.

Image 17 - Colored sliding door.

Color sliding door

They can still give the vibrant touch to your project!

Image 18 - Sliding door with shelves.

Sliding door with shelves

The translucent part gave the special touch to this door, as it can show the decorative ornaments and also bring the appropriate lighting to the hall.

Image 19 - Decorating and dividing the environments.

Sliding door dividing environments

This design has two sliding doors, one on each wall that close the environment, maintaining visibility through the use of glass.

Picture 20 - Service area with sliding door.

Service area with sliding door

The service area is an environment that many seek to hide, so it is always in the background or hidden in the corner of the apartment. You can disguise the look with the sliding doors, see that when opened they do not interfere with the movement of space.

Picture 21 - Panel with sliding door in the kitchen.

Panel with sliding door in the kitchen

Image 22 - Room with orange sliding door.

Room with orange sliding door

The sliding door allows a larger span than a traditional one, therefore, it has a greater incidence of lighting and ventilation in the room.

Image 23 - Small sliding door.

Small sliding door

Picture 24 - Sliding door to hide the kitchen

Sliding door: advantages of using and projects with photos

Spacious living room design with sliding wooden doors with friezes - in addition to forming a beautiful panel, it isolates the kitchen when needed.

Picture 25 - Leave your service area on the porch in a beautiful and discreet way

Leave your service area on the balcony in a beautiful and discreet way

In this project the service area was inserted at one end of the balcony. This way you can use the other side of the wall to put a gourmet kitchen.

Image 26 - Sliding door for two environments.

Sliding door for two environments

Arrange the environments in the same plane so that the door slides over these two spaces.

Picture 27 - Winter Garden with sliding door.

Winter garden with sliding door

For sliding doors in outdoor areas, opt for aluminum or pvc frames because of their strength.

Image 28 - Closet with sliding doors.

Closet with sliding doors

Picture 29 - Metal sliding door.

Metal sliding door

For an industrial and youthful footprint, choose metal doors. In this project, it can still be used as a panel for hanging photos.

Image 30 - Wooden sliding door.

Wooden sliding door

In addition to dividing and integrating environments, the sliding doors give a modern and elegant appearance in the residence.

Picture 31 - Suite with sliding door.

Suite with sliding door

Picture 32 - Balcony with sliding door.

Porch with sliding door

Another idea of ​​how to hide the laundry on the balcony and still couple with a gourmet space next door.

Picture 33 - Sliding door to bedroom.

Sliding door to bedroom

When closed, they separate the two environments - a perfect choice for TV rooms, bedrooms and where privacy is most needed.

Image 34 - Sliding glass door.

Sliding door: advantages of using and projects with photos

Picture 35 - Give privacy and optimize space.

Privacy with the sliding door

Image 36 - Sliding door to separate the room from the bedroom.

Sliding door to separate the room from the bedroom

Image 37 - Multifunctional room with large sliding door that hides the kitchen when closed.

Multifunctional room with large sliding door

Picture 38 - Sliding door to closet.

Sliding door to closet

Picture 39 - Give privacy to your closet with the sliding door.

Privacy in the closet with the sliding door

Image 40 - Track for the sliding door.

Track to the sliding door

Image 41 - White sliding door.

White sliding door

Picture 42 - Leave your functional corridor with the sliding door in the closets.

Leave your functional corridor with the sliding door in the closets

Picture 43 - Put a stylish sliding door in the social area.

Put an elegant sliding door in the social area

In this project, the kitchen is isolated through the black sliding door that goes from floor to ceiling and has a glossy and mirrored finish.

Image 44 - Metal sliding door.

Metal sliding door

Picture 45 - The rail can be embedded in the surfaces.

The rail may be embedded in the

In a small apartment, the finish of the rail and the floor has the same characteristics, which is fundamental to make the result beautiful and harmonic.

Picture 46 - TV panel with sliding door.

Room panel with sliding door

The cool of this idea is the contrast of the wood in a clear environment, which also enhances and warms the place.

Picture 47 - Yellow sliding door.

Yellow sliding door

Image 48 - Extensive sliding door.

Extensive sliding door

Image 49 - Separating the rooms lightly and without taking up space.

Separating rooms lightly and without taking up space

The doors made with brise type friezes have the advantage of separating the environments without barring the entrance of the light. The same is true for glass or other translucent materials.

Picture 50 - Sliding door to hide the bench.

Sliding door to hide bench

Picture 51 - Each space is precious in one room, so use the closet with sliding doors.

Wardrobe with sliding doors

Image 52 - Hiding the kitchen with the sliding doors.

Kitchen with sliding door

Picture 53 - The folding door is great for saving space.

Swinging door to save space

Picture 54 - A minimalist corridor

Minimalist corridor with sliding door

If the idea is to leave it discreet in the environment, try to keep the finish and the color of the walls in the door.

Picture 55 - Sliding door for American kitchen counter.

Sliding door to American kitchen counter

Image 56 - Mirrored sliding door.

Mirrored sliding door

In this project, the intention is to leave the door unnoticed in the environment, so it is fixed from the ceiling to the floor with the mirrored finish.

Image 57 - Hide the hallway with the sliding door.

Hide the hallway with the sliding door

The intention of this door was not to create a panel, so much so that the door handle is large in size and catches the eye. This does not occur in the case of panels, where the knobs are of the peg type and are very discrete.

Image 58 - These shelves gained more prominence with the sliding door.

These shelves have gained more prominence with the sliding door

Image 59 - Have a bedroom for the kids to play with and hide the mess with the sliding doors.

Hide the mess with the sliding door

Image 60 - In this way it is possible to give flexibility to the plan of the apartment.

Flexibility to floor plan with sliding door

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