Simple Wedding Invitation: Discover 60 Creative Templates

Some things are indispensable in a marriage. The simple wedding invitation is one of them. No matter the size or style of the party, the bride and groom will need to communicate and invite friends and family for the occasion.

Some couples like to innovate and deliver fancy invitations, but that does not have to be the case with you. It is perfectly possible to make an original, simple and inexpensive wedding invitation. Want to know how? So keep following this post, you leave him dying to make yours.

Tips for making a simple, beautiful and cheap wedding invitation

A computer, a printer and a little creativity are enough to create a unique and special wedding invitation. However, before you start doing yours it's important to look at some details, see what they are in the list below:

What will be the style of your party?

Bridal bouquet

Begin by answering that question. From it you already have an idea of ​​where to start. Keep in mind that the invitation is the first contact the guests will have with your marriage. That is, if the bride and groom sends a rustic invitation, the guests assume that the ceremony and party follow in the same style and the rule holds true for any wedding style.

So, combine the invitation with the style of the party, so the guests are already preparing for what is to come.

Clarity and objectivity

Even if the invitation is informal and relaxed, clearly and objectively inform the date, time and place information of the party and ceremony. This also applies to the choice of paper and the color that the invitation will be printed on. A wrong choice can confuse the guests and hurt the reading.

Ready versus original models

Simple Wedding Invitation

On the internet there are several simple wedding invitation templates to edit and print. However, they may be limited as to personalization. If the bride and groom wants a personalized invitation the most recommended is to create one. In that case it is possible either to make out, in some graph, or to do it on your own. And do not worry that it's complicated, on the contrary, you'll see from the tutorial videos below that it's very simple to make a personalized wedding invitation.

The invitation can be done in Word, Microsoft's text editing program, however it is somewhat limited in some functions. The ideal is to use drawing programs, such as Corel Draw, for example. If you have questions about using this type of program, ask for help from someone you know about the area or, to be sure, refer to a design professional.

Which paper to choose for the invitation?

The choice of paper will mainly depend on the style of the wedding. But, as a rule, the invitation paper should have a heavier weight, over 200g, that means that the paper is much more full-bodied than a sulfite, for example. It is also possible to opt for textured or smooth papers, the first one combines more with rustic or modern weddings, while the second is well in classic weddings.

Most Popular Wedding Invitation Types

Invitation types

1. Simple, classic and elegant wedding invitation

Classic and elegant wedding invitations never go out of style. They are usually white or some other light color such as beige and the more traditional closure is with satin ribbons. In this type of invitation, the language is very traditional and direct. The font also makes a difference in the classic invitation, prefer the handwritten, thin and elongated. To give the personality touch, use a ribbon in the color of the party.

2. Rustic Simple Wedding Invitation

Rustic invitations are on the rise, especially with the trend of mini weddings and more intimate ceremonies. This type of wedding combines especially with the rustic style and with that, the invitations follow the same pattern. To give that rustic face to the invitation use recycled paper or kraft paper. The closing of the invitation can be done with jute or raffia. Flowers and nuts are also great choices. If the wedding is on the beach, the invitation may be enclosed with a sea shell, for example. And how about a drop of essential oil for the invitation to carry that delicious smell of nature?

3. Simple and modern wedding invitation

Modern invitations are a great choice for the most witty bride and groom. For this model of invitation there are no specific rules, the important thing is to convey the personality of the bride and groom.

Among the most used models of modern invitation are the ones that contain photos or caricatures of the couple. Language is also very important in modern invitations. In this case, it's okay to speak in a more relaxed and even humorous way. The use of fonts is free, choose the one that most closely matches the style of the party. Let go of the imagination!

4. Simple wedding invitation made by hand

The handmade wedding invitations are gorgeous. There is no doubt about the beauty and the affection with which they are made, however it is necessary to be very careful not to occur stains of pen or errors of information or of grammar, since for being done one by one the probability of errors is greater.

Carefully choose the person responsible for spelling the invitations. Test before to see if that's what the bride and groom expect. Also pay attention to the quality of the paper and the pen that will be used. This type of invitation fits nicely with classic, vintage, and romantic style weddings. And also see: tips for making a cheap wedding , as decorate a simple wedding and wedding table decorations.

Check out some tutorial videos to make your own simple and beautiful wedding invitation

1. How to make wedding invitation simple and easy to do

2. How To Make Rustic Wedding Invitation

3. How to make wedding invitation in word

Did you write down all the tips? Fall in love with a beautiful selection of images of simple wedding invitations now:

Picture 1 - Simple and retro wedding invitation made with typewriter.

Simple and retro wedding invitation

Picture 2 - The simple wedding invitation already indicates the theme of the party.

The simple wedding invitation already indicates the theme of the party

Picture 3 - Simplicity is the word that defines this invitation.

Simple Wedding Invitation

Picture 4 - Simple and classic wedding invitation: from handwritten letter to closure with wax seal.

Simple and classic wedding invitation

Picture 5 - Simple, romantic and personalized wedding invitation.

Simple and Romantic Wedding Invitation

Picture 6 - Modern, classic and rustic forming a harmonious mix of styles.

Modern, classic and rustic invitation

Picture 7 - Simple, rustic and modern wedding invitation.

Simple, rustic and modern wedding invitation

Picture 8 - Orange and yellow flowers give the tone of the simple wedding invitation and the party decoration.

Flowers on Simple Wedding Invitation

Picture 9 - Simple wedding invitation for passionate bride and groom.

Simple Wedding Invitation for Bride and Groom

Picture 10 - Modern and elegant invitation in black and white.

Modern and elegant invitation in black and white

Image 11 - Elegant invitation, but with a more modern look.

Elegant invitation but with a more modern look

Picture 12 - For a wedding full of natural elements, an invitation on the same line.

Picture 13 - A simple relaxed wedding invitation all.

Relaxed Simple Wedding Invitation

Picture 14 - Metallic and golden letters on white paper: classic model of simple wedding invitation.

Metallic and gold letters on white paper

Picture 15 - Simple wedding invitation template to make at home; Capriche in the choice of the letter.

Simple Wedding Invitation to Make at Home

Image 16 - Highlight of this invitation is due to the tone of pink of the edge of the paper and the letters.

Simple pink invitation

Image 17 - Tropical themed wedding invitation.

Tropical theme for wedding invitation

Picture 18 - Invitation, confirmation request and thank you card, all in the same template.

Invitation Visual Identity and Cards

Image 19 - Will you send the invitations in the mail? See these templates then.

Template for wedding invitation to send by mail

Picture 20 - Non-standard: oversized wedding invitation enclosed in several folds.

Large Wedding Invitation

Picture 21 - Simple invitation, but beyond elegant.

Simple and Elegant Wedding Invitation

Image 22 - Simple and traditional invitation if not for a detail: the invitation was printed vertically.

Simple and traditional invitation

Picture 23 - Black and white with vintage touch.

Black and white invitation with vintage touch

Image 24 - Invitations distributed inside the sachet.

Invitations distributed inside the sachet

Picture 25 - An invitation in calendar form with stickers so that the guests do not forget the date.

Invitation in calendar form

Image 26 - A different way to close the invitation is enough to change the format.

Invitation closure with lace

Image 27 - Simple, direct and objective wedding invitation.

Simple, direct and objective wedding invitation

Image 28 - Lace and Letters make this invitation all romantic.

Tie and Letters Make This Invitation All Romantic

Image 29 - If the idea is to make a rustic invitation bet on kraft paper.

Simple Rustic Wedding Invitation Kraft Paper

Picture 30 - Simple minimalist wedding invitation.

Simple Minimal Wedding Invitation

Image 31 - Cheerful and stripped wedding invitation.

Cheerful and Stripped Wedding Invitation

Image 32 - Beach wedding won an invitation with sea shells.

Beach wedding won an invitation with sea shells

Picture 33 - Concept of "less is more" applied in this wedding invitation.

"Less is more" applied in this wedding invitation

Picture 34 - Of retro and romantic look.

Retro and romantic visual invitation

Picture 35 - Send flowers to the guests along with the invitations.

Send flowers to the guests along with the invitations

Image 36 - White on the outside, black on the inside.

Invitation White on the outside, black on the inside

Image 37 - Did not find any legal letter in the word? Look for sources on the internet, there are several.

Typography for simple wedding invitation

Image 38 - Fleeing some white, this invitation was done in gray and pink.

Gray and pink invitation

Picture 39 - Do not forget that the papers for invitation must have a heavier weight, that is, they should be a little thicker.

Invitation with heavyweight paper

Image 40 - In this invitation, the site of the bride and groom is in evidence.

Grooms website in evidence on invitation

Image 41 - Invitation idea for an outdoor wedding.

Invitation idea for an outdoor wedding

Picture 42 - Classic and modern come together in this simple wedding invitation.

Classic and modern invitation

Picture 43 - Lavandas and lilac of the invitation indicate a wedding of Provencal style.

Provencal wedding invitation

Picture 44 - Beautiful and very simple to be done.

Simple and beautiful invitation

Image 45 - Birdies and calendar are the unusual and graceful elements of this invitation.

Birdies on invitation

Image 46 - And how about investing in scroll-style invitations?

invitations in the style of scrolls

Picture 47 - Sober and clean.

Sober and clean invitation

Image 48 - Some letters in another color already form an interesting contrast to the invitation.

Some letters in another color already form an interesting contrast to the invitation

Image 49 - What do you think of making a personalized stamp just for the invitations?

Personalized stamp for invitations

Image 50 - Wedding invitation printed.

Printed Wedding Invitation

Picture 51 - Sisal is cheap and a great closing option for rustic style invitations.

Invitation with sisal

Image 52 - Simple wedding invitation with the information basics.

Simple Wedding Invitation with the Basics of Information

Image 53 - Yellow and blue form a beautiful and elegant contrast.

Yellow and blue form a beautiful and elegant contrast

Picture 54 - Chic rustic invitation.

Chic Rustic Invitation

Picture 55 - Modern weddings give more freedom to the making of invitations.

Invitation for modern wedding

Picture 56 - Name of the bride and groom is always highlighted in the simple wedding invitation.

Name of the grooms in evidence in this invitation

Image 57 - Use a language that suits the style of simple wedding invitation.

Simple Wedding Invitation

Image 58 - Sprigs of flowers and leaves look gorgeous on the simple wedding invitation.

Sprigs of flowers and leaves look gorgeous in simple wedding invitation

Image 59 - Mescle different styles of letters, but with the care of maintaining the visual harmony of the wedding invitation simple.

Font style for simpless wedding invitation

Image 60 - Wedding invitation envelope with marbled effect.

Wedding Invitation Envelope with Marbled Effect

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