Simple room: ideas for decorating a room with few features

The decoration of a simple room can be modern and functional. Although the task does not seem so complicated, the great challenge is to combine practicality into a balanced composition of elements, with a light visual, taking advantage of each space. Most of the time, when it comes to a single room, we soon think of a smaller space. However, the style of simple decoration can be applied in any room, regardless of size.

As you can see below, the main tip for decorating a simple room is to value the space with shades of lighter colors, allowing the entrance of natural light or with artificial resources to have a well-lit room. The use of mirrors on sliding doors of cabinets and walls is another feature to enhance the sense of amplitude, so necessary in this corner.

Allying decorative objects with cost and reduced dimensions, with colors at strategic points in coatings and furniture, is what makes a simple room have the face of modernity with harmony. Identity and personality can be identified in bed linen, lamps of various types, chandeliers, decorative frames with different styles, in headboards of beds and other objects and furniture used in the decoration of rooms.

The simple decor for a room is ideal when the resources are reduced to apply in the decoration and even in rented properties, where the resident's presence may be temporary.

60 simple room decor ideas for you to create your own

As pictures speak more than words, we've put together 60 ideas to get you right in decorating a simple room with practical, inexpensive solutions. Browse below to view all of them:

Picture 1 - Small details that make the difference in a simple room.

Small details that bring warmth to a single room

Add style and personality with small decorative objects: in this neutral room, the handmade lamp has its charm, as well as the leather armchair chosen for the unoccupied corner in the double room. Just enough details to change the decor!

Picture 2 - Tons pastels in high.

Single room with pastel colors

In this proposal, the cushions receive covers with pastel shades, just as the wall gains personality with decorative pictures with simple illustrations. Stand out for the pendant lamp!

Picture 3 - Bet on a bed headboard.

Single room with bedside

To decorate this simple room, a wooden headboard was enough to create the perfect contrast between the white paint and the material on the half wall. Do not forget to take the time to choose the right one by combining the bed set.

Picture 4 - Decorative paintings: a great option!

Simple room decor with decorative pictures

Simple rooms with small spaces do not carry many decorative details, especially if the goal is to have a clean space with a sense of spaciousness. Here, small decorative paintings add color and liveliness to the proposal.

Picture 5 - Simple room with mirrors in the sliding door of the cabinets.

Simple room with mirrors on the sliding door to the closet

Mirrors are a great ally in the decoration of simple and small bedrooms, whether in sliding doors to built-in cabinets or on a particular wall. In addition to functional, they give the feeling of amplitude greater in any room.

Picture 6 - Decorative objects to change the face of your simple room.

Decorative objects to change the face of a room with simple decoration

With the predominance of white, this room receives decorative objects that add color, such as pictures, lamp, books and small vase. In bed linen, accessories such as cushion covers and maximanta knitting.

Picture 7 - A bedside table full of personality.

Mute-loving full of personality and style

There are furniture and small decorative objects with color to bring charm and joy to a simple and neutral room. In this example, the nightstand receives the blue paint on the drawers and the wood trim on its frame. On it a book and a picture frame with yellow frame.

Picture 8 - Bring the green inside the room decoration.

Green nature within the decoration of a simple room

A touch of nature may be what was missing to decorate a simple room. In this example, natural plants are used, Sword of St. George .

Picture 9 - Simple room with tropical themed.

Tropical theme for a simple room

Image 10 - Focus on decorative objects.

Decorative objects as a highlight of the bedroom decor

With a dose of organization and planning, it is possible to decorate a simple room with only objects, books, vases and frames, as shown in this example: an economical and practical option for decorating. If you want, know more cheap decoration .

Image 11 - Decorative objects full of personality.

Personality in decorative objects

Picture 12 - Perfect combination: upholstered headboard and mirrored nightstand.

Mirrored upholstered headboard

Picture 13 - A touch of red for a room more feminine and charming.

A touch of red color for a charming room

In a room with neutral decor with emphasis on gray color, red-colored details draw attention like the small cushion on the bed, the bench and the flowers in the vase.

Picture 14 - Support frames instead of fixing them.

Decorative paintings on shelf

Avoid piercing the walls: use modern adhesive tapes and place your decorative frames on the head of the bed or on a specific shelf for this purpose.

Picture 15 - Simple neutral double room and clean.

Single neutral and clean single room

Picture 16 - Headboard upholstered and bedside table suspended.

Room decor with upholstered headboard and bedside table suspended

Picture 17 - Suspended luminaire and LED ribbon as a highlight of the room decoration.

Pendant lamp and LED ribbon in the decoration of the single room

Picture 18 - Bet on the captain in the upholstered headboard.

Master bedroom with headboard

THE cape head is pure charm in the decor and matching the right colors, the result can be amazing in the decoration.

Image 19 - In the summer weather.

Simple decoration for summer room

In this proposal, the gradient painting of the wall behind the bed refers to the summer weather and sunsets for lovers of the heat of this season.

Image 20 - For those who prefer a neutral combination.

Single room with neutral decor

The choice of sober shades is safer and more practical for those who are afraid of making a mistake in the choice. Here, small dots of green stand out in the decorations in the decorative frames and in the small vases.

Image 21 - Created mute that highlights objects.

Mute created that leaves objects on it in evidence

Because it is almost imperceptible on the wall that bears the same color, this nightstand suspended in white keeps the decorative objects on it in evidence.

Picture 22 - Sober shades and pictures with frames on the headboard.

Sober shades and photos with frames on the headboard

This room uses the bedside feature as support for decorative frames with black and white photographs, in line with the environment's proposal.

Picture 23 - Bet on a modern and modern geometric decoration.

Room with current geometric decoration

Picture 24 - Bedding plays a crucial role in the decoration of a single room.

Bed Set in Simple Room Decor

Picture 25 - Simple room with wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the single room

Image 26 - Vases, wallpaper and crochet materials in bed.

Vases, wallpaper and crochet materials on the bed

Picture 27 - Simple clean room with subtle wood details.

Clean single room with subtle wood details

Picture 28 - Simple room with remarkable feminine personality!

Striking female personality in a single room

Image 29 - All the beauty and simplicity of the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style in simple room decor

Picture 30 - Planned furniture brings functionality and practicality to simple rooms.

Single room with planned furniture

Picture 31 - Single room with mirrored doors in the closet.

Simple room decor with mirrored doors in closet

Picture 32 - An armchair to enjoy other moments in the room.

Decorative armchair to take advantage of other moments in the room

Dedicate this furniture to a different activity, such as reflection or to read a good book and enjoy an unused corner of a room.

Picture 33 - Perfect harmony between the color combination.

Harmony in the choice of colors in diverse objects in the decoration of a simple room

Image 34 - Leave the protagonism of the colors in the bed linen.

Protagonism of colors in bed linen

Picture 35 - Baby blue and gray in simple room decoration.

Baby blue and gray in bedroom decor

Image 36 - Light colors to maintain the amplitude of the environment.

Light colors and lighting to maintain the sense of spaciousness in the environment

Image 37 - The mirrors also help in this task.

Mirrors to increase the feeling of spaciousness in the bedroom

Picture 38 - LED tape to keep the headboard in evidence.

LED tape to keep headboard in evidence

Image 39 - Elements in rosé gold: a strong trend of decoration.

Elements in copper or rose gold: a trend of decoration

Image 40 - Painting or adhesive with geometric shapes.

Painting and adhesive with geometric shapes

Picture 41 - A room can have a lot of style, even with simpler decoration objects.

Simple objects can leave the room with style and personality

Picture 42 - Colorful furniture in the simple room.

Colorful furniture in single room

Image 43 - Choose each decorative object from the room.

Choose each decorative object in the room with simple decoration

Image 44 - Strategic points of color in the decoration identify the personality of the resident.

Strategic points identify the personality of the resident

Picture 45 - A touch of brown in the room decoration.

A touch of brown in the bedroom decor

Picture 46 - Simple female room.

Single female room

Image 47 - Choose a contrasting coating to replace white walls.

Contrast with wallcovering of the single room

Picture 48 - Upholstered bedside that remits to the vintage style.

Upholstered headboard that refers to the vintage style

Image 49 - Simple room with wall texture.

Single room with wall texture

Image 50 - Suspended luminaires bring more dynamism to the decoration of a simple room.

More dynamism the decoration with decorative lamps

Image 51 - Use a creative dashboard to set the colors of the room decor before you do the project.

Colors in harmony in the decoration of a simple room

Image 52 - Another option that is inspired by the Scandinavian style.

Single room with Scandinavian style inspiration

Picture 53 - Simple and small room with wood and golden details.

Small, simple room with gold accents

Image 54 - Gray and navy blue.

Gray and navy blue in bedroom decor

Picture 55 - Add your personal style to the room decor.

Add personal style to a single room decor

Picture 56 - Simple features bring personality to the room.

Simple features bring personality to the room

Single Teen Room

Image 57 - Small room with decorative pictures and dressing table.

Small room with dressing table and decorative pictures

This design can also inspire a unisex environment, where the dressing table can be replaced by a study table. Here, decorative frames and cushions with covers in the same style bring personality to the project.

Single room

Image 58 - Comfort for guests and space for home office.

Single guest room with desk

Use the guest room space as your home office when you do not have visitors in your home.

Single Children's Room for Girls

Image 59 - Stylish decoration for a girl's bedroom.

Girl room full of style and personality

Image 60 - Charm and delicacy for a girl's nursery

Charm and delicacy in the decoration of the female infant room

Here, each decorative object refers to the female children's universe with delicacy and balance in the decoration of the room.

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