Simple room: 60 ideas for a more beautiful and cheap decoration

Furnishing and decorating the house is one of the most incredible tasks for anyone who wants to innovate! But the investment is not always favorable to the wishes of the residents, so finding solutions that balance this budget is the perfect way to bring beauty and warmth to the home! Decorate a single room has its challenges and due care, the end result can be charming.

The living room is one of the main environments where the production makes all the difference for a unique and amazing look. So we have separated some basic decorating tips to have a single room much more beautiful keeping the economy:

  • Pallet furniture : Reuse this piece to assemble furniture for the room, such as: panel, rack, sofas, side tables and among others.
  • Decorative objects : abuse of accessories to bring personality into space. Frame composition is an excellent alternative to remove white from the wall.
  • Painting : This is one of the simplest techniques to change the look of the room. In addition to replacing dirt-wearing coatings when remodeling, it is a more economical alternative.
  • Turn old into new : Use the furniture you own to give another finish or function. Covering the sofa with a new fabric, painting the existing furniture, changing some piece of furniture or adding some components are some of the options for this proposal!

60 ideas and inspirations of simple, beautiful and cheap room decoration

To put these ideas into practice, look at some of the selected projects from the simple and charming living room:

Picture 1 - The accessories take color to a neutral room.

Accessories bring color to a neutral room

The neutral basis in an environment is like a whiteboard, where colors reinforce identity in the overall composition. Give that touch through the cushions, lamps, puffs and pictures.

Image 2 - The contrast of surfaces through painting and materials.

Work with color contrast

The colors on the wall convey joy and, at the same time, balance with the contemporary air of concrete and wood in the rest of the environment.

Picture 3 - Simple with a personal touch!

Simple room decor with a touch of personality

The objects on the shelves identify the tastes of the residents. Just as the plants in the decoration harmonize with the earthy tones in the environment.

Picture 4 - Wooden crates make up the wall of this room.

Wooden crates to decorate the living room wall

Wooden crates are cheap and easy to find. If you want to give the special touch, sand and paint the pieces to form a different and bold composition.

Picture 5 - The wall sticker is an inexpensive alternative to innovate the living room wall.

Bet the wall sticker for simple room decor

There are a variety of designs, colors and prints of wall stickers. Abuse and make compositions with pictures to make the wall more creative!

Picture 6 - Cheerful colors for a female room.

This design bets on vibrant colors for a simple female room

Image 7 - Pinus wood is a cheap and beautiful option for woodworking.

Choose pine wood for a more economical option

For those who wish to furnish and decorate by spending little, opt for the pinus wood, which has a light tint, close to the ivory. It can result in beautiful furnishings as finishes for the decor of the room!

Picture 8 - The futon is a simple and cozy piece!

Bet on the futon for a simple and economical piece in room decor

It is ideal to welcome friends in a relaxed way. They can be used as a sofa or as mattresses and turn any floor into an inviting corner to relax!

Picture 9 - Enjoy the space of the window to insert a desk.

Enjoy the little corner with the window to set up a desk.

Optimizing is also part of the simplicity of the decoration! Take advantage of the window space to insert a chest of drawers, poufs, armchairs or a chest stool.

Picture 10 - Simple room with clean decoration.

Simple and clean room decoration

A combination of sofas with neutral tones and a frame that brings color to the environment with colorful stripes.

Image 11 - In the meeting of the walls, keep the continuity.

Continuity in meeting walls

The extension of the workbench has integrated all the corners of this room! The functionality should follow all the needs of the residents.

Picture 12 - The black wall highlights any decor!

Highlight the wall with the black color

Black can also be part of the decoration of a simple room: in this design, the wall that receives the color ends up highlighting decorative objects such as pendants in white and the pictures arranged on the wall.

Picture 13 - Work the patchwork!

Add patchwork for simple and cheap decor in the living room

This technique is simple and can be done manually with tissue debris. Just combine the prints and colors to form a harmonious set with the decoration.

Image 14 - Mirrors increase and modernize the environment.

Simple trick: use mirrors to extend the environment

Install the mirror on a strategic wall to create the desired effect.

Picture 15 - Abuse of the decorative accessories!

In a simple decoration, bet on the decorative accessories

For a room with simple decor, simply add colorful and vibrant decorative objects to have a striking decoration result. In this proposal, pillows with covers, coffee table with tiles and small objects on the shelf in niche form.

Picture 16 - The puzzle-style pieces promote flexibility and versatility in decoration.

The puzzle-style pieces promote flexibility and versatility

The pieces are sold in sets that can be easily assembled according to the taste of the locals.

Picture 17 - The mint blue tone with light finishes harmonize the look.

Harmonize the look with a mint blue tone

In this room with netura decoration, the blue mint color was the choice for painting the wall. In addition, the wooden panel serves as support for frames and decorative frames.

Image 18 - Amplitude effect with the mirror.

More amplitude with mirrors on the wall

In contrast to the point use of the mirror, coating an entire wall with the item in the room brings an excellent amplitude effect to a small space. Use this feature in your favor when decorating a simple room.

Image 19 - Simple and masculine room.

Simple male room decoration

The geometric painting, the black color and the mural of photos is a way to leave the room jovial and masculine at the same time.

Image 20 - The organization and revitalization of furniture helps to give beauty to the room.

Bet on furniture revitalization

In the above design, stacked magazines function as a side support. The rack doors were gray colored to take away the predominant white look of the furniture.

Picture 21 - Simple room with gray decoration.

Room decoration with gray color

Image 22 - Simple room with wallpaper.

Wallpaper for a simple room

Another simple and inexpensive way to decorate is to use the wallpapers, which are found in the form of prints or imitation of textures.

Picture 23 - Make a photo composition on the wall!

Combination of photos on the wall of the room

If you are a photography lover, set up a beautiful panel with your best clicks. It is worth adding travel photos and even images purchased for this purpose.

Picture 24 - Use the bicycle in favor of decoration.

Use the bike in the decoration of the environment

The trend of using the bicycle turns the item as a decorative element into the room. Use the ceiling and wall to support and optimize your space!

Picture 25 - With a neutral base, all vibrant color is welcome.

Choose a small dot to add a vibrant color

In a room proposal with gray wall and black sofa, the side table in yellow adds a touch of color: just pick specific points to use this trick in the decoration of a simple room.

Picture 26 - Curtain in voil is neutral and combines with all styles.

Room with voil curtain

Image 27 - Pallet panel saves in project budget.

Save on budget with a pallet panel

Traditional panels have a higher cost due to the choice of material as well as their finish. To economize on the decoration, bet on the solution with pallets: just clean, sand and treat the piece to fix it on the wall.

Image 28 - Simple room with B & B decoration.

Black and white decoration is practical and easy for a simple room

Picture 29 - Simple layout for a comfortable room.

Simple layout for a comfortable room

Picture 30 - Even with white walls it is possible to improvise with the production.

Improvise with pictures on a white wall

Picture 31 - Simple and small room.

Small room decoration

Picture 32 - Create an effect across the floor.

Create an effect through the floor or with the use of carpets

In the example above, the carpet makes the difference in the floor's appearance: with curved shapes by its extension, the effect of movement leaves the environment more dynamic.

Image 33 - The Scandinavian style enchants those who seek simplicity in decoration.

The Scandinavian style aligns with who is a fan of simplicity

Picture 34 - Simple and jovial room!

Cheery Room Decoration

Picture 35 - The rug is a key accessory to the room.

Small details: the carpet is a key piece for the decoration of the room

In this environment with neutral tones, the carpet model with colored squares changes the look of the room. The combination of all the decorative objects also makes the difference.

Image 36 - Single room with pallet sofa .

Another economical option: pallet sofa

The pallet sofa is one of the most economical alternatives to replace a traditional or design piece. In addition to being a trend, you can work the upholstery up with different pieces, cushions and mattresses, according to your preference.

Picture 37 - A slate wall is a simple way to enhance the decor.

Increase the decor with a wall with blackboard paint

In addition, you can leave drawings, illustrations and messages useful for the day to day life of the residents.

Picture 38 - The accessories make the environment much more beautiful.

Accessories that make all the difference in the decoration

Decorative accessories that make all the difference: choose each decorative piece to decorate the room. One of the advantages is that the look can be changed, just make a new combination with colors and prints.

Picture 39 - The painting promotes different effects in the decoration.

Different effects with the paint in the decoration

A simple detail that has made all the difference in this room design: the half wall painting with the blue color follows the same pattern as the wooden rack and top shelf.

Image 40 - Geometric shapes are a trend in decoration.

Trend: geometric shapes in decoration

Whether in the form of prints, upholstery, covers, frames or niches, bet in geometric format to have a more modern and cool room.

Picture 41 - The wallpaper enchants all styles and tastes!

Wallpaper that enchants all the styles

Wallpapers are versatile items, with different designs, prints and colors. There is always one that may be the perfect choice for the environment.

Picture 42 - Poufs are cheap and welcome in the decoration.

Puffs: a cheap and fun option for the room

Puffs with prints bring more color to the decoration of this simple and small room.

Picture 43 - Paint only one wall to highlight the room.

Highlight the room with the painting only on one wall

Picture 44 - Plastic boxes demonstrate a more detachable decoration.

A more funky decoration with plastic boxes

Use your creativity and reaproveite cheap items, bringing a new identity to complement the decor of your living room.

Image 45 - The rail is a simple technique to carry points of light and energy.

Rails for carrying room lighting

With the rail lamp you do not have to spend money or lose precious spaces with plaster recess. In addition to bringing an urban and industrial air to the house!

Picture 46 - Simple room with modern touches.

Modern details in the decoration of a simple room

Picture 47 - The color can detach punctually some details of the room.

Spotlight with a certain color

Picture 48 - The set of dishes decorates the wall.

Set of crockery decorating the wall

Another simple and cool idea for decoration: combine crockery, dishes and frames in the decoration of a specific wall.

Picture 49 - The tone on tone is a simple and easy way to decorate the room.

Tone on tone: simple and easy to decorate

Image 50 - Colored niches emboss wooden panel.

Colorful Niches Emboss Wooden Panel

Paint the niches with bright, vibrant colors to take the monotony out of the look.

Image 51 - Decoration and integration in the right measure!

Decoration and integration in the right measure

The partition with leaked elements and the passage of tile highlight the decoration of this integrated space.

Image 52 - The mirror promotes amplitude for the environment.

Small room with wooden panel

Picture 53 - Simple and cozy room!

Simple and cozy living room model

Carpet, curtain, cushions and blanket bring all comfort to a living room.

Picture 54 - The picture on the wall reinforces the colors of the pillows of this room.

Frame and pillows that add color to the room

Picture 55 - The Tiffany blue takes personality to the room.

A touch of personality with the blue tiffany

Image 56 - Long shelf supports frames for composition.

Long shelf to support books and pictures

So you avoid holes in the wall and still decorate the room!

Image 57 - A touch of color changes the whole scene!

A touch of color that changes the full mood of the environment

Choose a color of your choice to compose in some details of the room.

Image 58 - Simple integrated room.

Simple and integrated room

Image 59 - Simple room with purple decoration.

Purple in the room decoration

Image 60 - Light shades are a simpler solution for those who want modernity and warmth.

Room decor with light tones

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