Simple Baby Room: 60 Amazing Ideas to Decorate

Decorating a baby's room in a simpler way is what many people are looking for today, whether for style or budget. It's just that baby rooms have lost a lot of that classic, heavy style that was common in decades past. Nowadays, the projects have lighter forms and elements, playful and without too many excesses.

Today we prepared a post about the decoration of the baby room simple and cheap, while still having a super creative and playful style for children to grow and feel at ease in the room.

Take a look at our tips!

1. Planning is the basis of any decoration

To decorate a baby's room with a specific style, low budget or any other category that limits your options, it is always necessary to have as much planning as possible before you start shopping. Therefore, the first thing is to always measure the space: with these measures, you can know what kind of crib fits in the room, whether it is possible to fit a dresser or wardrobe , exchanger, breastfeeding chair and other furniture. When dealing with a small room, this part is more than fundamental to pick priorities and make creative decisions for any issue that arises.

Reuse and Resignify Furniture and Objects

Before buying the furniture you can also see if there is any furniture in your home that can be redefined in space, such as a dresser that can be better used as a drawer for the baby or a super comfortable armchair that would be perfect for breastfeeding. Antique furniture from other family babies can also be helpful, especially cribs! Some families used to keep the cradles of the children to pass on to the next generations.

Simplicity and minimalism as decoration trends

About the decorative elements, this will depend on the style you have chosen to guide your decor, but the trend of the moment is the minimalist style and the Scandinavian, who propose to create a decoration with few furniture and decorative objects based on light colors that give a super calm and quiet climate to the room. In addition, the shelves are gaining more and more lovers, as they leave the room more open and use the toys with their cute and colorful shapes as an additional charm.

60 Simple Baby Room Ideas for You to Get Inspired Today

Now take a look at our gallery for more inspirations and more decorating tips for the baby room:

Picture 1 - Baby room with exposed clothing items.

Simple baby room with exposed items

In addition to making it more practical when changing clothes, the shelves and exposed rack help save a closet for the baby

Picture 2 - Still on the tip of the shelves and smaller cabinets, the minimalist style can help you.

Simple baby room with minimalist style

Besides saving money, choosing less furniture for the environment helps to make room in the baby's room

Picture 3 - The attention is in the details: baby room simple and based in white with colors coming from natural and decorative elements.

Simple baby room based on white

Picture 4 - For those who want to bet on a cleaner style.

To bet on a clean style

Furniture in a more modern or minimalist style can help you choose more neutral models

Picture 5 - Garimpe furniture.

Pan the furniture

For a simple and cheap baby room, it is worth looking for furniture of different styles and make a compositional mix

Picture 6 - Simple and super delicate decoration: comics on the wall that can be made with framed printed images or with pictures bought in decoration shops.

Simple and super delicate decoration for the bedroom

Picture 7 - Have an antique baby furniture? Give it a new look and a new style to match the decor of your baby's room.

Simple Baby Room: 60 Amazing Ideas to Decorate

Picture 8 - In addition to the shelves, the niches on the wall are great for placing decorations and toys.

Wall Niches in the Simple Baby Room

Picture 9 - Baby room simple and small.

Baby room simple and small

in smaller spaces, it is worth not invest so much in a glitzy decoration and maintain the neutrality so as not to suffocate the space

Picture 10 - Room with closet? Think of how to use this other surface to put your decorations!

Slate ink for cabinet door

To keep the room open and airy, create an empty "aisle" for circulation in the window line.

Empty corridor for circulation

Picture 12 - Decoration for a simple and beautiful baby room: Montessori inspiration for the low shelf and the central area with carpet, ideal for play.

Decoration for a simple and beautiful baby room

Picture 13 - Ideas for the area of ​​the exchanger in a simple and functional way: table with mattress and separate bins.

Ideas for the exchanger area in a simple and functional way

Picture 14 - Candy colors throughout the environment to make decoration more delicate and simplified.

Candy colors throughout the environment

Picture 15 - Wallpaper in the baby's room: choosing a wall to apply the wallpaper does not leave the room with a very closed pattern and still helps you to save money.

Wallpaper in the baby's room

Picture 16 - Choose neutral colors for furniture and decor for a simple baby room.

Neutral colors for furniture and decor for a simple baby room.

Picture 17 - A dresser can be all you need: a place to store the baby's clothes and still have a surface to support decorations and a mattress for the exchanger.

A dresser may be all you need

Picture 18 - For a simple and small baby room, think about adopting decorative elements and toys that can be suspended or even fastened to the walls through a velcro system.

Toys in the simple baby room

Picture 19 - Furniture with small shelves for the head of the exchanger: place for decoration and for useful items in a functional layout.

Furniture with small shelves

Picture 20 - Invest in really important items such as the breastfeeding chair.

Baby Nursing Chair

Picture 21 - Double baby room: neutral decoration and concentration of animals and toys in a single basket.

Double room

Picture 22 - More a garimpo of furniture: in furniture with the similar design, it is worth mixing finishes and guarantee a more stripped style for the baby room too!

Furniture polish

Picture 23 - No closet !: Simple baby room with shelves and furniture made in woodwork in a Scandinavian style.

Simple baby room with shelf

Picture 24 - Monochrome baby room: choosing a simple color palette (as in this case, gray) helps create a consistent décor without much effort.

Monochrome baby room

Picture 25 - Add colors in the room in the wall painting: green mint of the wall talks very well with the little plant inserted next to the cradle.

Colors in the baby room

Picture 26 - Baby room starry night.

Baby room starry night

Choosing a wall just for the wallpaper or a different painting can solve the issue of decoration of any room

Picture 27 - Comics for the decoration: the comics with animals and characters are already classic in baby rooms, but the phrases in different types are gaining more and more space.

Comics for simple baby room

Image 28 - Wall decoration concentrated on one side only: wallpaper, shelves, comics and others.

Wall decoration on one side only

Picture 29 - A mega frame can give the finishing touch in the decoration of a simple and clean baby room.

Simple and clean baby room

Picture 30 - Resignified Armchair: If you have a comfortable armchair at home, think about making it your breastfeeding armchair and moving it to the baby's room.

Comfortable armchair

Picture 31 - Simple male baby room with handmade elements: For those who love handicrafts, some baby room items like painted comics and garland of wool pompoms can be made at home.

Simple male baby room

Picture 32 - Neutral baby's room in a dream country atmosphere: get inspired in the countryside to choose elements based on nature and in colors more raw for the decoration.

Neutral baby room in a dream country atmosphere

Picture 33 - Another idea to resignify furniture: in addition to the armchairs, dressers and wardrobes can be used in the baby's room to scratch items on the decoration list easily and economically.

Easy and economical decoration for simple baby room

Picture 34 - Few elements make a baby room simple and beautiful too!

Few elements in the decoration

Picture 35 - More color and personality? Invest in punctual items such as decorative and functional items in color or on a wall.

Decorative and punctual items

Image 36 - White as the base color for the room leaves the environment more bright, tranquil and with several decorative possibilities.

White as decoration base

Picture 37 - "Staircase" bookcase in the decoration of the baby's room: An aid in organizing decoration and hygiene items.

Staircase in staircase in baby room decoration

Image 38 - Alternative lighting options are increasingly creative and accessible to all pockets and decorative styles.

Alternative lighting

Picture 39 - Another idea of ​​open wardrobe: shelf with bar for hangers in a super contemporary and practical decoration.

Open wardrobe

Picture 40 - Simple female baby room: to make room for movement and for baby to play, fit the furniture on one side of the room only.

Simple Female Baby Room

Picture 41 - Playful decoration: for those who do not want to invest so much in a decoration and want to enjoy the color of the toys and characters they already have, it's worth putting up shelves to expose everyone.

Simple baby room with playful decor

Picture 42 - Decoration for simple, cheap, creative and colorful baby room: Japanese lamps and hive balloons on colored paper.

Simple, cheap, creative and colorful baby room decor:

Picture 43 - Decoration of simple and classic baby room: mobile above the cradle leaves the environment even more fluffy and charming.

Simple and classic baby room decor

Picture 44 - To organize the shelves and hygiene items: custom fabric boxes.

To organize the shelves with hygiene

Picture 45 - Bamboo cradle for newborns: a super traditional, natural and super comfortable option.

Bamboo Cradle in Simple Baby Room

Picture 46 - If you have multiple windows or glass doors, take advantage of the natural light entrance.

Natural light entry in simple baby room

Picture 47 - Baby sitter bed or other comfortable surface for breastfeeding the baby integrated into the room.

Bed for breastfeeding

Picture 48 - Think of decorative objects that can give an extra grace in the environment, even if they are not specific for this age group.

Decoration objects for simple baby room

Picture 49 - Super modern and minimal baby room in shades of gray.

Super modern and minimalist room

Image 50 - Decoration of the room and choice of prints based on the Scandinavian style.

Simple baby room in the Scandinavian style

Picture 51 - For more traditional rooms with all furniture, try to soften the decor with a more classic and clear wallpaper.

Classic wallpaper in the simple baby room

Picture 52 - White as the main color in yet another simple and contemporary baby room.

Simple and contemporary baby room

Picture 53 - Blue and gray in a male baby room with a calm and calm climate.

Simple male baby room

Picture 54 - Idea for wardrobe open to a female baby room: wooden macaw to hang the hangers and baskets for other items.

Single female baby room

Picture 55 - Another revived classic: Bring mahogany and wood back to the decor of the baby's room in antique furniture and accessories.

Mahogany and wood in the simple baby room

Image 56 - Decorative wall full of references and colors in a room with white base.

Decorative wall in simple baby room

Image 57 - Personalized Mob: for a future aviator, classic aviation models in the sky.

Simple baby room with customized mobile

Image 58 - Trunks, Baskets, or Bags: All toys need to be stored in the right places to maintain the organization of the space.

Chests baskets and bags in simple baby room decoration

Picture 59 - Another idea of ​​decoration for simple double baby room: symmetry in the position of cradles and exchanger.

Double single baby room

Image 60 - Pendant decoration as the new trend: garlands made with fabrics, wool and other cute materials and full of personality.

Pending decoration as the new trend

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