Simple American Kitchen: 60 Ideas, Photos and Projects

THE simple american kitchen became famous here in Brazil for being present in models of smaller apartments, because the model is super simple and still promotes an interesting interaction between the kitchen and living room environments, with their diner-style counters for the fastest meals .

At american kitchens as we know it became more popular and gained this style more open from its configuration in the Lofts, apartments that were adapted in spaces of disabled factories during Years 1960 and 70 in New York. These spaces without many divisions of environments became super famous for promoting the interaction between the diverse ambiences of the house.

In the apartments, this interaction is marked by the lack of division between the living room and the kitchen or by the open window that connects the two places. But in several homes, American cuisine appears as a different way of setting up the kitchen, whether large or small, to gather people around this room.

And today simple american kitchen is the main theme of this post. We've separated some tips to put together your own and simple but super creative designs for all kinds of space and occasion!

Get Inspired by Trends for Creative Solutions

The word of the present decoration, whether in kitchens, bathrooms or bedroom is to join the decoration with functional objects, allowing an interaction between these two universes.

Bringing design to day-to-day objects has always been something that has inspired designers and product designers, especially as far as the kitchen is concerned: some items draw our attention not only by their performance in the function they have, but also by their visual presentation. Planetary mixers are good examples of this in recent times, as are coffee makers, which are in a mix of modernity and sophistication.

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Thinking about it and creative solutions to remove the weight from the wall cabinets, the shelves are stronger than ever in the decor trends. They give a lighter air to the environment and still allow you to use your household items as decoration!

Furniture designed to organize your space

The planned furniture is classic for a simple American kitchen, especially in relation to countertops and niches for appliances such as stove, refrigerator (and sometimes even washing machine when the service area is integrated into the kitchen). This makes the kitchen steady and this allows you to organize yourself better, both in the area of ​​circulation, and to store your items.

Another very important aspect of the planned is the study of an efficient kitchen based on the position of the most important items such as refrigerator, stove and sink, and the secondary items such as cutlery drawer, cupboard and dishes, for example. In interior design, there are several studies on how to organize the space well and it was found that even the way of cooking changes in a well-planned kitchen. Therefore, the most indicated model is where the main items, mentioned above, constitute a triangle, as in the image below.

Types of kitchens

Now that you know the most important tips, pay attention to how they appear in our gallery images!

Gallery: 60 images of simple American kitchen designs

Picture 1 - American kitchen for who does not have much space: main bench and counter for integrated meals in the form of L.

American kitchen for those who have little space.

Picture 2 - Main island for meals and a reduced space and optimized for the preparation.

Main Island for dining

Picture 3 - Basin of the sink and counter with stools integrated in a single stone.

Washbasin counter and counter with stools

Picture 4 - Give preference to a narrow and long balcony to increase the number of places.

Give preference to a narrow balcony

Picture 5 - Simple American kitchen in a high ceiling, much simplicity and practicality: a furniture with many cabinets to store all your items.

Mobile with many cabinets to store your items

Picture 6 - A new trend of American kitchens: shelves and magnetic rulers to keep your items always at hand.

New trend of American kitchens

Image 7 - Simple and super modern visual with special illumination for the preparation bench.

Simple and super modern visual

Figure 8 - Another integrated dining counter with sink countertop.

Integrated dining counter with sink countertop

Picture 9 - American kitchen with a touch of the minimalist and functional style.

American kitchen with a touch of minimalism

Picture 10 - A side wall to hide the refrigerator and create an interesting mural.

Side wall to hide refrigerator

Picture 11 - U-shaped American kitchen with free-standing counter to allow the rest of the legs and the passage of the pets.

U-shaped American kitchen

Picture 12 - Eliminate the cabinets and use your objects and household appliances as decoration!

Household appliances as a decoration

Picture 13 - Optimizing spaces and including new items: auxiliary bench with wine cellar.

Auxiliary table with wine cellar

Picture 14 - For a different decoration: use the bottom wall of your counter as a space for a different paint or coating application.

Counter wall coating application

Picture 15 - To remove the neutral and simple tone of the kitchen, invest in a decór with personalized and flashy elements.

To remove the neutral and simple tone of the kitchen

Picture 16 - Simple American kitchen in the industrial style: wood, metal and apparent electrical pipe.

Simple kitchen in industrial style

Picture 17 - Even for larger kitchens, the iconic counters are fun and help separate environments.

Even for larger kitchens, the iconic counters are fun and help separate environments.

Picture 18 - Simple American kitchen with cooktop in the central island conjugated to a table for the united eating family.

Simple kitchen with cooktop

Picture 19 - American kitchen planned in a limited environment and with a charm that joins the minimalist to the Scandinavian.

Simple American kitchen in a space-constrained environment

Image 20 - American kitchen with special lighting for the dining tables.

Special illumination for meal counters

Picture 21 - Ideal for a conjugated apartment style corridor: American kitchen with balcony separating the environments.

Ideal for conjoined apartment

Image 22 - Basic colors and very simple? Give a vibrant, personality-filled touch with ink!

Colorful paint to bring personality to simple American cuisine

Picture 23 - Perfect for lofts and kitnets: simple and super functional American kitchen in a minimal space.

Super functional single american kitchen

Picture 24 - Even for smaller environments, get out of the white basics and think of an alternative light color to give more life to your environment.

Even for smaller environments, get out of the basic white and think of an alternative light color to give more life to your environment.

Picture 25 - Simple American kitchen with balcony.

Simple American kitchen with balcony

Image 26 - Another apartment with minimal kitchen: detail for the table that can also be used as a table for small meetings and meetings.

Apartment with minimal kitchen

Image 27 - Basic Black: For light-filled and contrasting environments with light colors, black works great.

Basic black for light-filled environments

Picture 28 - Add niches in the cupboards to place your cookery books and decorative objects.

Niches to put cookbooks and decorative objects

Picture 29 - Bet a color chart with a clean air for your American kitchen.

Simple clean kitchen

Picture 30 - Simple and super cheap American kitchen with several shelves.

Simple and super cheap American kitchen with several shelves

Image 31 - Simple American kitchen with dining counter.

Simple American kitchen with dining table

Picture 32 - American kitchen in a narrow space: creative solutions to occupy space in a functional way.

American cuisine in narrow space

Picture 33 - In a retro style, inspired by the field: cabinets, shelf, table and wooden benches.

Retro simple american kitchen

Picture 34 - American kitchen in L: cabinets in two walls with built-in ovens.

Kitchen in L

Picture 35 - How about a counter to store your books, eat and take to and fro?

Counter to store your books

Picture 36 - Harmony between cabinets and shelves in the environment with different lighting.

Harmony between cabinets and shelves

Image 37 - Replace your refrigerator with a small fridge to save space.

Minibar in American kitchen

Picture 38 - Simple and colorful American kitchen adapted in an environment with inclined ceiling.

Simple and colorful American kitchen

Image 39 - Colorful resin counter with small shelves for cups and cups.

Colorful resin counter

Picture 40 - Simple American kitchen in an environment with high ceilings and industrial decoration.

Simple American kitchen with high ceilings

Image 41 - Separate your environments with different colors, mainly forming a contrast.

Separate your environments in different colors

Picture 42 - Bet on a common color chart in the kitchen and living room to promote even stronger integration between environments.

Bet on a common color chart in the kitchen and living room

Picture 43 - Easy solutions for your simple American kitchen: benches that can be docked on the counter and bar to hang your plans.

Easy solution for an American kitchen

Image 44 - Cabinets designed inside the wall with super colorful and minimalist doors.

Planned closets inside the wall

Image 45 - Hanging balconies to use the free space in different and creative ways.

Simple American kitchen with overhead counter

Picture 46 - Simple American kitchen in a small environment and with predominance of straight lines

Small simple american kitchen

Picture 47 - American kitchens in industrial environments: perfect combination.

American kitchen in industrial environment

Image 48 - Contemporary trends: minimalism and pastel colors.

Minimalism and pastel colors

Image 49 - The effect burnt cement is super trendy, is simple and inexpensive to make and can even be applied in a variety of environments, even in the kitchen.

Super stylish burned cement effect

Picture 50 - Choose a coating to give a different and relaxed air to your kitchen.

Different Finish in Simple American Kitchen

Picture 51 - Simple contemporary American kitchen: counter and wooden shelves with white cabinets and stainless appliances.

Contemporary simple american kitchen

Image 52 - American kitchen with different lighting and focused, an alternative to the central chandelier.

Small American Kitchen with Spotlight

Picture 53 - Display your pots and pans through hooks attached to the ceiling.

Small kitchen with pans gains in the ceiling

Picture 54 - For small houses: join the kitchen and the laundry making special niches for your appliances.

Simple kitchen for small homes

Image 55 - Corridor style kitchen with shelves to leave the environment less heavy and more harmonious.

Corridor style kitchen with shelves

Picture 56 - Central balcony with a double depth: to make your meals on one side and cook on the other!

Central counter with double depth

Image 57 - Another solution for your lighting: distribute points of light without problems using a luminaire with several sockets.

Distribute points of light in a simple American kitchen

Image 58 - Use different materials to set up a counter for your meals exactly how you want it.

Different materials to form a counter

Image 59 - U-shaped American kitchen in a minimalist and super-hygienic style.

U-shaped American kitchen

Image 60 - Add vibrant colors to your kitchen with alternative handles and details on conventional furniture.

Add vibrant colors

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