Service Area: 55 picture decorating ideas

THE service area , where our washing machines and clothes dryers, clothes line, and generally where the cleaning products are, is almost always a little messy place with little decoration.

There is no way, at home or in the apartment, this hidden room - when it exists - can become a headache when it comes to organizing and cleaning, even if the objects and cleaning products remain!

But know that there are solutions to this problem, ranging from the simplest to the most creative and that optimize the space limited to this area.

In today's post we separated some tips from service area decoration and organization, which prioritizes the optimization and functionality of the space! Let's show that this area of ​​the house should not be hidden and can win a whole new face.

The service area does not have to be a functional room: invest in a decoration to the height!

The service area is usually a room attached to the kitchen that receives much or little attention at the time we are decorating the house. This is for several reasons, but mainly because of its location and function: the service area is usually at the back of the house or apartment, ensuring that few people will go there (visits never arrive) and with the amount of space useful of real estate decreasing more and more, if this area has a separate space, the chances of turning a little room of the mess is too high!

We have brought this post to show that the service area, whether small, medium or large, can (and should) be an organized and well decorated environment and that, even in the back of the house, deserves a visitation of the guests. Everyone will die of envy!

For the smaller areas and with a wall or a corner of it free, the frames are decorative elements wild: they attract attention and occupy little space, depending on the frame you choose.

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But for those who have a little space on the shelf or on the bench, how about investing in a little plant? They refresh and give the environment a whole new look. Just make sure she's getting the amount of light and water needed to stay healthy!

Planning and organization are the magic words when it comes to having an exemplary service area!

The idea of ​​planning does not just come from custom-made furniture, but it involves the whole question of organization and use of space. Especially with the sales success of the organization expert Marie Kondô (with her books "The magic of stowage" and "That brings me joy"), the trend of minimalism, conscious consumption involved in the domestic organization has grown very strongly in Brazil and the world. Kondô made us think about our consumption options: what we buy, how we buy and what we do with these products when they are already in our house.

For those who are excited by these ideas, note that planning the furniture, whether in the service area, the kitchen or the bedroom, involves putting everything in its place in a simple and definitive way. In addition to avoiding messes, this also makes you think twice before buying products that you may not behave in your home or that you will not use in the future.

Thinking of every thing in its place, furniture solutions designed by designers and architects are increasingly creative, including the basket of clothes inside the closet, ironing board that hides on the wall, clothes rack for clothes that knead very easy and even a shrimp port that hides the entire service area! In our image gallery, let's give more examples like these.

Come on!

Gallery: 55 projects of service areas of all types and sizes

Picture 1 - P & B for a basic but super contemporary environment

Black and white service area

The decoration changes completely with the insertion of the frame and the plant pot.

Picture 2 - Planned in white finish for a hygienic and minimalist room.

Planning in white finish

Since this is a room dedicated to cleaning, white is usually the most chosen color for the finish. It also combines with a minimalist style.

Picture 3 - Want to keep everything handy? Dispense the closed cabinets and stake on the shelves.

Dispense closed cabinets

In addition to further facilitating the dynamics of the laundry, the only environment with shelves and show items are super high on the decor!

Picture 4 - Blue and gold for a more sophisticated and luxurious environment.

Blue and gold for a more luxurious environment

Although white is the most used, nothing prevents other colors from being added in this room, especially if it is integrated into the kitchen.

Picture 5 - Tijolinhos, wood and stainless steel for an industrial style.

Wood and stainless steel tiles

In this fully functional environment, the colors end up creating a decorating style that takes the room from the basics.

Picture 6 - Cabinets and shelves to keep everything in place.

Cabinets and shelves to keep everything in place

Image 7 - Adding some color in the predominantly white environment.

Adding some color to the environment

Even when white predominates, try picking out an additional color and start playing with it in the details of the décor.

Image 8 - Well designed niches and shelves to fit all laundry items and save space.

Well planned niches and shelves

Here is an example of laundry in a minimal space - enjoy the full height of the wall to fit all your items. And for those with a front-opening washer and dryer, it pays to stack them in two niches.

Picture 9 - A planned environment for those who have enough space.

Planned environment for those who have enough space

The planned environment is not limited to those who have little space, for those who have a larger room, the plan helps to keep everything organized and you use the space as a stock.

Image 10 - Minimalist and urban: white, black and stainless.

Service Area: 55 picture decorating ideas

Image 11 - Dirty laundry basket coupled in the planned closet design.

Dirty laundry basket coupled

To help clean the environment, the planned furniture can also be a good resource for storing what you do not want to keep your eyes on.

Image 12 - Space to hang clothes that knead directly on the hanger.

Space to hang clothes

Some fabrics knead with a very large facility and others can not be ironed, so having an area to hang clothes that has to dry on the hanger is critical in your service area.

Picture 13 - Simple and elegant: spacious counter to fit the washer and dryer.

Spacious balcony

The counter helps hide these two appliances and create another type of surface that can be used any way you want.

Picture 14 - Multipurpose area: hide the laundry room and use the space for other functions.

Multipurpose area

This one is super creative and, for those who prefer, a way to hide the service area. The shrimp port extends across the wall when it is closed, hiding the entire service area in a super discreet way.

Picture 15 - Comics in the wall free of cabinets.

Cabinets free wall comics

Picture 16 - To leave space more cheerful: add a strong color as a background to highlight the white.

Cheerful service area

Here again, the white predominates in the color of the appliances and the shelves, but it is highlighted with the color in the bottom of the wall.

Image 17 - Inspiration B & W from floor to ceiling.

Black and white inspiration from floor to ceiling

One trend that is getting more popular is the ceiling decorated with a different pattern. The walls have a smooth color to balance the information on the floor and ceiling.

Picture 18 - Enjoy your ceiling if the room is small.

Enjoy the right foot

Image 19 - Using pastel colors to replace white.

Pastel colors to replace white!

Here the white is replaced by light colors and even a touch of black on the floor and in the closet. It escapes to the white hygienic environment but still guarantees a uniform illumination for a well made cleaning.

Image 20 - Different and super contemporary sink for the environment.

Service area with different sink

We are accustomed to the presence of a tank in the service area, but with the quality of washing the machines deliver, the tanks are disappearing from some contemporary service area projects, replaced by a simple sink or a super contemporary sink, such as this image.

Image 21 - An idea for your service area that is kind of corridor.

An idea for corridor type service area

For those who have little room for laundry and even less to hang clothes, be inspired by that bar that was placed on the ceiling to hang hangers. A way to save space super creative!

Figure 22 - Let the machine and dryer shine.

Area with washing machine and dryer

After all, they are the protagonists of this room! The white color contrasts with the stainless steel and lets it draw full attention to its brilliance.

Picture 23 - Workbench and mini clothesline above the washing machine

Workbench and mini clothesline

To gain an extra surface and not ruin the top of the machine, a suggestion is to invest in a bench to put above it. Another tip is a small clothesline for underwear and hang hangers!

Picture 24 - Space reduced.

Reduced space

In this rectangular space, the natural lighting was privileged, giving prominence to the window of the environment, in addition, the free bench is an additional.

Picture 25 - Wallpaper to give a different touch even in the service area.

Wallpaper to give a different touch to the service area

Even though it is a wash area, the service area is not a place that gets wet all the time, as is the case in the bathroom. The wallpaper here is a possible option and it gives an extra charm to the decor.

Image 26 - Hidden service area in the kitchen!

Service Area: 55 picture decorating ideas

For those who do not have a separate room for the service area, the kitchen, especially the kitchen, usually receives very well some items from that area.

Picture 27 - Modern and rustic at the same time.

Modern and rustic at the same time

The coating that imitates wood in the planned and the broken inserts give an older tone that combines very well with the modernity of the machines.

Image 28 - Even the laundry basket has its right place.

Even the laundry basket has the right place

Picture 29 - Black is basic even in the laundry room.

Black is basic even in the laundry room.

Contrary to what we would normally think, black finishes nicely with this area, and by white contrast the area is well lit for cleaning tasks.

Image 30 - Another way to save space with smart solutions.

Another way to save money with smart solutions

For those who have a space under the stairs, here is a very simple and well designed solution to end the hassle of not having a place to put the washer and dryer.

Image 31 - Saving space is not difficult.

Saving space is not difficult.

In these two modules that go from floor to ceiling, you gain space to move around in space comfortably.

Image 32 - Service area in shades of green.

Service area in shades of green

Picture 33 - A creative and super charming brand for the door.

Creative branding for the door

Wall and glass stickers are available in a variety of styles, and if you want a specific font or design you can not find, contact a graphic artist!

Image 34 - Service area in pastel colors with highlight to the machines.

Service area in pastel shades

Image 35 - Doors to separate, not hide.

Doors to separate and not hide

We have already shown the doors that hide the laundry room, but these ones only work to keep everything in its place.

Image 36 - Laundry in the closet so you do not have to take your clothes from one side to the other!

Laundry in closet so you do not need to bring your clothes

Another option for those who do not have a service area at home! Wash straight where the clothes are!

Picture 37 - Every little thing in its place

Every little thing in its place

Picture 38 - Make the service area a pleasant place to be.

Service area: a nice place to be

The idea of ​​making a nice decoration in the service area is precisely for this reason: making the environment more peaceful and cozy when it comes to cleaning services, which we often do not like.

Picture 39 - Service area camouflaged in the kitchen.

Camouflaged service area in the kitchen

Image 40 - Any free space is place for a clothes rack.

Any free space is local to a clothes rack

Image 41 - Including natural elements.

Natural elements in the decoration of the service area

Another way to make the room more pleasant and cool is to include little plants in it. If you have a window that illuminates well and causes the air to circulate, it is already perfect for a very natural decoration.

Image 42 - Another type of solution for the laundry basket in the closet.

Solution for the laundry basket in the closet

Picture 43 - For small areas, it is worth investing in a beautiful coat.

Small service area

The small area also helps us save money when buying a flooring. So choose a beautiful one that gives a new personality to your service area!

Image 44 - Wall to show: green above the cabinets.

Green above the service area cabinets

We show several examples of floor-to-ceiling planned closets, but if it's not your case and you have a spare wall, how about giving a different color to it?

Image 45 - Coatings like glass tablets also give a special charm.

Service area with glass inserts

A classic of areas that are constantly cleaned: tiles and ceramic or glass tiles decorate and facilitate the cleaning of the environment.

Image 46 - Hiding the laundry in a fun and economical way?

Curtain to hide service area

Another way to hide this room is with a plastic curtain (kind of bathroom ones). It may look different, but if you find a special stamp, it can be super laid back and fun. Oh, and super economical, of course.

Picture 47 - Service area along with the kitchen: use different colors or materials to divide and highlight each environment.

Service area along with the kitchen

If the same room has two functions, divide it by color!

Image 48 - A special area only for cleaning products and utensils.

Space for cleaning products and utensils

The service area is usually the place that we keep our cleaners and they need a place just for them. Especially if you have pets and children, make sure that this place is safe and insulated so that no accidents occur.

Picture 49 - A concise environment that can be placed anywhere in your home.

Corner for service area with sliding door

In addition to the kitchen, under the stairs, another place that can accommodate your service area is a corridor that is wide. In this case, as in kitchens, the furniture has doors and also hides the area when it is not in use.

Picture 50 - Direct wall reminder: a way to decorate with the theme of the environment and be functional when washing your clothes.

Direct reminder on the wall

After all, can someone memorize the meaning of all the symbols that come on the label of a garment? Make a hint to never miss and make your clothes last even longer!

Picture 51 - A separate space that does not disturb anything.

A separate space that does not disturb anything

In the kitchen, this service area is included in the planned project and has a small enclosed corner of yours.

Image 52 - Always prioritize the sink near a window.

Always prioritize the sink near a window

Picture 53 - Service area in the bathroom.

Bathroom service area

In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom is a very common place to receive the service area.

Picture 54 - Another creative solution: ironing board stored inside the niche on the wall.

Ironing board stored inside niche on wall

Image 55 - Little plants and comics to bring inspiration

Little plants and little squares to bring inspiration

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