Sculpted Cuba: see details, materials and 60 project photos

The sculpted tubs are making a success in today's bathrooms. You can also see them around with the name of cuba excavated, shaped or hidden. The name changes, but the piece remains the table, that is, a vat carved in the same material as the sink.

The big differential of this type of sink is that it hides the drain and the water drainage, contributing to a bathroom with a cleaner, modern and sophisticated design.

Most of the sculpted vats are made of marble, granite, Nanoglass, Silestone, wood or porcelain. Each material has specific advantages and disadvantages. Let's talk more about each of them in this post.

The good side of this type of workbench are the many possibilities of size, models, colors and materials. The not so good side is that this type of sink is more expensive and requires skilled manpower to do the job properly.

How to clean the carved vat is another important detail that should be highlighted. The concealed drain, as well as the water drains, need to be cleaned frequently to avoid slime, dirt build-up, and mold making.

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Get to know the two types of vats most commonly used in bathroom countertops:

Sculpted tub models

Cuba carved with ramp

This type of carved tub is one of the most traditional and has a striking design, capable of changing the entire face of the bathroom. In this model, the tank has a ramp with the drop positioned in the direction of the runoff of the water.

However, for this type of tub, it is necessary to check the model and positioning of the tap to avoid spattering on the worktop and floor. It is most appropriate that the faucet is not installed at the top of the ramp.

To facilitate cleaning, the ramp should ideally be removable.

Cuba Sculpted from Straight Bottom

The drainage of the water in the sculptured vat with a straight bottom happens through the lateral gaps and, like the vat with a ramp, this model also has the hidden drain.

Thus, the cleaning and hygiene care of the tub is the same.

Materials used for sculpted vats

1. Marble

A marble-sculpted marble countertop brings a lot of sophistication and refinement to the bathroom. The variety of shades and types of marble is one of the advantages of using this stone. On the other hand, the material has a high cost and is porous, absorbing water, which can be a problem for the lighter versions of marble, since the stone tends to stain.

2. Granite

Granite is the most commonly used stone option for sink countertops. It is cheaper than marble, in addition to being more resistant and less porous as well. There are several types of granite, in shades ranging from white to black.

3. Artificial stones

There are currently three types of artificial or industrialized stones on the market: Nanoglass, Marmoglass or Silestone. The benches made with this type of material become brighter and more uniform. And, for those who want a living color bench, this material is ideal. There are several color options available, an advantage not found in natural stones. In turn, artificial stones are at a disadvantage in price, they can cost up to twice as much as marble, for example.

4. Wood

The counters with wooden carved vats are up. The material can give the bathroom a sophisticated or rustic style, depending on the type of wood used and the finish given to it. However, this type of material requires frequent maintenance, as wood tends to rot if exposed to water without proper treatment.

5. Porcelain

After succeeding as a floor, porcelain tile can now also be used as material for bathroom countertops. The sink can be coated with the porcelain tile floor or made with the whole stone, which is best suited for the carved vats.

The price is still a disadvantage for this type of material, which can resemble the price of marble.

Check out now a selection of photos with carved vats that will impress you:

Picture 1 - Cuba carved in red Silestone; variety of colors of the artificial stones is its great differential.

Cuba carved in red Silestone

Picture 2 - Cabinet of wood with vat carved in artificial white stone.

Wooden cabinet with carved vat

Picture 3 - Cuba carved can also be part of the kitchen projects.

Cuba carved in the kitchen

Picture 4 - To let the bathroom as clean as possible bet on the artificial stones, they are homogeneous and uniform unlike marble and granite.

Artificial stones to leave the bathroom clean

Picture 5 - Cuba with ramp and bench with leaked side.

Cuba with ramp and bench with leaked side

Picture 6 - Concrete bench with vat carved in red Silestone.

Concrete bench with carved vat

Picture 7 - Workbench with cuba carved in marble: note that the golden tone of the marble veins combines with the decorative elements of the rest of the bathroom.

Workbench with carved marble tub

Picture 8 - Marble floor and double tub counter made in Nanoglass.

Cuba in nanoglass

Picture 9 - Wooden bench won a marble carved in marble.

Wooden bench with carved vat

Image 10 - Artificial stones give brightness and sophistication to the benches.

Artificial stones on benches

Picture 11 - In contrast to the white marble, the brown Silestone countertop; highlight the bold design of the faucet.

Brown silestone countertop

Picture 12 - Modern kitchen with vat carved in artificial stone.

Modern kitchen with carved vat

Picture 13 - Exquisite and stylish bathroom with white marble countertop.

Exquisite and stylish bathroom

Image 14 - Black Silestone was the material chosen for this vat sculpted from the background.

Black silestone in carved vat

Picture 15 - Cuba sculpted straight bottom with wooden stand to accommodate soap and other objects.

Cuba Sculpted from Straight Bottom

Picture 16 - On the discharge box, the sculptured glass vat; to keep it always beautiful cleaning must be constant.

Sculptured glass bowl

Picture 17 - Carved Cuba follows the long drawing of the bench.

Carved Cuba follows the length of the bench

Picture 18 - Wooden bathroom with tub sculpted in travertine marble; the earthy tones of the materials harmonized very well.

Wooden bathroom with carved vat

Image 19 - Black accessories enhance the gray tone of the bench with sculptured tub.

Black accessories in the carved vat

Picture 20 - Marble countertop gave the touch of elegance to the cozy bathroom of retro style.

Marble countertop: elegance for the bathroom

Picture 21 - Faucet coming out from inside the mirror brings an extra charm to the tub carved in white stone.

Faucet coming out from inside the mirror

Picture 22 - Luxurious bathroom: carved vase carrara marble, to close the decoration details in gold.

Luxurious bathroom with carved tub

Picture 23 - Internal lighting in the carved vat: the result is the enhancement of the veins of the stone.

Internal lighting in carved vat

Picture 24 - White of the tub contrasts with the wooden panel installed behind the mirror.

White cube and wooden panel

Picture 25 - Black and gold throughout the bathroom; the tub was carved in black granite.

Black and gold throughout the bathroom

Image 26 - Small sculpted Cuba with straight background.

Cuba Sculpted Small Straight Bottom

Image 27 - Granite on the wall and on the sink countertop, an idea to create unit in the bathroom.

Granite countertop on the wall and countertop

Image 28 - Cuba carved on the wooden bench; advantage of this model of tub is the possibility of doing it according to your project.

Cuba carved on the wooden bench

Picture 29 - Harmony of colors in the bathroom: gray on the wall and bench.

Color harmony in the bathroom

Picture 30 - Cuba carved with ramp; highlight the black tap which creates a contrast of colors on the bench.

Cuba carved with ramp

Picture 31 - Cuba carved in the bathroom black and white.

Cuba carved in the bathroom

Picture 32 - Doubly sophisticated: Black and Silestone make a perfect match.

Black and silestone on workbench

Picture 33 - Clean and minimalist bathroom asks for a white bench.

Clean bathroom with white countertop

Image 34 - Cuba carved on the bench that extends to the "service area" integrated to the bathroom.

Cuba carved on the bench

Picture 35 - Everything in its place: the lilac of the cabinet harmonizes with the lilac of the tiles, and the white of the tub integrates with the rest of the bathroom.

Lilac cabinet highlighted in this bathroom

Image 36 - White bench stands out in the blue shades of the bathroom.

Featured white bench

Image 37 - Black and white bathroom with sculpted tub of straight background.

Black and white bathroom with carved vat

Picture 38 - Water seeps through the lateral slits of the tub; attention to cleaning and hygiene of the carved vat.

Water seeping from the sides of the tub

Picture 39 - White carved Cuba was made to fit on the wooden bench.

Carved Cuba custom made

Figure 40 - Attention to the fall angle of the ramp so that there is no water splashing on the worktop.

Caution for the fall angle of the ramp so that there is no water splashing on the worktop

Picture 41 - Ceiling faucet leaves the sculpted tub even more sophisticated.

Ceiling faucet leaves the sculpted tub even more sophisticated

Picture 42 - Only with artificial stones, like the Silistone, it is possible to create vases carved of alive colors, like that of the image.

Cuba carved with silestone

Picture 43 - Cuba carved in marble embedded in the wooden bench.

Cuba carved in marble

Picture 44 - To impress the guests, how about a bathroom with tub sculpted in red Silistone?

Bathroom with tub sculpted in Silestone

Image 45 - Vats carved in wood can be sophisticated or rustic, depends on the finish given to the wood.

Cuba carved in wood

Picture 46 - If the span of the tub is large, use a wooden stand like the one in the picture.

Wooden stand to support objects in large carved vat

Picture 47 - Madeira is the star of this bathroom, but the carved vat does not go unnoticed.

Wood as the star of this bathroom

Image 48 - Luxury and glamor define this white bathroom with gold accents.

White bathroom with luxury and glamor

Picture 49 - Simple workbench with sculpted tub.

Simple bathroom counter with carved vat

Picture 50 - Faucets not too high guarantee the dry bench, without splashes.

Bathroom with double carved tub

Picture 51 - Double Cuba carved in the kitchen.

Cuba double carved in the kitchen

Picture 52 - Cuba carved white, small and simple.

Cuba carved white, small and simple

Picture 53 - Frosted gold faucets make the double vanity counter even more elegant.

Frosted gold faucet for sculpted tub

Picture 54 - Carved vats can be used in the most diverse decoration styles; from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Cuba carved for the most diverse styles of decoration

Image 55 - Same marble for the carved vat and for the niche inside the box.

Marble similar to the carved tub on the bench and in the box niche

Image 56 - Metal fittings on the countertop contribute to the clean look of the bathroom.

Carved metal and tub accessories in the bathroom

Image 57 - Carved Cuba embedded over wooden kitchen cabinet.

Sculpted Cuba Embedded Over Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

Image 58 - Another advantage of the carved vats: you can determine the depth of the vat.

Custom depth for carved vat

Image 59 - Black and gray bathroom with carved vase.

Black and gray bathroom with carved tub

Image 60 - Cuba carved with diagonal cutout for the ramp.

Cuba carved with diagonal cut

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