Sanca de Plaster and Linings: 75+ Photo Templates!

At plaster moldings are a great choice to leave your residence with a modern look. They are made as a finish with the plaster material between the wall and the ceiling, and can act in conjunction with ambient lighting. A project with the use of plaster moldings can be customized according to the space and the desired result.

The use of plaster moldings can be done in virtually any type of environment. It has become popular for being easy, practical and with a low investment cost. We recommend its use to make a room more sophisticated, detached, with differentiated and attractive lighting.

Types of plaster moldings

Currently there are several types of gypsum plasters, each with its specific characteristics of application and use. Here are the main differences between them:

Open Sanca

The open crown has a finish on the side, leaving an open space in the middle. This model allows indirect lighting with the use of recessed luminaires.

Sanca closed

The closed crown does not have a type of aperture. Therefore, the lighting can only be done directly, through points of light like the spots.

Inverted Sanca

The inverted crown molding has similar characteristics with the open crown molding. The difference is that the aperture is reversed and goes towards the walls or windows. Recently, this model has become more popular.

Environments decorated with plaster moldings

The plaster in addition to leaving the environment more beautiful, takes functionality that are sometimes unknown to anyone who will decorate their first home or apartment. To help you, we separated some designs with plaster liners:

Sanca from plaster to room

Living rooms, dining rooms or TVs are typical environments where this type of finishing is used. You can create interesting lighting effects using creativity. Here are some examples:

Picture 1 - Sanca de gesso for dining room.

image (4)

Change the look and feel of any room with an open plaster mold design. This proposal changes the visuals of the dining room, leaving the table in evidence.

Picture 2 - In this project the sanca combines with wall in wood.

image (14)

Picture 3 - The highlight is for lighting with LED tapes.

image (15)

The LED ribbon is a modern proposal to lighten the environments in a smooth and energy-saving way.

Picture 4 - In this model, the spots and lamps are the highlight.

image (6)

Picture 5 - The lining of plaster can limit the spaces with elegance.


Picture 6 - The differential of this design is in the black tears on the ceiling.

image (25)

Picture 7 - For a clean environment, invest in linings with recessed lighting to give depth.


Image 8 - The rip that surrounds the room gave way to a recessed lighting.


Image 9 - In this room, we chose an inverted crown molding with a cutout in the center.

image (36)

To have a different effect of the open crown molding, use the inverted crown molding in the proposal of decoration of the environment.

Picture 10 - This room has a large round plasterboard with other square and geometric.

image (10)

Picture 11 - The lighting is the highlight of this living room with molding.

image (24)

Image 12 - Plaster boards in the living room.


Picture 13 - In this project of TV room, the sanca confers an indirect illumination to the environment.

image (23)

One of the features of the lighting is that of the indirect type, which allows to create more intimate and warm environments.

Image 14 - Ceiling with a partitioned finish with narrow light beams.


Tears in the crown allow this type of application, with direct lighting beams in the room environment, without following the pattern of open crown molding with lighting in the corners.

Figure 15 - An excellent example of using rectilinear tears on the ceiling and wall.

image (9)

Picture 16 - A good example of using a closed crown molding in a living room.

image (50)

Picture 17 - For those who like a neoclassical style in the decoration.


Image 18 - Plaster skirting the environment.


Picture 19 - This room has a plaster finish with curves and straight lines.

image (29)

Plaster cast for bedroom

Image 20 - Concrete is a great choice to match your gray color with white plaster.

image (20)

The application of white plaster to ceilings with concrete is an excellent visual combination. They can still have this floating effect, as in the example above.

Picture 21 - With drawings on the edges.


Image 22 - In this project the molding was used to support pendant luminaire on the bedside table.

image (38)

This is an example of an application for the room, where the crown molding can only cover a ceiling range, ensuring the installation of spots and fixing fixtures.

Picture 23 - The narrow features gave an original touch to this integrated environment.


We have already seen examples with tears in the crown. This example follows the same pattern but with narrower lines.

Image 24 - The curvilinear effect is the highlight of this project, connecting the wall to the ceiling.

image (28)

In this proposal, the molding follows from the ceiling to the wall with fitting for TV, in curved format.

Picture 25 - The headboard of the bed is a great place to position a crown with spots and lamps.

image (13)

Plasterboard Sanca

Picture 26 - In this American kitchen, the crown molding was demoted to emphasize the workbench.

image (3)

Figure 27 - In this example, the hood was embedded in the plaster. An interesting example that has become popular.

image (18)

Image 28 - The indirect lighting of the crown molding leaves the space of the kitchen in evidence.

image (32)

Picture 29 - In this example, the American kitchen has the bullet with spots and lamps.

image (33)

Picture 30 - The tear in the lining confers a differentiated illumination.

image (48)

Image 31 - In this project a curvilinear molding with classic style was used.

image (40)

Sanca of plaster for bathroom

Picture 32 - Sanca of plaster for bathroom.

image 8)

Image 33 - Another bathroom with a modern plaster molding.

image (17)

Picture 34 - Sanca with lowering in the kitchen counter.

image (5)

Picture 35 - Sanca with frame and drawings.

image (45)

Image 36 - Composition with heights of linings.


Image 37 - Composition of lining in wood and plaster.


Gypsum plaster for corridor

Image 38 - The finish in burnt cement contrasting with the plaster lining.


Image 39 - In the corridor the cool thing is to embed a led strip.


Image 40 - Sanca de Plaster with advancement in the corridor.

image (7)

Image 41 - Sanca de Plaster with square cutouts and indirect lighting.

image (11)

Picture 42 - In this narrow corridor, the illumination of the crown molding allows a differentiated highlight.

image (26)

More photos of environments with crown molding and linings

Picture 43 - Sanca de gesso with wallpaper finishing on the ceiling.

image (1)

Picture 44 - Sanca of simple plaster for environment with double foot right.

image (2)

Image 45 - Sanca de gesso continues on the ceiling and wall.

image (12)

Picture 46 - This room environment with home theater has the slanted plaster molding

image (16)

An option with differentiated lighting for any environment. The inclined crown imparts this effect with beams of light.

Picture 47 - Baby room with open curvilinear molding.

image (19)

Another proposal that follows the curved shape in the plaster for the baby room.

Picture 48 - In this room the molding has curved features and lighting in LED tape.

image (21)

Image 49 - The finished ceiling is the highlight of this environment.

image (22)

Picture 50 - In this environment, the crown surrounds the room.

image (27)

Image 51 - This project has a different application of square moldings at different heights in the same environment.

image (30)

Picture 52 - Sanca of simple plaster for room of girl.

image (31)

Image 53 - This design has a solid tear on the wall and ceiling.

image (34)

Another example that is different in the application of plaster: with a continuous proposal, this molding has its prolonged cut from ceiling to wall, traversing through a curve.

Image 54 - Sanca leaning with shades of gray.

image (35)

Image 55 - Gypsum plasterboard in room with spot lighting.

image (37)

Image 56 - The crown molding was used in this room that has a high ceilings.

image (39)

It still has spots of lighting throughout its length.

Image 57 - An elegant format of wavy headgear.

image (41)

Another option of differentiated format to compose the project of the molding. This model has ripples that run through

Image 58 - In this large room the molding was used with island format.

image (42)

In this project, the head only runs through an upper range of the living room with concrete ceiling, allowing the application of lighting points.

Image 59 - Colored lighting is a bold attribute that must be used with caution, but produces interesting effects.

image (43)

Image 60 - In this project, the cuts of the molding were used to better delimit the environments.

image (44)

This visual resource can be suitable for rooms with two environments: here, the cuts of the crown allow the delimitation of each space, without needing other attributes that compromise the circulation.

Image 61 - Example of molding used in the room with frames and drawings.

image (46)

Image 62 - A different effect was used in this project, similar to a pergola.

image (47)

These traces in the plaster create this effect that percolated really. The lighting effect is also interesting.

Figure 63 - Example of open crown with highlight lighting.

image (49)

One way of highlighting an environment is through the illumination, this sill design uses a high intensity to leave the rooms in evidence.

Image 64 - Lining with tear for lighting.


The tear on the ceiling allows direct illumination at specific points in the environment. Use this feature to your advantage in the decoration.

Image 65 - This mold has the curved finish.


To bring an original design to the home décor, make a custom design sash project. This proposal uses the curved format in the setting, bringing a visual effect that breaks with the straight lines of the project.

Image 66 - Plaster perforated to innovate in the decoration.


Picture 67 - Recessed lining to highlight the environment.


Image 68 - Lining with long tear for illumination.


Image 69 - Lining with square design.


Image 70 - Plaques of plaster recessed in showroom.


Image 72 - Lining to stretch the environment.


Image 73 - For those who want a modern environment, invest in a plaster project.


The design with plaster moldings leaves the environment much more modern and illuminated. This room with light shades still received the light wallpaper, lampshades and other lighting spots.

Image 74 - Plaster lining with strips and finish.


Picture 75 - To give prominence in the area of ​​the cradle, small points of light were installed in the lining of plaster.


Bet on a dedicated lighting project to have the best visual result in your environment.

Care when choosing a model of molding

Before choosing the ideal model of molding, take into account the characteristics of the environment. To have an even better result, opt for the follow-up of an area professional such as an architect, interior designer and others.

Height of the environment - A care that must be taken when installing the molding is to see if the environment is compatible with its use. Since it has a minimum thickness, it can end up affecting the height of the right foot of the environment.

Cost off budget - Although it does not have a high cost for installation, you may end up spending a little more time to hire a professional to design your environment.

Purpose of lighting - When using the crown molding in conjunction with an illumination, it is interesting to define its focus: ideally, it indirectly illuminates a particular space or object such as a dining table, sofa, and so on.

For a smoother lighting effect, you can use LED strips with different colors. The spots have a more pronounced effect.

One of the most used models in the interior decoration are the straight ceilings with finished walls. Lighting fixtures and lighting spots can be built into it. This type of molding has a harmonious appearance, with a modern finish on the ceiling and wall.

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