Rustic room: access and get to know 60 inspiring ideas and projects

The living room is the right place to relax, rest and enjoy good times with loved ones. And the rustic decoration is one of the best options to evoke this warm and cozy atmosphere. If you have chosen to set up a rustic room but are unsure how to do it, this post will help you with tips and lots of inspiration.

The first thing is to understand the concept of rustic decor. The environments with this theme appreciate natural elements, simple and without the need for fancy finishes. The most important thing is to bring nature and an uncomplicated lifestyle to the decor.

However, this does not mean that the rustic decor is simplistic and done anyway. On the contrary, it takes a good dose of balance and common sense so that the decoration does not get too exaggerated or too boring.

In addition, one of the biggest trends nowadays is to mix the rustic with the modern, bringing a little of each style to the decoration, with the aim of elevating the environment to a welcoming and comfort, without giving up the technological possibilities.

Check below what can not miss in a rustic room decoration

1. Wood

The wood is at the top of the list when talking about rustic decor and can not miss. In the living room, the wood can be on the floor, on a beautiful and cozy floor or apparent in the roof rafters. Another way to introduce the material in the decoration is in the furniture (we will speak of this important detail soon more). Wooden luminaires are also a great option to enhance the rustic style.

It is worth remembering that the more natural the state of wood, the more rustic it will look. That is, a tree trunk functioning as a table is much more rustic than a table made with a treated, sanded and polished wood. In one way or another, the wood continues to imprint this rustic aspect to the environment, but it is up to you to determine whether this rustic will be chic, classic or stripped.

2. Natural elements

Besides wood, it is also very common to use other natural elements in the rustic decoration like stones, ceramics, straw and natural fibers. The stones can be used to coat a wall, while pottery and other elements can appear on some object.

3. Tijolinhos

Another element that stands out in the rustic decoration are the brick. They are super high on the decor and you can coat some walls with it. If you want to create a more rustic effect, leave them in the natural color. For a cleaner and more delicate environment, paint them in white.


There is no way to talk about rustic decor without talking about plants. They need to be present, even in a small pot on the coffee table. You can also use a vase with dried flowers. It's a charm!

5. Earthy tones

The earth tones palette is preferred for rustic decoration, on walls as well as in furniture and decorative objects. So abuse the shades of beige and brown. To create contrast dots, choose warm colors like yellow, orange, and red. For a more modern decoration, mix the earthy tones with white, black, gray and blue.

Demolition furniture or antiques

The demolition furniture, old or with effect patina are in high and are warmly welcomed in the rustic decoration. Just be careful not to leave the decor hanging around too much. One tip is to blend this type of furniture with some smaller furniture from straight and contemporary lines, or even on other material such as metal and glass.


Lighting is a joker to make the environment cozier. In this case, in addition to the main lighting, opt for indirect lighting a little more yellowish to create that warm atmosphere inside the environment.

Attention when choosing fixtures. When in doubt, opt for wood . But you do not have to stick to them. Luminaires made from natural fibers, such as straw or even fabric, look great in this decoration proposal. To give a modern touch to rustic lighting, prefer luminaires that mix wood and glass or wood and metal, for example.


A rustic room needs to be comfortable. So invest in a soft rug, a cozy sofa, and not just beautiful but comfortable seating. Remember that the ultimate goal of a rustic decor is to create a welcoming and welcoming atmosphere.

Objects of rustic decoration

The decoration objects ideal for a rustic decoration are those that refer to natural elements and handcrafted processes, which demonstrate a greater intimacy with the piece. In this case, crochet covers and pots of ceramics are a good request. But you can go further by betting on other objects that have this relationship of affection, such as pictures and family relics, for example.

You do not need to use all of the items mentioned above to compose the rustic room decor. Choose the ones that most closely match your style and the style of your home. Remember that the key words for this type of decoration are moderation and common sense.

Check out now a selection of rustic room photos for you to fall in love with and be inspired:

Picture 1 - Rustic room with high ceilings; wood, stone and leather make up the decoration; highlight the candle-like chandelier.

Rustic room with high ceilings

Picture 2 - Modern rustic room abuses natural lighting and light tones; wood stands out on the floor and ceiling.

Modern rustic room

Picture 3 - Rustic of this room is due to the presence of the stones and the earthy light tones; straight and thin lines give the touch of modernity to the environment.

Clear earthy tones

Picture 4 - Rustic and sophisticated: this room makes a mix between the modern and the classic.

Rustic and sophisticated room

Picture 5 - Straw and wicker reinforce the rustic style of this room.

Straw and wicker in the rustic room

Picture 6 - Modern room has gained a touch of rusticity with apparent bricks ; wood lining of pine leaves the atmosphere more relaxed.

Modern rustic room

Picture 7 - Mix of styles to leave the room cozy: wood and fiber mat follow the rustic style, the straight lines of the furniture and the relaxed frame on the wall refer to the modern style, while the crystal chandelier brings elegance and refinement to the environment .

Cozy rustic room

Picture 8 - In this rustic modern room, the shades of gray predominate.

Modern rustic room with shades of gray

Picture 9 - Who said that rustic can not be clean too? This room proves that it is possible to compose a rustic and soft decoration, simply insert the white in the decor.

Rustic room clean

Image 10 - Rustic room decorated with dry leaves; earthy tones harmonize with white and black.

Rustic room decorated with dry leaves

Picture 11 - Rustic and sophisticated; notice how the darker wood contributes to make the environment more elegant.

Sophisticated rustic room

Image 12 - In this room, the opposite happens; the pale pine wood creates a simpler rustic décor.

Simple rustic room with pine wood

Picture 13 - Rustic trunks and leather composes the decoration of this room.

Room with rustic trunks

Picture 14 - A discreet rustic decoration made with wicker and pastel tones .

Crayons and wicker in the room decoration

Picture 15 - Rustic room with fireplace and furniture of solid wood.

Rustic room with modern fireplace

Picture 16 - Black and white room has gained a rustic touch with wooden demolition furniture.

Rustic black and white room

Picture 17 - Discrete: the white painted tiles help to compose the rustic decoration.

White tiles in the rustic room

Picture 18 - Flower pots value the decor of the room rustic and clean.

Rustic room clean

Picture 19 - For a rustic decoration with modern touch, bet in shades of gray.

Shades of gray in the rustic room

Picture 20 - Cozy and cozy: this rustic room is small, simple, but lavishes comfort.

Simple rustic room

Picture 21 - If you do not want the woody tone, paint the beams and columns in white.

White rustic room

Picture 22 - All comfort that the technology offers united to the comfort of the rustic style.

Comfort and technology in the rustic room

Image 23 - Earthy tones reign absolute in the furnishings and objects of decoration of this room; to illuminate the environment, the white walls.

Rustic room with earthy tones

Picture 24 - Lining of wood and walls covered with stone.

Wooden lining and walls with stones in the rustic room

Picture 25 - Very cozy, this room uses few rustic elements to compose the decoration.

Few rustic elements in decoration

Image 26 - Apparent ceramic roof gave the rustic touch to this room.

Apparent ceramic roof gave the rustic touch to this room

Image 27 - Room decorated with giant wicker lamps, pots with garden bananas and rustic wood; the light tones of the sofa and carpet make the counterpoint in the decor.

Room decorated with giant wicker lamps

Image 28 - Wooden logs form the structure and decoration of this room; blue and black help to modernize the environment.

Decoration of rustic room with logs

Picture 29 - To break the brown shades of this room, the vase with pink pink flowers.

Vase with pink rose flowers in the rustic room

Picture 30 - The modernity of the appliances contrasts with the rusticity of the decoration.

Rusticity of the decoration in the room

Picture 31 - Room rustic, modern and very chic!

Rustic, modern and chic room

Picture 32 - Sofa with straight lines and light color softens the heavy aspect of the wood.

Straight sofa in rustic living room

Picture 33 - Rustic room with wood lining painted white.

Rustic room with wood lining

Image 34 - Rustic decoration valued by natural lighting.

Natural lighting in rustic room decoration

Image 35 - To make the room more cozy, the option was to use a red carpet.

red carpet in the rustic room

Picture 36 - Rustic room decorated with Ribs of Adam - even on the walls!

Rustic room with Rib of Adam

Picture 37 - Leather armchairs give a more classic and sober air to the rustic decoration.

Rustic room with leather armchairs

Picture 38 - Light and dark furnishings form the decoration of this rustic room.

Light and dark furniture in rusticac living room decor

Picture 39 - Tijolinho and wood composes a rustic and modern decoration.

Modern rustic room decoration

Picture 40 - Rustic room decorated for Christmas.

Rustic room decorated for Christmas

Picture 41 - If nature surrounds your house, let it participate in the decoration as well.

Nature around the rustic room

Picture 42 - Young and modern decoration in the middle of rustic style.

Rustic young room

Picture 43 - The wood beam in the natural color is the highlight of this room white rustic.

White rustic room

Image 44 - Details that make the difference: in this room, the dry branch serves as a lamp.

Dry branch as lamp in the rustic room

Picture 45 - Black in composition with wood brings elegance and sophistication to this rustic room.

Black and wood in the rustic room decoration

Image 46 - Rustic gray room.

Gray rustic room

Picture 47 - Prioritize comfort: soft rug to walk barefoot or sit down for a casual conversation.

Rustic room with soft rug

Picture 48 - Rustic living room and dining room integrated and with the same decoration of rustic style.

Rustic living room integrated with dining room

Picture 49 - Antique furniture contribute with the cozy atmosphere of this room.

Cozy climate with simple furniture

Picture 50 - Integrated internal and external environments: all rustic.

Rustic integrated environment

Picture 51 - Cushions and chalet guarantee the comfort of those who lie on the sofa.

Pillows in the rustic room decoration

Picture 52 - Mixture of styles: armchairs of modern design lined with leather.

Rustic room with design armchairs

Picture 53 - Rustic room black and white.

Rustic Room Decoration Black and White

Picture 54 - You can bet on a rustic decoration without resorting to the use of animal skins.

Rustic decoration

Picture 55 - All brown in the decoration of this rustic room.

All brown in this rustic room

Image 56 - Highlight of this rustic room is the coffee table made with demolition wood and feet of contemporary style.

Rustic room with coffee table

Image 57 - In this room, the brick on the wall give the rustic touch of the decoration.

Tijolinhos on the wall of the rustic room

Image 58 - A tip for those who want to invest in the rustic style is to leave objects on shelves and niches, as in this model, where the books are in sight.

Objects in the rustic room

Image 59 - Gray and brown in the rustic room: each color brings a different style.

Gray and brown in the rustic room

Image 60 - Touch Green! Fundamental to bring the comfort and simplicity of nature to the rustic decor.

Rustic room with touch of green

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