Royal blue: 60 decorating ideas with color

The blue in the decoration is directly associated with the sensations of freshness, relaxation and tranquility, especially the more closed blue, as is the case of royal blue. Just close your eyes and visualize the color to perceive the sensations that it is able to convey. It's incredible, is not it?

And in the decoration, blue is a relatively easy to incorporate color, since it has a certain neutrality and it combines very well with several other colors.

The royal blue began to be evident in the decoration with the use of the Portuguese tile prints. The color, in the company of white, came to be prominent in decoration projects and even in fashion catalogs.

60 decorating ideas with royal blue color

If your intention is to use royal blue in the decor, keep following this post. We've selected incredible images and tips to create a royal blue rag décor. Check out:

Picture 1 - Blue royal in details.

Royal blue in details

The royal blue appears in this decoration only on the seats of the seats. The combination with gray is perfect for those who want to give a touch of sophistication to the environment. The neutral, white base helps to further enhance the color of the seats.

Picture 2 - Relaxation for the young environment with royal blue.

Relaxation for the young environment with royal blue

The royal blue of the closet brought joy and relaxation to this little kitchen. Other shades of blue also participate in decoration

Picture 3 - Royal blue and wood.

Royal blue and wood in the balcony decoration

Elegance is the word that defines this decoration. The combination of the royal blue and the pieces of wood are pure charm. The junction with white helped to leave the environment with nautical style

Picture 4 - Detail to light the decoration.

Royal blue detail for pendant chandeliers

Picture 5 - Royal blue in the laundry.

Royal blue in the laundry

Are you tired of the tones in your kitchen? So it's time to invest in something more cheerful, like in that model of the image in which all the cabinets are royal blue

Picture 6 - In the middle of the white and black, here is a point of color.

Color point with royal blue

Picture 7 - Notice how royal blue is great for breaking the monotony of neutral colors without, however, giving up the charm and the elegance.

Royal blue to break the monotony

Picture 8 - Blue balcony with red drumsticks for a more daring and relaxed decoration.

Featured blue balcony

Picture 9 - Armchairs in prominence.

Armchairs royal blue featured

How can you not notice the presence of these armchairs in royal blue? The white base of the decoration has left blue in the spotlight

Image 10 - Contrast with black.

Royal blue in contrast to black

How can you not notice the presence of these armchairs in royal blue? The white base of the decoration has left blue in the spotlight

Image 11 - A wall dedicated only to royal blue.

Royal blue wall

The black slate sticker has created a strong contrast and very beautiful with the royal blue from the rest of the wall. The room has gained color and life

Image 12 - Royal blue carpet.

Royal blue carpet

If you are in doubt about how to use the color in your decor, simply choose an element of the decor, in this case the carpet, to load the tone. In the rest of the environment choose neutral and soft colors, such as white, gray or beige. Other smaller elements may also come in royal blue color

Picture 13 - A little bit here, a little bit there.

A little bit of royal blue for the environment

The royal blue was the chosen color to give a charming and colorful touch to the juvenile room. The combination of blue and brown values ​​men's designs.

Image 14 - To value the environment.

Royal blue to enhance the environment

The remarkable presence of this royal blue armchair is undeniable. It makes all the difference in this clean and smooth decorating room.

Image 15 - Royal blue inside the niches.

Royal blue inside two niches

Image 16 - Royal blue in geometric shapes.

Royal blue in geometric shapes

Picture 17 - Royal Blue in the entrance hall.

Royal Blue in the entrance hall

Put some life in the foyer of your house. In this image, the vitality of royal blue is present in the buffet

Picture 18 - And what about a royal blue bathroom?

Royal blue: 60 decorating ideas with color

Picture 19 - Royal blue in the bedroom for quiet moments.

Royal blue in room

Blue is the color of relaxation and tranquility, so why not use it in the children's room? Note the combination of royal blue and orange, the two colors are complementary and, together, look great. However, only one should prevail

Picture 20 - To break the romantic style, the blue armchair.

Royal blue armchair

The room of romantic influence was overtaken by the strong and striking presence of the royal blue armchair, with straight lines and very masculine.

Picture 21 - Royal blue and black in the kitchen.

Royal blue and black in the kitchen

Royal blue goes very well in combination with black. The colors form a balance between neutrality and relaxation.

Picture 22 - Headboard of royal blue bed.

Royal blue bed headboard

Picture 23 - Royal blue in the details of the children's room.

Royal blue in the details of the children's room

Royal blue has found its place among the shades of green proving to be very versatile in the decor.

Picture 24 - Royal blue up on the ceiling.

Royal blue on the ceiling

The serious environment gained informality with royal blue on the ceiling. Different and bold, the meetings in this office are much more relaxed

Image 25 - Royal blue band on the floor.

Royal blue strip on kitchen floor

Another way to bring color to the decor is through floors and coatings, however, as well as the color will behave in the environment because the changes in this case are more expensive and laborious.

Picture 26 - Royal blue cabinet for a more modern bathroom.

Royal blue cabinet for a modern bathroom

Image 27 - Striking and delicate combination.

Striking combination of royal blue

The combination of royal blue, black and white has left the decoration of this kitchen striking and at the same time delicate and smooth. In the right proportion, it is possible to create compositions with varied proposals

Image 28 - Yellow dots over royal blue.

Yellow dots over royal blue

The royal blue dominates the decoration of the environment, but the yellow does not go unnoticed. The color shows presence in detail, as in flowers, carpet and aromatizador

Image 29 - Taking the reign of white.

Royal blue drawing the white reigning in the bathroom

The most traditional color used in bathrooms, this time, does not reign supreme. The strip in royal blue divides the decoration with white and gives life to the small bathroom

Picture 30 - All blue!

All royal blue kitchen

Picture 31 - Ferns composing the royal blue kitchen decoration.

Royal blue kitchen

Picture 32 - Royal blue lacquered cupboard.

Royal blue cabinet

The luster of the lacquer adds even more charm to this kitchen. In addition to the cabinets, royal blue is also present in the luminaire and wall cladding

Image 33 - The color of water.

Royal blue in water color

The royal blue tiles on the facade of the house match perfectly with the equally blue color of the pads lining the pool

Picture 34 - Discreet touch of royal blue on cushions and vertical garden vases.

Discreet touch of royal blue in the decoration

Image 35 - Small details that make the difference.

Small details that make the difference

The royal blue half wall was delicately valued by the green sprigs on the counter. Value the details in your decor

Image 36 - You can not go wrong: royal blue and white.

Royal blue and white

Image 37 - A royal blue refrigerator.

A royal blue refrigerator

This royal blue refrigerator is for taking sighs from those in love with color. Vibrant, cheerful and relaxed, she decorates and animates the kitchen in neutral tones

Image 38 - Blue kitchen complemented by orange.

Blue kitchen complemented by orange

Image 39 - Primary colors in the decoration.

Primary Colors in Decoration

On that balcony, royal blue dominates, but it is not sovereign. The yellow of the cushion comes to show its strength and energy even being in only one detail. If you want to decorate with primary colors, use one at the base and the other in small details.

Image 40 - To counteract.

To counter

The decoration in shades of black, brown and white received a colored reinforcement only to counteract. The blue and yellow chairs, at first glance, do not seem to belong to the environment, but the impression is quickly replaced by the feeling of relaxation they cause

Image 41 - Royal blue modernizing the bathroom.

Royal blue modernizing the bathroom

The painted royal blue brass brought folded charm to this bathroom. It is, at the same time, modern, relaxed and innovative.

Image 42 - Royal blue breaking the monotony without regret in the visual.

Royal blue breaking the monotony with no regret in the visual

Picture 43 - Modern royal blue and gray countertop.

Modern royal blue and gray countertop

Picture 44 - Strong and vibrant color for the head of the bed.

Strong, vibrant color for the headboard

Picture 45 - Retro touch in royal blue.

Retro royal blue touch

The royal blue wooden chairs are pure charm and still bring a retro look to the environment

Picture 46 - Kitchen cabinet in L all royal blue.

Kitchen cabinet in L all royal blue

Picture 47 - Royal blue in the rustic environment.

Royal blue in the rustic environment

Picture 48 - Varied shades of blue in the room.

Varied shades of blue in the room

Blue is the big protagonist of this huge room. In various shades, they appear without regret in the decor and, in the company of the gray, help to leave the sophisticated and elegant environment

Image 49 - What would this kitchen be like if it were not royal blue?

Kitchen with royal blue

Image 50 - Unbeatable Trio: royal blue, gray and wood.

Royal blue, gray and wood

Image 51 - Blue tone gradient on the living room rug.

Royal blue tones gradient in the room

Image 52 - Among the gray tones, the royal blue stands out.

Royal blue featured in the decoration

Picture 53 - Right choice of colors brings charm and sophistication.

The right choice of colors brings charm and sophistication

Want a sophisticated and refined atmosphere? Invest in shades of gray and royal blue. The black enters the composition as an extra and ends the proposal.

Picture 54 - Royal blue bedroom for boys.

Royal blue bedroom for boys

Royal blue is a stronger shade of blue, but is ideal to escape from the traditional decor of the boys' room. Bet on color for a more personality-like environment

Picture 55 - Pure daring this kitchen of complementary colors.

Pure daring this kitchen of complementary colors

Image 56 - Simple panel, but differential in decoration.

Simple blue panel, but differential in decoration

Image 57 - Home office royal blue.

Home office royal blue

Image 58 - Vibrant and cheerful combination.

Vibrant and cheerful combination

The combination of royal blue and pink rose leaves this vibrant and cheerful kitchen. To relax even more, no gender separation by color: here pink and blue are for boys and girls

Image 59 - Royal blue denim sofa brings elegance and modernity to the room.

Royal Blue Twill Sofa

Image 60 - Special corner in royal blue.

Special corner in royal blue

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