Room Rack: 60 models and ideas to decorate your room

There was a time when the room racks were furniture fit to support the televisions. However, with the arrival of flat-screen TVs and the possibility of installing them directly on the wall or in a panel, the racks almost lost their place in the decoration of the house.

Almost. But they survived and now integrate the living room to support books, picture frames, potted plants and other decorative objects. But for those who still prefer to use the rack for the TV, that's fine too. It still retains its traditional use.

There are a hundred models of rack for room for sale in stores. Low, tall, long, with door, only with shelves, glass, wood, with built-in panel, you can choose according to the characteristics of your room. Or, if you prefer, you can have one according to your preferences and that fits perfectly in the environment.

Small rooms combine best with low racks only with shelves, without much visual information or details. Larger rooms benefit from longer, taller or paneled racks. Other electronic devices such as DVDs and home theater are also usually accommodated in the mobile, so define the space you have available and the amount of items to be placed in the rack. That way, you can combine functionality and design into one piece.

And speaking of design, do not forget to take into account the style and color of the furniture. Nowadays there are many color options - from the most vibrant to the softest - that represent the style you want to print on the environment. Vibrant colors, like yellow and blue, refer to a more retro style. The pastel tones are more delicate and can add a touch of vintage romanticism to the room. Wooden or wood-framed racks bring a sense of comfort and warmth, while neutral colors, such as black and white, are great for representing modern, elegant or minimalist designs.

Another important detail: it is very common to texture or coat the wall where the rack is, if this is the case, evaluate if the furniture design will not "fight" with the wall. Lots of information in the same space leaves the environment visually tiresome and you can quickly get sick of the decor.

And, finally, remember that no one needs a piece of furniture that only serves to take up space. Planning before purchase is critical. Take these tips into consideration before closing deals so you can get the most cost-effective from your new mobile and of course leave your room beautiful.

Discover 60 different models of room racks

Want some inspirations to brighten up your ideas and make the right choice? So, check out the following, a selection of lovely photos from racks to room:

Picture 1 - A single furniture: cabinet, rack and desk to optimize the long room space.

Cabinet, rack for living room and writing desk together

Planned closets are great for the best use of space. In the case of this room, the rack was integrated to the other furniture in a continuous and harmonious line

Picture 2 - Rack for blue pastel room seats, in the best vintage style, TV set, DVD and sound.

Pastel blue room rack

Picture 3 - Two styles in one: rustic wooden doors contrast with the more modern contour of the rack to room.

Wooden door in the living room rack

Picture 4 - In the room full of books, the room rack gives that little hand in the time to put everything in order.

Rack for room to organize decorative objects

Picture 5 - Raw wood and differentiated design leave the rack in evidence in this room.

Room Rack with Distinctive Design

Picture 6 - More than a furniture, a decorative piece.

Rack for living room as decorative piece

This rack is much more than a simple piece of furniture in the room. The retro-styled feet, leather-strap pulls and the raw wood color make the rack an essential part of this room's décor.

Picture 7 - One thing or another? None of this! Rack and TV panel can coexist very well together, each in its function.

Rack and TV panel

Image 8 - Rack follows the black proposal of decoration, but also is responsible for breaking the predominance of color.

Black Rack in Room Decoration

Picture 9 - Small room asks for a rack in the same proportion.

Small room racks

Picture 10 - Solid wood rack makes a perfect match with the brick wall.

Solid Wood Rack

Image 11 - Gray is the color of neutrality.

Gray is the color of neutrality

If you want to invest in a clean, soft and neutral design bet on the gray color, especially on the furniture. They appear discreetly and allow other elements to gain prominence, as is the case of the blue carpet of this image

Picture 12 - Combination between rack and panel creates visual unit for decoration.

Rack and panel combination

Picture 13 - Suspended rack for room in a lighter and clean decoration.

Suspended Room Rack

Picture 14 - The shelves, in the same color as the rack, complement the decoration.

Shelves, in the same color as the rack, complement the décor

Image 15 - Rack and shelf accompanying the entire length of the wall.

Rack and shelf accompanying the entire length of the wall

Image 16 - Narrow room with rack.

Narrow room with rack

You may think that it does not work and that the environment may get cramped, but the truth is that it is possible to have a rack in a narrow room. This image is proof. To achieve this, however, invest in a shallow, low-lying furniture without many objects on display.

Picture 17 - White room racks in contrast to the sky blue of the wall.

White room racks

Picture 18 - Rack underneath, closet on top, but, in the end, everything turns out to be one.

Rack underneath, cupboard above

Image 19 - Rack for beautiful and functional living room.

Rack for beautiful and functional living room

Opting for a large rack, occupying the entire wall, can be more than a simply aesthetic choice. A larger piece of furniture is also very useful for keeping the environment organized, with each thing in its place. The doors help hide what you do not want to have in view

Picture 20 - Remember to leave a free space for circulation.

Room with rack

It is very important to have an environment where you can move freely. In the case of this image, the sofa, when open, occupies the entire free area. However, since it is retractable the problem is easily solved. But, keep in mind that the ideal is always to leave at least 60 centimeters for circulation

Picture 21 - Everything hidden: the rack is very useful to help hide the wiring of electronic devices.

Rack to hide the wiring in the room

Picture 22 - L-rack takes advantage of the entire wall of the room and even accommodates the kittens for a nap.

L Room Rack

Picture 23 - Blue rack enters the decoration to break the zigzag of the carpet.

Rack for blue room

Picture 24 - Raw wood and shades of gradient blue give vintage look to the rack.

Vintage Room Rack

Image 25 - Metal casting rack.

Metal Room Rack

What to wager on a different rack? This idea can inspire you. The metal rack is all open and leaked between the grids. The casters allow easy movement and without compromising the floor

Picture 26 - Wooden raft contributes with the classic and luxurious decoration of the room.

Wooden Rack Model

Picture 27 - Wall with 3D effect asks for a rack of sober style and of contrasting color.

Wall with 3D effect asks for a sober style rack

Picture 28 - In front of the light blue wall, the white rack with raw wood details leaves the environment even smoother.

The white rack with raw wood details leaves the environment even softer

Image 29 - Rack that becomes a shelf is a good option for those who have a lot to keep.

Room Rack: 60 models and ideas to decorate your room

Picture 30 - Small details in the decoration.

Small details in the decoration

In the same tone of the rest of the decoration, the gray rack has a detail that makes it a very important part for the environment. This detail is in the vibrant colors of the niches. The blue and the red bring that pinch of color that can end the monotony without hurting anyone

Picture 31 - Small rack for room, discrete and suspended. This rack would pass quietly through a shelf if it were not for your drawers.

Small room racks

Picture 32 - Panel and rack in the same piece: each offering the best.

Dashboard and room rack in the same piece

Picture 33 - On the rack, the shelves frame the TV.

On the rack, the shelves frame the TV

Picture 34 - Lacquered gray rack is pure charm and style in the room decoration.

Rack model for lacquered gray room

Picture 35 - Rack for room: unique piece and original.

One-piece rack for single and original living room

The black counter follows a direct line between the living room and the kitchen, interconnecting the rooms. Under it the green rack fits and fits perfectly.

Image 36 - Rack and panel for living room joined by the same material.

Rack and panel for living room joined in the same material

For those who want the dual rack and TV panel in the room, but are afraid that the combination does not work, the tip is to bet on a single material for both. In the case of furniture in this room, the choice was for the woodwork, but you can choose the material that pleases you and combine it with the style of your decoration

Image 37 - Hang the TV on the wall and leave the furniture free for other objects.

TV on the living room wall

Picture 38 - The gray of the top of the rack in combination with the burnt cement of the wall.

Rack ash in combination with burnt cement

Image 39 - Create a highlighted area for the rack using a different color and contrasting with the main one.

Outlined area for the rack

Image 40 - Blue rack detail talks to the dining room chair.

Blue rack detail in dining room

Although they are visually separated, the use of the same color in specific items unites the environments and integrates them into the decoration. The result is a more harmonious and pleasant space

Figure 41 - This small room rack fills the space left by the niches and makes it easy to locate the TV.

Small room rack model

Image 42 - In doubt of how to decorate the rack? Books and plants look great on the furniture.

Books and Plants When Decorating the Rack

Picture 43 - Bet on the shelves if your living room does not have a large room rack.

Large Room Rack

Picture 44 - The white room rack is always a good option to leave the environment clean and smooth.

Rack for white room

Picture 45 - What if instead of using the wall, you support the pictures in the rack to room? A different idea.

Rack and mobile as frame support

Picture 46 - Add an extra color in your living room using a colored cover in the living room rack.

Rack for room with colorful time

Picture 47 - Space that could be killed in the room was availed with the rack to room in L.

L-shaped rack model

Image 48 - Small rooms are valued with light furniture, in the case of the image, the rack to white room.

Small room with light furniture

What if I have a window where the TV should be? Use a rack to support it and you're all set.

Rack to room near window

Picture 50 - Poured compartments create a dynamic, beautiful and functional furniture.

Room Rack: 60 models and ideas to decorate your room

Picture 51 - Rack for room making the difference.

Room Rack Making the Difference

Imagine this room without the rack? It would be very empty and bland, would not it? He did not need to be there, but the presence of the furniture made all the difference to this room

Picture 52 - Room Rack: another creative and original idea to end the decorating sameness.

Plus a creative and original idea from room to room

Want something different and unusual, without making a big effort? So bet on that idea. It is very simple just to support the rack to room on a vase and make a vain for the plant to pass inside. Very cool!

Image 53 - Want a trick to make the room seemingly bigger? Hang the TV on the wall.

Wall mounted rack and TV

Picture 54 - In small spaces any corner is valued, in this case the puff is stored under the rack to room.

Puff in the room rack

Picture 55 - Rack for room of simple visual, but of marked effect in the decoration.

Rack for simple visual room

Image 56 - Room rack with differentiated design.

Room Rack with Distinctive Design

It is not very common to see racks with large knobs, like the one in the picture. But although different it puts itself in the decoration with firmness and originality

Picture 57 - The living room rack is the ideal furniture to test the decoration trends.

Rack used for decoration trends

Because it is a small and not very expensive furniture, the rack is great for creating new compositions and styles. In this case of the image, the rack follows in a romantic and retro style and carries with it objects of decoration that are tendencies like the vase of cacti and the picture of pineapple

Image 58 - Rack for personality room and strong style.

Rack with personality and striking style

Picture 59 - Although the color reminds one of a more retro decoration, the straight and marked lines of this room rack make it very modern.

Modern rack model

Image 60 - Stick toothpick on all furniture, including in the rack to room.

Rack model with toothpicks

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