Room Plants: Main Species and Tips for Decorating with Photos

Pendants, next to the sofa or on the coffee table. No matter the place, the very important thing is to make room for the plants to room. A single vase is already able to modify the environment and make it a much more pleasant, pleasant and cozy place.

If you are thinking of adopting a plant, this post is perfect for you. We will show you the ideal species to cultivate in the room, the care needed to keep them always radiant and, of course, a selection of incredible photos. Check below:

Most suitable species of plants for room

To have always beautiful plants indoors it is important to observe the characteristics of each species and the conditions that your room offers for it. If you have a room full of natural light and even with a sunshine during the day, bet on plants that like this kind of environment. Now, if your room receives little or no natural light, the ideal is to look for plants that are better suited to shade or half shade. Here are some options:

1. Pleomele


The Pleomele (Dracaena reflexa) is a type of shrub that can reach up to two meters in height. Widely used in interior decoration, this species has a rustic appearance and is perfect to be cultivated in low light environments. To keep it always beautiful, water it frequently and keep the soil fertilized.

2. Anthurium


Anthurium (Anthurium sp.) Is a rustic-looking plant with dark green leaves and red flowers, although it has other varieties. The plant blooms year-round and is great for decorating coffee tables and sideboards, in larger pots can adorn some corner of the room. Grow it in the shade, keeping the soil moist and fertilized to ensure the beauty of your anthurium.

3. Lily of Peace

Peace lily

The Lily of the Peace (Spathiphylum wallisii) is an elegant and classic plant, ideal for decorating with grace and charm the living room. The Lily of the Peace loves shady and cool environments. Water it whenever the land is dry, this species needs moist soil to keep it beautiful and lush.

4. Areca Palm

Areca palm

The Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens) is a great option from floor to room. It fits very well in the shade. To take care of the Areca Palm, it is enough to water it regularly and keep the soil fertilized and with good drainage. Attention only to environments that have air conditioning, as the equipment can harm the plant that appreciates humidity.

5. Palm Tree Ráfis

Palm tree rafis

Palapis Ráfis (Rhapis Excelsa) is also widely used in interior decoration. The plant grows well, can reach 1.5 meters, so prepare a corner of the room that can adequately accommodate the palm. Keep the soil fertilized and water whenever the soil is dry.

6. Dracena


Dracena (Dracaena fragrans), also known as a water duck and coconut tree, is suitable for decorating rooms that receive direct sunlight. Therefore, it is best that it be grown near the window. Water and fertilize it frequently.

7. Singônio

Room Plants: Main Species and Tips for Decorating with Photos

The birch leaves of Singonio (Syngonium angustatum), which change color as the plant matures, make the plant an excellent decorative option. The care of the singapone is simple: keep it in the shade, shower and groom regularly.

8. Jade


Jade (Crassula ovata) is also known as the tree of life or the tree of friendship. But do not think it is because of size, on the contrary, this plant is small in size. The long life of the plant is what makes it look like a tree. Jade, in fact, is a succulent species that loves to be in the shade. Watering, as for any succulent, should be done whenever the soil is dry.

9. Cactus


Cacti, of the most varied types, are the fashionable plant in decoration. They are very easy to care for, do not require constant watering or fertilization. The variety of species, from smallest to largest, allows them to be used in varied spaces.

10. Fern


The ferns, also found in different species, have returned with everything to the interior decoration. The hanging leaf plant is ideal for adorning tall cabinets or raised shelves. Ferns, however, should be cultivated in the shade, with well-drained soil and frequent watering.

11. Ripsalis


The shape of the hanging leaves of Ripsalis (Rhipsalis bacífera) also made it known by the name of cactus noodles. This species fits very well with ferns, bromeliads and orchids. Grow it in the shade with spaced waterings.

12. Orchid

Room Plants: Main Species and Tips for Decorating with Photos

The orchids, of the most varied types, leave any more sophisticated and elegant environment. Although not blooming all year round, orchids need constant care. Proper fertilization and frequent watering are on the plant care list.

13. Sword of St. George

Plants for room: main species and tips of decoration with photos 1

The Sword of St. George (Sansevieria trifasciata) is one of the plants most used in the decoration of houses, either by its symbolism or by its easy maintenance. The fact is that the plant is great for purifying the environment and, according to popular tradition, keeps the house protected. The plant is usually used at the entrance of the environment, but can also come on coffee tables or in compositions with other species. Remember to leave it in the shade and water it whenever the earth is dry.

14. Adam's Ribs

Adam's Rib

Adam's Rib (Monstera Deliciosa) is a plant of great aesthetic and decorative value. The shape of its leaves embellishes any environment and has become a pop culture icon, even present in the fashion world. The plant enjoys half-shade and spaced waterings. To make it even more beautiful, wipe the sheets with a damp cloth whenever they are dusty.

16. Python

Boa constrictor

The Jibóia (Epipremnum pinnatum) is a plant of easy maintenance, fast growth and very decorative. The plant is a type of vine that can be cultivated in the shade, even tolerating well the full sun exposure.

60 pictures of plants to room that you can be inspired when decorating

Check out the pictures below how you can insert these and other plants in your room and make the environment even more beautiful:

Picture 1 - A modern room brings plants up to the pictures.

A modern room brings plants up to the tables

Picture 2 - Giant palm tree ennoble the room; mini vertical garden leaves the environment even more cozy.

Giant palm tree ennoble the room

Picture 3 - In the middle of the white decoration, the vase of Espada de São Jorge stands out.

Sword of St. George in the room

Picture 4 - Fashionable plants make up the decoration of this room.

Fashionable plants make up the decoration of this room

Picture 5 - Succulents and mini cacti decorate with charm and are great options for those who do not have much time for the small plants.

Succulents and mini cacti

Picture 6 - Discreet, next to the couch, this palm tree is decorated with subtlety.

Palapa room raffis

Picture 7 - Smaller environments and with little space can use hanging plants in the ceiling.

Hanging plants on the ceiling

Picture 8 - Adam's rib in the wicker basket transformed the look of this room.

Adam's rib in the room

Picture 9 - On white background, the fern stands out.

Room frying pan

Picture 10 - Room in pastel shades gains more life with the vibrant green shade of the plants.

Living room furniture in pastel colors

Image 11 - The green is on account of the pot on the table.

The green is on account of the pot on the table

Picture 12 - Rustic style room was prized with the cactus vase.

Floor plan for rustic style living room

Picture 13 - On the wall, on the floor or on furniture: choose the best way to insert the plants in the decoration of your room.

Floor plans on the wall

Image 14 - Brick wall is even more evident with the presence of the palm vase.

Floor and brick wall

Picture 15 - Even the cleanest decoration looks more beautiful in the company of plants.

Clean decoration with plants for living room

Picture 16 - Remembering one terrarium , the clay vase is accommodated inside the glass container.

Clay pot that refers to a terrarium

Image 17 - Jiboia down the shelves of the home office.

Jiboia on the wall

Image 18 - Live green from leaves of venom rejoices the room.

Living Room Plants: Living Green

Image 19 - The sober decoration gained energy with the green of the leaves of Adam's rib.

Sober decoration with plants for living room

Image 20 - Clay pots are more decorative, but they dispute water with the plant.

Clay pots for parlor plants

Picture 21 - Plants for room: Fig tree Lira lavishing life and joy in the living room.

Floor plans: figueira

Image 22 - Do not want to plant? Collect twigs of various species and set up an arrangement.

Branches of various species for room

Picture 23 - In this room the plants are only on the ground.

Floor plans

Image 24 - Pendant species decorate the space that marks the division of the rooms.

Plant species pending room

Image 25 - Plant with flower needs a lot of light to stay beautiful; in which case the best option is to leave it under the window.

Floor plan with flower

Picture 26 - Romantic decoration and pastel shades comes alive with the dark green of the mini bush.

Plant in romantic decoration

Image 27 - When the leaves begin to yellow, consider pruning your plant.

Plant in center of table to room

Image 28 - Plants for room: corner dedicated only for them.

Dedicated room layout for rooms

Picture 29 - If the sun does not enter your room, bet on a picture of your favorite plant.

Plants in the room with pictures

Image 30 - Adapt the size of the pot to the size of the plant.

Adapt the size of the pot to the size of the plant

Picture 31 - A delicate vase of succulents on the books; on the floor a copy of pacová.

Vase of succulents over book

Picture 32 - Living Room Plants: Pacovás are great decorative options for dimly lit environments.

Plants for room: Pacová

Picture 33 - Prop supports for plants accommodate the vessels with more support.

Supports for plants

Image 34 - High shelves? Bet on pendant species to decorate it.

High shelves in living room

Picture 35 - Chic, elegant or rustic? Have all three styles in your living room with an Adam's rib vase.

Floor Plans: Adam's Rib

Picture 36 - Amid the colorful and vibrant tones, the discreet vase on the table does not go unnoticed.

Discreet glass on the side table of the room

Image 37 - The rusticity of the fern in contrast to the golden vase.

Seedlings: fern

Picture 38 - Plants for room: lily of peace guaranteeing the green and natural touch to the room.

Peace lily in the room

Picture 39 - Plants for room: French vase of lace complements the delicate and childlike proposal of this decoration.

French lace pot complements the room plan proposal

Image 40 - Sword of St. George or St. Barbara? Differentiate the types by the yellow border in the leaf, characteristic present only in the feminine version of the plant.

Sword of St. George in the room

Picture 41 - Plants to room on the top, but still can be appreciated.

Plants for living room high

Picture 42 - Plants combine with any type of room decoration.

Plants for room decoration

Picture 43 - Everything green on this balcony.

Everything green in this room / balcony

Picture 44 - If you can not bet on the natural version, take the green to the room with artificial and stylized versions of your favorite plant.

Plant for artificial room

Picture 45 - Plants for room: side table looks like it was made to support plant pots.

Floor plans on the side table

Picture 46 - Plants for room: leaves of Pacová decorate with description and elegance.

Room Plants: pacová leaves

Picture 47 - Rustic environments ask for plants in the decoration.

Plants for living room decoration

Image 48 - Plants for large rooms need to stay in a space that does not disturb the circulation.

Plants for large rooms

Image 49 - Room Plants: Even far from the window, plants can be healthy if they are well cared for.

Plants away from the window

Picture 50 - Plants valued the wood floor of this room.

Plants value the environment

Image 51 - Climbing species can also be used indoors, the most common is the jiboia.

Flooring: jiboia

Picture 52 - In front of the green wall, the plants seem to camouflage.

Plants for living room on the green wall

Image 53 - Detached wall arrangement made with twigs, leaves and flowers.

Deconstructed arrangement in living room

Picture 54 - Flowers are harder to grow indoors, but you can insert them into the decoration by means of arrangements.

Flowers for room

Image 55 - Plants for room in the scale.

Floor plans on the scale

Image 56 - Plants for room: just a touch of green in the decoration.

Green touch the room decoration

Image 57 - Tropical style room.

Room with tropical style

Image 58 - Near the window, the plant pots take advantage of the light.

Floor to room near window

Image 59 - Floor to room: banana garden decorating the room sober colors.

Floor plan: garden banana

Image 60 - Blue and green room full of plants.

Blue and green room full of plants

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