Room panel: current ideas to create the perfect panel for your living room

More than a sofa, a side table, armchairs and rug, the room has the very important item in this organization: the living room panel . According to the rules of decoration, we can say that it makes all the difference in the look of this room, because it is there that the personality and style of the inhabitants is transmitted with the composition of objects and the choice of finishes.

What is the function of the panel for the room?

Much more than decorative, the panel helps to secure the TV to the wall, leaving the structure of the building safer and that tangle of wires hidden behind it. So, the look looks more beautiful and does not require so much cleaning when it comes to the dust accumulation behind the rack.

How to choose the panel for the room?

The organization of a room counts a lot when it refers to a limited area, that is, very small. In this case the ideal is to take advantage of the panel to share with other environments, as in studio apartments, where the wall is eliminated to gain more space without taking away the functionality and privacy of the place.

Room panel model

Another way to choose the living room panel is to study the layout and style of the decor. Define how the distribution of each element will be and what visual you want to convey in this area. From this, it is easy to determine the size of the panel and choose the woodworking design and consequently the colors.

Picture of panel to room

The most important thing is to prioritize the needs of the residents! After all, there are models with niches, drawers, cabinets, space for TV, compartments for appliances and electronics and etc. Find a reliable joiner and do a good project!

How to decorate the TV panel?

Use the less is more technique! Do not add too many elements to this panel as the look gets heavy and gains other proportions when coupled with the sofa, rug and small tables. Place an item that stands out (frame) or make a composition of only one element, such as a set of books, vases, a pair of sculptures, objects with the same shade and so on.

60 panel ideas for room to change the face of the environment

Below are 60 projects with creative features that architects use in the dashboard:

Picture 1 - Small apartment with a single panel for living room.

Small apartment with single panel

When the footage is very restricted, choose a wall and mount the panel that serves the entire social area of ​​the apartment. In the above project, the presence of the kitchen counter does not interfere with the functioning of the room. On the contrary, it integrates and optimizes the space in the best way!

Picture 2 - Panel to room: organization is the main feature inside a house.

Organized house

You can mount a panel with an efficient design to store coats, bags, sports equipment and so on. The interesting thing is that the hooks leave the panel according to the need of the residents, without becoming something fixed in the place.

Picture 3 - Panel to room: enjoy the white wall and mount a uniform panel.

Uniform panel on white wall

If you have a white wall and want to save on the amount of material, and consequently on budget, mount a panel equal to the above project. The background with the white paint is almost imperceptible when you have a rack and cabinets with the same color of the wall.

Picture 4 - Panel to room: the inspiration is in all the details.

Inspiration in every detail

Not always the panel needs to come full of details, openings, cabinets, niches and so on. Going to the minimalist side also results in a stylish and full of personality! Try to work a smooth panel with a remarkable detail, as is the case of this project.

Picture 5 - Clapboard is a trend in decoration.

Clapboard panel in living room

The slats arrived and conquered the carpentry projects. If you do not know which panel to choose, the ripped model has no error. They match with any ambiance, style and decor.

Picture 6 - Panel small and very well optimized.

Small and very well optimized panel

Because it was a small wall, the panel was designed to follow the needs of the resident. With the pieces fixed in the masonry, it is possible to create and relocate the shelves by playing with the composition and height of them. The result is functional and versatile for those who live alone!

Picture 7 - Panel to room: an interesting solution to hide the television.

Panel that hides the TV

The panel has a sliding door that can hide the television when needed.

Figure 8 - For those who want storage space, merge the panel with niches and cabinets.

Panel next to niches and closets in the TV room

Picture 9 - Assemble the panel to room with a space for the Home Office.

Assemble a dashboard with home office space

Picture 10 - Panel to room with defined style and an interesting mix.

Panel with defined style and interesting mix

Combining materials and textures is essential to a creative outcome. In this case, the mix was amazing: vertical garden + demolition + neon wood. Study well a composition that has harmony with the rest of the decor.

Image 11 - The shelf next to the panel is ideal to give lightness to the look.

Panel with shelf next to it

The leaked items allow this integration with the other environment, not blocking the vision altogether. This is one of the simple solutions to run in rooms and small kitchens.

Figure 12 - Hide existing access with the same finish from the living room panel.

Same panel finish

To make the look clean and continuous on the environment, make a panel that also "hides" the door. In this case, the original door must be removed to receive the same finish as the rest of the surface.

Image 13 - For those who have a preference for color, can apply in the joinery.

Apply a color of your own in the joinery

Image 14 - Abuse of creativity in small details.

Abuse of creativity in the small details

Enjoy the finish on burnt cement from the wall and mount a leaked panel in the space where the television goes. Another interesting detail is the cube design that leaves the environment much more cool and original!

Picture 15 - When integrated, try to harmonize in the choice of materials.

Room integrated with harmony between materials

Give preference for the same type of wood finish and also color. Small environments can not come loaded with information!

Picture 16 - Panel to room: a good use makes all the difference in the environment.

Environment well taken advantage of

The panel offers privacy for the room and security for the staircase. Try to use functional artifacts in the decoration, do not give a single function to the same element.

Picture 17 - Make a mix between painting and niches.

Merges between painting and niches

Picture 18 - Play with the tone on tone.

Play with the tone on tone

Picture 19 - Panel to room: the wall covered of wood could not gain another function.

Wood-paneled wall

Picture 20 - Panel for small room.

Small room panel

Picture 21 - It is not always necessary to extend until the lining.

Panel occupying half a wall in the TV room

Figure 22 - Simple panel for living room.

Simple room panel

Image 23 - Panel for room: maximum utilization of the surface.

Maximum surface utilization

The differential of this design is the support that is close to the floor, allowing the panel to be the center of attention of the space. This is a simple solution that fits in all styles and sizes of living room.

Image 24 - Want to spend little? Make a beautiful panel with the painting technique.

Make a beautiful panel with the painting technique

In this case it is only complementary with a top cabinet and a rack, which can be even simpler, after all the painting stands out by itself.

Picture 25 - Create a combination of colors and materials to draw attention to the environment.

Combination of colors and materials to attract attention

Copied details married to the greenish tone gave more personality to the room. This is also a great dashboard model for anyone looking for a modern look for the room.

Image 26 - Be creative and original in the dashboard design.

Be creative and original in panel design

Image 27 - Panel with shelf for living room.

Shelf panel for living room

Image 28 - Enjoy the panel space to set up a small library.

Small library in dashboard space

Picture 29 - Panel to room under the stairs.

Room panel under the stairs

Image 30 - The neon conveys joviality and personality to the environment.

Joviality and personality with neon

Picture 31 - Dividing and integrating at the same time.

Dividing and integrated at the same time

Picture 32 - Perforated panel for room.

Perforated Dashboard

Image 33 - Room panel: opt for a uniform finish throughout the room.

Choose a uniform finish

So you can use the flooring as a panel, without the need to add wood to install the television. Note that in the project above, all integration was well planned.

Image 34 - Be different and ride an artificial vertical garden.

Artificial vertical garden on the panel

Picture 35 - Straight lines always show more elegance.

Straight lines demonstrate more elegance

Picture 36 - Decorate the panel to room in a fast and functional way.

Decorate the panel quickly and functionally

Put the essentials that define your personality. Do not try to fill small objects, as this ends up devaluing the presence of the panel in the environment.

Image 37 - Panel with fireplace for living room.

Panel with fireplace for TV room

Picture 38 - Dashboard: details that make all the difference!

Details that make all the difference

Picture 39 - Put a unique detail on your panel.

Place a unique detail on the panel

The difference in this panel, apart from the obvious color, is the planned cut-out for installing ceiling-to-ceiling luminaires. Try to think of details that escape common carpentry, being original is the best way!

Image 40 - By having a horizontal layout, the proposal was to work on a single plan.

Single plane on dashboard

Image 41 - Glass panel for living room.

Glass panel for living room

Picture 42 - Black panel for room.

Black room panel

Image 43 - The panel can be the integrating element between two environments.

Panel as integrating element

Image 44 - Room panel with container plate.

Room panel with container plate

Image 45 - Great solution for those who have little space.

Great solution for those who have little space

Picture 46 - Beautiful and cheap panel for the room.

Beautiful and cheap dashboard for living room

One creative proposal to leave the panel-like wall is to apply some detail on the sides. As with the above design, all surfaces have the same white finish, and the slats give the highlight they were missing. To enhance the look, the furniture should follow the same color of the walls and the differential is on account of decorative objects, such as tables and luminaires.

Picture 47 - Work flexibility in decoration.

Work flexibility in decorating

Image 48 - Put a dot of color in the middle of the house.

Put a dot of color in the middle of the house

Image 49 - White panel for living room.

White room panel

Picture 50 - Give a dynamic on your wall with this effect of disproportionate slats.

Disproportionate shingles on walls

Image 51 - Panel embedded in the wall.

Wall panel built-in

Image 52 - Contour the corners of the walls.

Contour the walls of the walls

Picture 53 - The LED strip brings lightness to the panel.

The LED strip brings lightness to the panel

Picture 54 - In the space of the TV, apply a contrasting color.

Contrasting color on the TV panel

Picture 55 - The panel can extend to the kitchen counter.

Panel that extends through the American kitchen

Image 56 - Panel for a contemporary room.

Contemporary living room panel

Image 57 - Wooden panel with door.

Wooden panel with door

Image 58 - Play with different finishes.

Play with different finishes

Image 59 - Create a dynamic drawing for your living room.

Dynamic drawing for room

Image 60/61 - Room panel with partition function.

Room panel with partition function

Panel with open partition

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