Room lamp: meet 60 creative models in the decoration

She's two in one. Decorative and functional. Every room has and for every style, a type. You said who said the lamp to the room. This very important item of the house needs to be thought with care, after all, as said before, it is part of the visual of the environment.

Currently there are several types of room lamps for sale in construction shops and of course the internet. But with all the myriad of models available, how do you know which one is best for your room?

For it was precisely to clarify this doubt that this post was written. Let's introduce you to the types of living room fixtures out there and how to incorporate them into the decoration without error. Check out:

Types of living room lamps

1. Recessed luminaires for living room

The built-in luminaires are usually installed in gypsum or PVC linings. They are great for minimalist and modern style decorations because they help make the environment look cleaner. This type of luminaire also does not interfere with the rest of the decoration, and can be used in any decorative style.

The advantage of this type of luminaire is that it can be fixed or directional. In the latter case, the details of decoration and architecture are valued with lighting. Houses with low ceilings are favored by this type of luminaire.

2. Pendant luminaires for living room

Pendant luminaires fit best in high-ceilinged environments. To use this type of luminaire it is necessary to pay special attention to the design of it, since it will be highlighted in the room and must necessarily harmonize with the rest of the decoration.

When using a pendant luminaire, make sure that only it is sufficient to illuminate the entire environment or whether it will require reinforcement in the lighting. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to regulate the height of the luminaire, remembering that the higher it is the more it will illuminate the environment.

Another way to use pendant light fixtures is by creating a spotlight with it on tables, sideboards and counters. In this way it complements the main lighting and brings an extra "tchan" to the environment.

3. Floor or table lamps for living room

Floor or table lamps are most often used to create direct points of light, especially for reading or to assist other types of activities that require direct light. It is possible to find this type of lamp in different models, from the simplest to the most daring. Therefore, choose your own because much more than lighting, the lamp will be part of the decoration.

4. Chandeliers for living room

The same principle as for pendant luminaires applies to chandeliers . However, in this case, the difference is that the chandeliers are larger and have details that give it more elegance and sophistication. Usually they are made of glass or crystal, blending perfectly well with classic decorations.

5. Living Room Plafons

The ceilings are very similar to the recessed luminaires. They can be installed embedded or overlapped to the lining - PVC, plaster or wood - giving the same clean and modern look of the built-in luminaires. Plafons are a single LED board in white or yellow light versions. An economical lighting option.

6. Room washers

At washers are another luminaire option widely used in lighting projects. This type of luminaire is hung on the wall projecting a diffused and indirect light, ideal for those who want to create a cozy atmosphere in the room. However, before buying one, check which direction the light is projected. There are models of light output up, down or sideways, search for the model that best fits your project. Washers can also be used to enhance architectural or decorative traits.

Another important detail to take into consideration before buying the luminaire is to check with what material it is made. In addition to the design, the luminaire material directly influences the decoration.

A brief survey and you will realize that there are luminaires made of iron, aluminum, plastic, wood, glass, wicker, among others. And how do you know which material most suits your room's style? Keep in mind that iron luminaires bring a retro atmosphere to the environment. But if your intention is to create a modern style room, wager on materials like aluminum, plastic or glass.

The wood fits into modern, classic and rustic designs, depending on the finish of the luminaire and the type of wood used. Wicker and other types of fiber are more suitable for rustic and natural style projects.

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Always take into consideration the colors that make up the decoration of the room when choosing the lamp. It is not a general rule, but for those who do not want to dare too much the advisable is to buy a lamp that follows the colors of the room palette. Thus, you will not have a nasty surprise when hanging your lamp and realize that it has not matched anything.

Meet 60 decorating ideas with living room lamps

When it comes to deciding, there's nothing better than some images to inspire, is not it? So we separate pictures of lamps to rooms that you will love. Check with us:

Picture 1 - Modern room bet on a chandelier of bold design made in glass and metal.

Chandelier for modern living room

Picture 2 - Harmonic composition between chandelier and mirror; both are completed in this modern and minimalist design.

Chandelier and mirror in the room decoration

Picture 3 - Amidst the gray tones of the room, this room lamp stands out for its golden tone and its distinctive design.

Luminaire for living room with golden tones

Picture 4 - L-shaped luminaire in the wall gives a directed illumination.

Floor lamp in L

Picture 5 - Ceiling fans also fit into the luminaire to room category, further enhancing its functionality.

Ceiling Fan Style LED Light

Picture 6 - White ball room lamp has created a relaxed effect for the classic room decor.

White ballroom luminaire

Picture 7 - This luminaire for room allows directing the lamps to the desired places.

Direction of the lamps in the luminaire to room

Image 8 - Indirect lighting was valued in the design of this room; floor lamps and recessed spot lights gypsum ceiling create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Indirect lighting and luminaire in the room decoration

Picture 9 - Lamp for room in the middle and fans on the side; to complete the proposal the floor lamp ensures targeted light.

Room lamp in the middle and side fans

Picture 10 - In this room, the luminaire for living room leaves the floor, climbs the wall and extends to the ceiling with the light directed to the desk of the home office.

Floor-to-ceiling luminaire

Picture 11 - The room that mixes rustic, classic and modern style bet on a lamp for room thrown to the ceiling and another to the floor.

Ceiling Light Fixture

Picture 12 - Why use only one if it is possible to use several?

Several luminaires for living room

Picture 13 - Suspended pulley by the ceiling brings a luminaire to simple room, but that combined perfectly with the style of the room; highlight the possibility of directing it to the armchair.

Single Room Light

Picture 14 - Directional Spots are a great choice for young and modern style rooms.

Room-directional Spots

Picture 15 - In the same room, the overlapping plaffon takes care of the wide illumination.

Overlapping ceiling in living room

Image 16 - White color prevails throughout the integrated environment, including in the pendant luminaires.

White color in the decoration and in the living room lamps

Picture 17 - High ceiling height favors the use of larger pendant luminaries and bolder design

Larger pending luminaires for living room

Picture 18 - To avoid compromising the center of the room, use a large room lamp, but that is not pendant.

Large Room Lamp

Picture 19 - Minimalist style room wagered on a black floor room lamp with straight design and directional spots on the ceiling.

Floor lamp

Image 20 - Wide environments guarantee the possibility of using different types of luminaire for living room, after all the space needs adequate light.

Room lamp: meet 60 creative models in the decoration

Picture 21 - Similar to boxes of sound, these luminaires for living room interconnect by the tube of black metal.

Fixtures for living room integrated into the black tube

Picture 22 - White Spots were the choice for this room clean and fresh decoration.

Clean decor with lighting spots

Picture 23 - Double wall lamp fixed to the wall brings more comfort to be used individually.

Room lamp: meet 60 creative models in the decoration

Picture 24 - For each environment, a very different style of luminaire for living room; yet all bear modern traits in design.

A different type of luminaire for each environment

Picture 25 - Signs are not exactly room lamps, but they contribute light effects to the environment.

Signs in room lighting

Picture 26 - Not as glamorous as the crystal chandeliers, but not for that reason this pendant luminaire stops being elegant and sophisticated.

Crystal chandelier in living room

Image 27 - Clean and simple proposal of this luminaire for living room completed the decoration.

Fixture lamp with clean proposal

Image 28 - Pendant lamp for glass room valued the room of nautical decoration.

Pendant lamp for glass room

Picture 29 - Ripped light in the lining was enough for this minimalist room.

Room lighting feature

Image 30 - Bouquet of lamps on the coffee table; For the dining room the option was for large lamps.

Bouquet of lamps on the center of the room

Picture 31 - No complication: the wooden beam serves as support for the hanging lamp wires.

Room lamp: meet 60 creative models in the decoration

Picture 32 - Sophisticated wooden room with black details won a luminaire for floor of monumental size.

Sophisticated wooden room

Picture 33 - Unique and basic: this room lamp does its work without worrying about extravagances

Single room lamp

Image 34 - Luminaire for living room in geometric box format.

Geometric box shaped room lamp

Image 35 - The different heights of the lamps allow a wider illumination in the environment.

Wide ambient lighting

Image 36 - Copper from the luminaire to the living room in harmony with the coffee table and the floor lamp.

Copper colored room lamp

Image 37 - Integrated environments can bet on different room lamps.

Different luminaires for living room

Picture 38 - A washer or luminaire for living room?

Room lamp that refers to a washer

Picture 39 - Washers follow the color of the wall and the design of the chairs.

Washers in the room decoration

Picture 40 - To do it yourself: lanterns attached by wire.

Wired flashlights

Picture 41 - All recessed lighting leaves the ceiling free and contributes with clean and modern decor.

Built-in lighting

Image 42 - White room won lamp for black hanging room; on the floor, the metal lamp passes discreetly through the eye.

White room with living room lamp

Picture 43 - Lighting focused on strategic points of the environments: on the coffee table, the dining table and the American counter.

Lighting focused on strategic points of the environment

Picture 44 - Rustic and the retro of this room stand out even more for the presence of the chandelier of medieval style.

Medieval style chandelier for industrial room

Picture 45 - At last, the wicker! To bring all comfort and coziness to the room.

Fixture for wicker room

Picture 46 - For the classic style room and sober colors, a luminaire for metallized floor room.

Fixed-room luminaire

Picture 47 - Set of luminaire for circular room with three rings; the silver color of the lamp enhances the tone of the decoration.

Three-ring circular room lamp

Image 48 - Luminaire for round room made of wood, a material for all types of decoration.

Round Room Lamps

Picture 49 - Classic in material and modern in design, union of styles for this room.

Union of styles in the room with lumiária

Picture 50 - Direct light is an invitation for a good reading.

Direct light in room lighting

Picture 51 - Luminaire for living room in diamond format; the lamps are directed to various points in the room.

Luminaire for living room in diamond format

Picture 52 - Luminaire for discreet and elegant room to compose the decoration of the room of sober tones.

Discrete Room Fixture

Picture 53 - Pendant luminaire close to the wall creates effects of light and shade valuing the decoration.

Living room pendant lamp

Picture 54 - Totally focused: although tiny, this lamp fulfills its function very well.

Small room lamp

Picture 55 - Very discreet, the lamps of this room decorate with subtlety and refinement.

Subtlety and refinement in the living room lamp

Image 56 - Decoration of earthy tones with pendant lamp cast.

Pendant pendant light

Image 57 - You can choose the colors of the room lamps based on the colors of the room decoration.

Room lamp accompanies the room decoration

Picture 58 - In each lamp a geometric shape, in the end a modern and stylish result.

In each lamp a format

Image 59 - Pendant luminaires can be adjusted at any time.

Pendant luminaires

Image 60 - Room lamps reinforce the industrial style of decoration.

Room luminaires reinforce the industrial style

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