Room Decor: 60 Ideas and Designs for You to Be Inspired

The decor of rooms is something extremely personal and it may seem a bit difficult. After all, this environment is extremely important inside the house: it is where we spend most of the time, whether it is sleeping, resting or even reading a book, watching a movie or series or some other hobby. Therefore, the decoration of it must express our personality, leaving us comfortable and creating a pleasant environment.

In today's post, we'll help you think a little about how to set up the decoration of this important room in the house! Come on!

Your style makes the perfect room decor for you

While decorating environments can follow several styles in equivalent scale of beauty, the most important thing in an ambience design project is what the person who will live in space most likes and need to have. So if the more contemporary or sophisticated style talk very little to the personal tastes of those who will inhabit the room, even if they are in the latest trend of decoration, they should not be taken into consideration. For the decoration of environments has one of the main roles in the feeling of comfort, tranquility and relaxation that a person may or may not feel inside the space.

This is amplified when we are dealing with the rooms! After all, it is a room of the house destined to rest, relaxation after a full day of work and studies: more than anything, the environment should be comfortable and pleasant, both with regard to surfaces of physical comfort (such as bed, pillows, armchairs ...) when for our visual sensation (feel good about what is being seen).

The most used styles in the decoration of rooms

There are endless possibilities when it comes to bedroom decor, with a complete list of models (for all tastes and pockets) of beds, headboards , created, lamps rugs , paints or wallpaper, floor coverings and other floor coverings .... This makes sure there are several possibilities of decorating the room, from the nearest to the most distant of what each person wants! With all these possibilities, decorating styles also vary to infinity, but some of them are many used because they marked an era from taste, technology, or customs and vary according to where they were first used .

With that in mind, we have separated some of the most common and requested room decorating styles in recent times with their basic descriptions:

  • Vintage and Retro Style : Perfect for nostalgic people or with that famous sense of being born at the wrong time. Decorations based on models from the last century can have many kinds of inspirations and continue to charm people in their shapes, patterns and colors. They range from the beginning of the century in the 1920s through 1930s, through the modernization of the 1940s and 1950s, and the glamor of pop culture of the 1960s and 1970s. Whichever time you choose, it is always important to remember that between the vintage style and the retro there is a big difference: the Retro uses furniture and decorations of the time, which can be found in antique and other types of bazaars and garimpos; the Vintage style uses the style of these past times in objects produced at the moment, and can be found in furniture stores and decorations.
  • Rustic : this is not exactly a style, because it manages to merge to a decoration both old and contemporary. But when we think of a rustic decoration, surely the first thing that appears in our head is that environment connected to the interior, the farm, the field, with much use of wood, natural stones and decorated with flowers and many small plants. It is the perfect style for an environment that seeks harmony with nature and brings a freshness to the environment.
  • Classic : the classic style has this name because it refers to the decoration of Greco-Roman buildings from the time of antiquity. But it became a symbol of elegance and sophistication because it was used in the houses of the aristocracy of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. With great use of white and pastels, this decoration prioritizes natural light, good space for movement and design furniture that mix straight lines and with the insertion and some spiral curves.
  • Modern : this style was born as a way to simplify the elaborate and ornate forms of Rococó and Baroque style. The cleanest, unadorned and extremely functional forms are the fundamental characteristics of the modern style. In decor, furniture and environments designed by the German design school, the Bauhaus, and other modernist architects are the great ones with their form and design studies. In the matter of materials, glass, iron and copper are quite present in the environments in new and creative ways.
  • Industrial : The industrial style was born in the period between 1960 and 1970 in New York City and, in fact, is related to the redevelopment of the city's manufacturing districts: after the closing of the factories, the buildings that received them (with an architecture that prioritized the amplitude of the space with high right feet, without divisions of environments) began to be used as housing. The industrial style, characterized mainly by this architecture, still gained a more bohemian tone for creating a mixture of styles from the garimpo of furniture and objects. Another main point of the industrial style is the structure of the exposed architecture: the famous apparent brickwork and the electrical system with the apparent pipes are iconic and used until today!
  • Contemporary : Much associated with urban life and technology, the contemporary style can be encompassed in everything that is current. The cleaning of shapes coming from the modern style continues, but is associated with new techniques, materials and discoveries, such as plastic, resin, MDF and stainless steel, bringing different colors, often vibrant and that can be customized according to the tastes of each person. In this style, environments gain a touch more by technology, be it in light, sound or even on giant TV screens or games.
  • Minimalist : A contemporary trend that has attracted the attention of more and more followers, minimalism is not only a style of decoration, but a way of life. Mainly because of the diminution of spaces in houses and apartments, minimalism brings the idea of ​​reducing consumption, free spaces and make environments more functional and at the same time quiet and pleasant, minimalism mixes the economy and cleanliness of modern style with the use of more simplified colors and themes. In these environments, white, gray and black often the protagonists, along with innovative and creative solutions in design to optimize spaces without losing comfort.

See 60 more than perfect bedroom decorating designs

Now take a look at our gallery to be inspired by 60 designs in various styles in rooms for couples, kids, kids and babies! And also see: small double rooms , adolescent rooms , and planned double room .

Picture 1 - Decoration of double room in a contemporary and rustic mix.

Double bedroom decor in a contemporary and rustic mix

Picture 2 - Decoration of rooms: new ways to bring the rustic of the wood to contemporary atmospheres.

Rustic bedroom décor

Picture 3 - Decoration of double room in a tropical climate with plants in an urban jungle.

Double bedroom decoration in a tropical climate

Picture 4 - Decoration of rooms: enjoy an environment with a powerful natural light with a palette light colors.

Decoration of rooms with natural light

Picture 5 - Children's room decoration full of colors in a functional, fun and contemporary style.

Kids room decoration full of colors

Picture 6 - Decoration of rooms: the contemporary design is full of renovations for classic furniture of rooms.

Decorating rooms with contemporary design

Picture 7 - The standardized wallpaper gives a final touch to the decoration of rooms.

Wallpaper in the decoration of rooms

Picture 8 - Decoration of rooms: small environment? Use the design to your advantage and look for solutions to optimize your space.

Room Decor: 60 Ideas and Designs for You to Be Inspired

Picture 9 - Decoration of rooms: the brick typical of the industrial decoration, it gains another face when it is painted white.

Room Decor: 60 Ideas and Designs for You to Be Inspired 1

Picture 10 - Contemporary trend for the whole house: the millennial rose is giving a touch of style to diverse environments.

Contemporary trend for the whole house

Picture 11 - Contemporary baby room decoration: to bring neutrality to the environment, gray has become a great alternative.

Contemporary Baby Room Decor

Picture 12 - Double room with fireplace in contemporary style: marble and gas fireplace with mirrors.

Double bedroom with fireplace in contemporary style

Picture 13 - Room Decor: Do not be afraid to bring your style with many vibrant colors into the room.

Room Decor: Do not be afraid to bring your style

Picture 14 - Room decoration: the contemporary style still allows a mixture of colors, prints and textures in the environment.

Decorating rooms with contemporary style

Picture 15 - Room decoration: the vibrant colors can be combined in an analogous way, as in this case with yellow, blue and green.

Room decoration with vibrant colors

Picture 16 - Decorated idea of ​​double room integrated with the bathroom by a glass wall.

Interior design idea of ​​integrated double room

Picture 17 - Decoration of rooms: rustic style in the use of bamboo of the bedside table and bedside.

Room decoration with rustic style

Picture 18 - More blends of patterns and textures in the room decor, this time in one color: navy blue.

More blends of patterns and textures in bedroom decor

Picture 19 - Decoration of rooms: the boulders that appear in their natural color already give an industrial touch to the environment.

Decorating rooms with apparent style

Image 20 - Minimalist room decoration idea: saving of decorative elements to increase the visualization of the space.

Minimalist room decoration idea

Picture 21 - Super colorful children's room decoration with dark main wall.

Super colorful children's room decoration

Picture 22 - Room decoration: the school of a smaller color palette (with 3 colors, for example), can help you in maintaining the harmony of the decoration.

Room decoration: the school a smaller color palette

Picture 23 - Creative solutions for small rooms: The raised bed is becoming more and more common and uses the right foot of the environment to open space.

Creative Solutions for Small Rooms

Picture 24 - Room decoration: the arrangement of decoration works very well if you give preference to surfaces free of unused objects.

Decorating rooms with organization

Image 25 - Black is coming back stronger for bedroom decorations, whether in more industrial or contemporary environments.

Black in the decoration of rooms

Picture 26 - Have you thought about making a complete decoration with only warm colors? They give a more cozy look to the rooms.

Room decor complete with warm colors

Image 27 - White and pastel colors are being used to bring not only the sense of peace and tranquility to the environment, but also to give a feeling of spaciousness to the space.

Room decor with pastel tones

Picture 28 - The nature in the decoration of the baby room through the wallpaper, stuffed animals and even real plants.

Baby room with wallpaper

Picture 29 - Room decoration - elegance in dark shades: burgundy and navy blue.

Room Decoration - Elegance in Dark Tones

Picture 30 - The rustic decoration can be obtained with the use of handmade elements, like blankets of crochet, knitting and loom.

Rustic decoration with handcrafted elements

Picture 31 - Decoration of rooms: the works in natural fiber (or imitation of plastic of natural fiber) also give this aspect to the environment.

Room decoration with natural fiber

Picture 32 - Room Decor: Within the idea of ​​optimizing the environment, the shelves and taller cabinets have become a viable and super creative option.

Decorating rooms with shelves

Picture 33 - Decoration of rooms: the re-signification of objects, to meet various functions come in the same idea.

Room decoration with objects renification

Image 34 - Room decoration: do you want to bring more freshness to your environment? Bet on a plant pot or a bowl!

Room pot in room decoration

Picture 35 - Pink and blue never go out of style: no matter the style, that combination is classic and always works!

Pink and blue in bedroom decor

Image 36 - Room Decor: Customizing the room environment can mean also creating a closet that suits all your needs.

Custom Room Decoration

Image 37 - Room decoration: industrial style with a personalized lighting in several points.

Industrial style in bedroom decoration

Picture 38 - Room decoration: another element that manages to give the sensation of amplitude in the environment is the mirror.

Mirror in bedroom decoration

Picture 39 - Decoration of room with fixed bed fixed.

Room decoration with fixed bed set

Picture 40 - Decoration of rooms: another small urban jungle inside the room.

Room Decoration Urban Jungle

Picture 41 - Decoration of rooms: in the use of pastels, bet in a mixture of several colors and skirt of the basic beige!

Use of pastel tones in the bedroom décor

Picture 42 - Baby room decoration which seems to have come straight out of Pinterest!

Baby room decoration

Picture 43 - Decoration of Tumblr room : a modern style that has everything to do with this social network.

Tumblr bedroom decoration

Picture 44 - Room decoration in the industrial style for children.

Children's Industrial Room Decoration

Image 45 - The most vibrant colors, such as yellow, also in double rooms.

Yellow in bedroom decoration

Picture 46 - Small youth room with office: everything planned to make better use of space.

Small youth room with office

Picture 47 - Insert colors in the auxiliary decoration and keep the base neutral.

Colors in the decoration of rooms

Picture 48 - Decoration of double room with colored panels.

Double room decoration with colorful panels

Image 49 - Gray in simple room decoration.

Gray in simple room decoration

Picture 50 - Decoration of small double room with bed planned.

Small double room

Image 51 - Industrial decoration: a mixture of styles from different eras in a combination of garimpo.

Industrial decoration

Image 52 - Room decoration: bedroom wall with a mix of colors and textures.

Wall decoration in bedroom

Image 53 - Minimalist room decor with low bed.

Minimalist room decor

Picture 54 - Baby room with black and white decoration.

Room Decor: 60 Ideas and Designs for You to Be Inspired

Picture 55 - More objects redefined: wooden chair of the school type turns table side to the bed.

Room Decor: 60 Ideas and Designs for You to Be Inspired 2

Picture 56 - In a bohemian atmosphere, the use of macaws as wardrobes is also a way of saving on the decoration of the environment.

Room Decor: 60 ideas and designs to inspire you 3

Image 57 - Insert vibrant colors on a neutral and clear base.

Room Decor: 60 Ideas and Designs for You to Be Inspired 4

Image 58 - To enhance the circulation of the room, give preference to a decoration on the wall, such as pictures and photographs.

Room decor: 60 ideas and designs to inspire you 5

Image 59 - Black velvet bed in a light bedroom: highlighted by color and material.

Room Decor: 60 Ideas and Designs for You to Be Inspired 6

Image 60 - Mix contrast-complementary colors for a good decoration.

Room Decor: 60 Ideas and Designs for You to Be Inspired 7

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