Room Chandeliers: Tips for Decorating the Room with this Item

Lighting is an important point at the time of design, as well as the choice of luminaires reflect throughout the environment. Therefore, the style and amount of light incidence that the area needs to be defined early on. From this, it is easier to choose the chandelier for living room ideal.

When dealing with a social area such as the living room, the choice of pendants and chandeliers are sure bets. The difference between the chandelier and the pendant is that the first one has several lamps that start from a point where they are branched, allowing a more comprehensive illumination.

Already the pendant has the most contemporary air and are used to highlight some specific point in the decoration.

The size, material and type of lighting make all the difference in the decoration of the environment. Check out this simple guide to choosing the chandelier for living room ideal:

Types of chandeliers for living room

1. Metal

Metal chandelier for living room

Its minimalist air with the bulbs apparent is what characterizes this type of luster. For a more current proposal, this is the right one!

2. Crystal

Room Chandeliers: Tips for Decorating the Room with this Item

This type of chandelier has many details and combines with a more classic decoration. Its crystals around carry more elegance to the environment, so be aware if it is suitable for your room's proposal.

How to choose the ideal chandelier for the living room?

First check the size of your room, so that the element does not disproportionate with the rest of the decor. Knowing the size is fundamental so that you do not have problems when choosing the product in the store.

The weight of the chandelier is also an important point. Please inform the person responsible for the site about the weight of the site to avoid undesirable future problems.

Another point that must be taken into account is the number of lamps that will be used in the model, since this avoids overheating at the installation site. If your room is small, you do not need a chandelier with many lamps, as in a larger room.

And finally, do not leave your style aside! A room in Scandinavian style, for example, does not match a crystal chandelier, for example. Try to keep track of all elements in a uniform language so you do not have a polluted look.

60 rooms decorated with different models of chandeliers for living room

More than lighting, chandeliers are important accessories in decoration and design! So learn ways to use the chandeliers for living room with 60 ideas that are super high:

Picture 1 - Delicadeza in all the details in this chandelier for simple room.

Single room chandelier

The golden chandelier reinforces the delicate air of this room, just as the decorative objects in shades of pink and green transfer the same sensation.

Picture 2 - Ideal for room with high ceilings.

Chandelier for living room with high ceilings

The high ceilings have a space between the floor and ceiling, so the composition of chandeliers highlight the environment covering all this emptiness, creating a monumental element that the room deserves.

Picture 3 - The round stands alone!

Highlight in the room with round chandelier

Picture 4 - Chandelier for a more funky room.

Chandelier for a more funky room

Picture 5 - Mix of styles: vintage and modern!

Mix of styles in the decoration: vintage and modern

This model of chandelier leaves the room romantic and cozy, due to the mixture of materials. The crystals take elegance, the metal, the rustic air and the small domes gently balance the space.

Picture 6 - Wires demonstrate all minimalist luster designs.

Minimal Chandelier Design

Picture 7 - Chandelier with many lamps to leave the room illuminated.

Chandelier with many lamps

Picture 8 - The chandelier model is the classic that never goes out of style!

Chandelier chandelier

The color of the chandelier should also follow the rest of the decor of the environment. In this project, the color combination offers a bohemian air, and at the same time, cozy!

Picture 9 - The golden details of the chandelier must accompany with the rest of the environment.

Chandelier for living room with gold accents

To harmonize your chandelier with the decorative elements, try to apply the detail that it contains in the accessory in some other furniture present in the room. Note that the chandelier's goldwork properly matches the woody details of the chair, small tables and candlesticks.

Image 10 - Chandelier for industrial room.

Chandelier for living room with industrial style

Picture 11 - The candelabra lamps simulate the candles and bring more elegance to the room.

Lamps that simulate candles

Picture 12 - This model takes more dynamics to the jovial space.

Chandelier with more dynamism for a jovial space

The yarn blend is ideal for demonstrating the youthful personality of the environment. The result is a relaxed and modern room, without making it chaotic.

Picture 13 - For the Scandinavian style, opt for discreet and sophisticated models.

Chandelier with Scandinavian style

Image 14 - Provençal chandelier requires decoration on the same line to balance the look.

Provençal chandelier for living room

Picture 15 - The chandelier follows the same style of the living room.

Chandelier with the same style of the living room

The brushed steel chandelier with built-in bulbs at the end is one of the most commonly used models at the moment. It combines everything from a family environment to a young space, due to its versatility of shapes and finishes.

Picture 16 - Enhance the cool and jovial air with the chandelier to room in apparent ramifications.

Apparent branches on the chandelier for living room

The extensions allow a playful effect for the environment. In this project, the chandelier follows the standard of the furniture of the room, with black and striking details.

Picture 17 - The copper finish looks great in any composition.

Room chandelier with copper finish

Picture 18 - Make a detail of plaster to highlight your piece!

Detail of plaster to highlight the piece

Picture 19 - Chandelier for room: the straight lines guarantee a modern look for the room.

Straight lines ensure a beautiful look for room

Image 20 - The chandelier for the room with multiple lamps guarantees an air stripped for the environment.

Multi-bulb room chandelier

Picture 21 - Chandelier for living room: the chandeliers are the right bet for a more delicate decoration.

More delicate decoration with chandeliers

Picture 22 - Chandelier for a classic room.

Chandelier for a more classic room

Picture 23 - Chandelier for room with geometric shapes.

Chandelier with geometric shapes

Figure 24 - The longer the room the greater the presence of the chandelier in the room.

Chandelier with strong presence in the living room

The longer models with crystal wires are suitable for high environments, which contain mezzanines and stairs.

Picture 25 - The crystal chandelier is welcome to a boho chic room.

Crystal chandelier for boho chic room

Image 26 - The glass chandelier is an option for those who want to get out of the crystals.

Glass chandelier to leave the crystals

Picture 27 - Chandelier for room in the industrial style, opt for a model that accompanies the elements present in the environment.

Room Chandeliers: Tips for Decorating the Room with this Item

Image 28 - Design translates any style of environment.

Design that translates the whole style of the environment

Picture 29 - The crystal chandelier with feminine style.

Female crystal chandelier

Picture 30 - Chandelier for integrated living and dining room.

Integrated chandelier for living room and dining room

When the proposal is an integrated room, try to balance the visual with few elements. Generally, the chandelier is enough to decorate this transition of environments.

Picture 31 - The crystals remain the darlings in decoration!

Crystals like darlings in decoration

In this case, opt for a cleaner environment, with the use of neutral colors and mainly beige and white. The rest should be modern, with mirrored objects, as we can see in the project above.

Picture 32 - Carbon filament lamps are the most current option in decoration.

Lamps with carbon filament

Picture 33 - The chandelier reinforces the elegance of this room.

Chandelier that enhances the elegance of the room

Image 34 - The apparent bulbs harmonize with the industrial style.

Apparent bulbs with industrial style

Picture 35 - Combine shades and textures for a harmonious room.

Tones and textures for a harmonic combination

Picture 36 - For the golden chandelier, accompany the decoration with neutral and light tones.

Gold chandelier with neutral decoration

Image 37 - Chandelier with vintage style.

Vintage style chandelier

Image 38 - For more sophisticated design, choose this model that contains bulbs at the ends on each metal strip.

Room chandelier with sophisticated design

Picture 39 - Chandelier for room with pyramidal format.

Pyramid shape in the chandelier for living room

Picture 40 - The chandelier ring is ideal for a contemporary living room.

Chandelier ring is ideal for a contemporary living room

Picture 41 - The golden details can accompany with other elements of the environment.

Chandelier for golden room

Picture 42 - Chandelier for room: the loose wires create an air more bare for the environment.

Loose wires create more air for the environment

Picture 43 - Bet on the black chandelier in white and gray decor.

Chandelier for black room in white and gray room decoration

Image 44 - The chandelier spider is another trend in decoration.

Room decorated with chandelier spider: a new trend of decoration

Image 45 - Already the silver is almost imperceptible in a decoration with white and gray.

Silver chandelier for white and gray decor

If you want a discreet look, you already have enough objects and that draw attention: the silver chandelier is the best choice. It is modern and adds refinement to room.

Image 46 - Due to its distinctive design, the chandelier becomes the highlight of the room.

Chandelier as the highlight of the room

Picture 47 - Chandelier for room: the more branches, the greater its prominence!

Spotlight Chandelier with Branches

Picture 48 - Bet on a large chandelier for integrated rooms.

Integrated rooms with large chandelier

Image 49 - The classic global model in white color.

Chandelier for white room

Picture 50 - Chandelier for room: the black model stands out in the middle of the clear decoration.

Black chandelier for light room

Picture 51 - The composition of chandeliers should be made when the room is wide.

Large room with composition of chandeliers

Image 52 - Work proportion, taking care of the size of the chandelier and the environment.

Room chandelier proportional to the size of the room

Picture 53 - Chandelier for room: to break the seriousness of the environment, abuse of a bold and fluid chandelier.

Chandelier bold and fluid!

Picture 54 - Chandelier for room: the retro model asks for colors in the decoration.

Retro chandelier in living room with colorful dots

Picture 55 - Chandelier for a clean room.

Chandelier for clean room

Picture 56 - Chandelier for room: the trim at different heights takes personality to the environment.

Different trim heights in the room chandelier

The interesting of this model is that the yarn trim can be adjusted according to the needs of the resident. If you happen to be sick, you can match the distances by leaving the room with another look.

Image 57 - The black chandelier takes elegance into the living room.

Elegance in the room with black chandelier

The chandeliers are flashy lamps with many details. The ideal is to accompany you with soft elements in neutral colors so that the result is harmonious and elegant!

Image 58 - The crystal rings accompany the style of the room.

Chandelier for living room with crystal rings

You can start the ambiance of the room with the chandelier, so the task tends to be easier in choosing the rest of the furniture. In this project, the piece stands out by itself, leaving the complements in sober colors so as not to undo much in the composition.

Picture 59 - As the sofa already attracts attention, try to balance with a glass chandelier, instead of the crystal.

Room with glass chandelier

Image 60 - Glass drops on the end give the highlight to the piece.

Room Chandeliers: Tips for Decorating the Room with this Item

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