Room blind: see models and how to decorate the room

A good alternative to window covering in living rooms, dining rooms, and even offices, blinds are an alternative in simple and elegant ways for regulating natural light in environments. In many models, styles and materials, they are being increasingly sought after for their versatility, price and even the style they can give to the environment. Learn more about blinds to room:

That's why we brought today an entire post about blind to room: how it was invented, its advantages, types and care with maintenance, besides, of course, a selection of images for you to be inspired when decorating your room with them.

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Where does the blind come from?

The blinds were invented by the French engineer Pierre Le Fou in 1824, when he created a system of gummed cotton blades with ropes that controlled his movements.

The invention occurred when Le Fou intended to create a method of restraining movement of a stream that passed through his father's property: the idea of ​​using blades from one bank to the other of the stream could contain the flow of water but could also release that stream if the blades were turned. The system with cotton blades was part of its prototype, with the definitive model was thought of in wood, but already during the tests, Le Fou realized that the system could also serve to control the luminosity in an environment.

The advantages of the roller blind

Curtains may even be the most classic in decor and, for many considered more elegant and sophisticated, but when it comes to thinking about what to put in the room, the question of cost and maintenance can become a bit heavy, especially when they should cover large windows. So before you begin to decorate the environment, you need to think well about the advantages and disadvantages of the curtain or blind, how they adapt to space, its maintenance and resistance.

Despite having a more complex installation, blinds are known to have a straightforward versatility and shape as the main advantages and characteristics that give them a unique style. But this simplicity of form does not necessarily mean that the shade environment can not be extremely sophisticated and elegant! The blinds can be found in many different types, materials and colors, adapting to different styles within your decoration!

Unlike the curtains with their large volume and constant need of washing, the blinds bring a modern air to your decoration along with a lot of practicality of maintenance.

Cleaning and maintenance of the roller blind

Depending on the material the blind is made of, the cleaning routine may change and it is important that the manufacturer gives indications of a cleaning that does not spoil the material or its strength.

In general, the recommendation for cleaning the blinds is to dust and accumulate dirt once a week with a duster or dry cloth, for models with blades of hard materials such as wood, aluminum or plastic, for example, voucher also use a vacuum cleaner to aid in service. In the case of pieces of fabric, whether natural or synthetic, it is important to schedule an annual cleaning in a specialized company.

Types of blinds for living room

Since its invention in 1824 the blinds have undergone several remodeling and have gained different styles, adapting to residential or commercial environments, not only with the function of regulating the illumination that comes from outside, but even giving privacy to the environments.
Let's take a look at the most common types of blinds!

  • Horizontal blinds or blinds : May have plastic, metal or wood blades, this model is the classic and the most common among blinds. Consisting of horizontal parallel blades that can be rotated and retracted upwards, it can be used in many types of residential and even commercial environments.
  • Vertical Blinds : With parallel vertical blades made of wood, aluminum, plastic or fabric, this shutter can be side-hung, bilateral or even fixed, with a blade rotation mechanism to regulate the light input. For rooms, they are often more used for having a fall similar to traditional curtains.
  • Roller blinds : Formed by a rectangular panel of natural or synthetic fabric and a horizontal rolling mechanism, these blinds are becoming more and more common in residential environments, but are famous for commercial rooms.
  • Roman blind : The Roman models are made with several sheets of fabric that, when collected vertically, fold and form a kind of frilly skirt. It is a model that is often used to give a more cozy element to rooms and rooms.

60 models of roller blinds for you to fall in love with

Now that you already know the models, advantages and how to take care of your blind, take a look at our selection of images with decorating and composition ideas for a room with full shutter style!

Picture 1 - Living room with a mix of blind and curtain in an entire wall window.

Living room with a mix of blind and curtain

Picture 2 - Roller shutter room in an environment with good control of light and much practicality.

Roller blind

Picture 3 - Shutter for room with regulation of the exterior illumination inside the environments.

Room divider with lighting control

Picture 4 - One more idea to use curtain and shutter set to room: practicality of the Roman blind.

Use curtain and shutter set for salt

Picture 5 - The classic in the living room: shutter to horizontal room fills very well the environment and controls the luminosity in the right measure.

Blind for horizontal room

Picture 6 - For those who like a more natural climate and inspired by the oriental style, roller shutters with natural fibers make all the difference in the environment.

Roller shutter with fiber

Picture 7 - Contemporary and minimalist ambiance with an extra touch of style: blind to room double vision makes a game of light and shadow in space.

Double vision room blind

Picture 8 - Triptych of blind to Roman room to control the luminosity in each part of the environment.

Roman blind blindfold triptych

Picture 9 - In a more urban and modern style, the different models of blinds to room become more interesting and gain several colors to match your room.

Living room with shade

Image 10 - Vertical room blind to highlight the straight lines in this direction in the living room decor.

Vertical Living Room Blind

Picture 11 - Roman blind of colored fabric: another great way for you to combine with the decoration and make your room even more personalized.

Roman blind of colored fabric

Picture 12 - For windows with width greater than height, it is worth investing in a blind to horizontal room to value this line.

blind for horizontal room

Picture 13 - Versatility at all times and situations: even for living rooms with irregular walls, the blinds get points.

Blind in living room

Picture 14 - For a room with small serial windows, keep the pattern with individual blinds.

Individual blinds in living room

Figure 15 - In this other environment, the same case of repeating windows with standardized and individual blinds.

standard and individual blinds

Picture 16 - For true windows, several meters wide, you can also make a modular division to prioritize the entrance of light on one side, on the other, or by all of them.

Window blind in the room

Picture 17 - Better than the curtains, the blinds usually merge to the windows, becoming often imperceptible to the less attentive glances.

Window shutters

Picture 18 - Dining Room Blinds: For a brightly lit environment like this, the shade can help you control light entering for quiet and enjoyable meals.

Blind for dining room

Image 19 - For more serious environments, choose models of blinds that can also hide the view of the environment through the window glass, giving privacy to the environments.

Room blind: see models and how to decorate the room

Picture 20 - A touch of style in the Roman model: when they are completely retracted, the Roman room blinds create a fringe on the wall similar to a ruffle.

Room blind: see models and learn how to decorate room 1

Picture 21 - Roller blinds motorized for large spaces and high ceilings: another proof of the versatility of these items, with the possibility of controlling them via remote control.

Room blind: see models and learn how to decorate room 2

Picture 22 - Color in the shade to add an extra touch of style: they can be the colorful elements that were speaking in your decor!

Room blind: see models and know how to decorate room 3

Picture 23 - Another double vision blind for living room option: because they have transparent lanes, these models do not completely intercept the view of the external environment when they are stretched.

Room blind: see models and learn how to decorate room 4

Picture 24 - Room blinds also work for doors! Modules can be great for concealing doors made entirely of glass or with transparent glass.

Room blind: see models and learn how to decorate room 5

Picture 25 - Another Roman model in fabric: this one thought exclusively for a dark interior decoration, sophisticated and with a young touch.

Living room blind: see models and learn how to decorate living room 6

Picture 26 - Whether for windows that are positioned on the same wall or on the opposite wall of the screen, the blinds can help diminish the reflection of the light for you to watch your favorite movies and series.

Room blind: see models and learn how to decorate room 7

Picture 27 - Cellular blind that can be used even in the most different windows.

Room blind: see models and how to decorate room 8

Image 28 - Horizontal blind to enhance the width of the room with a high ceiling.

Room blind: see models and how to decorate room 9

Image 29 - Vertical room blind also to protect the plants in the house: regulate the luminosity depending on the preferences of the species that you want to cultivate in the environment.

Room blind: see models and how to decorate room 10

Picture 30 - For more minimalist environments or with a contemporary design, the roller shutters in the same color of the wall guarantee a unit in the back of the room and a kind of camouflage for the window.

Room blind: see models and how to decorate room 11

Picture 31 - Study the different materials of the blinds and the different effects they can give to your room: here the transparency in the material was used to allow the entrance of light and enable the view of the external space.

Room blind: see models and how to decorate the room 12

Picture 32 - In a minimalist environment in white, the horizontal blinds can add a touch of style with their play of light and shadow that pass through the blades.

Room blind: see models and how to decorate room 13

Picture 33 - The blinds made of fabric also work very well to bring more comfort and coziness to the environment, especially if it is close to sofas and soft fabric cushions.

Wardrobe for room: see models and how to decorate room 14

Image 34 - The possibility of modulating your blinds or installing them in the right measure of your space allows you to adapt to different environments and situations.

Room blind: see models and how to decorate room 15

Picture 35 - Bet on blinds that have transparency and do not totally block natural light if you want to grow small plants indoors!

Wardrobe for room: see models and how to decorate room 16

Picture 36 - Blind for TV room: the dark shades also not great for TV rooms, ensuring a perfect movie theater!

Blinds for TV room

Picture 37 - In all type of blinds, you can find materials that can well block natural light to insulate your TV room.

Shutter to block external brightness

Picture 38 - Another model of blind combined with the color of the wall: in a salmon tone, the material in natural fiber works very well for a tropical climate for the environment.

Another model of blind combined with the color of the wall

Picture 39 - Room blind with the presence of the curtain: for those who like the weight that the curtain has in interior decoration, the vertical blinds can be installed in the same way and with several options of materials and colors.

Room blind with curtain presence

Picture 40 - To also enjoy the real windows to the city, it is worth thinking about the perfect collection system!

Blind with pickup

Picture 41 - The black room blinds have a very modern style approach the industrial, working very well in this type of environment.

black room blinds

Picture 42 - Reading corner in the room with Roman blinds to regulate the entrance of light perfect for you to travel through the stories.

Reading corner in the room

Picture 43 - Room blinds are the best options for those who have irregular windows or in different shapes and sizes, because they are versatile in every way!

Blind for room with irregular windows

Picture 44 - Shutter for those who want to regulate the entrance of natural light and even for those who want to value the artificial light of chandeliers and lamps.

Shutter for those who want to regulate the entrance of natural light

Image 45 - Darker blinds or blackouts also serve to insulate environments from outside areas to them.

Blackout blind

Picture 46 - Shutter for Roman room for all heights! Use the amount of folds you prefer for environments with full-wall window.

Blind for roman room

Picture 47 - The blinds for room of natural fibers combine very well with environments that have a decoration more young and relaxed.

blinds for room of natural fibers

Picture 48 - Another living room a minimalist decór with blind for classic horizontal room.

living room a minimalist decór

Picture 49 - Another vertical blind for living room with a striking presence like the curtains.

vertical blind for living room

Picture 50 - Living room with modern decor and a contemporary touch: blinds to white room to harmonize with the color of the room.

Living room with modern decor

Picture 51 - Blind to white Roman room with special black detail for the decoration of this room based on black and beige.

Blind for white living room

Picture 52 - For those who do not want to lose the opulence of the curtain: cellular blind to regulate the luminosity more subtly below the dark curtain.

cellular blind to regulate brightness

Picture 53 - Adding stripes in the decoration of the environment: vertical blind for simple living room.

vertical blind for simple living room

Image 54 - The blinds that maintain a certain degree of transparency value the more spacious environments with large windows.

Blind for large windows

Image 55 - Match the color and material of the room blind with other decorative or decorative elements of your décor.

Match the color and material of the blind to room

Image 56 - White room blinds for a neutral element in the hyper colored room!

White room blinds

Picture 57 - Blind for blackout cell room: perfect control of luminosity to reach the ideal climate for your room.

Blackout cell room blind

Image 58 - Transparencies from blinds to room are also great for drawing elements from the outside into the environment in a more subtle way!

Blind for room with transparency

Image 59 - A good combination of fabrics, colors and prints with Roman fabric shade to a cozy corner in your living room.

Roman cloth blind

Picture 60 - Unit between the window and the blind to room: another way to combine with elements of the room!

Unit between the window and the blind to room

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