Romantic dinner: 60 decorating ideas and how to organize

Already in the mood for Valentine's Day, it's time to start thinking about the perfect celebration to make alongside your love! A romantic dinner is an option for most couples. The idea of ​​going out to dinner at a restaurant can be quite practical (if you make the reservation in advance, of course!), But it can be a little expensive and also do not give intimacy to the couple. That's why romantic home-made dinners always sound quite attractive, not just in terms of costs (you can, after all, enjoy and spend a little more on better quality ingredients) but also create a personal and intimate atmosphere to enjoy the night in the best way!

To help passionate couples who want to venture into the kitchen, we brought this post on how to organize a romantic dinner at home without too many complications and full of style, after all, it is not because the celebration will be in a more intimate atmosphere that does not deserve a decoration and special atmosphere for the lovers!

Take a look at our tips below!

First of all, define the style of the menu and the decoration of the romantic dinner

Romantic dinner

This part is very important and is the basis of any good celebration: planning. Start researching to put together ideas of what you are planning: a brunch, afternoon coffee, a full dinner, or a night out with snacks? What combinations of dishes and drinks can be made? Set up a more formal or informal table? In or out of the house?

These are just a few questions that can guide you through planning and executing a perfect dinner. That way, you coordinate everything within a style idea you want to achieve!

Tips for getting the table ready for a romantic dinner

In the matter of decoration, there are some items and tips that can leave your dinner with the right romantic mood and that, in general, are super simple to make. There are some details that make all the difference!

Candlelight Dinner Ever !: One of the must-have items for romantic dinner parties. After all, candlelight dinner is hardly a synonym for romance without motives! The low candlelight lighting leaves the atmosphere more cozy and with that intimate atmosphere that couples so much need. That's why any kind of candle is worth, from the elongated to the chandeliers, the lowest candle holders in the glass style and even the thinnest ones that float on the water!
It's time to take out those special tableware from the cupboard: Ceramic, porcelain, crystal, silver or any other type of tableware and cutlery that have a special value or are reserved for celebrations deserve a space on your table, whether antique in your family for generations or new in modern design that you love.

Bet on small flower arrangements: Small arrangements replace large central table arrangements and can scatter across space in a straight line along the table or even irregularly, filling in the clearances. For this type of celebration, the most interesting of the small arrangements is that they do not cap the overall view of the table.

Cups to toast to the good moments past, present and future !: One of the most important items, whether with champagne, sparkling wine, wine or even water, a toast is always important in celebrations like these, so, leave the bowls already ready and positioned for a special toast!

60 pictures to inspire you in the romantic dinner decor

Now that you know a little bit about organizing and setting up your romantic dinner, take a look at our selection of inspirational pictures and more tips to apply to your table!

Picture 1 - Romantic dinner with the right to super refined and colorful desserts.

Romantic dinner with desserts

Picture 2 - Table for romantic dinner in pink and white in a delicate and relaxing climate.

Table for romantic dinner in pink and white

Picture 3 - Decoration for romantic dinner with colorful candles, flowers and decorative plaques for a perfect climate.

Romantic dinner decoration with colorful candles

Picture 4 - Napkin envelope with special message for your love.

Napkin envelope with special message for your love

Picture 5 - Take dinner to the coffee table in the living room to make it more relaxed and intimate.

Take dinner to the coffee table in the living room of this

Picture 6 - Incorporate diverse leaves and flowers harvested in your arrangement for a more rustic and homemade climate.

Incorporate various leaves and flowers harvested into your arrangement

Picture 7 - In the case of the romantic dinners, it is worth to put the chairs side by side to get closer to your love.

In the case of romantic dinners, it is worth putting the chairs side by side

Picture 8 - Fill your table with delights and meanings: some fruits have specific meanings for some cultures, it is worth researching to compose your table.

Fill your table with delights and meanings

Picture 9 - Everything in the mood of romance, even the cheese!

Everything in the mood of romance, even the cheese!

Picture 10 - It's time to get your best tablecloths, American sets and other items that can help you compose the table with more style.

Romantic dinner decor with table cloth and American game

Picture 11 - In addition to the table decoration, you can plan a special decoration for the environment.

Special decoration for the romantic dinner

Picture 12 - To escape the central and unique table arrangement, how about creating small arrangements in pots or pots to spread by the prolongation of the table?

Small dining arrangements for romantic dinner

Picture 13 - You can also compose with garlands and other more festive items, if your style is more relaxed.

Festive style for a romantic dinner

Picture 14 - Simple romantic dinner: a super simple and delicate way to say I love you with little puns of word games enter the table decoration too!

Little nuns with words to decorate the romantic dinner

Picture 15 - Another idea outdoors: romantic dinner on the mountain: a special moment and an incredible view.

Romantic dinner on the mountain / outdoors

Image 16 - Worth spreading with glitter to leave the table decoration more glam!

Glam table decoration with glitter for romantic dinner

Picture 17 - Another folding of fabric napkin inspired by the mood of the novel: heart super easy and simple to make.

Fabric napkin inspired by the mood of romance for romantic dinner

Picture 18 - Coffee table for two for a simple romantic dinner by candlelight!

Simple romantic candlelit diner

Picture 19 - To make the evening a little more elaborate and sophisticated: menu for romantic dinner by candlelight.

Personalized menu for romantic dinner

Picture 20 - Simple table for romantic dinner with decoration based on flowers.

Simple table for romantic dinner

Picture 21 - A treat during dinner: think of messages and souvenirs to give your love.

Messages and souvenirs to gift your love at the romantic dinner

Picture 22 - Idea of ​​table decoration for romantic dinner more minimalist and contemporary: few elements, small plants and a game with the prints of the fabrics.

Table decoration for romantic dinner more minimalist

Picture 23 - Chandeliers and candle holders leave your decoration even more sophisticated.

Chandeliers and candle holders leave your decor even more sophisticated

Picture 24 - All the details in the mood of romance: cut your sweets and fruit with molds of hearts to make a themed meal.

Strawberry with heart mold to decorate romantic dinner

Picture 25 - Pink and green as a fresh and delicate combination for a romantic dinner in the late afternoon.

Pink and green in combination for romantic dinner

Image 26 - Red, purple and wine also have everything to do with this type of date and it makes a decoration much more daring and vibrant.

Red, purple and wine on romantic dinner decoration

Picture 27 - For the idea of ​​a romantic dinner, it is worth decorating specific corners of the house with an arrangement.

Arrangement for romantic dinner

Picture 28 - Another idea of ​​romantic dinner outdoors: in the backyard, a simple table, full of colors and life, with right to outstanding arrangements.

Romantic outdoor dining

Picture 29 - Creative and innovative painted message: lettering on natural and super green leaf to surprise.

Lettering on natural leaf for romantic dinner

Picture 30 - Romantic dinner decoration inspired by colder climate in green, white and gold.

Romantic dinner inspired by colder weather

Picture 31 - Table for romantic dinner in floral inspiration full of colors, delicacies and aromas.

Table for romantic dinner in floral inspiration

Decorated table for romantic dinner

Picture 32 - More passionate foods: a salad inspired cut with molds of hearts.

Salad cut with heart molds

Picture 33 - Informal and casual romantic dinner: one way to create a more intimate and intimate atmosphere is to extend a blanket and several pillows and make your dinner on the floor.

Informal and relaxed romantic dinner

Picture 34 - White, silver and pink: romantic dinner decoration in lighter shades.

Romantic dinner decor in lighter shades

Picture 35 - Romantic dinner on the beach with all the sophistication and elegance possible.

Romantic dinner on the beach with all the sophistication and elegance possible

Picture 36 - For smaller tables or other environments, use an auxiliary table to put desserts and drinks: it can be the coffee table, side table or even a bar cart.

Auxiliary table to put desserts and drinks

Picture 37 - For a clean and cozy table, use flower arrangements smaller and many, many candles!

Flower arrangements for romantic dinner table

Picture 38 - Idea for romantic dinner in a more contemporary and young style: a mix of glam and minimalism.

Romantic dinner idea in a more contemporary and young style

Image 39 - Arrangements that go up to the wall! In addition to the table decoration, think of an auxiliary decoration that can be hung on the ceiling or wall around the table

Auxiliary decoration for romantic dinner

Romantic Dinner Arrangements

Picture 40 - Simple romantic dinner: table set and lots of love involved.

Simple romantic dinner

Picture 41 - Table for romantic dinner in warm colors: orange dominates the whole table and the armchairs: in the dishes, fabrics and fruits follow a pre-defined color chart.

Table for romantic dinner in warm colors

Picture 42 - An arrangement with branches of leaves and flowers for a touch of romanticism in the pendant chandelier of the table.

Arrangements with leafy branches and flowers

Picture 43 - A more informal dinner: snacks on boards with a huge variety.

Plush snacks for romantic dinner

Picture 44 - For those who have a place outdoors to enjoy, the romantic dinner in the light of the moon is even more special.

Romantic dinner in the moonlight

Picture 45 - Card with message super simple and charming: a delicacy the part to do at home with all the affection and love.

Card with super simple and charming message

Image 46 - Special Drinks for this important date!

Special drinks for this important date

Image 47 - Surprise dinner overproduced! With decorative balloons and even a cake your celebration becomes even more special!

Romantic surprise dinner overproduced

Image 48 - Red as the color of love: in this cliché that is always on the rise, roses are the best requested for an arrangement of flowers.

Red as the color of love

Picture 49 - Outdoors in a sophisticated mood facing the classic: here it is worth creating a slightly more dramatic environment and with its more special pieces.

Romantic outdoor dining

Romantic Outdoor Dining 1

Image 50 - Simplicity in the decoration of the table and in the present.

Simplicity in table and present decor

Picture 51 - Another informal idea for an intimate and super cozy romantic dinner: a little more elaborate tidbit on the end table, a drink and a warm blanket.

Informal idea for a romantic dinner

Picture 52 - Table decoration for romantic dinner in light pink.

Table decoration for romantic dinner

Picture 53 - A little present before starting dinner: small gifts, souvenirs and cards can be part of your table organization.

Gift before starting the romantic dinner

Picture 54 - Table decoration for romantic dinner in purple: a choice of darker color and all its sophistication.

Table decoration for romantic dinner in purple

Image 55 - Blossoms of flowers or berries for a final touch in the decoration of the table.

Bunch of flowers or berries for a finishing touch in table decoration

Image 56 - Ice cubes add a touch of color and flavor to your drinks.

Fruits in ice cubes

Image 57 - At outdoor tables, bet on lighter and decorative fabrics and many little plants in vases or freshly harvested.

Bet on lighter and decorative fabrics

Image 58 - A decoration that mixes classic and modern.

A decoration that mixes classic and modern

Romantic dining table

Image 59 - Heart-shaped crockery to melt all hearts.

Crockery, heart-shaped

Picture 60 - To escape from dinner, you can also think of other types of meals and meals, such as coffee or afternoon tea, which please you and your love.

Alternative: coffee or afternoon tea!

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